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Weiß Hündinnen Bbc Anal 3some
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Stewardess Cindy Ch 6 Humour & Satire Original story by Frankel Cindy was a little scared. She had just watched the movie, "Snakes on a plane" with the captain in his hotel room. She didn't normally watch horror movies, but the captain had said this was more of a training video. "We have to fly to west Africa tomorrow," the captain said. "And there are lots of dangerous snakes there." "That was scary," Cindy said.

"I hope we never get any snakes on our plane." "I am glad you said that," said the captain. "Because the country we are going to has some very dangerous snakes and they have been known to get on a plane before." "Oh my," said Cindy. "I hope I don't get bitten." "Actually," said the captain, "their poison is harmless to women and they don't have any teeth, so you should be OK. It is men that have trouble. They like to slide into men's pants and spit out a poison that is lethal to men." "Oh, how horrible," said Cindy.

"Yes," said the captain. "It would be up to you to save them." "But I wouldn't know how," said Cindy. "Well, I can help there," said the captain. "I knew you had no experience of them so don't be alarmed now I brought one with me." The captain reached into his pants and took out a white snake.

"It looks just like your magic lever," said Cindy. "Yes, I know," said the captain. He shook the snake in his hands and it grew even bigger. Cindy was scared and she screamed. "Don't worry," said the captain. "But please you must act fast.

You need to get on your knees and suck the poison out of the head of the snake. You must be quick before it spits its poison on me. I'm starting to lose my grip on it." Spurred into action, Cindy dropped to her knees before the captain and put the naughty snake in her mouth. She couldn't help but marvel at how brave the captain was. He had risked the snake's poison just to show her what to do. "Be careful not to bite it," said the captain. "That will make it angry.

You need to suck the poison out of the opening." To help her balance, Cindy held on to the captain's hips. She sucked hard on the snake.


She was a little worried the snake might be hurting him as he started to groan. "You better take your shirt off," said the captain. "We don't want you to get poison on it." Cindy was glad he was her captain. He was always looking out for her and her uniform. She quickly took off her shirt while not letting the snake out of her mouth.

When her shirt was off, the captain reached down and took hold of her breasts. "We need to keep them away from the snake," he said.


"I have an idea. Lie down on the bed with your head hanging down off the side." Cindy quickly jumped on the bed and lay down as the captain had said.

Her head hung upside down. The captain quickly put the snake back in her mouth. In this position, Cindy couldn't move her head, but luckily the captain started to push the snake in and out of her mouth while holding on to her breasts to keep them out of the way.

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Cindy found the captain was able to push the snake deep into her throat in this position. "He is so clever," she thought. "There is no way the snake's poison can get him when it is all the way down there." Cindy noticed that the snake had a sack coming out from the end of it which kept bouncing into her eyes as the captain pushed the snake in and out of her throat.

"Perhaps that is where the poison is," she thought. "Perhaps if I massage it the poison will come out." Cindy reached up and began to gently rub the sack. She could feel the poison inside it.

The captain moaned and Cindy knew she had to act fast. "Perhaps the snake has another way of delivering the poison!" She sucked her lips harder on the snake and flicked her tongue around its head. The captain bucked wildly causing the snake to penetrate further down her throat and make Cindy gag. Tears welled in her eyes but she sensed the snake was about to deposit its poison. The captain tensed up and held the snake in the back of her throat.

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Poison burst out and filled Cindy's mouth. Cindy quickly swallowed it all. The snake went soft in her mouth and the captain quickly tucked it back into his pants. "Will it be safe there?" Cindy asked. "You've milked all the poison out," he said. "But maybe you should check it again soon to make sure." A few hours later Cindy was on her knees in the cockpit.

In her mouth she had the poison from snakes both the captain and co-pilot had found in their pants. The pilot wanted to take a photo of all the poison in her mouth.

She opened her mouth wide for him so he could see it then swallowed it once a few photos were taken. In some of the photos he made her hold the snake to her open mouth so they could identify what type of snake it was. "Where would we be without you?" the co-pilot said. "Now remember what I said.

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The snakes change colour with the man's skin to make it harder to see them. We have only African men on board today, so keep your eyes out." "One other thing," said the captain. "The President of the country we are flying to is on board today. In his country it is the custom for women not to wear shirts.

You better go topless today or you might offend him." Luckily Cindy had already taken off her shirt. In fact she couldn't remember putting it back on after being in the captain's room. No wonder so many people had looked at her on the bus this morning. Without her shirt people could see her necklace. Men always stared at it when she didn't wear a shirt. Cindy made her way to first class. The other stewardess shook her head when she saw her for some reason.

"Where is your shirt?" she said. "Captain said not to wear it. You should take yours off too, you know. You might offend the President." "Has the captain made you suck his magic lever again?" she asked. "Oh no," said Cindy.

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"It was a snake in his pants. The co-pilot had one too. I saw a movie about it. We have to watch out for black snakes in the passengers' pants. The captain showed me how to suck their poison out. You should learn as well!" "I think you've probably sucked all the poison there is to suck," said the other stewardess. "I can't imagine where you keep it all. Your tits perhaps." "Oh no," said Cindy. "They are full of milk for the passengers." At that moment the captain announced it was time to take off.

Cindy wanted to demonstrate the new brace position, but the other stewardess said she didn't know it and maybe Cindy should just leave that one for her special time with the captain. The flight took off on schedule. After the seatbelt sign was off, Cindy noticed that the President was looking at her necklace.

There was a fair bit of turbulence so it shook around between her rocking breasts. "Would you like a closer look?" she asked and put the necklace, wedged tightly between her breasts, a few inches from his eyes.

The plane hit an air pocket and Cindy slipped, her left nipple falling into the Presidents mouth. "He must have thought it was drinks time," she thought as the President sucked greedily at her breasts. Cindy looked down and would have cried out had she not been a professional. There was a large bulge in the President's pants!

"Another snake!" thought Cindy. The President's tongue flicked around her nipple but Cindy prized his mouth from it and quickly dropped to her knees between his legs.

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She unzipped his fly. A huge black snake burst out. Before it could strike Cindy wrapped her lips around it and sucked the entire length into her mouth. The President seemed to panic a bit as he forced the snake deep into her throat. It was much bigger than the pilot's snake, and stretched Cindy's mouth wide as it thrust in and out of her throat. Remembering the poison sack, Cindy began to tickle it with her fingers.

"Oh yes, suck it!" said the President. Suddenly the poison spurted into Cindy's mouth. She opened wide to show him the poison was out and that he was safe, then swallowed it.

She coughed a little as it went down, as she hadn't been expecting so much. Cindy stood and screamed. All of the other passengers in first class had snakes in their hands and were looking at her in desperation as they shook the snakes back and forth. "You have to help me," she called out to the other stewardess.

"Sorry," she replied. "You're the one with the special training." In the next episode, Cindy's younger and equally dumb sister Sindy will join the fun!