Babando pelo pau do amigo

Babando pelo pau do amigo
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"Mom?" "Brian, what happen? You guys at home?" "Yeah, We are here." "I'm gonna be late, Look after your sister, okay? Don't leave her alone". "I knowI know, She is not a kid by the way." As soon as we came home, I called my mother to tell about what happened.

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Actually I told bunch of lies, that we discussed on our way home. My sister told me, mom went to the hospital to visit our neighbour Janet.

They are a young couple that moved here a while ago. Janet was pregnant, she had a baby last night. Julie went to take a shower as soon as we set foot in to our house. She told meShe feel very tired and got a headache. I knew she want some privacy, So I went to our parent's room to wash my self. After I finished cleaning my self, I found a clean pant and a t-shirt.' I need something to eat'.

I could hear my stomach grumbling. There's not much in the kitchen for my taste. I made some sandwiches best as I could from the things I found, I left two for Jules. She was still taking her shower. It was enough for me to fill my hunger, I laid on couch, thinking about the things we did.

I can still feel her smell, soft body, 'i fucked her twice, no no not twice, I made love to her first, second time I fucked her brains out'. In those thoughts I drifted in to sleep in our living room. I felt someone nudge my shoulder, "mmm. What?" I barely opened my eyes, it was mom, she was smiling, looking at me. "Huh?" What's so funny? I can't remember the last time she smile at me.

That's when I felt my someone was sleeping against me on the couch. Her head on my shoulder, one leg around my waist, a hand wrapped on my neck. I don't know how she came here without waking me up. She looked so innocent and pretty, Only wearing one of my father's old shirt, long enough to cover her sweet little body. Mom put a finger to her mouth to tell me not to make a noise.

Suddenly my phone started to ring. Fuck it, that's enough to woke up my sister. She lifted her headhalf asleepwithout even opening her eyesshe dragged her self up to kiss me right on the mouth. I knew what was happening. I turned my head to land it on my cheek. She was trying to find my mouth wetting my cheek with her salvia. Our mother's laughter, woke up my sister completely.

She turned herself around to look at our mother with her shocked face, "awwww." She fell on her ass. It made me and mom laugh harder. "Cut it out. Jerk!, You pushed me" She stood up, while massaging her ass with one hand. "What got in to you two? I haven't seen you two like that ever" "That's because I made love to her today".

Its the answer that popped in to my head. "Nothing, I wanted the couch, but this jerk was already on it." My sister was bubbling words while blushing.

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"Is that so?" Mom can see her blushing red face too. She didn't seem angry. She was smirking. She touched my sister's head to check temperature.

"its hotyour head hurt?". " Yeah. A little. " she sat beside me answering our mother. " Move your legs" she pushed me to make a room for her ass. "okay okay stop whining. " I sat beside her. I knew I have to answer some shit now.

"No more, morning workout with your sister, all right?". Mom was on her bossy mode now. "But. She is. " "No No I don't want to listen to any of your excuses". She cut me off. "But. Mom. I need it. He is just trying to help.". "You can go now Brian, I wanna talk with your sister alone.". I hate her bossy self. Sometimes she is very kind and funny. But now I knew I couldn't do much. I grabbed my phone and went upstairs.

Who called earlier? I checked. Ahh this asshole, I dialed back. "Where have you been? Mother fucker." Its Jimmy. "My sister got ill, asshole" "What? is she pregnant ? Maybe it's mine". Stupid fuck knew how to get on my nerves. "Pregnant my ass. Why the fuck you called earlier?" "Me and our fat fuck, waited for your ass at school.

Because you didn't show up now we are at my office" "What office asshole?" "Just shut the fuck up and come to my father's service station". He cut the line. I ran downstairs, my mother still talking to my sister. I rode my bike as fast as I can to Jim's office. We worked for his father on our summer vacations couple of times at his service station. I don't know what's Jimmy and joe doing there. Did his father give it to him? He always helped his father with his business, Because his mom passed away when he was young.

I pulled my bike into the service station. Its a very profitable business. They always had lot of customers. He is luckyone day he is gonna own this shit. " Hey Fuckface! Come here.". Joe was waiting for me at the office door. "What's up dude?" I slapped his shoulder. "Lets go inside, you going to be one lucky fuck." He said pulling me inside. Jim was in there, on manager's seat, with his boots on the table while smoking a cigarette.

"Mother. Fuck. Did your father give it to you?" "Sit down Fuckface. And listen" I sat on the chair in front of him. "My father caught these fuckers had been stealing from us this whole time. Now both manager and supervisor is in court.

They won't work here again ever". "We are fucking rich than? You won't forget us right?" "Let me finish asshole. I'm the temporary manager. I can make it permanent if I do a good job here. I expect you to be my supervisor". "Aww. Man. Really? Why me? I got no experience".

"Because I trust you asshole.


Not like that thieving Fatfuck behind you. And you can drop out of school without a problem, right?" I knew it's a lot to take in. Joe cant take the job because his parents won't let him cut the school. He is the only one good at school works in our little gang. "Yeah I can, but its a big responsibility. I don't know if I can do it" "That's okay bro. I will teach you. Stay with me till evening. " "I will . You wanna thank you kiss?" I leaned on to him. "Get the fuck out of my face you gay fuck.

Kiss that fat asshole." He pushed me away. Me and Joe went outside laughing at Jimmy. "I'm gonna sneak into school, are you coming?". "nah. I got a job now". "By the way, Is she pregnant?". "Are you crazy ? You sick fat fuck". I pushed him away from me. We said our goodbyes, I turned back to Jimmy's office.

We worked there till about six. It's not really a new experience because we worked in there every summer. His father came at evening and gave us a big speech about our responsibility. He had known me since I was a kid, also he knows my parents very well. Jimmy had spent most of his time in our home when we were younger because he lost his mother. After work, I rode my bike home completely exhausted. On my way home I saw Liz walking toward our neighbourhood. She was carrying a bag with her.

It was probably school works for my sister. I stopped beside her. " Hey babe, wanna ride?". She knew me very well. I teased her whenever I can get away with it, I enjoyed making her nervous. She is always a shy little girl.

She blushed and looked at me speechless. "Nope. I will walk. " she looked down. "l was just teasing Liz, come, sit here". I pointed at my bike.

She nervously came near me and put herself in front of me. " Give me the bag " I took it from her and put it around my shoulders. I could see that my riding scared her shitless. It only took about ten minutes. After we arrived at our home, Liz thanked me and went in to my sister's room. I need a shower, than talk to my parents. I quickly took a shower, dressed up in to my usual attirea short and a t-shirt. Mother was in kitchen, making something. Father was watching TV.

I talked with them for a while about my situation. They knew I'm not good at my studies and always cut classes. After a long conversation and a call with Jimmy's father they gave me their blessing.

It's a one of best days in my life. I took my dinner, after I washed my plate, mom handed me a plate for my sister. She was resting in her room.

I saw Liz leaving, while ago when I was talking with my parents. 'Maybe she is up for another workout. I never got a chance to see her pussy earlier. How is it gonna taste? Maybe this time I can fuck her sweet little mouth or her tight little ass'.

I was standing in front of her door with a hard on, with those wicked thoughts, picturing her in my head.

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" What are you doing ? Standing there?" My sister had opened her door for something. She was in her nightie, my eyes automatically went to chest, her nipples making a nice little tent on her thin clothes. " I bought you some food" I gave the plate to her, while trying adjust my pants. " hmm. I can see that food is not the only thing you bought for me." She said rolling her eyes toward my hard on. " Hurry. Come in" she pulled me inside giggling, locking the door behind her. She put herself on her bed with the food plate on her side.

"What's up with Liz? She didn't stay much longer". I made a conversation while she finished her dinner. "Yeah. I sent her home quickly. I thought you gonna come see me, soon as she left". She sounded upset. I told her about my job. She beamed with happiness and gave me a hug.

I felt her hard nipples pressing in to my chest as I gripped her tightly to my body. She was really happy for me, I could see it in her gleaming eyes. It lasted longer for a normal hug. As my sister began to move her hands on my back, I decided it was time to stop, I knew if I started something here I couldn't stop my self.

I carefully removed my body from her. Its too risky, I can hear our parents down stairs. Her nipples were hard again, I watched them rise and fall with her each breath. I took her empty plate and turned toward the door to leave. She grabbed my arm, taking the plate from me. I turned around toward hershe was on her bed with her cute little face right on my crotch.

I was horny as hell. She was busy touching my cock up and down over my short. " I never got a chance to see it earlier". She was running her small hands all over my crotch. ' She is so slow, I can pound her mouth till she can talk, maybe a quickieshe can't make a sound I put my cock in her mouth '.

I lost control with my horny mind's dirty thoughts. I pulled my short down to reveal my full hard cock to her shocked face. One hand automatically went to back of her head. "What are you.?" She never got a chance to finish that sentence, I was inside her mouth pumping my cock in to her as soon as she opened her little mouth.

I was lost in my own pleasureI didn't realize how hard I pounded her mouth and how hard she tried to pull me away. Finally after about three minute nonstop fucking, spurt after spurt I released my cum in to her throat while trying to hold her head still. It didn't even took three minutes. Her mouth was so good, wet and warm.

I pushed my self away and looked at her. 'Ohh my god. What have I done?' Her face was a complete mess, teardrops leaking from her eyes like a waterfall, her mouth slightly open trying catch her breath, my cum and salvia dropping out from a corner of her mouth. She was silently sobbing looking at me like a scared rabbit. "Jules. I." I didn't get to finish it, someone was knocking. I pulled my short up quickly, I opened the door slightly, It was dad.

"ahh. dad, she is sleeping" I pulled my self outside, shutting the door behind me, without giving him a chance to look in to her room. "ohh., I heard you took care of your sister well today, good job" he said slapping my back.

"By the way you can take your sister to running if she want, she need some exercise" I was not in the mood to listen to his babbling. I made my way to my room, I laid on my bed thinking about what I did. I fucked up, I hurt her so much today. I don't deserve someone like her. It hurt me so much thinking about how I lost control and what I did to her sweet innocent face. I stayed like that for hours starring at the ceiling. I want to see her, but will she even look at my face after what I did?.


I checked the time, ten, my parents probably asleep now. I dragged my body to her door. Should I knock? No. Maybe she is asleep. I gave a small knock on her door. No answer. I sat on the floor, my back against her door. I don't know how much time passed like that. I woke up because someone opened the door. "What are you doing? I heard someone snoring." It was Julie. I quickly got up. She dragged me inside without saying another word. " I'm so sorry Jules, I don't deserve your love" A tear fell from my eye.

She was looking at my eyessitting on her bed. I knelt in front of her bed waiting for her to tell me something. She touched my cheek, "it's okay, I still love you." "What? Why ? I hurt you earlier? You should hate me for what I have done" I was sobbing like a kid now. Why she never scream at me? She should slap my face for what I have done. "Yes. I know you hurt me earlier but.

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but I don't love that animal side of yours, I love the one who slept with me on the couch, I love the one who fell asleep against my door, I love the person who is crying in front of me right now." She was crying now too. She hugged me telling those words right in to my heart, tears leaking from her face.

She pulled me to her bedgiving me a kiss to my cheek. I hold her body to me closer as I can, till I hear her heartbeat. I won't ever hurt her again, I made a promise in my heart. Both of us fell asleep like that holding each other.

I woke up to a ringing of an alarm. I woke up remembering what happened last night. I was still in my sister's room. I turned her alarm off with one hand. She was sleeping, peacefully on my body. I checked the clock, five thirty, we still got time, our parents woke up around six usually. I rubbed her head, removing her hair from her innocent face. "Mmm. " she stirred on me, tightening her hand around me. " What time?" She was asking half asleep. " About five thirty now." I told running my hand on her face.

She sat on my stomach, looking at my face with her sleepy eyes. I really needed to kiss her sweet face. I pulled her head to me and gave kissed to her head. "Why always head?" She asked smiling at me. "Because I love you more than anyone." I looked straightly at her eyes. She gave a quick kiss to my cheek and ran outside, giggling to use the bathroom before me. After about ten minutes she came back. " We can workout again, i got permission from dad yesterday" she said looking nervous.

"Yeah, he told me yesterday. Get ready i will wait outside" It didn't take much time for me to get ready. I quickly finished my business in bathroom, put on a short and a jacket. I eagerly waited for my sister to show up. I heard someone opening our garage door. I saw my sister coming at me wearing a jacket with a hoodie, and tight blue short that come past her ass cheeks.

Actually her jacket covered most of her short, more importantly she was pushing my bike out of the garage. "Hey, why are you messing with my bike?" I was little bit angry.

She felt it in my voice too. She stopped what she was doing and looked at me. "We can get to the park faster. If you ride with me like you did with Liz yesterday" she brought my bike to me while explaining.

"Don't wanna run to the park?" "Noo. Lets head to park first. Now hurry up". She said tapping the seat of my bike. "all right, whatever my princess say." I started to ride with her.

She had rode my bike with me couple of times. Its not a new experience for her. "What's up with the hoodie ?" She had covered her face with her jacket hoodie. "Ahh. You will see." She was smiling. I didn't give it much of a thought. I stopped near the bench that we rested yesterday. "All right, sit there". She pointed at the bench.

" Huh?" "Sit and shut up". She sounded so bossy, like our mom. I sat on the bench looking at my sister Standing in front of me. She quickly kneeled in front of me as soon as my ass hit the bench, like getting ready to give me a blow job. 'Noo way. it can't be.' Thinking about it, was enough to made me hard. She surprised me by touching my hard cock, rubbing up and down, while looking at my face.

Her gentle fingers moving around my cock was driving me mad. "Some one will see Jules." I said while looking around.

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There are some people who use this path to run sometimes. If some one came, they will clearly see what going on without a doubt. I couldn't take her slow torture anymore. But I couldn't lose my control like last night either. I pulled my short down to reveal my meat to her wondering hands. Her mouth was so close to my cockhead enough to feel her breath hitting my sensitive head several times.

She was pumping my cock up and down with one hand while other one fondled my balls. She squeezed my shaft making a big drop of pre cum oozed out.


She gripped my cock again, leaning forwardand licked the fat head, tasting my oozing pre cum. I saw a person running toward us through the woods.

" Ohh. God Jules someone's coming" I heard her giggling, she pulled her hoodie up to cover her face while taking my cock in to her warm mouth. No one can't identify her like that. She was hiding her face in my crotch. But me? Any one can see my face clearly.

"Ohh. God Jules, you are killing me" I groaned with pleasure.

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She had wrapped her tongue around my cock, while moving her head up and down. I didn't care about who saw or what will happen, i only cared about right now with my sister's tongue and lips on my shaft, trying to blow me best as she know. I looked at the person who was coming running toward us. 'Ohh. Shit, it's a young girl, around my sister's age'. She stopped from seeing us, her hand move to cover her opened mouth, her face became pale like she saw a ghost. 'May be its her first time seeing a some one sucking a hard cock, I will give her a good show that will never leave her young innocent mind' I was lost in my horny thoughts.

I was so close to cum at that time. "I'm gonna cum baby." I warned my sister. She took her face away from my cock and start pumping faster up and down with one of her hand. "Ahh." I groaned with my orgasm hitting my body. I emptied my load on my sister's jacket one shot after another. That girl was still watching the show. Her face red from what she had seen, I looked at her and winked.

Her mouth opened to say something, but she turned around and started to run faster than she came here. 'ohh. God its so funny.' I was laughing my ass off after my sister's blow job.

"What's so funny?" My sister thought I was laughing at her. "Nothing. Its nothing sweetie, Come here". I pulled her to my naked lap covering my naked crotch. I unzipped her jacket while taking her into a blissful kiss. Exactly as I thought, she was naked under her jacket. My hands roamed inside her jacket feeling every curve of her body. I was getting hard again under her wiggling ass.

"Stand up. " I made her stand facing me. "Why.?" She covered herself with her jacket. I didn't say anything, I quickly pulled down her short past her knees. She stopped my hands without letting me yanking it all the way.

"Calm down Jules . Trust me. Your jacket covers you. more than enough". I calmed her down while taking her short off completely. She was now facing me trying to tug her jacket down to cover her exposed ass. I was full hard from her embarrassing moment. " Sit here." I showed her my hard meat pole. Nervously she put her legs around me while rubbing her self on my cock. I had felt her love juice leaking on my cock as soon as she started grinding her pussy on my top. I pushed her down suddenly burying my self completely inside her love hole.

"Ahh." her mouth opened. I shut her mouth with my lips to calm her down. I started sucking her lips, she opened her mouth to let my tongue explore every inch of her sweet mouth. She was now slowly jumping up and down on my cock. I moved my mouth lowertoward her naked breasts. I bit both of her nipples lightly one after other several times making her moaned in to my head.

I traveled my hands to fondle her ass while sucking her tits. I ran my fingers on her ass crack making her squirm on my cock. I felt her tighten around me. I grabbed her ass cheeks to stop her moving. "What the hell?" She tried to move, frustrated. I didn't let her. "What are you doing? Let go of mee." She was begging like a kid asking for a favorite toy.

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She knew what I was waiting to hear. "let. Let me fuck you. Please. I want your cock moving inside my pussy." she was now mumbling to my ear because of her need to cum. This time I started to pound her leaking pussy as fast as I can while holding her ass still, one of my finger entered her tight little hole from behind. "Ohh. Yes. Faster.

Faster." Her voice made me thrust into her faster than ever while pushing my finger deep inside her ass hole. I was so close, our thighs slapping sound was like a music to me. I felt her cumming, shaking, a shudder passed through her body, she bit me again with her tremendous orgasm going through her body like a shockwave, like she did yesterday. Ohh god.this time its a side of my neck. It hurts like hell.

She was squirting under me, biting my neck. i pounded in to her a while, till i came inside her fertile pussy for the third time. We were tired. My shaft lifeless inside her. She was already looked asleep on my shoulder. We couldn't be latenot today. I kissed her head several times to wake her up. "Come on, wake up" "hmm.

I was not sleeping, we need schedule this to evening, its making me tired. " she said grinning at my face. I pulled my short up smiling, making her get off my lap. I saw my sister was looking for something. "Where's my short?" She asked me. I got it hidden under my jacket. "Don't know, you look good enough." I ran my hand over her naked ass tightening my grip on her cheeks, lifting her, while kissing her lips. I was getting hard again. Her ass so soft in my hands.

'One day I'm gonna fuck her sweet ass' my dirty mind was thinking. I knew we had to stop, but my sister won't let go of my neck. She was holding my neck with all of her body weight smashing her lips to mine. " Stop, Julie, We need to leave." I told, avoiding her hungry mouth.

I put her down. "Please only once." she said pouting. "You mean a kiss?" "No silly. I mean this. Just one quickie." She was now lifting her jacketshowing me her pussy. 'What have I done to my sweet innocent sister? ' I checked my watch, we were late. My small head was telling me to bend her right here and fucked her soft tight ass senseless till she can't walk straight. But what to do? Not enough time. "Come here, we need to leave, now". I was on my bike.

"Okay. Okay. You ruined my mood" She pushed herself in front of me making a angry face.' Ohh god! is angry with me for not fucking her?' I gave a sloppy wet kiss to her cheek, leaving a wet mark. it made both of us smile. On our way home, " What about the evening workout ? Can we start today?" My sister turned her head to me, smiling innocently.

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