Let me get your cock hard with my feet

Let me get your cock hard with my feet
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Hello everyone I'm Karthik from Ahmedabad Today I'll share my experience of losing my virginity I'm an 18 years old with good body and having the penis size of 7 inch.Three days back it was an annual function in our college and I was part of the organising committee,so had to rush all through the college day and night that I was restless and was so tired that was not even able to move my bodyhowever I reached home safely and there was no one in the home except my younger sister in law Virusha as my mom dad and virusha's mom and dad had to leave to village for an emergency.

Virusha never stayed single in home so they left her at our home so that I'll accompany her.our college declared three days holidays after the fest and virusha was also enjoying her holidays.I never had any Feelings for virusha.

At the End of the end I finally reached home and rang the bell when she was in her Tight Tees white colored exposing her inners.I just washed my face and came back to hall and fell on the bed.

Before I slept i just said virusha to sleep in the bedroom .As I already said that i was tired so I slept in such a way that I lost all my senses and then there was a power cut in the night then there happens something which I'll narrate later. Next morning I woke up around 8:00 am and washed my face and went to bedroom pick up towel and then suddenly I found her lying on the bed without Tee and only with the inners anyways she was in her Shorts.

I then went to the other side of the room to make sure if what I was seeing was true or not.Yea that's her red bra and I have a clear view of her cleavages that's when an evil in mind woke up and asked me to touch her boobs. I was in dilemma whether to do it or not.At last I finally made my mind to touch her boobs and then just I pressed her over the bra.

I then immediately left the room and was thinking why did she remove her T-shirt then finally I came to conclusion that she might have felt uncomfortable because of the power cut.As no one was in the home I went on for another round of sleep and that's when I fantasized her for the first time and then I woke up around 12 PM and had a quick bath and found her in the bedroom listening to songs.i then went to kitchen and cooked some food for us.She went to the kitchen and took her share of food and then she went back to her room.i guess she had bath because she had an change in the dress which was really sexy.She was in her room and I was in the hall and then suddenly in the evening she started shouting which made me rush in the room and then I came to know that she had seen a lizard and was very much feared of it,that's when she asked me if I can accompany her in the room,the lizard was pretty much helpful for me I guess as the lizard fell on virusha's boobs and that's when she started shouting with double pace with all struggle I made her stop shouting and had removed lizard from body and while removing I wantedly pushed my hand over her boobs that's when she become silent and I stayed in the bedroom and was listening to the music finally the silence between us broke down with a WhatsApp message from her saying that she wanted to something that happened yesterday night and then I looked at her and asked her what happened,she then pinged me again saying I can only chat but not talk as she was not comfortable talking such things.We had a lengthy chat in that she said that she had seen my dick in an erected position yesterday night.I was amused and then asked how than she said that she forgot her water bottle in the hall so she has to come there in the mid night and there was no light in the room so she has to put on her mobile touch and that's when she saw a kind of mountain like thing where I was sleeping,out of curiosity she happened to come near me and then she understood that it was my dick which got erected seeing that her evil mind could not resist her from touching my dick ,she said that then she slowly removed my short and made my dick free and she then tried to give a blow job, however she didn't complete it as she thought i might wake up .Finally she asked me an apology for which i said there's no mistake on your part .She complimented me for having a huge one.I was silent for few minutes again and that's when I reavled what happened in the morning and complimented her too for having such nice boobs.My dick was raising again ,she got an eye on it and sent me message that it's getting huge again and have an wicked smile on her face.i took it as an advantage and asked if she wanted to see it, she was a bit hesitant in the first however I opened it for her then she slowly came towards me and starting touching it and then I offered her hands with my dick and asked her if she can put it in her mouth she was not ready for the same that's when I had forcefully put my dick in her mouthHesitantly she started but as the pace went She got her momentum after 15 minutes I said that I was about to come and she drank it everything without wasting a drop.Thats when she regained her senses and stopped doing and stopped from taking a next step and she said that she is feeling embarrassed please don't say it any one.I asked her to keep quite and put my hands on her 32 sized boobs ,being a girl of 17 she had 32 sized boobs.she was not ready for anything now and that's when I started looking in to her eyes and my trick worked out perfectly and I started to kiss her on cheeks ,and started licking her ear lobes .I slowly put my hands on her hips and bought her much closer to me ,Now she reavled her true nature that's when she got aroused.

Now that she got aroused she'll narrate in her own words I was getting aroused. I reached behind placing my hand on his head and started playing with his hair.

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While kissing his hands started to remove my shirt buttons and fondling my breasts. He turned me around and kissed me on my lips. I responded to his kisses while still playing with his hair. He lifted me in his arms, carried me to bed and placed me on it. He removed my clothes (shirt and shorts) and threw them on the floor. He took off his shorts and his 7-8″ long, hard and erect dick was saluting my figure. He prepared a glass of hot drink and dipped his erect 8" long hard dick.

I moved closer to him bending my head, cupping his 8″ long hard thick dick with my slender fingers kissed it lightly and started sucking his dick.

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I then laid back on the bed and spread my hands as an invitation to hug him. He came over me placed his hand on my leg lifting it to kiss on my thigh and pussy. He started poured the hot-drink which he prepared and dipped his dick on my body and started licking my body. He moved on me kissing my body, pulled me closer to him,guided his dick at the entrance of my pussy, placed his lips on mine started to kiss me.

As soon as I started to respond to his kiss, thrust his dick deep into my pussy. I tried to scream but the sound was muffled by his lips as he was kissing me. He stayed like that without moving and started kissing me. As I responded to his kiss, he slowly pulled his dick back and started to move his dick in a very slow movement.

I started to enjoy his slow movement and matched the movement by moving my ass due to which my pussy started to leak the juices. Taking my movement as a cue he increased his pace and started to fuck me. He got my body moving with his to match the thrusts. I arched backwards, holding the side of the bed and wriggling with each successive thrust. Moans of pleasure escaped my throat as he increased his steady speed.

Suddenly he stopped his movement for a while sending a wave from his body to mine making me arch my back further rising my breasts to his mouth. Then he started again while sucking my breasts and in faster thrusts entering in me deeper with each time. The stifled moans which came from me were now louder, in bursts.

After 15 minutes of wriggling, thrusting and moaning I came with the loud aaaaahhhhhhhhh&hellip. Hearing me shout he increased his speed and started thrusting with more force.


After 15 to 20 minutes of such thrusts, he shot his cum which filled my entire pussy up to my belly and then he fell on my breasts. His crushing weight felt oddly comforting after the tiresome fucking. We both slept nude hugging each other.

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After few hours our door bell rang and that's when he wore his dress and went to see who was it and I closed the door of the bed room so that I can dress up.

Now as soon as she closed the door I went to see who was it and saw that it was our house maid Sumitra, I said there's no work for you today and then maid said that she my mom has called her to go to home as they were returning tomorrow,my mom asked her to clean the house and wash our clothes as well.After efforts by virusha she made the bed look a bit clean and the maid cleaned the entire home.She then took off all balnkets and took them to wash ,I silently followed her to the bathroom.She sensed something wrong with the blanket and started smelling them and found that it was smell of sperm.She got tempted a bit as she wasn't able to have physical pleasures from last 5 years after expiry of her husband.She immediately shouted my name and then I went to her as if there was nothing wrong She immediately said that she know what I have done till now and will complain it my mom,then I asked her an explanation as what happened,then she said that the balnkets are giving an odd smell of mastrubartion.I was caught red handedly and asked her to not say anything to my mom about my habit of watching porn and mastbarting(Trying to cover things),hearing my appolizies my Stupid virusha came to bath room and started pleading maid don't say anything about our first experience ,please hearing this our maid was awstruck and asked me leave the bathroom .Later after few minutes called me back and my maid asked me how dare you to make this girl lose her virginity.I was in full confusion as what to say that's why virusha said that it was not his mistake rather it was my own mistake as i got tempted by his 7 inch dick .Hearing this maid asked virusha to leave the room and then said me that I'll complain all this to your mom about the things I'm doing in their absence.i started pleading not to say because it'll destroy our future.She immediately said that I'll not say if you do me a favor.I asked her if she needed money for which she replied she needed pleasure.I really didn't understand as what she was asking.I asked her again as to what she needs?


She said not to talk and she bent on her to knees and removed my short as started sucking my penis then I understood that she is need of physical pleasures.she was wearing a very tight sexy saree And a low cut cleavage blouse as she was looking like a prostitute.And then slowly I started putting my hands on her hips and she gave me a wicked smile and then my hands slowly moved towards her blouse squeezing her dark tits she also got excited and caught hold of my dick as she also needed a man to fuck her.and started fondling her and started licking her boobs.

I then made her fully nude taking off her petticoat as she was not wearing any panty.She had very little hair on her pussy. In the meantime Virusha caught us having fun in the bathroom and joined us to make it a threesome.

Then we shifted ourselves to the the bedroom again Now my dick was fully hard and virusha took my dick inside her mouth much to the surprise of Sumitra virusha was licking my dick like a professional whore and in between she also started kissing Sumitra virusha told Sumitra to suck my dick and forcibly bought my dick into Sumitra mouth Sumitra was also high and started giving me full blowjob both the whores were now licking my dick while kissing each other and throwing their licked saliva on my dick And again taking my dick in their mouth turn by turn now I made both the ladies lied down on the bed and started inserted my dick in their pussies both the women were now getting more hornier and I could not believe I am fucking my wife and maid together Sumitra was passionately kissing Virusha deep inside her mouth and my dick was in virusha pussy Sumitra now came on top of Virusha mouth and started rubbing her pussy against Virusha's mouth.

Virusha was also inserting her tongue deep inside her black pussy. Now I took out my lund from virusha's pussy and inserted in Sumitra pussy both the vagina's were wet inside. My hard dick could feel their wet pussys.

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I started fucking Sumitra harder and harder in doggy style while virusha was wildly kissing Sumitra. I was about to cum and then I took out my lund from Sumitra vaginas and made both the whores kneel down facing each other with their tongues licking each other and my dick they were begging for me to cum and suddenly I started stroking my hard dick with my hand came on there tongues each load of my sperms on their face and tongues both the whores were now loaded with my sperms and Virusha started licking Sumitra face and tongue and both were licking each other with my sperms inside their mouth both the whores gulped my sperms in their mouth and now I was totally exhausted and lied on the sofa now it was turn of Virusha and Sumitra to cum they lied down in 69 position and started licking each other and both of them came tougher moaning in pleasure we all three lied down in the bed Hope you had fun I'll back with one more experience as my sister in law and maid are getting ready for a nice day again

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