Tiny Teen Stepdaughter Caught Faking Sick From School

Tiny Teen Stepdaughter Caught Faking Sick From School
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Brady and I have known each other for a long time. We've gone camping with each other since we were 7 and we've gone to school for as long as we can remember. During one of these camping trips we briefly masturbated together, sparking my interests into the world of cock.

During an English class I sat behind him, and I would always admire his curvy, delicious bubble butt. Oh how I loved just staring and fantasizing, while sitting in class with a massive erection.

Unfortunately for me, I only have one class, Spanish, with him this year, where he sits directly behind me. Little did I know this one class would spark the most fun I've ever had. This day we were reviewing past-tense verbs. I looked back at him to make a sarcastic remark, and was stunned when I found his athletic shorts pulled slightly down, his shirt slighty up, and his fingers down in his pants.

My deep desire for him combined with my immense surprise meant I could not stop stairing at his wonderfully sexy skin. I thought I saw a hint of red underwear. I looked up as soon as I realized I had been staring, and I was immediately met with eye contact. He gave me a quick wink as I spun around quickly as I turned red. The teacher called on me.

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We had half an hour until lunch, and I spent the entire time thinking of what this could possibly mean. Is he bi too? Does he want to have sex? Was it all just some joke? I spent the half hour fantasizing (with a rock hard boner), and finally came up with a plan. I made my usual trip to the bathroom before heading to lunch, and for the first time all year Brady followed me. Phase one complete. I unzipped my fly, pulled out my still hard cock, and proceeded to pretend to urinate.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brady enter the bathroom, choose the urinal next to mine, unzip his pants and pull out an equally hard cock. Wasting no time, I turned my head an obvious 45 degrees and stared at the cock I have desired for so long.

I looked up into his eyes, and he winked again.

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We simultaniously started walking toward each other, without breaking eye contact. We immediately embraced and kissed.

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Our tounges gently slithered around as we took each others pants off. I was amazed to see Brady wearing a red thong, showing the wonderful outlines of his balls, and making his ass look even more lucious than before. I slipped his thong down and he stepped out of them, as he proceeded to do the same to me. I pulled my shirt off, lifted his off, and took one of his nipples into my mouth, gently sucking with a touch of nibbling.

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He let out a low moan. I kissed my way up to his neck, and on up to his mouth where we continued to french. Brady made his way down my body, spending time kissing my neck, and reciprocating my treatments of the nipples.

Continuing on down my body he kissed a circle around my belly button, down my left thigh and came up my right. He took one of my balls in his mouth, gently swishing it around, then doing the same to the other. I tried to remain quiet so no one would hear, but I had to let out a deep moan.

His hot, wet mouth was nothing like the hand I used everynight fantasizing of this moment. He continued back up my body until we embraced in a kiss once again.

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I went down his body, getting his nipples, bellybutton, and both thighs. Finally, my favorite part. I gently licked his ball sack, all the way up the bottom of his delicious cock and back down. I put one ball in my mouth, then the other, then both. Oh how delicious he was. I licked along the sides of his cock, gently teasing him before the real fun began.


I put only his cock head in my mouth and gently sucked, bobbing up and down ever so slighty. Everytime I went down I kept going farther, until his magnificent 7 inches were completely in my mouth. He gave a sudden moan, and I knew my prize was coming.

I felt his cock start to spasm as he filled my mouth with his cum, his sweet, salty, delicious cum. I swallowed most of it, saving a slight bit to share in a kiss.

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After our kiss, Brady immediately got down on his knees and took my entire cock in his mouth. I gasped, not expecting this. He sucked as hard as he could and bobbed his head so fast I was afraid it was going to come off. Needless to say, I couldn't contain myself very long under this. I warned him I was about to cum, and he jacked me off onto this face.

After I was done spirting, he stood up and we kissed, getting my cum all over my face and his. I licked my delicious sperm from his face, savoring every little bit I could get. He then proceeded to lick my face off.

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The way he used his tounge was magnificent. Looking at the clock, we needed to get to lunch because we only had ten minutes left. As he put his jeans back on, he left his boxers off and stuck mine in his backpack. Following his lead, I slipped my jeans on and kept his thong. I love the feel of commando jeans. The denim rubbing up against my sweet ass.


It also accentuated Brady's ass, giving me an immediate boner. We shared a final kiss and left, grabbing each others ass down the empty hallway, hoping no one would see, but at the same time hoping someone would see and enjoy ;)