Chubby french cougar gets ass fucked by a young big dick

Chubby french cougar gets ass fucked by a young big dick
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I apologize to my readers. I renamed this series sex games after already naming the first three "our sexy adventure".

After our time with Mary we stuck around the cottage making breakfast and talking. Around noon we headed to the yacht club for lunch. We had burgers and fries and rested at our table . After lunch we headed for the club beach. We got towels from the beach boy and spread out on the sand.

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When you took off your T shirt you had a new white bikini on. We went in for a dip and headed for our towels. Your white bikini had turned transparent.


You walked over to the beach boy flaunting your transparent suit. I could see you talking to him and occasionally touching and leaning into him. You came back to the towels and told me there was going to be a beach party at midnight and we're invited. I said Jail Bait and asked if you were going to fuck him.

You turned over, humped the sand and groaned "jail bait". We spent a few hours on the beach and headed back to the cottage. We went to the yacht club for dinner. There were banners over the bar declaring Mardi Gras night. You were wearing a loose white T shirt with gaping openings at your breasts and a sarong tied around your waist.

As usual you had no bra and no underpants. We had a delicious Gumbo dinner and a little too much wine. The band played some New Orleans Jazz music. When the dance music started I took you in my arms onto the dance floor. I was murmuring sweet nothings in your ears and through the sarong knot I could feel your bare mound.

We went back to our table and the man who I had watched finger fucking you came over and asked you to dance. You clung to him and I could see your breasts through the gaps in your T shirt. You had your legs around him and I could see glimpses of your mound through your sarong knot. After the dance he took you out on the deck. I hadn't seen you go out, but after a few minutes I figured it out. I went out on the deck and looked around.

I couldn't see you, but I heard soft moans from the side deck. On the side deck there was a padded bench. I walked over to the side and I saw you sprawled on the bench, your sarong untied and your T shirt pulled up to your neck. He was kneeling in front of you licking your cunt. I watched. He got up and pulled his pants down. He had a huge cock.

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You started stroking it and you whispered to him "Fuck me". You looked up and saw me and smiled. He ran his huge cock along your slit teasing you. He put his fingers in your cunt and used your wetness to lubricate his cock. He started putting his cock in you slowly. You started gasping and mumbling to him "Put it in, put it unhhh". He started slowly stroking into you and I could see the gleam of your juices on his cock.

I stood there in awe of your sexiness. I could smell you. The two of you started fucking more frantically. You started groaning and dirty talking "Ahhh, big cock, in me, in me Now". Your dirty talk inflamed him and he kept plunging his big cock into you. You were babbling and he was groaning.

His plunges were deep into you. Your eyes glazed over with lust. He froze for an instant, then pushed all the way in and grunted. I knew he was coming in you and you were coming on his big cock. The two of you were quiet and savored the moment. He finally pulled out of you and cum was leaking out of your gaping cunt. As he stepped back I got on my knees in front of you and rubbed my face in your cunt and lapped up a huge amount of cum.

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I sucked and licked at you until you trembled with another small orgasm. I got up and held you gently and could feel your excitement. I cleaned all of us up with a towel. I whispered in your ear "Did you like that big cock?" "Did you like coming on it?" "Did you like my sucking the cum out of you?" You mumbled back "yes, yes, more." When we got back I left you at our table to use the rest room. When I got back you weren't there.

I looked around and saw you at the bar talking to two men. You were flirting, touching them and leaning into their bodies. Your sarong was slightly parted and I could see glimpses of your mound.

It looked wet. The band started up with New Orleans jazz and the atmosphere was raucous. The bartenders got up on a little balcony above the bar holding strands of multi colored beads. They started yelling in true Mardi Gras fashion "Ladies show us your tits". The crowed joined in with "Show us your tits".


Several women, including you started prancing in front of the balcony. You pulled your T shirt up and flashed your breasts. The two men you were with reached out and touched your tits. You got several strands of beads. There was a lot of cheering and crowd noise. I lost you in the crowd. I went out on the deck and you were in the shadows with the two men sucking your breasts. I smiled at them. They introduced themselves as Steve and Bill. I said let's take this to the cottage. As we walked you left your top off and leaned into them.

When we got to the cottage you pulled your sarong off and stood there proudly naked in the middle of the floor. We all got undressed. Steve and Bill started caressing your whole body.

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There were four hands on your breasts, ass, cunt, all over you. I stood behind you and rubbed my prick on you. Steve and Bill started to rub their cocks on you. I put on some music and you danced naked with both of them. You got on the bed with the two of them. Both of them started finger fucking you. You moaned. I sat in a chair and watched. Bill got on his back and you straddled his prick and sank down on it. Steve got behind you and lubricated his prick with your juices. He snuggled up to your ass and gently pushed his prick into you.

The three of you were still for a moment enjoying the feeling of pure dirty sex. I looked at your face and you were flushed red with lust. You were lost in sexual paradise.

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They started stroking into you. Soon you were thrashing around on their pricks and started groaning and dirty talking "Unhhh, Ass fuckers, fuuuck me, fuck me Steve, fuuuck me Bill, watch me Dick".

Your dirty talk inflamed them and soon they were grunting and pushing deep into you. The fucking lasted for several hot minutes. Then I could see them pushing deeper into your cunt and ass. Soon all three of you were in a sex frenzy.

I watched them freeze and come in you and you came on their two cocks. They held you while you shuddered in a continuous orgasm. They reached out and tenderly caressed you while you kept coming. I got up from the chair and I said I needed some alone time with you. They got dressed and kissed you good night. I pulled you to the edge of the bed and licked the cum from your cunt and ass.

You trembled a little and then sighed. I held you again and told you how much I loved you. You said softly to me "we need to set the alarm clock for you beach boy party.

We napped.