Virgin vagina rammed by dick

Virgin vagina rammed by dick
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I was suggested to drop the old series and continue this.

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Here's the official ending to "John and Alex": They live happily ever after. The end. What? Dont like it? Too bad. I'm the author. Get @ Me :D There was some confusion from when I said "can I move in with my boyfriend" in part 1. That was a mistype. It was supposed to say "can I spend the night with my boyfriend?" ^_^ I woke up to Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides.

I checked for the alarms location and it was Nates pocket. How could he fit that in such tight jeans!? I turned the alarm off and nudged Nate awake. He was still on top of me, dead asleep. "Hey Nate wake up your alarm just went off." I said. "What? Shit why'd you turn it off! It's 5 fucking AM." he responded. "Sorry?" I said. "Got you. It's all good. Get up you can shower first while I make breakfast." he said.

"Sounds good. I don't have a change of clothes?" I said. "You're the same size as me and you're like me now.

Wear the skinny clothes haha. Check my closet and pick out what you like. You can even wear my boxers. I couldn't really give a fuck." he said. This is what I liked about him. He wasn't a lovey dover queen gay, he was just an emo that liked boys. "By the way I'm getting my lip pierced today wanna join?" he asked.

"Yeah whatever I'm gonna go shower now." I said. "Alright." he responded. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel. I turned on the water and stepped in.

I couldn't help but think to myself. Why is he doing this for me? Does he like me a lot or a little? I noticed he used conditioner and Volumizing shampoo, that's probably how he gets his hair so poofy. I decided to use it. After cleaning myself I directed my attention to the sink. How was I supposed to brush my teeth? I finished up and went out to ask him.

"Hey Nate do you have an extra toothbrush?" I asked. "Yeah under the counter." he said. "Thanks." I went and brushed my teeth. When I was done breakfast was ready.

Clearly, Nates a lazy fuck because there's just a bagel. "Here let me fix your hair after you slip something on." he said. I went and put on a BVB shirt and tight jeans. It felt awesome wearing them because they smelled like him, haha. I came back and he had me sit down again. He put some music on and got to work. About 5 minutes later my hair was done and looked awesome.

"Nobody's gonna recognize you haha." he said. "I guess." I responded. "Chill with me today instead of your loser friends, no offense." he said. "None taken. You Adam and Sadie are friends enough, alongside your crew." I said. He laughed and went into the room and put on a tight pink collared shirt and skinny jeans. The time was 6:20. The bus comes in 10 minutes. "Well shit we did no homework." I said. "Who cares?" he said. I laughed and we went to the stop.

When the bus arrived we groggily walked on and sat near Adam and Sadie. "Is that you Alex? What did you do to him Nate!?" Adam asked. "Made him perfect." Nate responded.

I nodded and we sat next to eachother making out. "Those two really seem to like eachother. Think Nate will ditch him like he ditched Jacob?" Adam asked Sadie. "Nah I think Nates serious this time." she responded. The school is about 10 minutes from our stop so we just continued making out. He was a great kisser. When we got to school, I passed my old friends and flipped them off.

Nate escorted me to his crew. "Ladies.this is Alex. He's bi so he's up for grabs." Nate giggled. Almost immediately they started trying to rip my clothes off. "Alright thats enough.

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So Alex there's a BVB concert in a month are we getting tickets?" he asked me. "One step ahead of you. My uncle sells concert tickets and I got two free." I responded.

"Shit dude awesome." Nate said. I smiled. The bell rang so we went to our classed normally and at lunch Nate introduced me to his "crew", which besides Adam and Sadie was a bunch of freshman chicks just jealous or something i dunno Im just guessing haha.

I was gaining popularity quickly, and I loved it. My self esteem was better then ever.Me and Nate went in line and he got two pizzas. "Why two?" I asked him. "One for you one for me." he responded.

"thanks heh." I said.

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We sat back down and the girls just sat there drooling at Nate. Morons. I thought to myself. I'm not much of a talker but I joined in a bit and about 15 minutes later the bell rang for last period.

I was kinda upset because Nate was going home and I was going without him, but I didn't let it bother me. Class went by pretty fast and when I got home I couldnt help but think.

It was Friday so I COULD go back over, but I wanted to let him call first. At around 4, he called. "Hey dude wanna go out to the mall tonight? I wanna get you some good clothes and shit." he said.

"Sounds good. Pick me up at 7?" I asked. "Sounds good cya." he said, and hung up. Clearly he wasnt feminine and yesterday was probably just ADHD behavior or something. I like masculine guys so this worked out well. At around 5 my mom got home. I was half expecting her to blow up at my new looks but thankfully she sighed and under her breath she said "Fads these days are ridiculous" and walked out of the room.

I went after her. "Hey mom aren't you gonna ask me how my sleepover was?" I said. "I guess. Do you have a pic of him?" she asked. I showed her the one on my phone. "I can see why you like him. He's pretty cute!" she added. I shrugged. "Did you use a condom?" she asked. I shook my head. "That's not good. Do you have plans for tonight or can I go ahead and cook us dinner?" she asked.

My moms a single mother and im an only child, so we have a pretty good relationship. "He's coming around at 7 and we're going to the mall." I said. " Alright I'll get started then." she said. She gave me a hug and went back downstairs.

My moms an interesting person. She had me when she was 16, yet her being 30 now doesn't reflect on her maturity. I guess she just became more mature when I came around. I'd never want to do anything with my mom, but the fact that she's not very old means she's more open and understanding. I can always count on her. I went back to my room and checked Facebook.


A recent update from Nate. "Nate has gone from 'single' to 'in a relationship.'" We were now official. That meant a lot to me. About 30 minutes later my mom called and said dinner was ready.

I went downstairs and noticed she made some sphagetti. We cant eat much on our low budget, but we make due. I sat down with her and cleared two servings.

I can eat a lot but I never get fat. Its a nice trait. Me and mom talked about our days and she finished and we went our ways in the house. I sat in my room wanking to a picture of Nate.

He didn't have a shirt on in the pic so his skinny chest was visible. So cute. At 6:45 he pulled up. I said bye to my mom and met Nate. He had just got his permit and a new car to top it. I sat in the front with him and he blared a Black Veil brides album, We Stitch These Wounds. I turned it down so we could talk.

"Hey so what exactly are we doing?" I asked. "Getting you a wardrobe. I won some sweepstakes shit and got a $5000 gift card. I've already spent half of it but shits cheap Its no problem." he said. "Anything after?" I asked. "If you want to." he turned and winked at me. "Maybe haha." I said. I turned the music back on and we continued driving. I started thinking about how hot it was one of the most popular kids in his grade was sitting next to me, dating me. What the hell? I thought.

I looked over at him as he rocked his head to the loud music. I slowly began to unzip his jeans so he wouldn't notice. I got to his crotch off and I decided that was fine. He didn't notice.

I pulled his boxers down and his limp cock sat there, not knowing what I was doing. He paused the music and turned to my seat. "So when we-" he stopped. He looked down. "What do we have here?" he asked.

"Road head." I replied. "Do it." he said. I pulled the rest of his jeans down and his boxers too.

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His hardening cock sat there, slowly rising as he got more horny. I bent over and licked it. It immediately sprang into action and his fully hard cock was infront of me. "Take the wheel for a sec." he said. I did so and he took his shirt off. He was totally naked.

He threw his shirt at me. "Yiu asked for it, so suck me dry bitch." he said. I unbuckled my seat belt and he took the wheel back. I put my mouth on his cock and he immediately moaned. Precum began to slip out and I licked it up.

I started bobbing my head, taking more and more each time, while I fondled his balls and the rest of his cock with my hands. "Shit yes you are great at this." Nate said, moaning more and more. I added my tongue in and started licking all around while he was thrusting up and down.

"I'm gonna cum christ youre good." he said. I kept going, even faster infact, and pretty soon he spasmed and his cum was filling my mouth. I got up so it wouldn't slip out of my mouth and swallowed.

"Your spunk tastes amazing Nate." I said. "Thanks, now put my clothes back on. We're almost at the mall." he said. I started dressing him and we pulled into the parking garage. We got out and walked across the sky bridge into the mall. I didnt go to the mall often, I had no reason to. I had no idea where he was taking me. "So like I'm gonna give you a new wardrobe because yours is shit, no offense." he said. "None taken." I responded. He took me to the Macy's in the mall and went to the teen section.

My mom usually bought clothes for me, so I didn't know the layout of it. When we got there one half was clearly jock and normal clothes, while the other was what Nate wore. Skinny sexy clothes! He took me over to the shirts and picked out 5. 2 had the BVB band on them, the other three were black. "Lets go into the changing room and try it on." he said. We walked in and the lady there stared at us awkwardly as we entered the farthest room down.

I locked the door. "I got you my size, put my clothes on so I can see if it fits. Wear my boxers too, because I have some of those in mind too." he said. I nodded and helped Nate strip. The rooms were enclosed and sound proof, so nobody could see or hear us. There were no security cameras. Once Nate was nude, he had me strip too.

"Since we arent horny I can get an idea of what size better if I can compare." he said. "Whatever." I responded. Once I was naked I sat down next to Nate. "Now then." he said. He dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth.

"Woah there. We could get caught!" I said. "No we wont don't worry. Plus I have to repay you somehow for the road head." he said, then immediately continuing on my cock.

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He was fucking amazing at blowing me. "Shit dude teach me how youre so fucking good. Mmm" I said, moaning. "You're just as good as me you just don't realize it." he responded. I stood up so he could blow me better. He sucked on my balls for a minute, which felt like heaven. My moans were getting louder as I began to suspect the soundproofness of the room. Fuck it. I thought. After a couple more minutes I began moaning louder and breathing heavier. "I'm close Nate!" I shouted.

About a minute later I couldn't last any longer and Nate deepthroated me as I came down his throat. "Awww yeah swallow it.shit." I said. I wiped some cum off of his lower lip with my finger and put it in his mouth. He sucked it off. "Alright back to our clothes choosing, haha." he said. I put on his clothes and stood infront of the mirror. "Perfect. This makes things much easier.

All these should fit along with anything else." he said. "Heh, yeah." I agreed. "Keep wearing my clothes I'll just wear yours. Just remember, my dick was in that not even 30 minutes ago." he said. "Haha alright." I responded. On our way out of the changing rooms, the lady looked at us, disgusted.

"She's just jealous." Nate said. I picked out some jeans shirts and jackets and Nate inspected them. Half of what I grabbed survived to the cash register.

"Find everything you needed?" the cash register person asked. "Yep." we responded together. We looked at eachother and laughed for a moment. The total was $200 for 10 skinny jeans, 20 boxers, and 15 shirts. What a deal! "We can share these, because we're the same size." Nate said as we walked away after paying. "Alright. Hey weren't you getting your bottom lip pierced?" I asked.

"Yeah shit right let's go!" he said. We ran to the place and got our bottom lips pierced and ringed. "God we look so cute haha." he said. "Yeah. What next?" I asked. "Uhh it's 10 and the malls closing soon so wanna just crash with me again?" he said. "Alright." I responded. We exited the mall and drove to Nates apartment. As soon as we got in I asked to take a shower. "Sure go ahead. Let's save water I'll join you." he said. "Haha sure." I said.

We both stripped and hopped into the shower. If I didn't mention it before, his shower comfortably can fit two people at once. When we stepped in, the first thing I noticed was Nates hair color was washing out. "Why is your hair washing out? Mines lasted through a shower!" I said.

"I put this color in two weeks ago. Bout time haha." he said. I opened the shampoo and lathered it into his hair while dry humping him. "Woah don't get too excited yet Alex." he said. I laughed and kept going. I then lathered my own hair and we swapped spots. We turned and faced the same direction and got the same amount of body wash for each of us in our hands.

I started rubbing it all over his arms chest and legs. Once I got to his cock he moaned softly. "Careful now haha" he said. I took what was left over and turned him around and rubbed it onto his back. I slapped his ass a few times and cleaned around his hole and his cheeks. "yeah get it all over me Alex." he said. When I was finished he stepped into the water and rinsed it off.

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He smelled wonderful. He turned to me and did the same and I cleaned off. "Alright showers done time to dry off." he said.

We used a towel to dry eachother off, and I finally noticed his black hair had been replaced with light brown. "This is my natural. I hate it." he said. We walked into his room and I helped him recolor his hair. His hair coloring only required his hair be damp, so we hurried before it dried. "Wow it looks even better fresh!" I exclaimed.

"Mhm." he said. We lay down on his bed and turned on the TV. We turned on some crime show. I didn't pay much attention to it. What I DID pay attention to was him. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. He hit the mute button and responded with full force.

Our tongues danced as he got on top of me. "Ready Alex?" he asked. "More then ever." I said, extremely horny. He jacked my dick to full hardness and licked the precum.

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He told me to lay down on my back and wrap my legs around his hips. I did that and he aimed his 7 inch cock at my hole. Then suddenly a shiver down my spine and I knew he was in me. Having his cock up my ass felt awesome. I wanted to remain a bottom. He slowly eased his way in and thrusted in and out. "Dude don't go slow it doesnt hurt. At all." I said. "If you say so." he said, shrugging. He tripled his speed and thrusted to the bells eachtime, while I stroked myself to increase my pleasure.

"Oh god Nate." I moaned. "OH GOD NATE KEEP GOING!" I screamed in ecstasy. "God your ass is so tight. I'm gonna have to break it in before I can really piledrive you haha." he said.

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"Yeah." I responded. "Get on your fours." he instructed. I did and had my ass side facing him. Cmon push it in there!" I exclaimed. He pushed in yet again, destroying my ass. I felt like he was stretching it with his thickness! We kept this position, with me moaning like hell.


"SHIT. SHIIIIIIT! OH GOD YES!" I was screaming now. I came on his bed from the pleasure. "Did you just cum!? Fuck you're setting me off!" he yelled. I felt spasms and a huge wave of cum shot up my ass. Our breathing and moaning got calmer and calmer. "Shit Alex I'm having so much fun with you.". He said. "Right back at you!" I responded. "Let me rim you Alex." he said. "What's that?" I asked. "I'm gonna lick your ass crack until my cum drips into my mouth." he said. "Haha okay." I said.

He bent down to my ass, slapped my cheeks a few times, then spread them and licked inside my ass. "Haha it tickles. I like this." I said. "I knew you would. Oh look here comes my cum." he said. He kept licking and I felt it drain into his mouth. "C'mere." he said. I got up and stood infront of him and we kissed passionately, exchanging the cum.

I swallowed as we laid back down on the bed next to eachother. I hit the lights and turned off the TV. "Thanks for the awesome night again Nate. You were the man I thought I'd never get when I first saw you at lunch the first day of school." I confessed.

"Haha why?" he said. "Am I THAT much something you dreamed about?" he responded. "Yep." I said proudly. "Haha thanks. Night Alex." he said. "Night." I said. I snuggled up next to him and got on my stomach, one arm over his chest, he smiled and fell asleep. Not too long after, I joined him in the realm of the night. Did you guys enjoy this one? I looked at the character count and this is my longest story ever x)