Busty Brunette Jelena Jensen Needs Your Jizz On Her Hot Feet

Busty Brunette Jelena Jensen Needs Your Jizz On Her Hot Feet
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She/He She stood outside his door, shivering from the cold and the light drizzle. She didn't know why she had come here; at least she hadn't quite figured it out yet.

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With trembling fingers she reached up and pressed the doorbell, almost jumping back at the sound breaking the silence of the moment. When he opened the door it was made clear what was going to happen. Shorts hung low, seductive pose against the door jamb.

Somehow she made it across the threshold, his hand at her back. Her bag and shoes were discarded moments after entering.

She was nervous; it had been years, if she wanted to count them, since she had been with a man.

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Yet it didn't seem to faze him, or if it did he didn't show it. She trusted him; she knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Yet, as she sat down she could only manage a few words as they talked. There wasn't much conversation to be had anyway.

He must have realized that sex wasn't going to happen instantly, so he suggested a game of truth or dare, hoping to loosen her up. He lounged on the floor, and she could imagine the feeling of carpet fibers on his bare back. She sat cross-legged beside his head. 'He has beautiful eyes,' she allowed herself to think for a moment, but then quickly shook the thought out of her head. This was no time for romantic thoughts. There was nothing romantic about this at all, so the less she thought about it, the better off she'd be in the morning.

'We're just going to fuck,' she thought. Yes, if she repeated that over and over and if she believed it, she would be okay.

Somewhat. She provided the catalytic event of the evening by daring him to strip. He was already hard, as she figured he would be. Gorgeous from head to toe; not skinny, not too buff, but perfect. 'No,' she thought again. 'Mustn't get confused.' There wasn't any confusion a short time later when he dared her to give him a blow job, which she was happy to provide.

Before she knew it, she was on her knees before him; his legs spread wide, his hard cock in her mouth. She relished the feeling after all these years and his moans of approval made her happy. She established a rhythm easily, feeling his hand rest on the back of her head, fingers running through her hair, encouraging her. She allowed herself one indulgence, one moment of sentiment in this undecidedly unromantic encounter.

She looked up at him, hesitating for a moment, peering at hi, under her eyelashes. Once she ascertained that his eyes were closed, she trusted herself to inspect him that much closer. Through her ministrations she began her tour at the top of his head, his hair clipped short, almost to the point of being shaved off.

She continued downward, watching the way his eyelashes fluttered against his cheekbones. His jaw was strong, and his neck curved pleasingly into his shoulders. She noted with some interest the birthmark on his chest.

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Continuing to keep her rhythm, she ran her hands down his chest, feeling his stomach muscles tighten the further she went. She dared to look at his face again, only this time his eyes were open. He was smiling at her running his thumb across her cheek, feeling himself inside her.

He sighed as she continued, but soon pulled her up. She straddled him feeling him through the clothes she still had on as he kissed her, his tongue making quick work of turning her insides to jelly, ridding her of her top and bra.

She took no notice of where they landed; though she had a feeling she would regret that later. Her breasts now free, he took the liberty of exploring them, delighting in the arch of her back as he worked a nipple between his teeth. One hand was on her back, the other trying to work the button on her pants. She stood for a moment, shedding the remainder of her clothes, and then straddled him again; skin against skin. The sensation overwhelmed her and she ached to have him inside her. He laid her down on the couch and she spread her legs to make room for him.

He kissed her neck, gently nipping here and there. He worked his way down, lavishing more attention on her breasts. He tweaked her nipples with his nimble fingers as he continued to kiss down her body. She knew what was coming but that still didn't prepare her for the sensation that came once his mouth made contact with her pussy. Her hips bucked and he used one hand to steady her.

With the other hand He slowly slid two fingers inside of her, delighting in how slick and tight she was. He worked his fingers in and out, building a rhythm while still licking at her clit. Before she knew it she could feel the orgasm building inside of her. This is what she had been missing. Masturbation was good but it could only take her so far. She missed the caress of a man who knew what he was doing. She thrust her hips forward, wanting to get as close to him as possible.

He sped up his rhythm, his tongue continually flicking against her clit. She was close, she was so close. One hand was gripping the couch beneath her, the other was grabbing at his shoulder. "I'm so close," she choked out, marveling at the fact that she could talk at all. "I'm going to come." She moaned, gripping his shoulder even tighter as her orgasm washed over her body.

Every muscle in her body contracted and she thrust toward him again. He continued to work her clit through her orgasm and for her it was utter bliss. The wave of feeling that rolled over her was unbelievable. She couldn't control anything, her voice, her muscles, her body; nothing. The waves subsided and she tried to relax her body. She loosened the grip that she had on his shoulder and he looked up at her and smiled.

"Good?" he asked. "Fantastic," she said. Her voice sounded weird, her mouth was dry. He pulled her up into a sitting position and she straddled him once more.

He stood and she wrapped her legs around him. With no words he headed towards the bedroom, kissing her. She could taste herself on him, which had never happened before. His tongue invaded her mouth and she ran her hand down his back. They finally made it into the bedroom where they collapsed on the bed.

His hand caressed her breast and down her body. He slid a finger into her pussy and found her to be wet and ready. Her hand explored his body and found his cock.

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She ran her hand the length of it, pleased to hear him moan. He reached past her into the nightstand and grabbed a condom. He sat back on his legs and unwrapped it. She pumped his cock a few more times and then he slipped the condom on. She was nervous about his size, the last man she slept with wasn't nearly half the man he was, and she worried that it was going to hurt.

She knew that she just needed to relax and everything would be fine. She repeated that mantra to herself over and over as he positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy. She had scooted to the top of the bed, propping herself up on the pillows there.

She spread her legs a little more and he slowly eased his hard cock into her pussy. "Oh fuck that feels good," she moaned as his entire length entered her. He grabbed her legs and put them up over his shoulders, allowing his cock to go even deeper. His hands gripped her thighs as he thrust his cock into her pussy.

"Your pussy is so fucking tight," he said.

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He reached up and began tweaking one of her nipples. "It feels so good." The sensation of him playing with her nipples and fucking her pussy was almost more than she could take. She ran her nails down him chest and she knew she left marks.


Hopefully they wouldn't hurt too much the next morning. He leaned down and kissed her again and she felt herself getting lost in the moment.

'No," she told herself. 'No, this isn't romantic, this is just sex.' "Fuck me harder," she said, trying to keep her mind on the right track. He moaned appreciatively and sped his rhythm up. "Hang on." he said a few moments later. He slid his cock out of her pussy and she whimpered at the loss.

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"Just a minute," he promised. He rolled her over and pulled her torso up so that her ass was in the air. He ran his hands over her ass and slid his cock back into her pussy. "Oh fuck yes," she said happily, delighting in the new sensation. "That feels so good." He rested his hands on her hips and thrust hard into her pussy. She was able to reach down and rub her clit as her worked her.

He ran a hand over her ass again, raised it, and gave her ass a hard slap. "Fuck!" The slap had startled her, but it felt good. "Do it again," she begged. He raised his hand and smacked her again. He ran a hand through her hair and pulled, angling her head back. "Does that feel good?" he asked.


"Do you like that?" "Oh yeah," she moaned. "You want me to do it again?" he whispered in her ear, continuing to thrust hard into her pussy. "Yes, please." "Beg for it," he said, pulling her hair harder.

"Oh fuck, please smack my ass again." He kept slamming his cock into her as he smacked her ass again. They established a good rhythm and he smacked her ass occasionally.

"I'm going to come," he said a few minutes later, pumping her pussy hard. "I want to come on you." "Where?" "On your tits," he said, thrusting faster.


A few moments later he slid his cock out of her and she flipped over on to her back and he tore the condom off his cock. "Come on me baby," she said, allowing herself one slip. He continued to pump his cock.

"Come on my tits." "Fuck yes," he choked out just before her came. His orgasm took over his body and his load came pulsating out, all over her tits. She fingered her clit until she came, her orgasm rocking her body. In the afterglow, he reached for a towel that was beside his bed.

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He wiped her chest off for her, tossed the towel back on the ground, and lay down beside her. He kissed her slowly, his thumb caressing her cheek.

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"You want to stay?" he asked. She debated internally for a few moments. She knew that she should go, that was the smart thing to do, but when he looked at her with those eyes, she caved.

"Sure." He smiled and pulled the covers up over them both, pulling her towards him.