Enchanting beauty showcases big fanny and gets asshole rode

Enchanting beauty showcases big fanny and gets asshole rode
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I love baseball. I'm not the best at it.

I tried out for my high school team and made it once out of two attempts. I'm not the next Babe Ruth, but I'm also not like some guys who couldn't even catch the ball and still think they could become superstars. My girlfriend had told me that if baseball was human, I would marry it on the spot. I don't know if I would marry it, but I sure would thank it for what happened one late summer evening&hellip. It was Friday afternoon.

I had just finished working at the ball fields, cutting the grass and raking the dirt to perfection. School had ended a couple days ago, and the weather and atmosphere were perfect.

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High 70's and not a cloud in the sky. I could live forever in those types of days. There were no games on Friday's so that I could do my job with a couple other guys and clean up the fields. Of course the others bailed and I was the one who had to do all the work, but it wasn't terrible.


I could train in the batting cages and the field when they didn't show up. Even though I was 16, didn't mean I was lazy by any means. Also, I had someone coming over that I had to teach baseball too. You'll find out who that is later. I had been running around for the last hour or so, sweating to the point where I was down to a pair of shorts and cleats.

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I was hitting in the cage when I heard someone walk up to the cage door. I kept hitting, but I caught glimpses of the person at the door. Perfect Oak wood brown past her shoulders hair, lightly freckled face, with amazing blue-green eyes that look oceans that you could drown in. She wore a light yellow shirt that hung to ever curve, and made her cantaloupe sized tits stand out, and a pair of athletic shorts high and tight enough on her ass that they shouldn't even be legal to wear.

If I wasn't focusing on batting, my boner could've been my bat from hard it was.

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After the last ball fired out of the pitching machine and was sent right back it from the crack of the bat, I looked up and smiled at the angel before me. "Hey babe" I said. "Hey, just a little sweaty aren't you?" she giggled her a million dollar laughed "What?

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Don't enjoy the view?" I smirked. We both knew she was checking me out as much as I was her. We may have both been virgins, but that didn't mean we didn't have our moments of dick/ass grabbing ever once in a while to tease each other. "Oh shut up. Are you going to teach me anything or should I just stand here?" she said "I don't know. You tell me? You still like the view or not?" "I'll enjoy it later, let's go already!" -2 hours later- "The ball won't hit you I promise, just step forward" I was teaching her how to hit, and she was doing okay mostly.

I had taught her how to throw and catch already, but that's only 2 of the 3 necessities of baseball. She had been the one to ask me to teach her, especially when I told her the dugouts and fields were always abandoned on Fridays. In all honesty, I was less watching her swing and more of body.

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Every time she swung, her shorts pulled up to the point where you could tell she wasn't wearing anything underneath, and the same went for the shirt. Not that I had anything underneath either by any means&hellip.

"Here, like this" I walked up behind her, and helped her stance and swing like a dad with his boy.


Except we had a little more body contact than a dad and child. I had tried to keep my hard-on under control all afternoon, just enough that I think she didn't notice much. But with my dick rubbing right against her ass, it was almost impossible. "Hey, I think someone is visiting us also" she said with a small smirk to me "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry" I exclaimed as I backed away, my face redder than the sun. Make that impossible to hide a hard-on when that happens.

She just laughed. "I noticed him a little while ago" she cued as she walked up to me, forgetting completely about practice. "Besides, I need a break anyway." She walked over to one of the ball field dugouts and sat down.

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I followed her, still ashamed. But that changed when she got up, and moved into my lap. She leaned forward and kissed me, grinding herself against my manhood. "I love you.

And I want to prove it to you with more than just baseball" she said. She kissed me again, harder, and I let my hands travel, moving down her back, and then under her shorts and grabbing her ass. I slipped my tongue into her mouth, and we wrestled with that while we sat there. I couldn't actually believe this was happening. Especially here, of all places on earth!

She broke the kiss for a second, but only so that she could get to her knees, and pull off my shorts to reveal my 6 inch cock. She licked her lips, then my shaft, then whispered, "I'm going to enjoy this as much as you" and engulfed my dick with her mouth.

I almost came on the spot. The only time anyone had ever touched my dick was through clothes, and it was only her. But now I was in heaven as she bobbed up and down, using her tongue to swirl around my shaft, and sucking on it like a lollipop. I groan and moaned in pleasure, and I didn't want it to end.

After what I swear was an eternity, she stopped. She got up and laid on the bench, pulled down her shorts, and showed me her soaked pussy. "It's your turn now, or should I just let you enjoy the view?" she said, biting her lip and begging with her eyes. I leaned over and kissed her thighs, around her pussy, and then finally came face to face with it. I had a vague idea how to eat somewhat out, so I gave it my best shot. I licked up and down you slit, and engulfed it with my mouth, causing her to go wild with ectasy.

"Oh my god that's amazing! Keep going! Oh god I'm going to lose my mind!" I knew she was getting very close, but that's when I stopped. She looked up at me, confused and pleading, then realized what I wanted next. She sat back on my lap, and positioned herself over my cock. "Are you sure you want to do this babe?" I asked "More than sure. I need you.


Right. Now." She lowered herself onto my dick, and slowly impaled herself till I was balls deep inside her. She moaned and bit her lip, hugging me close to her as she adjusted to the size and girth inside her. She then rose up, and slowly came back down, doing so again and again, while picking up speed at the same time. After about a minute or so, we were fucking at full speed, pulling up to my tip, then falling back down all the way. "Oh my god it feels so good!

I could ride it forever! Oh fuck me, it's amazing! Please don't stop! OH FUCK!" I began to feel my balls tighten, and I felt my climax boiling, as could she as her walls tightened around my cock.

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After a minute or so, I moaned and fired my load inside of her tight pussy, as she climaxed at the same time, almost screaming in ecstasy.

We sat there for a moment, panting, and kissing at the same time. But that's when I realized something. "Babe, we didn't use protection!" "It's okay silly, I'm on the pill. I have been for a while." I breathed a sigh of relief. The sun was going down, as she snuggled into my chest and rested, I did the same, my hands on her ass, my cock still inside her, dripping with our combined cum