Timid teen loses control when biggest cock penetrates her

Timid teen loses control when biggest cock penetrates her
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Guys have been sticking it in my ass since I was twelve and it was no big deal to me. If I was horny, and I was horny a lot, I could get off pretty hard getting my butt fucked. I did all the other stuff too, but most guys I went out with knew I would take it in the backdoor and that was what they wanted and I wanted to please. So when I turned 18 and realized I could make a pretty good living in porn, doing what I did best, I thought what the hell.

It wasn't like I was gonna get a lot of shit from my family about it. It was my two older brothers who had started doing stuff to me when I was 12. Tim was 15 and Ryan was 14 and they were just perpetually horny like most guys that age. I was pretty hot for 12. We were all pretty close and I had seen both of them beating off, just kind of watching when they'd leave a bedroom or bathroom door open.

I knew they'd seen me because they had a hole drilled that could see into my bedroom. I pretended I didn't know, but I liked to show off she I knew they could see me and it got me really hot thinking about them on the other side of the wall watching me and playing with their dicks. BODY: One day I was laying on my bed, had my legs all spread, and was working my pussy with one of mom's vibrators, the electric plug in one they call a "Magic Wand".

You don't stick it inside you, like a dick. It has this big massager head on it you put on your clit and it will make your brain melt out of your pussy.

I was moaning and stuff, figuring the guys were probably watching because they could hear the buzzing and the moaning. It took me a minute after the first time I came to realize they were standing at the foot of the bed, just kind of smiling at me and stroking their dicks. I figured sooner or later they were going to fuck me, so I thought ok, this was it. Mom was out for the evening so we had plenty of time to play. I was ready for it and there wasn't any doubt they wanted it so I said, "Okay, guys, you can do me but you gotta have condoms so I don't get knocked up." Well, of course they didn't have any and said how about blowjobs and I said yeah, sure, and everybody got naked.

Tim was the oldest so he sat on the bed with his back against the headboard. He had a really nice dick and it was pretty big for his age. He was already about 6 feet tall. I got on my hands and knees on the bed in front of him and started licking it all over. I really liked it. Ryan was playing with my pussy from behind, doing me with one hand and his own dick with the other.

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Then he started licking me and I thought that was really cool. I was very turned on but I figured I'd better remind Ryan about no fucking. Then he said something that kind of surprised me. "How about I do your butt?" He was rubbing his dick against my asshole, which was all spitty from when he was licking me. It felt pretty good. I had found out if I rubbed my asshole when I beat off with the vibrator it felt real good, but I had never stuck anything in there. "It's gonna hurt." "No, it's cool, I'll go real slow." "You gotta stop if it hurts." "Swear to God." He pushed slow, and the head kind of popped in.

I hadn't got a real good look at his dick from when they were standing at the foot of the bed watching me, but feeling him now, spreading my butt, I remembered when I saw him in his room pulling on it that it was really thick with a big head. I remember thinking that for the first time up the ass I had picked the wrong brother, but by this time he was snaking it in pretty good and for a skinny little 12 year old I thought I was taking it pretty good.

I was able to relax and so it just felt really full. I pushed back slow, kind of swallowing it, while I really went nuts on Tim's dick, slobbering all over it. Ryan said, "You okay?" "Yeah, just hold it all the way in for a while, okay, don't move yet." He just kind of leaned forward against my butt and stayed there and I concentrated on relaxing.

Tim had a hold of my ears and was stuffing my mouth pretty good and that was making me drool really sloppy on his dick. I told Ryan, "Now pull out a second.

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Slow." Ryan popped out and I loaded up my hand with spit and shoved it up my butt. When Ryan slid back in it went real smooth and I let him know I was ready to get fucked now by sliding myself back and forth on his dick to get him started. That session with my two brothers was the first of what got to be a pretty regular thing until I was about 16 and the two boys had left home.

I was 14 before Mom caught us. Our mom was nice to us and everything but she wasn't what you'd call a good mother. She had a social life and she didn't let having three kids interfere with that. My dad left when I was about 8 and after than mom became kid of socially active. Mostly she was socially active away from home, but after a while she would bring guys home and fuck them.

We could hear it. But she always had them leave before morning. I don't know if she ever told the boys anything about sex. She told me quite a lot. By the time I was eleven I knew pretty much about not getting pregnant and that kind of stuff. By the time I was twelve I looked pretty ripe so when mom had had a couple of drinks one night she kind of told me there were ways to make guys happy without having them stick it in your pussy yeah, she called it a pussy and usually if you made a guy come he wouldn't be too pushy about doing that.

When she came in one day on Tim and Ryan and me really going to town she looked pretty surprised, but at least I was taking her advice. I was sitting on Tim's cock and had it buried up my ass while I blew Ryan who was standing next to us. There wasn't much denying it so I just sort of froze when I saw her. We looked into each other's eyes and I thought some kind of understanding passed between us. She closed the door and let us finish. The guys hadn't seen her or I'm pretty sure they'd have lost their boners, so I figured I might as well get the juice.

My latest thing was pulling a dick out of my ass and sucking it to squirt in my mouth. I saw that on porno tapes the guys had got and for some reason I thought that was pretty hot.

I was douching my ass before fucking, so everything was real clean and it just looked so slutty and the guys really loved it so it got to be kind of a thing with me. For all I know I may have been the only 14 year old girl in my neighborhood that did full ass-to-mouth on a regular basis.

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So when the guys were ready to shoot I had each of them give me a couple of really deep strokes up my behind and then pull out and let me suck every drop.

I would be sure to drool and slobber all over the place because that made them crazy too. I got pretty crazy myself. When we were finally done I was pretty messy, but I figured I had better deal with Mom. I wasn't too sure what was going to happen and I figured I should talk to her before she went postal on the brothers and let her know this was cool with me and I liked it and they weren't taking advantage of me or anything since I figured that was what she was going to be most pissed off about.

I found her in the kitchen. "Uh, mom … " "You have cum on your face." I was kind of surprised and embarrassed and then just giggled.

She kept a straight face. I licked my lips. She said, "Has this been a regular thing?" "Uh, kind of." "Your idea or theirs?" "Well, we were kind of peeping on each other and then stuff just happened. I don't take it in the pussy though." "But you get it in your behind?" Uh, she only saw me when I was squatting on Tim and there wasn't much doubt where his dick was.

"Yeah, I do. I kind of like it." She gave me a half-smile. "I figured." "Mom, I'm really cool with it. I like doing stuff with Tim and Ryan and they're not going to try to fuck my pussy and I promise I'll be careful with other guys." I thought she might give me a lot of mother stuff, but then she'd never been a really typical mother. She said, "You know, you can tell me stuff, stuff you're doing and if you have questions or if anything scares you or anybody bothers you, you can tell me, you know that, right?" "Sure mom, I know." Then she gave me the rest of the smile, "So which one of my little boys is a better fuck?" And we both started to laugh.


"I guess Tim, but Ryan is thicker so I like him in my butt when I really want to cum hard. I sit on him and use your Magic Wand and blow Tim and squeeze with my butt and god, it's like my head's gonna explode, you know?" Her smile said yes, she knew. "Uh, mom, do you … you know … do that kinda stuff?" She hesitated for a second and then obviously figured what the hell we were already sharing a whole lot of information.

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"Yes, I do. I've always loved sex and started doing stuff when I was a little younger than you are. I didn't have brothers, but finding boys was never a problem. I was a little older than you when I started getting it back there, though." "Who was your first?" "For doing anything with somebody else?

My cousin. We just fooled around and licked each other.

Got each other off pretty good though. She was hot." Slowly this sunk in. From the expression on mom's face I could tell she was kind of getting a kick out of shocking me. "Uh, she?

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Your cousin was a girl? Oh, my, god!" I wasn't really that shocked. I mean, I knew about girls doing girls.

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There was a Chinese girl at school that other girls said ate pussy and they kind of giggled about it, but I got sort of wet whenever I saw her and thought about it. She was pretty cute.

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"So you like girls? I mean, do you still … you know …?" "Do I still do women? Oh, yeah. But I mostly do men." "Do you ever, like, do group stuff, like more than one person at a time, like…?" "Yes, I know what you mean, and yes, I do 'group stuff'. Mostly with another woman and a guy.

I know a number of couples who like to play that way and I have a couple of girlfriends I team up with to do guys." "Wow. This is really a lot to take in." "Welcome to the club.


I just came home and found my three kids naked and my daughter had a dick in her ass." Then we both laughed again. It looked like Mom was going to be cool about this. And that's when things started to get really interesting … watch for part two