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Horny Blonde Riding Big Cock On Webcam
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"Babe, you want another beer?" Amanda asked. "Sure" i replied. It was a friday night, my girlfriend, my roommate josh and i were all kickin back having a few drinks, watching an action flick on tv. Amanda walked back in handed me a beer and sat on my lap. I put my arm around her and was rubbing her stomache. I should also mention that the only thing she had on was a pink and green bikini, we had all been previously swimming prior to coming in and having a few drinks.

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Now a little bit about us, my name is david im 5'10 150lbs average built short brown hair. Amanda has long dark brown hair, bright blue eyes c cup breasts and a perfect round ass, she stands at 5'4 130lbs. Josh is 6'1 shaved head, 190 lbs, more on the heavier side. Me and josh have known each other since pre k.

I didnt meet amanda until 12th grade. We have been dating since then. Going on 2 years now. Anyways, back to where we were. I had just finished off my beer, so i lifted amanda up and set her on the couch beside me so i could get up to grab me another beer. As i turned around to return to the living room, amanda came walking up to me "Baby, lets go to bed, im starting to get horny" she said as she leaned in and planted her lips on mine.

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I returned the kiss and pushed her up against the fridge, our lips locked, i worked my tongue into her mouth exploring every inch, until she playfully shoved me off of her. "Im serious babe" she said as she stared at me with her cute little puppy dog stare. "Alright" i replied, "just as soon as the movie is over" "Ughh, okay fine" We both headed back to the living room, i turned the light off on the way by.

We sat on the couch as we resumed the rest of the movie. Mid way through amanda got up and said she was going to go take a shower, she gave me a kiss and headed to the bathroom. "Hey josh" i looked at him. "Why the hell you been so quiet" "Man just tired, long day and work, and ive been really into this movie, its really fucking good" he said, slurring his words, so i could clearly tell he was drunk.

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"Oh, yeah i feel you bro" i replied. About 15 minutes later amanda returned from her shower. She was only wearing a towel like she normally does after a shower before going to bed. She sleeps naked and says its easier than redressing and then undressing, which i dont blame her. She stood in front of me leaned over gave me a kiss, then unexpectedly started rubbing my dick through my shorts, i was instantly getting hard.

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"Woah babe, what are you doing, josh is right there" i whispered to her. "Im sorry hun, i just cant wait anymore" she replied. She now had her hands in my pants rubbing my 7inch shaft. At that point i didnt care that josh was in the room, i lifted my ass up and slid my shorts off letting my cock spring free. Amanda instantly dropped the towel and got on her knees, still hding my dick in her hand.

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Out of the corner of my eye i could tell josh was no longer paying attention to the movie, but instead staring at my girlfriends naked ass which was facing towards him. Amanda was now licking my shaft from the base up to the head. "Oh god that feels so good" She looked up at me and smiled as she took the mushroom shaped head into her mouth. I leaned back and closed my eyes, enjoying this amazing feeling. She now had half of my shaft in her mouth while massaging the head with her tongue.

Bobbing her head up and down on my pole, periodically gagging as she tried taking it all in her mouth. Suddenly i had to piss, the beer was really flowing through me. So i told amanda to stop for a minute. Amanda looked displeased, i explained to her how i needed to piss so she nodded in understanding and i headed to the bathroom.

5 minutes later i started heading back to the living room i started to round the corner and i could not believe my eyes, amanda was knelt down in front of josh, with his cock in her hand.

For a brief second i felt anger, i felt betrayed, but the alcohol was kicking in so i was also feeling extremely turned on.


I stood back in the shadows, i watched as amanda lowered her head, she started to massage his balls with her tongue, while moving her hand up and down his shaft. By the looks of it he was roughly about the size of me maybe an inch smaller. She now had the head in her mouth as she worked her way down his shaft. I walked over and sat next to josh, she looked up at me and smiled as she took my cock in her hand as she continued to work josh's shaft.

She bobbed her head up and down, taking him all the way in her mouth. "Hey amanda" josh grunted out, can i fuck you?" "No way, this is all you are getting" she replied. I felt relieved that she didnt want to fuck him. He seemed a little upset, but kept enjoying my girlfriend sucking his dick.

She removed his dick from her mouth with a loud pop " mmm you do taste good though josh, verryyy sweet" she said as she began to lick his shaft, moving down to his sack, while rapidly stroking him and me at the same time. I got up and laid under her so her pussy was hovering above my face. She was very wet, and her aroma was strong, but smelled so good. I began rubbing her clit with one finger. She let out a muffled moan so i knew she had my friends cock back in her mouth again.

She lowered her pussy so it was only an inch from my face. I took her clit in my mouth and began sucking it, she let out an even louder muffled moan. She tasted so sweet. Her aroma was turning me on even more.

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I began finger fucking her with 2 fingers while lapping at her sweet cunt, she was now bucking her hips, clearly enjoying this. It wasnt long until she began to orgasm on my face. Since she got off i figured it was my turn.


I positioned myself behind her, and pressed my mushroom head up against her wet cunt. I slowly started to push it in. Fuck she was so damn tight, i dont remember her ever being this tight. She released joshs dick from her mouth as she let out a loud moan, i went in further inch by inch into her sweet glory hole as she screamed out "fuck me, yes fuck me".

I was now balls deep in her tight cunt, i pulled back out until just the head was left in, this time slamming havk into her pussy. She let out another gruntled moan as she took joshs shaft back into her mouth while simultaneously massaging his balls.

I was going st a steady fast paced rythem now, while holding on to her ass cheeks. It was then that i decided to be daring.


I removed my cock from her pussy, and pressed the head up against her asshole. She let joshs dick out of her mouth with a pop "oh no you don"t she said "thats not happening" "Damn it was worth a try" i smirked as i shoved my shaft back into her cunt.

It wasnt long before i heard josh start to grunt. He was close. Amanda began to lift her head as she did not like the taste of cum. Josh immediatky placed his hand on the back of her head and shovedchis cock all the way in her mouth as she gagged.

I could tell he was cumming. At the sight of that i couldnt hold it anymore, i released my load into her hot glory hole. When i had finished i pulled out and sat on the floor out of breathe. To my surprise amanda had swallowed his entire load. She looked up at him and smiled. Then she came over to me pulled me up and gave me a kiss. "So, ready for bed?" She grinned.

With that, josh headed to his room, and we headed to ours. We ended up having sex for 3 more hours before eventually passing out.