Priva is in dominatrix mode and

Priva is in dominatrix mode and
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Patricia & I were very close, we would watch movie together, go out to drink together and even go shopping together. She would put up a show for me, wearing all sorts of different clothes. She didn't like to wear panties whenever she wear tight dress. All those Happen before she found her current BF & before I found my wife. We still hang out once a while but that is bout it and my wife didn't know that me and Patricia nearly dated.

Life goes on but when people around us were getting divorce because either the Husband cheat, wife cheat and etc. We talk about it and I told Patricia that even I, will have the urge to cheat on my wife.

I told her that even though Samantha gave me more than I ever hope for. I still wanted someone else once a while. Patricia too will tell me that she stills want to play and she's not ready to settle down.

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Patricia then told me she wants to experience the feeling of cheating. I told her I have never cheat before too and I'm curious.

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Patricia then ask me if I would be her cheating partner, i didn't think twice and agreed Now, Patricia isn't taller than my wife but her boobs is 36C while my is 34C. She is very slim as well and her waist curve is model like. A petite hot asian girl like her is what a man ever dream for. I tried few times to resist cheating on my wife but she start teasing me, sending me pictures.

She assure me that it will be fun. I went to pick her up at her bf house when her bf went to work. She got out wearing a tight dress. When she sat on my car, i knew she didn't wear any undies. She ask me to drive away from her bf house but I refused unless she show me her boobs. She flashes her boobs to me and shouted "now go" in a laughing tone. Her face blushes. While driving, i put her hand on my lap, she slowly move her hand deeper and deeper to my crotch and start to feel it.

In a soft tone, she say "omg, so big". I look at her and told her it is only 5 inch 5. She say her bf dick is only 4 inch. She told me she had just shaved her pussy. I ask her to spread her leg to show me. She did everything I told to.

We reach the hotel and I check in. She was so hot that everyone in the lobby was looking at her. She was just standing there shyly looking down on ground. I ask her why so shy? worry people might recognise her or she is afraid people might think she is a PR girl? she said both, so i told her to come hug me.

I start fondling her breast a little pretending to weight her breast then move my hand down to her ass and grab it. She was shock a while and look at me. I told her is better for people to think she is a prostitute. She stare at me and say in an angry tone and ask me "do I look like one?".

I quickly hug her and say no. The room was ready so we went straight to the room. In the lift, there is two other guys going up to the rooms with us, Same floor too. One of them say, nice chiq i have there. I look at her and then jokingly telling them "thanks but she is not my wife". They look a bit curious and ask then what is our relation?

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I look at her and laugh. She was blushing at this point. She quickly answer for me, good friend. I squeeze both her boobs in front of them and say "very good friend". We got out from the lift and their room is just opposite mine.

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They jokingly and say they also want to be good friends of hers. I told them maybe after I'm done with her and closed the door. She was angry that I humiliate her like that and was nagging a lot. I shut her out by giving her a passionate kiss.


I strip her naked and ask her to give me a blowjob. I ask her to move to the bed and we engage in a 69 position. Damn, her pussy was so tight and it smells so good. She hardly make moaning voice fearing people outside might hear.

We then move to missionary position and I started to move in and out of her. She was so wet, a quarter of the bed was wet. I cum all over her boobs and then we just hug and sleep. When I woke up it was already 7pm, She quickly put her dress on and ask me to fetch her home.

I told her is better she take taxi home. She agreed and also ask if we are coming back here tomorrow. I told her I won't be checking out yet. When we left the room, one of the guy from the lift bump into us. He is going for dinner nearby, i ask how long they gonna be here, they say for a week as they have conference meeting.

He ask how was the sex? Patricia replied him. "Mind your own business" in angry tone. I told him "it was good, bro!" and nudge Patricia a little. I waited with her for taxi and then i after she got on. The guy approach me and say woah what a pick up.


He was asking me how great it was and all. He introduce himself as Dom, 45yo and still single. He say his company send him and his friend Daniel here to see some agriculture machinery.

They are like the mechanic team. I sat down at the lobby and chilled with him. I show him a picture of Patricia naked on the bed, i secretly took when she was asleep.

He was so turned on by it. Patricia was texting me, thanking me for cheating with her and etc and he saw the text message. Dom say what a naive slut she is. I laughed and say yea, first time people thank me for fucking them for free. I replied her telling her tomorrow will be more interesting. She replied "I'm reaching home soon, i can't wait!" together with a picture of her wet finger in the taxi. The next day, I ask Patricia to bring her bikini and sports wear. We are going to the gym then straight to the pool.

She reach the hotel around 11am and took her own bikini but I brought Samantha micro bikini for her. She wore it under her workout clothes. When we reach the gym, it was empty. She did her usual routine, she look sexy when she is sweaty. I ask her to take off her sports top, she did and now her top only have my wife Bikini that show her underboobs a lot.

Suddenly she heard sound of people entering the gym. It was Daniel and Dom. Dom greeted me like we know each other for very long. Patricia was blushing a little and tries to cover a little. I told her not to be shy there is only us there and besides they can help us cover line a little. She then just continue with the gym machinery. I whisper to her, take off your pants and show them your micro bikini thong.

She stared at me and shake angrily, no!. I told her doesn't it turn her on knowing people like her body. She stood up and wants to walk away. I hug her and kissed her, slowly pulled her pants down a little. She say okay, i pulled it down for her and they have a clear view of her in micro bikini.

They ask her to run on the jogging machine. while she was running they were filming her from behind to front then she stop them. They say damn, this is no fun. Is better they go back up to use the other whore. Patricia was puzzling, what other whore? they order a prostitute or what? then she move to the pool and swim.

I was recording her swimming and all then we move back to our room. She heard loud moans with lots of name calling, they were at least 3 different man voice insulting the girl in the room. One thing Patricia is sure, the female in the room is Asian as they were calling her Gook, chink and etc. They were laugh whenever the is a slapping sound. Patricia was still wet after swimming. We were at the corridor. I ask her why?

She started to touch her pussy and ask me to do her there. We fuck from our door until Dom room entrance.

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As we go nearer the voice become clearer. The Asian girl voice was very soft, Dom say she is going to take lots of pounding because another whore name Patricia didn't take the bait. The Asian girl was moaning, Pat ask me to fuck her but I told her let's play bigger. I ask her to press the bell, she didn't want to but I press it anyway. They open the door and Patricia was covering her breast and pussy.

I push her in and she saw, my wife Samantha all naked with Dick in her and hand prints all over her smooth white body. I move Patricia next to her and fuck her as Samantha look at Patricia with tears. She say to Patricia she served these guy there since yesterday and was slapped around since morning because of her doing. Patricia hold Samantha hand and apologize for making me cheat on her. Samantha ask her to slap herself, Patricia stood up and start slapping herself.

Samantha ask me to slap her too so I slap her so hard she fell to the bed and cried. I ignore her and continue fucking her until i cum. I hug Patricia and told her Samantha didn't mind at all, she was just playing with her. My wife was too busy to entertain her as she was busy with dick in her mouth and 2 dicks beside her waiting for their turn.

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I hug Patricia, whisper to her ears to see if she is willing to help my wife. She sat up and crawl next to Samantha and lies next to her.

Their dick was slightly bigger and thicker than mine but it shouldn't be difficult for a slut like you, i said to her. As Patricia lies next to Samantha with her tight looking pussy. Their eyes shifted to her, like a bunch of hungry wolves. They push Samantha off the bed and pulled Patricia closer to them.

Dom say "you can take this loose cunt our of our sight now, she's an eyesore". She thank everyone in the room and start looking for her clothes.