Gorgeous Latina tranny Thalia Modesto rides cock like a pro

Gorgeous Latina tranny Thalia Modesto rides cock like a pro
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My young, very hairy, and very horny slut wife and I were married in the mid 1970's. I had not realized it at the time, but she had had an ongoing sexual relationship with her two brothers during high school. She told me about it after we were married and I thought to myself I really had married a keeper. I didn't realize at the time how much she worshiped and adored the cock, no matter who it belonged to. At the time of our marriage, I was 6 years older than her.

I worked at a small federal agency at the time on the southern border of the United States among men only. I made a good salary and had my own home with a large swimming pool in back. During the summer, many friends of mine from work would drop by to visit and swim, and occasionally we would bar-b-Que and have dinner together.

We would spend a lot of time outdoors and drink beer and visit. Whenever they came over, they were used to just coming in and not knocking. We were like a big, happy family at work and we got along great.

My wife and I, as it turned out, had gotten married in May, 1975. It wasn't a large wedding, but we had our families there. My best friend Willie was my best man, and my wife's best friend her maid of honor. We had fooled around some before marriage, and I knew she knew a little about sex, but she had been raised in a fairly repressive household where kids were taught that sex and nudity is a bad thing.

That's what I had seen on my many visits to her house. I didn't realize at the time that my soon to be wife was having sexual adventures with her two brothers, and they were doing everything but actual intercourse.

Once we wed and came back from our honeymoon, it was early June. It had been a hot spring and looked like summer was going to be a scorcher.

We got her settled in to our house and begin to live and adjust to each other. Once she was out of her parent's home, she became a lot more free sexually, and one way she became was sort of a nudist at heart. When it was just the two of us at home that summer, she made it a practice of going completely nude in our home. Our families lived 370 miles away so we knew they would never drop in unexpectedly. All of that was well and good, until the first time my friends dropped by.

It seems that in all the hubbub of getting ready for a wedding and actually getting married and the wife moved in to the home, I had completely forgotten to tell my friends to call before they came over.

They had asked about the wife and such, and had asked questions about how she looked, but no one had thought to mention how things would change with her in the home. I worked at the time with 16 guys, but of them 4 were married with children, so usually 7 or 8 guys would drop by, depending on their work schedules.

One afternoon it was very hot and we had been swimming in the pool. I got out and went to the store to purchase some steaks to grill for supper.

She said she was going to stay in the pool and swim a little until I got back, as it was too hot to do anything else. I said that was fine with me and that I shouldn't be gone long. She said she swam for a bit longer and then got out of the pool and lay on the grass on a towel to dry off in the sun.

When I left, I forgot to lock the front door, because my friends would usually drop by about 4 PM when they got off work, and it was a little earlier than that when I went to the store. I was so used to leaving the front door unlocked for them that I never thought about my wife being in the home. As luck would have it, as I was shopping at Safeway for groceries in walked 6 of my friends carrying beer and wearing their swim trunks!

They put the beer in our fridge and came out to our backyard looking for me. Then they really got a surprise. When they walked out onto our patio, my little wife is lying naked on the grass in front of them without a thing on.

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Of course, to them they thought this was the most wonderful thing that had happened to them in their lifetime. My wife, Dee Dee, was about 5 foot tall, light red hair, who wore a size 38 C cup bra, had a flat stomach, and a lot of soft brown pubic hair. She had light pink nipples that stood out when she was turned on. Her hair on her pubic area grew down from her navel in a line to her pussy, down the inside of her thighs, up around her ass, and onto her lower back. Of course, in the mid 1970's it wasn't fashionable for girls to shave their pubic hair.

She also had a very tight ass. She was a cheerleader at her high school and worked out constantly. She was also on the cross country team and ran long distance, so she had very shapely and long legs. She was really something to see. She was also the horniest girl I had ever met, which was a boon for me. And it turns out, for my friends too. When she heard the patio door slide open, she figured it was me and didn't even look up.

She said she called my name but a voice she didn't recognize said hello to her. She said she sat up right away and saw 6 young guys in swimming trunks standing over her and all looking down at her naked body. She said she was momentarily shocked, and then realized who they were.

She told me later she jumped up and introduced herself to them as Dee Dee. She said most of them tried to meet her eyes as she did this, but a few were stuck on looking at her tits or pussy. She said one of them offered to have them all leave until she could get dressed, and then they would come back in. Dee Dee explained to them that she was a nudist now and that she would prefer to stay naked if they were comfortable with that.

Of course, they were young and horny, so all of them were comfortable with that! She asked them to be seated on our dinette set and went in and got them a beer to drink and one for herself.

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She went back outside and they were sitting at the table, so she served them their beer and sat between two of them in a chair. She explained where I was and said I would be home shortly. She told me later that she really enjoyed watching them, as they all kept squirming and adjusting themselves. She knew they all had to have erections in their shorts, because all of them kept looking at her naked body.

She told me later that she laughed at one of them, as they had run out of beer, and she stood and went in to get more. She said as she turned around and started walking into the house while swaying her little ass, she heard one of them say "Holy shit, what an ass!!" She said that made her day.

About 10 minutes after that, I arrived home. As soon as I pulled in my driveway, I saw my friend's cars and realized that my wife had been nude when I left for the store. I hoped they hadn't startled her by showing up, and realized that I had not locked the front door when I left, so I hoped she had time to prepare before they walked in on her. It's an understatement to say I was shocked when I went out in my backyard. The guys had circled their chairs around her and were busy making small talk with her.

They were all half naked with their swim trunks on and she was completely naked. I just stared at them all, and my wife Dee Dee said that she had met some of my friends and really liked them. They said they had met my wife and loved her and said she was making them feel right at home. I asked her to come into the kitchen to help me put the groceries away, so she got up and walked in with me. I noticed that the guys all watched her ass all the way into the house. When we got indoors, I asked her why she hadn't put on any clothes with all those horn dogs out by the pool.

She laughed and reminded me that she had said she was going to run around naked unless family came over, and said my friends were friends, not family, so she didn't feel she should have to cover up. I told her that was fine with me, put that she should be prepared for them to pull some shenanigans, as they were jokesters.

She said she would enjoy that and maybe get to know them better. They ended up staying and visiting for about 4 hours, but most had to be at work the next day so they finally left and we went to bed. She said she had really enjoyed herself that afternoon and hoped we could do it again. I asked her if she wanted me to invite them over on Saturday for a swim and a bar-b-Que. She said she did and maybe we could all swim together also. Well, by the next day at work the word had gone out to all the other guys about what had happened at my home the previous day.

Many more guys said they wanted to drop in and meet my wife, and I ended up asking about 12 guys over for that Saturday. We went down and bought some short ribs and all the other items we would need for Saturday. That Friday night, I told her that it was her decision whether she wanted to be nude the entire day with all those guys, whether she wanted to wear her bikini, just her bottom, or be dressed.

I even asked her if she wanted to have some of her girlfriends over. She thought about it, and said she would prefer it just to be her and my friends. She said she would start topless and see how it went from there, until she got to know all of them. About 4 PM, they began to arrive. All were in swim trunks, and some brought beer and snacks. She met them all at the door and invited them in. For the guys that had not been there the previous week, it was a new experience seeing a naked young wife meet them topless, but they seemed to love it.

The new ones got a hand shake, but the 6 that had been there the week before got a big hug from her. When she hugged them, she held them tight and really pressed her titties against their naked chests. A few of the hornier ones even reached around and cupped her ass while they hugged her. As more and more guys arrived, Dee Dee seemed to become more horny and flirty with them.

She even got bolder with how she acted. When we ran out of chairs for everyone, she went out and sat on one of the men's laps, and put one arm around his waist.


Of course, that pressed her titty against his chest, which really got the other guys excited. I could tell from how she was wiggling around that she was massaging his cock in his swim trunks with her tight ass.

During a period of 3 hours or so, we cooked steaks and baked potatoes and ate quite a bit. Dee Dee went in to clean up the dishes and had 3 guys go in and help her. I have to admit, they did a great job and were back in no time. Some guys were lying on the grass and others in our chairs. Finally, Dee Dee announced that she was going swimming and anyone who wished to could join her. She had apparently become as acquainted to them as she felt she needed to, because she stood up right in the middle of them, took off her swim suit bottom, and jumped into the water.

Naturally, every guy there, including me, jumped in after her. We were all splashing around and swimming, and most of the guys were around her. She seemed to be having the time of her life. I noticed a bunch of the guys were swimming under her and getting a good look at her pussy underwater.

She noticed too, and surprised everyone by telling them to settle down and pay attention to her for a minute. She swam over to the ladder that lead out of the deep end, and proceeded to climb up it very slow.

Of course, seeing her completely naked and wet climb up a ladder in front of them was very exciting to all of us. Once she got out of the pool, she turned around to talk to them. It was a great view, as her brown pussy hair was soaking wet and dripping water off of it onto the pool decking.

Everyone was quiet listening to her speak but everyone was also staring at her wet pussy. She told them that while she really enjoyed them looking at her naked body, she felt shortchanged. She said she loved looking at them in their trunks, but she, being a young newly married bride, wanted to see more.

She said they all needed to get out of the pool, and if they wanted to swim with her, they needed to be completely naked also. She said if any of them didn't want to strip, they were welcomed to sit on the side and watch her swim naked. Almost immediately, all 12 jumped out and stripped, me included. She made each one walk by her so she could check out their cocks and asses, and she made comments about their bodies to them as they walked by, as they had been doing to her.

I was laughing at all of them through this, as everyone had a tremendous hard on that was sticking out in front of them like a unicorn's horn. She actually took a few of their cocks in her hands and made comments about how hard they were.

After she had them all in the pool naked, she shouted at them to catch her if they could and jumped in the pool and began trying to evade all of them. She was an excellent swimmer, and had been a lifeguard once, so she could hold her own, but there were 12 horny guys in with her who were naked and wanted to feel her up.

So no matter how fast she swam, or how fast she cornered, they finally began to catch her. I was watching her closely, and they would grab her boobs and hold them or grab her pussy or ass and run their fingers up in her cracks. She was having a ball.

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Then some of them decided to try and throw her up in the air to see how far they could do it. We went into the shallower end of the pool and tried different methods of throwing her into the air.

She had more hands probing her body than she ever had before, and she was letting them touch and rub her all over. Finally, they settled on a good routine. Two guys would each take one leg and hold it tightly. One guy would then bend over at the waist and put his hands on her ass, and on the count of three throw her up as hard as they could.

She would squeal as she flew up and over, then she would come down with a big splash, and they would do it again. By now, she had gotten friendly enough with them that she wasn't even trying to keep her legs closed.


They were now more open than closed, and the guys had all noticed it. We all continued to play in the pool until about 10 PM, when they all finally got dressed and began leaving. When all had left, we stayed in the pool a little longer and kissed some and ended up making love in the pool before we went to bed.

A few weeks later, we had everyone over again.

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This time, she met all of them at the door completely naked and asked them in. She also gave each one a big hug and a kiss on the mouth as they entered. We had had a new trainee return from our law enforcement academy that week and I had invited him over so we could get to know him. He was our only black agent we had in our office.

He was also single, so he dropped by for the party, but I asked everyone to not tell him what we did at them. When he walked through our door, I thought he would die of embarrassment.

Dee Dee, however, walked over to him and greeted him like everyone else with a big hug and a kiss. We went outside and grilled some hamburgers and hot dogs, and all sat around and ate.

This time, Dee Dee just sat on the grass on her towel to eat. She spread her legs out and placed her plate between them to eat, and that gave everyone a great view of her pussy lips. Our black agent, Lou, thought he had actually gotten lucky because his chair faced directly at my wife's naked body. Dee Dee told me later that she had done that on purpose. She wanted Lou to get an erection so she could see the size of it.

After eating, everyone got naked and jumped into the pool, except for Lou. He looked confused until one of the guys told him that to swim he had to take off his trunks. Lou stripped off his trunks and jumped in. Try as he might, though, my wife got a good view of his cock, and she told me later she couldn't believe how big it was. That really got her excited. That afternoon, she spend time swimming with each guy and talking with them. Of course, as I watched them they did more than talk.

I could tell a few of them were putting their fingers in her pussy and rubbing her ass. She even swam over and talked and visited with Lou. A few times, I saw her swim underwater for a closer look at his black snake.

We got out after an hour or so and drank another beer.

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The guys were comfortable now being naked with her, and she with them. We talked about work some and what was going on. She took turns going around and sitting in their laps. It was funny in a way because she would lie back against their bodies and the guys would all sit and rub her titties and pinch her nipples.

She even went and sat in Lou's lap, and I could tell she was enjoying sitting on his black cock. After a few more beers, she said before they left she wanted to thank them for befriending her the way they had. She said she would give them each a going away present for the evening, and said the better they did their job the more she would enjoy it. She dove into the pool and got in the shallow end. She then asked the guys to line up in the pool where she was standing.

After they all did, she said they had one task to accomplish before they could get out of our pool. She was going to stand on her hands in the pool with her legs in the air, and she would spread them wide. The guys were to place their faces in her pussy and eat her out as much as they could before she came up for air.

While they were eating her out, she was going to try and suck each cock as long as she could. She said if anyone were uncomfortable with doing that, they didn't have to participate. She said we would all just assume that that particular guy was a faggot. Everyone laughed at that, but no one got out of line. When the first guy was ready, she flipped over and did a hand stand underwater.

The guy then put his face in her wet pussy and went to town. Meanwhile, she was sucking his dick for all it was worth. She worked on him as long as she could until she had to come up for air.

Then the second guy tried, and we continued until she had sucked on everyone and everyone had had either their tongues or fingers or both in her pussy.

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After we got out of the pool, though, she could tell that all of the guys still had raging hard ons. She asked everyone to wait and said she wanted to talk to me. We went off to one side and talked for a few minutes, then we walked back to the group. My wife Dee Dee told them that she didn't feel right sending them home as horny as they were at that point. She said she had asked me, and with my permission she was going to give each guy either a blow job, or let them fuck her, or both.

Until then, I had never seen a group of happier men. We put a blanket on the grass, and got started. Each guy would get on the blanket and lie down. Dee Dee would lay down on them in the 69 position and give them a great blowjob while they ate her pussy.

Then she would turn over and let them fuck her until they cme in her pussy. She would jump up and get in the pool and swim around and wash out her pussy and get out and do the second guy. She did it over and over until she went through all of them but one. The last one, probably because he was new to this, was our black agent Lou. I think he felt a little intimidated because he was the newest and youngest guy in our group.

Dee Dee had him lie on his back and when Lou lay down one of the guys remarked that there was an upper radiator hose from a 1957 Chevy stuck on Lou's groin. We all started laughing hard, because of the joke, and especially Lou.

That lightened the mood for him, and once Dee Dee put her pussy on Lou's face, he went to town. He ate the shit out of her pussy and even tongued her ass for a while. When ready, Lou turned her over and put that huge black cock of his in her tight white pussy and went to town.

As he was fucking the shit out of her, he told us that he was going to show us how a black man fucks white women. Lou impressed all of us that night, because he seemed to go forever before he came.

Dee Dee came two or three times while Lou pounded her, and then Lou must have shot a gallon of come into her. By the time he finished, Dee Dee could hardly walk because of the time she had spent on her back with her legs far apart for the guys.

She got up and we walked everyone out.

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We went back into the house and I began kissing her. I felt something on my foot and looked down and all of the cum Lou and the other guys shot into her was running down her legs. We had a night to remember that night. That was the last night we were able to get together that year as fall was there and we had to close the pool. You could say though that we went out with a bang.