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Schwule jungs porno
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American Wasteland # 1 A man stood in a deserted settlement just outside the Detroit Ruins. The smell of gunpowder and blood is fresh in the air. This man had just killed 12 raiders. Why may he have done this you might ask?


Because this man is a Reaper, his sole duty is to ensure that no raiding, slaving, or mercenary group gets too big for the good of the wasteland. This man wore beige khaki pants with boots that had armor plating on the top of each. He also had on a white shirt under an old duster with an old dusty Fedora on his head. This man's name is Jack Greven and he just kicked some ass. Jack's equipment consisted of 2 bottles of purified water, a can of cram, 2 Remington revolvers at each side of his hips in their respective holsters, 50 bullets for the pistols, a hunting knife that is 1.5 feet long, and his repeating hunters rifle that used a 5 shot clip, and 5 clips for his rifle.

Jack had used only 12 bullets from his pistols to kill the raiders who had been responsible for the downfall of Waytown, a settlement east of the Detroit Ruins. Jack had on his wrist a holographic watch which allowed him to pull up a map of 100 mile radius of his current position, tell time, record things, listen to radio stations still broadcasting, and send messages to others with the holo watch or just holo.

Jack pulled up his holo and hit the record button and said," Date is June 27, 2088, in the middle of the remains of Waytown, have dispatched 12 raiders, no survivors, heading to nearby town of Fairwind to restock and rest for patrol 213, message for Reaper Outpost Bravo." Jack then hit the send button and the message was sent to its destination.

Jack then headed east to the town of Fairwind. Jack sat at the end of the bar eating his dog steak and drinking some shity beer still being brewed. Guess people have to make a living somehow thought jack as he finished his steak.

Even if the currency is bottle caps. The bartender a Creeper as his kind is known as was washing glasses for the midnight rush. Creepers are people who survived the nuclear bombing of 2075 but were outside of the bunkers.

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Radiation mutated them into zombie looking people and not many like them. Jack however didn't mind them one bit. The bar whore strolled over to Jack as he took his last swig of beer. Apparently his 6'3" height, dark hair and eyes, and muscular build had attracted her. "Hey honey name's Lola and I'm clean as a whistle." Lola said as she sat on Jack's lap. Clean meant she had no STDs. "I only cost 100 bottle caps for one night so what do you say sweetie hmm?" she asked as she felt his raging hard-on.

"Well sugar I'm going to accept that offer," answered Jack and Lola led him upstairs to the second room at the top of the stairs. As soon as that door closed behind them they instantly began to make out with their tongues playing tag in each other's mouths.

Lola took off Jack's duster and shirt. As she did this Jack ripped her shirt off and undid her bra. She had to have been at least 120lbs because she had amazing C sized boobs. Lola then stripped him down to his boxers and his hard 9 inch cock made them stick up like a tent. Before she could pull his boxers down he moved with ungodly speed and ripped her skirt and panties off.

Lola then pulled his boxers down and marveled at his huge cock. She pushed him onto the bed and gave him a hand job nut this wasn't enough for Jack and he lifted her up and turned her around and they sixty nined. Her pussy tasted so sweet Jack thought and as his tongue went farther in she moaned which sent vibrations through his cock.

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She moved her head up and down on his cock coating it in saliva and getting pre cum from the shaft. After 5 minutes of this Jack pulled her off and laid her on her back. "Please hurry I have an itch in there that needs scratching," Lola said. "You won't after this," Jack said and he pushed his cock fully inside of her getting a scream of pleasure from Lola. Jack then began pumping his cock deep into her pussy. Jack was holding back his urge to cum inside her pussy right away he wanted to savor the moment and feel Lola's orgasm vibrate on his cock.

Jack bent over and sucked on her left tit and rubbed the right one getting another load moan from Lola. Jack took his mouth from the tit and kissed Lola their tongues danced in each other's mouths feeling the heat of each other's sexual passion.

Lola broke the kiss and rolled him onto his back and started to ride him like a horse. She bounced and grinded her pussy on his cock, every time she went down she would moan and squeal with pleasure.

After 5 more minutes of this love making Lola began to squirm and squeal she then went as low as possible on him. Jack felt her pussy close down onto him and Lola screamed with orgasm. "Man," the creeper at the bar said," That boy must be giving Lola a good time," and there were laughs all around the bar.

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Jack pushed his cock in and out of Lola and felt his climax approaching, Lola sensed this and started to meet his thrusts with her own and Jack could feel his cum boiling inside of him, his cock and soul needing desperate release. Lola began her second scream of orgasm and as her pussy clenched and milked Jack's cock he came inside of her coating her walls with cum.

She could feel his cum swimming and shooting around in her hot pussy which meant even more of a release for her. They both feel asleep in each other's arms with Jack's now softening cock still inside of her. The next morning Jack woke to see Lola had stayed with him the whole night and he also felt his cock was still inside her pussy.

Jack moved back a little bit and his cock came out with a small plop noise. He then stood up and dressed himself fully. Jack then sat at the desk and dismantled his revolvers and cleaned them for an hour. After the pistols were reassembled and reloaded he gathered his equipment and dug into his last can of Cram which is just old spam. When he finished he threw the can into the garbage and left 100 bottle caps on the counter of the room and left.

He passed the barman and the creeper gave him a wink as Jack left Sergio's Saloon. Jack walked towards an old shack that had "General Store" written at the top.


Jack went inside to buy more food for who knows how long it will be before he found another town. Jack saw that the place was stocked to the brim with food and drink. He bought 3 cans of cram, bottle of wine, 1 bottle of dirty water, and some Brahn jerky. Brahn are mutated coyotes that now walk on 2 feet and have very sharp big teeth, they are 8 feet tall and quick as lightning.

The total of the items jack had picked was 75 bottle caps; he paid and left the store.

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Jack pulled up his holo and switched on the radio station Detroit News which was still operating. The host was talking about trouble in the ruins how Jailors, a large group of raiders and slavers, were fighting the remains of the Michigan National Guard now known as Guards. Then the host mentioned trouble with feral Creepers south of the Detroit Ruins in a medium sized city known as Fort Castillo. Jack decided to take a look into this mess and reported his new job to the Reaper HQ through his holo.

He then switched the radio station off and began his 10 mile journey to Fort Castillo. Jack made the trip in one day using up 2 cans of cram and 1 bottle of purified water. As he reached the entrance of the fort he saw armed men guarding it. One of them walked towards him and stuck out his hand; Jack grabbed it and gave a firm handshake. "So what brings you out to Fort Castillo?" asked the man. "I'm here to solve your feral creeper problem, which can I talk about for the job and payment?" asked Jack.

"That would be Commander Castillo in the back of the fort If you follow me I shall lead you to him," replied the guard and he moved towards the back of the fort. After a few zigzagging turns they stopped in front of a heavy sealed door. The guard walked to the side and pushed an intercom button. "Sir a mercenary is here to talk about the Creeper infestation," said the man. A voice on the other end said," Good send him in quickly and return to the front gate quick as you can and wake all the guards," Said the voice.

The sealed door started to slide open and Jack quickly walked into the building. The building was full of computers and technical equipment the Jack had no idea what it was used for. Men in white coats with microphones on their heads were talking to men being seen on the monitor.

This must be a control room thought Jack. An old man with gray hair came up to him quickly. "I'm Commander Castillo, welcome to… oh god," stuttered the Commander and he pointed to the screen on a computer. A small squad of soldiers were firing assault rifles at Creepers and yelling," There's too many of them retreat." Then a whole mob of creepers overran them and began to devour the soldiers.

"Shit this is happening sooner than I thought," muttered the Commander and he turned to Jack," When I sent a broadcast over the radio for help I didn't think I'd get a Reaper." "Yeah I get that a lot," replied Jack. " Here's the job my men can handle the attack of the Creepers all you need to do is protect my daughter Christina to the best of your efforts, there is a 1000 bottle cap payment if keep her successfully safe from those filthy creatures." "Sure I'll take the job where is she?" asked Jack.

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Then from the corner of his eye Jack saw the most beautiful women he ever saw. She was blonde and about 5'5" with nice C breasts. She looked no older than 18 and every step she took her boobs bounced in her braless shirt.

"Christina this is Jack he is going to watch you till the battle is over," said Castillo.

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"But daddy I don't need a baby sitter I can take care of myself," complained Christina. Yeah thought Jack good at taking care of that body. "Don't make me force Jack to carry you to your room now get going," yelled Castillo as the Fort siren went off. Christina had a look of horror on her face as she grabbed Jack's hand and ran to her room. After they were in she locked the door and sat on her bed with a pout on her face.

"Listen I didn't know you were going to be my job I thought I was going to kill some creepers but we gotta just get along for the next while," said Jack. "I know I'm just really bored with nothing to do," flirted Christina playfully. Now Jack knew where this was going and he liked it. "Why don't you come onto the bed with me and we'll talk for awhile," said Christina as she unbuttoned her pants. Wow these Fort people are really friendly thought Jack and he stripped down to his birthday suit in less than 10 seconds.

"Wow that is a huge cock Jack I don't think it'll fit," marveled Christina as she slipped her jeans and panties off. They came together like magnets kissing, touching, and feeling each other. Christina bent down to her knees and started to suck Jack. Jack put his hands on her head and moved it back and forth in pure ecstasy.

Her tongue licked his head and shaft of his cock and as she went to deep throat him he could feel the back of her throat before all of his cock was engulfed into her mouth. She then pulled her head from his cock and whispered," Fuck me" and Jack obliged. She lay on her back and he positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and jammed it into her and caused her to scream in pain and delight.

"God it's so big my last time having sex the guys cock was only 5 inches long," stuttered Christina. Jack began to pump in and out of her tight pussy. He never felt this kind of pussy before and he was loving the sensation.

This motivated him to move faster which surprised Christina and her whole body was jiggling especially her breasts which Jack began to suck on getting a scream of pleasure from Christina. "Oh god Jack I love you so much come on faster and harder, make me cum baby make me cum," screamed Christina and she had the orgasm of her life.

Even more tightness was brought to Jack's cock and soon Jack reached under her grabbed her soft butt cheeks and pulled himself deep into her as he filled her pussy with his cum which she enjoyed so much that she had another orgasm which milked even more cum from Jack. Christina opened her eyes and a look of terror washed over her face and Jack was confused.

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He then felt the shaft of a double barrel shot gun put up to his head. "Get off my daughter you son of a bitch," said an all too familiar voice.

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