Ideal kitten is gaping wet crack in close range and having orgasm

Ideal kitten is gaping wet crack in close range and having orgasm
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Let me tell you a little about myself and my wife.

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We both are in our mid thirties, I am 6ft 2in tall 250 lbs. I am the more sexual one of the two. My wife Beth is 5ft 6in 130 lbs. She has brown hair, brown eyes, a nice thick ass with a pair of decent c cup tits. She has always been a lot of fun in the bedroom, will do pretty much anything I ask her too.

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We have two children, a girl and a boy. The girl is my stepdaughter, the son is ours. Now for the story.

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My Wife, Her Friends, Our Secret About a month ago my wife and I were talking about how our sex life wasn't what it used to be. Before our son was born we were more adventurous, we would occasionally bring another person to our bed with us. We have had both men and women to join us and never had any problems.

We had began flirting with a dew of our friends and neighbors hoping that someone would have interest, so far it has just been a lot of rubbing and teasing. During our conversation we decided to have a Halloween party the Friday before Halloween, that way we could spend Halloween with the kids. We decided to make it an adult only party so we made arrangements for the kids and started calling everybody we knew.

We had two simple rules. 1. No kids 2. Wear a costume Most of the people we called said they would be there including the couple from her work we had been flirting with the most. We were excited, so we started decorating and getting beverages. As the week went by we had a lot of people calling wanting to know if they could bring friends, we accepted.

With high hopes of some extra play we picked out costumes that wouldn't hinder our fun. I decided to go as a scotish man in full dress, kilt and all. She went with the typical naughty teacher in a short skirt and a tight white shirt. Friday was here, made some final touches to the house and started putting on our costumes. As we dressed we talked about the chances of finding us a partner for the night, this led to wondering how many partners we could get.

Which turned into a competition. We agreed we could have as many as we could get we just had to stay in the house and find a couple to end the night with. As I buttoned my overalls she was pulling her panties up. With us both dressed we gave each other a hug and kiss. "This is going to be fun!" she said as she walked out the bedroom.

We hadn't been downstairs long when the doorbell rang, it was our neighbors Mike and Ann. Ann was carrying some snack trays and Mike had a case of beer, Beth took the beer from him and the women went in the kitchen. "Beth sure is going to turn some heads tonight.

I could almost see her panties under that skirt." said Mike. "I'm sure she will show them to you before the night is over, but that means I get to see Ann's too." "Your out of luck there, she's not wearing any tonight." he answered. That's when Beth and Ann entered the room and handed us a beer. Ann took her jacket off and hung it on the rack revealing the top of her school girl costume that was stretched across her massive tits plainly seeing her nipples poking at the cloth.

"Apparently no bra either!" said Mike. We continued with our beers as more people started showing up, some with food and some with drinks. I noticed Scott and Missy, Beth's friends from work entering the house followed by to men dressed in drag.

Missy was cat woman while Scott was batman, they both had the perfect bodies for the costumes. When I went to welcome them they introduced me to their friends James and Paul, they were a couple.

As I welcomed them in and checked out their costumes I noticed Paul had a huge buldge in the front of his dress, when I raised my eyes from his package he winked at me and said "Some things are hard to hide." Scott and I went into the kitchen to chill his beer. "Man she makes a good cat woman, you will have a hard time keeping men off her tonight." "She's a big girl she can handle herself, besides she cut the crotch out of the costume hoping people would see her pussy.

I'm sure she will show you she has became quite a flirt lately. She even told me if I could get lucky tonight do it, I needed some strange. "Good luck, you can probably find someone to teach you something tonight." I answered referring to Beth's costume. The house continued to fill with people, pretty soon we had a nice crowd. Scott was right, Missy did show me her pussy, I went to get another beer and she was mixing her a drink. She simply asked me if I had noticed her costume and put her leg on the counter spreading her legs and asked if I liked it.

When I told her it looked tasty she said "It is, but it probably tastes like cum right now. Some guy in a alien costume just filled it full. Don't tell Scott though, I told him I wouldn't fuck anybody until he did but the alien took me by surprise." I told her I would tell if she gave a little too. She called my bluff and bent over right there and told me to take it. I knew we would get caught in the kitchen so I took her hand and led her to the spare bedroom where we wasted no time. She bent over the bed and I dropped my overalls and slid deep in her.

Her cum filled pussy gave no resistance to my attempt to go balls deep. We made quick work of our task not finishing till I put her second load of the night in her. After pulling out she wasted no time, leaving the room without cleaning up. I could see cum dripping on her black tights as she opened the door. I shortly followed her back downstairs and rejoined the party.

I still needed my beer so I went back to the kitchen and sat at the table to enjoy my beer. Mike joined me at the table. He asked me if I had seen Ann lately, I told him I hadn't and told him to check upstairs. Missy entered the kitchen and told me she found Scott upstairs fucking some girl in a nurse costume so now she could fuck anybody she wanted to and grabbed Mike by the hand a took him to the den.

By now the crowd had lessened and the ones still here were as drunk as me or more, some had already passed out. When I entered the den I saw Beth talking to Paul and James so I joined them, she introduced them to me as Paul and Jamie. I told her we had met. "they asked if they could stay the night, I told them they could sleep in the spare room." she then leaned to my ear and told me she thought they would be a good couple to finish the night with and asked if I noticed how big his dick was.

Apparently she wasn't aware they were both guys but I nodded my head and told her they could stay. I saw Beth lead them upstairs so I went to the bathroom to piss. When I opened the bathroom door Ann was on her knees sucking some guys dick, so I shut the door. Then I thought here is my chance, I went back in "Ann, do you care if I join you?" I asked "I would love for you too." she answered.

The guy getting the blowjob just watched as I dropped my overalls and lifted her skirt and got on my knees behind her. Shortly after starting the stranger fill her mouth with his load and left, Ann and I continued. "I was hoping I would get a chance with you tonight, I told Mike I was going to try to fuck you." I continued driving my dick in her until I was ready to cum.

She must have felt me tense up because she told me to pull out, but it was too late I had already released my cum in her. She told me we were probably alright she had only been off her pills for a week. We stood up, I buttoned my straps and we went back to the den where Mike, Paul, James, Missy and a few others were sitting.

I sat with them and we decided it was time to call it a night. Mike and Ann said their goodbyes and walked next door. Scott came down the steps to join us as Paul and James went up to the spare room.

Scott took me into the kitchen and told me Beth was upstairs in our room changing from her costume and handed me her panties and said "She told me about the bet between you two, you better hope you've been busy cause she has." He told me it was a great party and him and Missy were going home.

As I closed the door behind them I realized everyone was gone except for Paul and James and wondered if Beth had figured out they were gay yet. As I walked up the steps I could hear familiar moan, then the voice of a man.

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I knew somebody was fucking Beth. As I got closed to our door I could see the light was on, my dick was hardening as I got closer. I always liked watching her get fucked so I was anxious to see it.

Right before I entered the room I saw two men with my wife. She was on top of one and the other one was behind her, this wasn't the first time she had been DP'ed but I was always one of them. "About time, these two have it warmed up for ya. Now get over here and fuck me." I dropped my bibs to the floor and went straight for the only open hole I could see. She took my cock in her mouth as my balls were only inches from some guys face. While the two men kept pace with her sucking the one behind her filled her ass with his load and came around to join me in her mouth, I knew he had to be Paul because he had a huge swinging dick.

Beth motioned for me to take his place so I refilled her gaping hole with my cock, I could tell he was bigger than me by the looseness of her hole.

We continued in that fashion until James reached his point and dump his load in her pussy.

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After a couple position changes I was behind Beth enjoying the sloppy seconds James left me while he was getting his dick cleaned by Beth, Paul was laying on the bed stroking his meat pole back to life. Once Paul was hard he joined James in Beth's mouth, I watched the her eyes water as he as he forced his length deep in her throat until she couldn't take any more.

James quickly filled in while Paul stroked his cock not giving her a chance to catch her breath. Beth has no idea I have been with men before, but I could tell he knew what he was doing. I watched as she milked every last drop of cum from his cock.

When James was dry Paul replaced his cock in Beth's mouth only to have James join her. I wanted to join them so bad but I didn't know how Beth would take it. Watching them take turns on Paul's huge cock drove me to the edge, I grabbed Beth's ass cheeks and spread them as I put my load deep in her pussy.

Not knowing what to do next, if I should let Beth in on my secret or not I joined Paul in front of my wife. Beth took me in her mouth and James took Paul in his. I guess not getting any attention from us they decided to do their own thing, I watched James stand in front of our dresser bending over grabbing the top drawer as Paul rubbed his cock up and down his crack until he was sliding it in inch by inch until James was taking it all.

Amy's and my attention was focused on them. We watched Paul dive in James hard and deep filling his ass full with every stroke until he leaned back and put his load deep in him.

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By now they had noticed we were watching them, Paul slowly pulled his cum covered cock from its depths leaving James bent over the dresser and motioned Beth from the bed, Beth has always been a cum lover but what she did next surprised me. She took to her knees behind James licking the oozing cum from his gaping hole, by the time I looked at Paul standing in front of me stroking his still hard cock and looked back at Beth as she had both hands spreading his cheeks, running her tongue in his ass getting all of Paul's load out of it.

I felt a hand on the back of my head, it was Paul guiding me to his thick cum soaked cock. I decided what the hell Beth would find out some time, I have always been able to take a cock deeper in my throat than Beth could and I wanted to show her.


I took Paul in my mouth, gagging a little it must have caught Beth's attention causing her to turn from James's gaping hole to look my way. My heart pounded as Beth first saw me taking the thick cock like pro but she didn't seem to mind, she went right back to her job cleaning James.

Not ever having a cock as big as his in me but having used an even bigger dildo of Beth's I knew I could handle his cock I wanted Beth to see me get fucked so I released his cock from my mouth and joined James on the dresser waiting to receive my fucking. With my head down I couldn't see Beth but I could see her hand stroking James as she licked his ass clean, Paul pressed his hard cock against my welcoming hole forcing it past my first muscle, backing out and going past my second one this time.

I was wondering what Beth thought about sharing a cock with her husband when I saw James stand up and Beth take his place, she looked me in the eye and I will never forget what she said. "I love you baby, but you fuck like a girl." I could see her taking a fucking but I didn't know which hole she was getting it in. Being told I fucked like a girl I started bucking against Paul taking all he had to offer with every thrust until I felt Paul's cock swell in me, I knew that feeling and he was about to cum so bucked even harder being sure to empty his balls.

Leaving his cock in me letting it go soft I could feel his load trying to slip by his cock. I looked at Beth getting her fucking and told her to clean me like she did James. As Paul removed the plug holding his load I felt Beth's tongue so deep in me, I knew she was sucking up all she could. When I thought she was done I stood to find James laying on the bed with Paul trying to finish what Beth had started by hand so I decided to help him, after all Beth hasn't got to see me swallow cum yet so I fell to my knees sucking his dick as hard as I could until he count take any more blowing his load in my mouth, not missing any I continued sucking him as I swallowed everything he gave me.

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Crawling on the bed I squeezed in between Beth and Paul, we were laying on their back give out from our fun. James snuggled up beside Paul. Hours later we woke in the same position to the sun coming through the windows. As hands started to wander we talked about how great it was, and how we would have to do it again. We watched as they got dressed putting their dresses back on and we walked them back downstairs.

As they were leaving Paul hugged Beth and told he would see her Monday. After they left I asked Amy how she knew him, she told me they worked together. She knew they were gay and she planned the whole thing.


"This was the only way I thought you would tell me about you and the other men." she said. We talked about how she knew I was seeing men occasionally and wanted to be part of it, knowing she didn't care turned me on enough for me to start getting hard.

Seeing my dick growing she grabbed me by the hand and led me to our bedroom which still smelt like butt sex and told me she wanted me to herself now. We had what ended up being the best sex we have had in a long time.


We continued our weekend as planned, occasionally throwing a comment at each other about that night. Monday came as normal, Beth returned from work saying Paul asked about me and bragged on my sucking skills, I haven't seen them yet but I hope I see them again. Everything is good around the house, Beth even used her dildo on me during sex last night. I hope you enjoyed a tidbit of my life. I hope you enjoyed this turning point in my life.