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Topanga Lookalike Facebashed 1
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My first sexual experience was with my brother Justin right after I turned sixteen.


It was hard when he left for college since I had been having sex with him daily, sometimes several times daily for a solid year. Him leaving not only made me miss him terribly as a friend and brother, but I missed him as a lover too.

The cravings Justin had satisfied for me several times a day quickly began to mount to much more than masturbation alone would be able to handle. Somehow I could always get the physical pleasure taken care of but the excitement and the emotion that was absent always left me with a strong desire to have more. Sometimes that desire would grow even stronger after I climaxed.


In September, I visited Justin for the first time at his college. He had joined a fraternity and I planned on spending the weekend with him, but was pretty sure the visit would only build our desire for one another since the kind of privacy we would need would be hard to come by in a house full of other guys.

The comfort we had found together was always when we were sneaking around, but he shared a room with two others in the fraternity house, and much to both of our disappointment, neither of them traveled home often. We had talked about trying to fool around after they were asleep during a few of our phone conversations, but we both knew the likelihood of being caught and exposed far outweighed the possibility of that happening. The drive to the university only took a couple of hours and when I arrived, I was really nervous for some reason.

I hadn't been able to go with Mom and Dad on his first day, so this would be my first time seeing his new life. I sent a text to tell him I was close and he responded that he had a surprise for me when I arrived. Justin had a huge smile as I approached and he walked toward me and hugged me tightly.

It felt so wonderful to be against him again. "What's my surprise?" I asked in a bratty whisper. Justin just smiled and held my hand and led me into the house, "You'll see." A few of his fraternity brothers turned to see as we walked in and I could sense their interest in me right away, even if it was purely a sexual hunger.

Justin had warned me they would all be talking about how hot I was as soon as I came, but I played it off as him just passing flattery. Feeling the way they looked at me quickly told me Justin wasn't wrong in his assessment of their probable reaction. "Hey guys." Justin announced as we entered. "This is my friend from high school. Her name is Karie." He nudged, releasing my hand so I could formally greet each of them. My mind suddenly was spinning with thoughts and excitement at the way I had been introduced as his friend.

I almost objected to the introduction out of instinct at first, but it only took a second to realize that was his surprise to me. We were friends now. I would not be known as Justin's sister anymore and the guys would be totally accepting of whatever relationship it was that we had.


I shook everyone's hand and smiled a lot, but honestly didn't hear a single word anyone said after Justin's introduction. I was so excited. Justin leaned down to me and kissed me and pulled me into his arms tightly again. "I'm so glad you came here. We'll have lots of fun Kar." He smiled coyly. The grand tour of the house was pretty impressive. It was a newer house and the rooms were nice, but Justin didn't lie when he said there wasn't a lot of privacy. Some of the older guys had their own rooms, but all of the pledges, like Justin were packed into the rooms by three's or fours.

Justin's room had a set of bunk beds that his two roommates, Andy and Trent shared and a single bed where he slept. There were a two desks and an entertainment center with a T.V. crowded in the corner. Justin closed the door to his room behind me and grabbed me as soon as it latched. His sweet, soft lips pressed hard against mine, and his hard, sexy body felt absolutely wonderful against my heaving breasts.

I slowly melted against him as our kiss turned from a warm greeting between two lovers who missed one another to sultry, hot passion almost instantly. The familiar feeling of lust that he inspired in me began to take control of my body, flooding my veins with blood, my nerves with sensations of excitement, and my pussy started sweltering with the wetness that Justin loved to taste from me. "Get on your knees and suck me." Justin pushed, hustling to open his pants and release his hard cock before anyone came in.

"Can you lock the door?" I asked. "No lock." He answered quickly, shoving his massive, beautiful cock eagerly into my mouth. "Hurry up, nobody will come in for a while." He said, relaxing mid-sentence when the pleasure of my steamy mouth wrapped tightly around his hot shaft finally reached his brain.

"Oh fuck I missed you." He said, pulling my long blonde hair to the side so he could watch my face while I serviced him.

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After only a few strokes, I could feel his cock pulsating in my mouth and his balls began to contract and twitch in my hand. I opened my big blue eyes widely and looked up at him, eager once again to taste his delicious, creamy spunk and to feel the thrust of his powerful orgasm explode into my mouth. He grunted and stiffened against me and I slowed my pace to allow my mouth to fill with his sweet cum.

I liked the way he watched me when he came almost as much as I loved the feeling of his cum in my mouth. Savoring his sweet flavor for a moment before swallowing, I opened my mouth and let Justin see how much he had cum.

It was always a lot, but I could tell he had been holding back for a while. He tasted stronger and it was almost more volume than I could handle. I swallowed and licked him clean, standing up and kissing him softly on his lips. "Was that quick enough for you?" I teased. Justin smiled the way he always did. "Thanks Sis." He said, failing to catch his statement before it escaped his lips but quickly realizing he had better watch himself closer.

"Damn." He said. "I think we can pull this off." He whispered. "What do you think about it?" He asked, still breathing heavy from the excitement. "I can't believe you told them I'm a friend from high school. That was perfect." I answered, sitting silently for a moment, hesitating about my next thought. "Justin?" I whispered seductively. "What Kar?" He looked at me curiously.

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"I'm going to suck you again tonight while your friends are in the room. What do you think about that?" I teased, grabbing his cock just before he stuffed it back into his shorts. Justin smiled at me, knowing how horny I was and that he had just compounded my lusty desire by letting me suck him off. "What if we get caught?" He asked playfully. I giggled. "Just tell your friends that your friend from high school loves to suck your dick." At that moment, the door swung opened and his two roommates, Trent and Andy came tripping in.

"Oh hey man, who's this?" Trent asked, looking at me hungrily while Andy stepped past. Justin leaned back on the desk.

"Hey guys, this is my friend Karie I was telling you about. We went to high school together." He answered. Trent shook my hand and said hi as his eyes looked down at my chest.

Andy seemed slightly more polite than Trent as he extended his hand too and said hello. "You're beautiful." Trent smiled at me. "Hey Justin, you sure she's not your girlfriend or what?" He asked, making his intention so painfully clear that the compliment was almost overshadowed by how forward his approach was.

Justin smiled, "We're friends, like I said, really good friends." He answered. "That's cool." Trent nodded. "Kind of a friends with benefits thing. I get it you lucky bastard." He smiled, nudging Justin's arm.

"C'mon Kar." Justin said reaching for my hand. "Let's go grab some lunch. See you guys in a while." "Bye guys." I said, being a little flirty, but not sure how to really be since I wasn't even sure what Justin was thinking. He never got jealous of me with other guys and I never got that way when he was with other girls either, but the situation was different now since we were secretly brother and sister.

I didn't know if he wanted them to think I was just with him or what. It was actually kind of hot in a really taboo way that we were showing affection in front of other people. I don't know why it turned me on, but it did. When we got to the car, I turned to Justin and let him know how good it was to taste him again.

It was good to see his smile of satisfaction too. He laughed and told me that he was afraid Trent was going to smell cum on my breath. Justin explained he had been pretty open with Trent about the sexual relationship we shared, but not the real relationship, which kind of explained why Trent was so interested in knowing how tight we really were. In a way the fact that he had told Trent how much I liked to fuck pissed me off a little.

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"So did you tell all your friends that I'm a slut, or just Trent?" I asked. "Oh c'mon Kar, you can't seriously be mad about that." Justin defended. "You do like to fuck, so do I.

Trent and Andy aren't thinking any less of you for that cause they both like to fuck too. Hell, if anything, they respect you more for it." He joked. "At least we get to be together Karie." He said calmly, trying to ease the tension. "Whatever Justin." I replied. "Trent just wants to fuck me more now because he knows I will fuck.

I was surprised he didn't ask me to fuck him right there." I said angrily, realizing I was quickly getting off base. Justin sighed and smiled at me. "Kar. I didn't mean to make you mad. They think you are totally cool. They will flirt with you but it won't go anywhere.

Don't worry. You're my slut, not theirs." He winked over at me playfully knowing in his mind that what he said was completely true. I always had been his slut. Ever' since the first time we had been together he could tell me to do anything and I would not only do it, but be totally turned on that he wanted me to do it. It didn't matter what it was. Still it angered me that he talked about me like a slut to people that didn't know me.

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I enjoyed being his slut in private the same way he enjoyed fucking his sister in private. I no more wanted to be his public slut than he wanted to be my brother that fucked me publicly. I let it go, and we at lunch together. Justin showed me around campus for a while, showed me where he played ball, and then took me back to the fraternity, telling me he had baseball practice from 5:00 to 7:00 tonight and that I could just hang in the room or drive around or whatever.

We watched T.V. in his room for a while with Trent and Andy and the tensions eased a little as I got to know his buddies.

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They were pretty cool and Trent, although very forward and consumed by thoughts of sex with me, was pretty nice. Andy was quiet and seemed respectful. As mad as it made me that Justin had portrayed me as a total slut to those guys, the thought of having Trent was making me wet.

I knew it was having that effect because Justin had left me hanging after turning me on so much by making me suck him off earlier, but being horny was something that had consumed me since Justin left for college anyway.

I think it made me the most mad that Justin didn't seem to care what they thought of me. The fact was I had wanted the perfect opportunity to be promiscuous for a long time and Justin had just presented it to me. He may have thought he was doing me some kind of favor, but at the same time I knew he would hate it I went too far with either of those guys. The afternoon passed and Justin left for practice with Andy, leaving me watching T.V.

with Trent. Like I said he had settled down a little and was being pretty cool, so neither Justin nor I had any concern about the situation. Trent was on the bottom bunk and I was on Justin's bed flipping channels and we really hadn't talked much so we hardly knew each other at all.

"So how is the whole roommate thing working out?" I asked Trent, noticing for the first time that he was a pretty short guy. "It's cool. Andy doesn't say a word and plays ball all the time. Justin is always playing ball and has a super hot friend from high school. I'm really just getting to know them to be honest with you. They both seem cool." He replied, pretending to be more interested in the show on T.V. "Where is your girl?" I asked. "Which one?" Trent smiled.

"One of my future girls is sitting on my roommates bed." He teased. "The rest of them don't matter." "You wish." I laughed, secretly admiring his flirting and enjoying the attention.

"So what does Justin tell you about me?" I pried. "He thinks you're cool." Trent answered. "He talks about you a lot." "Oh yeah? What does he say?" I continued to push. "He says you guys are best friends and that there is no way in the world that anybody is sexier than you." Trent pushed himself up on one elbow and looked me over from head to toe.

"Every time I try to outdo him with any of my past girlfriends, he tops it with you. I gotta say Karie, I have to agree with him about how hot you are. I'd like to see if you are as good in the sack as he says you are, so if you ever want to fuck your friends roommate, I won't ever tell him." He said, looking at me to see my reaction. I rolled my eyes and acted disinterested, but every bit of fluid in my body seemed to flood from my pussy.

I could feel my panties completely soaked under my mini skirt and my nipples seemed to be as hard as glass. I glanced over at the time on the T.V.

when I changed channels and saw that nearly an hour had passed already, leaving at least an hour before they would return. My mind was spinning with desire and torrid thoughts of secretly fucking Trent behind Justin's back, but I did everything in my power to hide it from Trent. I simply didn't respond and kept my eyes on the T.V., hoping that Trent wouldn't pick up that my libido was in overdrive.

Trent chuckled softly. "Oh Karie. I'm teasing. I mean if you want to have an incredibly hot, totally discreet fuck fest for the next hour or so I'm cool with it, but I'm just joking if you're not interested." I pushed myself up on my elbow and looked back over my shoulder, almost in disbelief of what I was hearing.

Trent was still propped up on one arm pretending to watch T.V. instead of me, but his hand was in his pants, slowly rubbing his cock up and down right there in front of me. I looked back at the T.V., shocked by his bold advance, but even more surprised that he was stroking his cock in his shorts right there behind me. The room was silent other than the noise from the T.V. and my level of lust was almost to boil over.

I felt like I was so wet that I was a little embarrassed that if we did fuck he would be freaked out by it. I rolled over onto my stomach and looked back toward Trent. "You are really something Spanky." I teased him. "You say what is on your mind don't you?" I said, acting a little disgusted that he did. I knew my tits were hanging down in my shirt because I hadn't worn a bra, so Trent could probably see as much cleavage as I wanted him too.

Trent just smiled and continued rubbing his cock in his shorts, but now he looked at me instead of the television. "You want to fuck or not?" He asked. "Show it to me." I told him. He instantly looked surprised by my statement and at that moment I realized he didn't think I was going to say yes.

He pulled his shorts down and revealed his rock hard cock to me. It was beautiful, but then I pretty much loved the look of a hard-on anyway. "You seem pretty freaky Trent." I told him. "Is that true or do you just do it for show?" I asked directly. He chuckled. "I've been called a freak a time or two.

It is no coincidence." "Here is what is going to happen then. We are going to have your hot wild fuck fest that you want, and you are never going to say a word of it to anyone, including Justin. Then, tonight, when you are pretending to be asleep, you are going to watch me fuck Justin knowing you fucked me already today.

In fact, if you get Andy out of here when they come back, I'll have Justin fucking me while my pussy is still full of you. I might even make him suck me knowing you just fucked me." I told him, spinning around so that I was sitting on the edge of the bed. "Are you that freaky?" I asked. "Do you want to watch me fuck tonight?" I asked him.

Trent shot out of the bed and approached me with determination, dropping his shorts on the way. His hard cock bounced wildly with each step and I couldn't wait to taste it. He had barely stopped and I shoved as much of it into my mouth as I could take. He was longer than my brother, but my brother was bigger. It felt funny to have another man in my mouth. I could use my tongue more because he was not as thick, and I liked being able to do that.

I moaned with pleasure and held his hips steady so that I could suck him at my own pace. I looked up at Trent and knew he was not going to be able to last long.

I may have been his first, I thought, but I knew I wanted him in me. "Fuck me Trent." I said, leaning back on the bed and lifting my legs so that he could see under my skirt. I licked my lips seductively as he dropped to his knees and leaned forward to kiss me. In one smooth motion, he slid my underwear to the side and his tongue pushed warmly into my mouth at the same pace his hot, hard cock slipped nicely inside of me.

He felt so wonderful. Masturbating left so much to be desired and that is all I had been able to do for a month. The hotness of his shaft, the feeling of his breath against me, the smell of his manly skin, and the taste of his horny mouth had me longing to feel him all night long.

Trent pushed in and out of me clumsily, but the penetration was exactly what I so desperately needed. His skin slapping against mine made me hot and I couldn't resist grabbing his hips and tugging him into me harder. I let my big blue eyes open and look innocently up at the straining face above me.

I barely knew him and he was fucking me like only my brother had before. "Cum for me Trent." I told him, knowing those words would definitely make it happen. "Cum for me." "Oh Yes!" He moaned. "Fuck! Ugh, FUCK! YES!" He grunted under his breath. I moaned softly as I felt his cock harden and twitch inside me, filling me with his manly seed as his hips slowed to a stop and his cock began softening inside me.

I relaxed a little, and lied back to look up at him. In a way he was my first. I mean my brother had been my first, but outside of that, Trent was the first man I had been with.

I smiled warmly up at him. "Our secret." I said. "Our secret." Trent answered with a satisfied smile, sliding his cock out of my hot pussy and gently replacing my underwear.

"They should be back anytime. I'll take Andy to dinner. You tell me all about what it was like tomorrow." He said excitedly.

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"Deal freak." I teased, grabbing his cock in my hand and tugging him toward me so I could suck it for a minute and get a taste of his cum. To my surprise, he was almost instantly hard again, and his breathing was quickly becoming heavier. I smiled up at him with his cock in my mouth, then let it pop out loudly. "Is there some more for me?" I asked eagerly? Trent grabbed my head and pulled me back onto him, turning me on immensely with his aggressiveness.

I sucked him just as aggressively as he held my hair and within a few seconds, he was pumping another orgasm into my mouth. I gulped it all hungrily down and let his cock slip out of me.

Trent hurried to get his pants on and ran over to the bed. "They're coming, I hear them." He warned. "pretend you fell asleep Karie." He said, flopping onto the bottom bunk again. The door opened and I was on my stomach pretending to be asleep.

Justin came in first and teased Trent. "Well, you really know how to excite the ladies." He boasted, laughing that I had fallen asleep on his bed. "Yeah, right man." Trent answered. "C'mon Andy, let's go grab some dinner and leave these two love birds alone." He suggested, standing from the bed and heading toward the door where Andy stood. I raised my head when I heard the door close and Justin was taking his clothes off.

"How was practice?" I asked. "It was good." He said, "You still mad at me?" "Not anymore." I smiled. "Just got a little upset, that's all." I told him. "I slept it off." I chuckled. "Maybe I can get you off while they are at dinner." Justin suggested. "What do you think?" "Mmmm, that sounds good. What did you have in mind?" I asked him, licking my lips seductively and hiking my skirt enough that he could see my butt cleavage.

"Roll over." Justin demanded in his familiar dominant tone. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs just as I had done moments earlier for Trent. My brother lowered himself to his knees and pushed my thighs apart gently with his hands. He leaned into my panties and started kissing them. Justin didn't notice the door opening behind him, but I did and I lied completely still, pleased to see Trent peak in.

He saw Justin's face in my pussy and he smiled at me and quietly closed the door and left. It turned me on that I had this crazy seductive web sewn. Justin was devouring me without even knowing his buddy had just fucked me.

He kept commenting that I tasted different and that I was so wet and I kept telling him that I just had missed him and that I was so wet because he had turned me on earlier and left me hanging. What I wanted to tell him was that he may as well be sucking Trent's cum soaked cock and that he was the slut, not me. But I just moaned softly while his skilled mouth brought me the most intense pleasure I had felt in weeks. Justin was happy enough to make me cum that afterwards he just climbed up against me and held me.

It felt great to be in his arms again. It felt great to cum for him again. I missed him.