Sexy gay The last time Nathan was here it was to make a movie scene

Sexy gay The last time Nathan was here  it was to make a movie scene
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Chapter Two Kate and Catherine Like I said before my lust for this woman is almost as intense as it is for my wife Kateand this perverse display of Catherine naked and helpless with black hands all over her has easily taken over my senses.

I am riveted, as I watch this unexpected turn of events in Awe! My wildest fucking dreams about Catherine are about to come true!. This torture device is one that has been used in this and other dungeons numerous occasions and consists of four chains that are hanging from the Gothic Beams that converge at each corner of this thick leather hammock like sling, that is a foot wide and about 18" long.

Catherine still struggling is placed on her back on this sling that leaves her soft round white bottom hanging over the very edge on one end and her head hanging from the other with little support!. A cloth bag made from thin black fabric with pull strings is placed over her head and the strings pulled tight, her wrists and ankles are cuffed with leather and ringed restraints!


They are then shackled with several metal snaps to the hanging chains leaving her arms unable to move and legs spread up wide open and utterly helpless she is now totally naked! As an after thought some duct tape is wrapped around her wrists and ankles that hold them firmly to the hanging chains! She is still trying to twist and turn as the chains rattle! Now that she is unable to see, her imagination goes crazy as she discovers there is no way she can free herself.

Catherine's muffled voice that is covered by the hood with resignation, but still defiant again helplessly pleads for them to let her go!

Promising that she won't tell anyone! Then with even more concern in her voice goes on to say what!, waa. what are you going to do. to me?.Knowing full well what they have in mind! She will not have long to wait? The incredible color pictures of her every move and sound she makes are instantly displayed on the video monitors of this sound proof room As I watch!

The young black brother she has bitten has told his accomplice's to grab and hold her legs tight so that there is no way she can twist or move! He has taken a special short handled wide leather riding crop, and without any warning viciously whips her delicate wet bare shaven pussy a half dozen times or more in quick succession, paying particular attention to her swollen clit!

OMG!. For Catherine, she screams out in surprise as the searing pain and this sensation is both incredibly painful and stimulatingly erotic!. Catherine was such a sweetheart as a young precocious girl that her parents could never bring themselves to spank her, so no one has ever paddled her bottom, not even her husband in sex play, let alone whipped her pussy! This kind of abuse for Catherine is virgin territory. For me to see a woman's bottom paddled is quite erotic, Kate loves it when I slap her ass really hard when she is bent over or on her knees, especially when I fuck her roughly from behind.

To see her soft white buttocks jiggle wiggle and spring back with each hard whack along with seeing them become a flush pink that gets even darker the more I paddle her is so.

perversely exciting to watch! I have never whipped Kate but I have certainly paddled her bottom and abused her pussy! Catherine is now screaming and begging for him to stop, the hood has barely muffled her hurtful agonized cry's!. To watch my wife Kate's bottom spanked is one thing, but to actually see Catherine nude and her beautiful hairless and formerly unblemished milky white pubes especially her clit whipped, is incredible and sexually sadistic!

The size of the crop is perfect for this type of abuse it is approximately 1 " wide by about 3" long and the handle is several feet in length that allows tremendous speed and accuracy. She is squealing howling and whimpering like some sort of wild tortured animal, her little 32" titties and inner thighs respond and jump and the chains rattle, every time the nasty leather crop hits this so delicate and tender place!

After the first painful whipping he bends over next to her and asks are you going to willingly let me and all of these big black brothers fuck you, and are you going to suck their big black cocks? That ass and cunt of yours would be so.

perfect to gang rape with more black cocks than you could ever imagine! This is what you want isn't it? Hm-mm! She jerks and jump from his firm touch as he forcefully rubs the moist tender fold's of her trembling abused pussy! She with some renewed defiance again without thinking, says you want to fuck somebodyyou black bastard, then go fuck yourself!.

This time he tells those holding her legs to open and hold her cunt lips apart this exposes her clit and the very wet most tender area an entrance to her vaginal tunnel! Black hands are now holding her cunt lips and white thighs!

Again with little hesitation the nasty crop sadistically finds this new almost virgin place and the whipping is just long enough to push her to the point of abuse he is seeking! It is every bit as harsh as the first, as he says sweetly, each time you say no, I will whip your cunt more!

Do you understand. well. do you? Catherine is screaming again and the pain is horrible! His helpers have released the muscles on each side of her swollen pubic "V" this torture for her is starting to feel more like a severe sun burn that has the added sensation of being stung by numerous bee's! The harsh pussy whipping abruptly stops!.

as he bends over her pubes and softly blows his breath over her tortured swollen and puffed up cunt muscles on either side of her slit! This perverse sensation for Catherine leaves her breathless as she tries to hold her self stiff and not let this overpowering erotic and sadistic feeling get to her! OMG!.Just when she thinks she can hold her own and resist this so erotic torture!.

His soft breaths stops, followed by a pause.Now what is he going to do she thinks?. Catherine is beside herself holding her breath with wonder as his tongue barely touches her clit it is so ripe and so stimulated.Oh! It is maddening, She finds herself again thinking do it! Do something bite it suck it whip it OMG! She hears words saying, please OMG! Please do it. do something and wonders where the words are coming from, and then gasps as she realizes those words are coming from her!

Just as she thinks nothing will happen, first his breath and then his tongue touch her again! This is repeated over an over until her so sensitive whipped genitals and sexual stimulated being has been brought to the very edge of madness!

She is shocked beyond her most wildest imagination when she has the most helpless incredible shuddering and convulsing orgasm! Catherine has had some great vanilla sex with her husband, But it is no comparison to this! He then asks her again how about now? Will you willingly suck my big black cock? My friends. will you let them fuck you in the ass, and how about that sweet pink little pussy of yours?

It really needs a big black cock right now doesn't it? You want it don't you? He coaches her saying I know you want it, come on say it? Come on tell me your a slutty little white bitch of a whore! I know that all you want to do is suck black dick and have all my friends fuck you!

Oh god, Yes,yes.she says!. I mean no, Nooooo. I can't I won't as she gasps for breath from this incredible stimulating orgasm, you cant make me, I won't do it I never will!

Well Catherine this young black sadist says I have one more thing that may change your mind and I think after I am done, you will be most willing to do what ever I ask?

She thinks. "Catherine".how does he know my name, but has little time to ponder? He has taken one of several very sharp angle cut #12 piercing needles and again says last chance cunt, to change your mind!

Catherine says yes, answering with what her body wants and then quickly says no again to this last request, this time with little defiance left. She cannot see.

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only shadowy figures through the cloth hood as her imagination races with all sorts of sexually perverse thoughts! OMG! What. what is he. they going to do?. I have learned that sex bondage and mind games with women can be very exciting, what little I have done with others before, and now with Kate has been fun. To set the scene and make her or any woman think all sorts of sexually abusive and kinky things might happen to them has been, both wonderful and rewarding.

To make this work I have used bondage and a blindfold, it is a useful tool that I am about to see used again in totally removing any will power, resistance and inhibition that Catherine has left! This black sadist goes on to explain to her in detail exactly what they are going to do, first he says they are going to tattoo her!

The question he asks is like a teacher in grade school asking a young child, I think you would like to have a tattoo wouldn't you Catherine.

that says, I LOVE BLACK COCK! And where should we put it Catherine? Oh I know, as he tenderly rubs the flat part of her virgin tummy just above her swollen puffed up clit and pubic area as he traces the words with his fingers on her naked skin! This area is then swabbed with antiseptic alcohol and tape stencil with the words I love black cock about a 1/2" high in a curved horse shoe shape is given to him and lined up on this bare stretch of skin between her belly button and clit!

It is then rubbed rather briskly and really sticks followed by him asking her, well are you willingly going to suck some black cock? Catherine is not sure how she should react to what he has said and done, so says nothing. He then tells her as he applies black ink dobbing it into the open areas of the stencil and continues to explains what he is doing! Unknown to her, but makes little sense at the time, the ink used is only for temporary tattoos.

This process is followed by one of his helpers expertly using blunt electric etching needle, she feels the buzz and hum of this unit! This is not the first time that naked white women has been helplessly tattooed, in this dungeon!

Catherine has no idea that the needle and process being used in not permanent and still in denial to herself plus never having a tattoo has nothing to compare this sensation to.

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Her still not knowing what to say, with her mind blank just lays there as the glowing heat from her sadistic pussy whipping diminishes little at a time. It only takes several minutes before the small but very prominent words "I love black cock are etched in a curved shape onto her abdomen only several inches above her clit!

After several more minutes for the ink to dry the taped stencil tape is unceremoniously ripped off! She shrieks out as it quickly is pulled free. The contrasting black letters on beautiful white skin is vivid as the video camera focus on a close up!

Well. Catherine apparently you like having tattoo's? It is just above your pussy and says I love big black cock!. Sooo. piercing your nipples shouldn't bother you either? Ibeing married to Kate who has large nipples that are wonderful, but Catherine's are gigantic! This threat alone has left her even more speechless trembling still with fear and wonder? But she is breathless, and acts like many people that are confronted with a very traumatic experience, they just do nothing, and are unable to believe what is happening ?

She feels her nipples swabbed with sterile antiseptic, Catherine has never thought about being pierced, and has no idea what to expect and subconsciously fears the worst, he clamps a pair of curved forceps around one of her gigantic nipples. These forceps have been aligned for vertical piercing! At first a smaller 18# gauge prepiercing needle is slightly poked from above and below to determine which will be best. The pricks of the sharp needle can be felt and just as she thinks it will happen her other big nipple is sadistically pinched and twisted!

This has quickly diverted her attention away from the poking of her other nipple as the razor sharp needle easily and instantly pierces this sensitive place! Catherine is surprised as the pain she was expecting was not nearly so bad as she thought it would be! She still says nothing, as her other nipple is pierced in exactly the same manner.

He then comments saying I just can't wait to use my big 6# gauge steel, hole expander on those incredible nipples of you will be the first. to have the biggest rings I have ever crimped on the end of such small little breasts! This perverted sadist has moved back to her genitals and has clamped the same curved forceps around and onto her even more swollen clitoris!

I think you need to say something Catherine? As pretty soon it will be to late, you already have a tattoo, and your nipples rings will next, But lets see.

that tender swollen clit of yours, he teases her by pulling on the forceps and twisting it at the same time as he poke's a sharp test needle just barely into the most sensitive part, dead center on the very tip! He then says, Catherine you know we are taking some nice digital pictures and video of all this and later with your hood removed we will take more, so every one will be able to see your pretty face.with a black cock in your mouth!

So you had better cooperate! Would you like us to send them to your husband and his boss where he works, and then to your boss! Gee wont it be fun for you to go to work as a junior manager and have all of those that work for you snickering behind your back that you are a slut and a whore for black cock!

I don't think your husbands hi profile job or his boss is going to want someone working for him that is married to a slutty black cock whore, do you? This is of course only a threatbut a believable one at that, as he has no real intention of doing so. The needle that has penetrated the most sensitive nerve endings has finally brought Catherine back to her senses as she screams out, first saying that she will do anything and then begging them not to pierce her nipples, and especially her clit!

He then says quite genuine, I don't believe you Catherine? You don't seem to be very willing or happy about are new wonderful friendship, and since you bit my dick I am not very happy with you either, this is said in a very condescending way. She then says. I am so sorry about your dick, I didn't really mean to hurt you did I?

How. .what can I do to make it up to you? Forgive me Catherine, if I do not believe you? I want you to prove what a nasty little white slut of a whore you really are!

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Not only to me, but to my friends! This time he takes a small syringe that is filled with premixed Saline and GV -ED It is a chemical that is used for male erectile dysfunction, but it has the same effect on the female clitoris! In that you have heard the old story, if you have an erection that lasts for more that 4 hrs to seek medical attention! It is a true statement with this stuff! He then pushes the needle of the syringe deep into the center of her clit and empties the contents!

She scream's and screams as the needle passes into the most sensitive nerve endings and the mixed chemical floods throughout this most virgin membrane! In only minutes the incredible feeling of her clit slowly swelling is a sensation that has brought her eyes wide open and is something she has never experienced before! Catherine then says in a broken beaten voice, ever so meekly with a resigned tone and in almost a whisper. I am yours, you and your friends can do what you want.


Just don't pierce my clit! And please don;t send any pictures to my husband or his boss! Or where I work, please I beg you I will do anything!. Anything?.The growing feeling in her clitoris is a feeling that needs more and more attention! OMG She wants him or them to do something! He goes on to say? Prove it! This will be your first test, just as he motions for several of his accomplice's to go around to where her head is hanging?

The older black master I originally have made the deal with and who has been abusing and hard fucking my wife Kate, walks into this room and whispers something, in his ear? This young sadist then hesitates and turn around and looks towards the booth where I am watching with a devious smile. The older black master then comes through the hidden door and into our discrete vantage point. First he asks me are you hard?

This is a silly question as I am rock hard, more so than I have ever been! Not only at the site of what has been happening to my wife Kate, but also her most naked and helpless friend Catherine. He then says this is what I want you to do, it will help satisfy your lust for this woman and at the same time will help thank you for giving us the opportunity to add another submissive white cunt to our circle of submissives.

I know in short order she will be one of those women who will crave black cock, I have seen many white women just like her who have vehemently denied even to themselves their most deep and delicious desire to be with a black man! I have used the threat of black mail, to convince them they have no choice! They do have a choice and use this threat as an excuse, to willingly return and live out not only their fantasy's, but also those of my horny black friends, and our investors!

First he says to me I want you to hard fuck her, but not ejaculate! I what you to hold it and then I want you to cum all over her face and hood! Then I am going to have her suck just the head of your cock through the material of the hood! This way she will have no idea it is you,and after you do that my black brothers and I are going to take turns and do the same! OMG! Wow! I can not believe that my fantasy's about this woman are not only going to come true!

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They are going to be even more perversely satisfying than I could ever have imagined. He leaves the room and I follow him to Catherine. I am harder than I can ever remember, even as a young horny 15 year old, But this is much better.

She is hanging there gently swinging back and forth by the chains, her legs are up and wide the muscles and pubic folds of her labia from the perverse whipping are retuning from a dark pink to a lighter shade her beautiful swollen clitoris is standing straight up, bigger just begging for some attention! The curved vulgar words in black ink on her bare skin that say "I Love Black Cock" are a stark reminder of how and why she is here and only add to what will happen.

Her tormentor plays more mind games and says, Catherine your body and most sexual inner desires have been brought to fever pitch! You feel more alive than you ever have! (These words for Catherine are more true now than anything that has ever happened to her before!).

You have felt some real stimulating abuse now it is time to show you what a loving and experienced black man can do. and really pleasure you. as he nods at me with a wink!.

I gently, take hold of her soft bottom, now the tables are turned and it is my heart that is pounding. I take my time to savor this most wonderful moment that I have fantasized about and now presented with, after these words I cannot bring myself to just just fuck her.

This clit of hers is so inviting.

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It is all I can do not, to greedily grab her ass cheeks an Just bury my face in this most tender place gorging myself on her clit! Slowly and deliberately and as lovingly as I possibly can, and with everything I have ever learned about orally pleasuring a woman, I now put into practice!

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Pussy to me, is the most wonderful thing that a woman can give to a man, or for him to take from a helpless woman is even better! I do what her former tormentor has done. I blow on her genitals this area is still most sensitive, she responds with a gasp, and then slowly with my tongue and lips lick and nibble with my most sensuous touch!

My hands have gone from her bottom to her small breasts, I gently squeezing them and then her incredible nipples. The feeling again for her is maddeningly erotic! First my lips and tongue, up one side and then the other of her trembling slit! She is so wet almost dripping in anticipation, I can feel her body and breasts I am squeezing almost instantly respond, as her breathing becomes ragged and halting.

Time stands still, as if it is in slow motion as my tongue flicks around and around this incredible clit! I finally focus on the underside of this most sensitive wonderful piece of stimulated female flesh!

For Catherine every bit of her sexual energy and senses are at their peak she is biting her lower lip to keep from screaming out!. It is as if the circuit's of every sexual feminine nerve, ends at the tip of her clit!

The fact that it has been so.sensitized earlier by the leather whip, piercing needle and injected stimulant has only heightened these most wonderful feelings! My tongue now goes back down deep and into her almost sloppy wet opening and then up through the valley of her slit and again to her clit, faster and faster I go!

I can feel her trembling to my touch as she holds her breath, until I can no longer help myself as now I greedily suck, my hands are back firmly clamped to her bottom pulling her up to me! I have every bit of her clitoris and the meaty flesh surrounding it in my mouth as if I am trying to swallow and suck this now very large sensitive meaty orb down!

I can feel it throbbing against my tongue and lips! This continues until she has the most incredible climax! The chains rattle again as her lower body bucks up and arches twisting uncontrollably in a genital mind blowing release!

For me it is all I can do to hold her against my lips as hard as I can as she twists! It is all I is difficult for me to keep from having an orgasm and this is only from orally pleasuring this incredible woman.!!!.

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Minutes go by as I continue to hold and savor the pleasures of oral sex, I want this moment to last as long as possible. As for me it is my personal goal to pleasure a woman so, and to pleasure Catherine will be one of my most cherished sexual moments with a woman other than my wife Kate! I slowly and grudgingly pull my lips off of this most wonderful place, a moist and very slight sucking pop can be heard as these two lips part, mine facial and hers vaginal!

I step back as the black brothers watch, and then place my hands on either side of her waist just above her hips! My fat 7" cock is standing straight up and so hard I have to take one hand and push it down and into Catherine's helpless and very wet open folds, again I am slow and deliberate ,as I push in farther and farther, I gasp and she gasps the feeling of penetration is so incredible!

I am not sure who is pleasured the most! It is so wonderful the soft warm wetness of an in credible pussy is such a pleasure, as I slowly start rocking back and forth. I desperately try to think of another place, to take my mind away from the orgasm that is quickly building in my loins it is almost like my first time.

The feeling of this helpless woman's sexual genitals wrapped tightly around my cock, a woman I have so fantasized and lusted after leaves my knees weak, I am trying, and it is all I can do to hold back, but it is not for long I can feel it, like an orchestra leader bringing his musical ending up and up to the climactic peak of crescendo!

Sex and music do have things in common as do fantasy an reality, but this is real and is so much better than fantasy! OMG! It happens, I squeeze my shaft at the base as hard as I possibly can and quickly jerk it out stumbling around to Catherine's head and release this most incredible ejaculated orgasm I have been holding. The first full squirt misses landing on her chest and little breasts as I again push it down as the second third and fourth hit the thin fabric covering her face and head, most hits its mark!

She jerks slightly and the outline of her nose lips and chin have easily brought out the mask like shape of her facial features do to the cum soaked hood! As she breathes in, the wet fabric, covering her head sucks in around her nostrils!

Her head is hanging down and I place my cock on the wet material at the indent and outline of her lips! No words are spoken I can feel her lips open as all of the black brothers are still watching! She tries her best to suck the tip of my cock head down into her mouth. But the fabric stops her and is in the way.

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I can feel her tongue running across the tip through the wet fabric! The feeling through it allows me to give up what I have little cum left, as she sucks it through the fabric and into her mouth!. My cock is still rock hard and I am still having trouble holding it down where she can easily suck on just the tip! Continued in part 3