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OLYMP Eacute_A Paco Rabanne Explicit Version
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After the shower we headed off to her bedroom. Once inside we began to kiss passionately. As I slowly laid her on her bed. I started kissing my way down her neck to the top of her chest.

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I then came to the left breast the nipple was sticking out so invitingly I instantly sucked it into my mouth. Sue let out a soft moan as I nibbled. I then slipped my hand down and across the opening of her love tunnel I could feel the heat escaping. I then took my other hand and squeezed her right tit. Just as I bit harder I shoved 2 fingers into her cunt. She squealed, grabbed my head and pulled my face into her tit harder then started humping my hand with her pussy.

After a while of this I raised my face from her nice round tit and started licking my way lower. As I reached her naval with my tongue I inserted a third finger inside her pussy. Her love juice was running down my fingers and hand. When my thumb touched her clit she inhaled loudly and clamped her legs around my hand.

Sue had just had a orgasm. She was now screaming and fucking my hand for all she was worth. Just as she was relaxing I lowered myself down and then realized how nice her pussy looked it was clean shaven except for a half inch wide trail running to her crack.

I then took her clit into my mouth with a giant slurping sound. Sue was coming again. I could now feel her juice flowing into my mouth. As I tasted it I then remembered that I had just filled it with my man cum. This is the first time I have tasted my own cum. Mixed with the juices flowing from her cunt it was a great taste, kind of salty yet sweet. As Sue's orgasm was subsiding she released my head from the tight squeeze of her legs.

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I lifted my face and looked her in the eyes. Her eyes was glazed over. Then Sue said Dad get up here and get on your back its your turn. As soon as I was back up next to her we started kissing again. She then pushed me onto my back and slid down to my cock. I looked down and seen a bunch of pre cum running down my shaft. Sue also seen this and stuck out her tongue and licked it. After she had it all licked up she then started twirling her tongue around my cock head.

I could feel her hot breath on it. Sue then stuck my cock into her hot wet mouth. I was in heaven as she started lowering her mouth onto me.

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She then started bobbing up and down on my shaft. Every time letting it slip farther into her throat after a few strokes she had it all buried to my balls inside her throat. She would hold it there and start humming.

It felt like a million little fingers tickling the shaft of my dick. Sue then took her hand and started squeezing my balls. In short order I was feeling the tightening in my nuts Sue must have also felt this because she took her free hand and inserted a finger up my ass. When she did this I started blowing my load inside her mouth. The more I blew the harder she sucked.

Just as I thought I was done she deep throated it again and hummed I was shooting again. I don't think I have ever cum that much but Sue never missed a drop. After she was done milking me and licking me clean she came back up and we started kissing again. The taste from her tongue was slick and salty.

Sue then looked me in the face and said next time we are alone I will show you why I like the snake. It was now around 10:45pm so I knew my wife Sharon would be home around 11.

I jumped in the shower again to wash all the leftovers from a few minutes ago. I waited on Sharon to get home, while I waited I let my mind wonder and it went straight to the thought of Brutis fucking Sue's tight asshole. So then I had a idea Sharon loves anal sex. So if I could get her all hot and worked up then take her to the backyard and get her started riding my cock she just might not fight Brutis off if he mounted her.

At 11:15 Sharon walked in and sat down on the couch beside me and gave me a kiss. I reached down and picked her feet up onto my lap.


I removed her shoes and socks then began rubbing her feet and calves. Sharon just laid back and relaxed. After a few minutes of this I started rubbing higher until I reached her crotch.

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Sharon looked at me and said horny are we? I told her she knows she always makes me horny. Sharon said I have had a long day I need to shower and get into something more comfortable. With that she bent forward gave me a long passionate kiss then stood and headed for the shower. After about 20 minutes she reappeared in a tee-shirt and cotton shorts.

Sharon come back and sat down beside me again and we started kissing and rubbing each other. I then removed the shirt and started sucking on her rock hard nipples.

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Sharon has 36d tits with areolas the size of half dollars then setting on the areolas are nipples about the size of a grape. They are still fairly firm and proud even after having 2 kids. While I sucked on 1 nipple I tweaked the other with my fingers.

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I took my mouth and hands from her tits then eased her back and started removing her shorts. As I started pulling the shorts down her beautiful bush started coming into sight.

Sharon keeps a full bush that is neatly trimmed. She then waxes from the top of her slit on down, she says that's so I don't get any hair in my pie. I took the shorts off and dropped them on the floor with 1 motion. I instantly dropped my face to her love hole.

At first I just licked all around the entrance making her wait for the prize she knew she would get. As I licked I got closer and closer till I just touched her crack. Sharon let out a soft moan and reached down and rubbed my hair with 1 hand as she started rubbing a nipple with the other hand. I could see the wetness starting to form in her opening. I reached out with my tongue and licked her sweet nectar. I then spread her gash open and buried my tongue as far as I could inside her hot oozing pussy.

After a moment of this I let my tongue drift up and against her clit. Again a moan but this time it was louder and deeper. She was now pulling my hair forcing my face into her cunt harder and deeper. Sharon started humping at my face as her first orgasm started rocking through her body. As her hot gooey juice started running out of her pussy and down my face.

I reached up and inserted 2 fingers inside her pussy under my chin. I fingered her for a while then pulled them out. Now that my fingers was slick from her cunt I started rubbing her asshole with them. Sharon started pushing her ass back at my fingers.

With all her cum and juice running down the crack of her ass there was plenty of lube. So I started pushing 1 finger at the tight little pucker of her ass. Between me pushing and her shoving her ass at my finger it went all the way in at one go.

I started making circles with the finger after a minute of that I inserted another finger in. Now I had her asshole opened her love juice was flowing into her anus making her that much more lubricated. Then she started to cum again this one stronger than the last.

After she had came down from that I removed my face and fingers from her body. I sat up and said I think you are ready for the fuck of your life. Sharon said you know I am big boy get up here and fuck my brains out. I then said hey I have a idea lets go out and fuck in the backyard under the stars like we used to do. She said lets go.

We stood up. I undressed and we headed out the back door. In the yard we embraced her tongue exploring my mouth, Sharon has always loved kissing after I go down on her. After a few seconds of this I got down on the ground on my back and said its all your baby ride away. She didn't need any more prodding. She stepped over me dropped down across my cock. She grabbed it, aimed it and sat down on it imbedding it to the hilt.

She then started rocking back and forth nice and slow.


After a short time of this I seen Brutis starting to come this way. I reached up and grabbed Sharon by the shoulders pulled her down and started kissing her deeply.

I was excited waiting for her startle when Brutis's cold wet nose touched her ass. I almost couldn't contain myself in anticipation it seamed like forever. Then all at once Sharon yanked her head up and swung around as if someone had just stabbed her. She told Brutis to get the fuck away from my ass. I then said Sharon let him lick it what could that hurt? She was very hesitant but finally leaned forward to give Brutis a clear shot at her asshole.

Just like a trained animal he came back and started sniffing and then licking her asshole. At first she didn't seam to like it but either I moved just right or he hit something just right because she took a deep breath and I could feel her body relax. Now that she was liking the licking she went back to fucking me with long hard strokes.

I could tell she was getting ready to cum again and I hoped that would be when Brutis tried to mount her because she wouldn't be able to resist. Just on cue as Sharon started breathing deeper and groaning Brutis jumped up on her back. She started to fight him but her orgasm froze her and that was all the time he needed. After a few wild strokes and misses he hit his mark.

As his doggy cock started in her brown eye she climaxed again. She was screaming some in pain but mostly in ecstasy. She then started to fuck me harder than I have ever been fucked it was like she was going to tear my cock off at the base.

Then I could feel Brutis's knot starting into her asshole. Sharon stopped moving and took a deep breath and just held it for what seemed 2 minutes. As she exhaled and totally relaxed brutis's knot locked in. Sharon then started cumming non stop. She was back to trying to tear my cock off with her pussy. I knew I couldn't last much longer my balls started to tighten up and I could feel the rush of sperm running up the length of my cock.

When the first shot hit her insides she came again. Just then Brutis let out a moaning yelp and just stopped moving. Then I could feel his cum filling her asshole as the membrane between it and her pussy started to smash down on the head of my dick more. Then I could feel it running out her pussy and down my balls into the crack of my ass. Sharon was still cumming like a geyser. After a minute Brutis pulled his cock from Sharon's cum filled ass with a loud plop.


And what seemed like a gallon of doggy cum ran out and covered my shriveling cock and nuts. When we had finally came down back to realization we got up and headed for the shower. In the shower I washed my wife's abused body.

After the shower we went to bed then Sharon asked me what just happened? I told her that we just found a new sex toy. We both laughed and went to sleep.