Teen Amateur Mädchen blinken ihre kleinen Titten für hartes Geld

Teen Amateur Mädchen blinken ihre kleinen Titten für hartes Geld
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I took Carolyn's hand and held it as we took our first step up the stairway to my bedroom. We both knew what we wanted and what we planned on doing.

The house was vacant, my parents were not expected to arrive home for hours. This was a perfect opportunity for us to have sex and not be pressured to rush. The first time we had sex Carolyn was fourteen, two months from turning fifteen. Five months have passed, Carolyn was now fifteen, and we were once again going up to my bedroom for sex.

After five months it was no longer as awkward for us as it had been on that first time. The sex we had shared five months earlier was my first and though I will never know for sure, I believe that I was also the first person to enter into her. After five months of having sex when the opportunity arose we thought we knew all that there was to know. We entered my room and after I closed the door we stood beside the bed looking at each other for a few moments before we kissed.

After our lips parted we each stepped back slightly as we started to undress ourselves. There was nothing rushed about removing our clothing, it was as casual as undressing to take a bath.

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While I removed my clothes, I watched as Carolyn removed each piece of her clothing. First to come off were; her shoes followed by her socks. She next unbuttoned her blouse, removed it and exposed the inexpensive white cotton bra which she wore.

The blouse was followed by Carolyn unbuttoning the waist of her skirt and then lowering the skirt's zipper, releasing her skirt from her hips and allowed it to drop to the floor. She stood there momentarily with her skirt circling her feet, wearing only a pair of beige nylon panties and her bra. Carolyn then stepped out of her skirt, picked it up and placed it with her blouse. Still facing me Carolyn's arms went behind her back as she unhooked her bra. Her bra was allowed slid off of her breasts and down her arms thus revealing two young but firm mounds.

They had yet to reach their full size but she was well on her way to having a more than adequate handful for her age. It was when Carolyn sat down on the bed to remove her panties, the last piece of clothing she was still wearing, I was able to see how wet her panties had become. As she was removing her panties I was also removing my undershorts, making it obvious to her that I was equally ready for her.

As I had mentioned earlier we thought we knew everything. There was no foreplay to prepare ourselves for what was to happen. It was just pure but good and very satisfying sex.

We were both ready for the sex before our feet touched the first step of the stairs leading to my bedroom. Carolyn lay down on the bed on her back and I lay down beside her on my side, facing her.

I then rolled and lifted my body onto Carolyn so that I was lying on top of her as we faced each other. I worked my legs in between her legs and then used my legs to spread hers apart.

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After I was in position I then used my hand to locate her entrance and begin to guide myself into her. I then slowly inserted myself into her depths.

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I savored the feeling of the wetness she provided along with the tightness of the entry into her and each ripple of the passage as I made my way into the inner depths of her body. It was after I was fully in Carolyn that she bent her legs at the knees, giving her more control when lifting her hips upward. She then brought her hips up from the bed driving me even deeper into her body. We started with long slow strokes, our bodies working together in unison.

Each inward thrust of mine being met by an upward thrust from Carolyn as she drove me even deeper into her. I eventually changed to shorter but much more rapid and harder inward strokes into her. I would also slowly withdraw myself to the point where I was almost completely out of Carolyn and then shove myself back inside of her as hard and rapidly as possible.


Regardless of what I did Carolyn was always able to match my rhythm and meet each thrust with one of her own. We continued to have sex in this manor for well over thirty minutes constantly changing but never stopping. I did not take very long before Carolyn started making soft moaning sounds from the pleasure she derived from having sex.

As we continued having sex her sounds of pleasure became louder and more frequent while her thrusting to meet my inward strokes became more intense. Eventually her breathing became more rapid and shallow and I could feel her body begin to tense up.

I was able to tell that she was on the verge of achieving her climax.

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I could feel myself starting to reach that point of no return and started to thrust violently into her as rapidly as I could. Even then Carolyn was still meeting every inward thrust I made into her with her own upward push of her hips against me, driving me even farther into her.

I could feel myself start to swell and become even harder as my own climax rapidly approached.

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When Carolyn's body arched and she let out with a load piercing cry I knew that she had reached her climax. That was my trigger, we climaxed together as I exploded deep inside of her. It felt as if I was shooting gallons of my fluids into her waiting body. For that few moments we were no longer two kids enjoying the pleasure of sex. We were two bodies fused into one as we clung together experiencing the ultimate in pleasure.


We lay there together with me still inside of her for quite a few minutes, holding each other as we came down from our shared experience. We finally got up from the bed, cleaned ourselves up, got dressed and resumed being two kids that enjoyed being together.

We were two kids that enjoyed the sex that was forbidden to them, two kids that would sneak sex whenever the opportunity permitted.