Going for a massive veiny ramrod

Going for a massive veiny ramrod
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As morning came and I herd the noises of my family stirring around I forced myself to get out of bed.

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My Dad and I have always had this different connection but never like last night. I worried Helen would know something was up. As I entered the kitchen Daddy came up and kissed my forehead and said breakfast was ready and he and Drew were going to the gym.

Which left me home with Helen. She played the 100 & 1 questions that any mother would ask. It was hard to focus because my mind kept wondering back to last night. Feeling my panties getting wet I told her I needed to lay down. Passing Drews room I grabbed a porno from he's stash poorly hidden under his bed.

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Heading to my room I spotted a small mag light. After grabbing it I quickly went into the room where I found my self flipping through the pages slowly teasing my pussy with the mag light handle getting myself wetter I started to insert the mag into my pussy shoving it in as far as possible.

Leaning back and pinching my nips imaging it was Daddies cock thrusting in and out going faster then showing down. Feeling my body getting to the edge of an orgasm. *knock knock* jumping up from my daydream I grab my shorts and slide them on. By the time I got to the door my shorts were wet. Opening the door to find Drew standing there with out even thinking I welcome home in.

"Did you take one of my porno?" "Oh yeah sorry I just really needed to release some pressure" "Well I guess you can keep it.

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I can't imagine jacking off to the same picture as my big sis did." "If it makes you feel any better it was only the first few pages and than I was off in lala land about something else." "Yeah not really.

Did I interrupt you? Should I leave you alone for a bit? " "Shut up Drew" Walking out I spotted Dad leaning on the counter starting at me. I wonder if he's still thinking about last night? Does he want to do it again? I know I kinda do. It felt so good and natural. It was more than just a freak incident.

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As the day went on and Helen disappeared to a book club and Drew took off with his friends. I realized it was just Dad and me home. I wanted to talk to him even though we both agreed we could never do that again. I just knew he had to feel something just by the way he's been watching me. Slipping into a bikini I figured I'd find him working out in back. I could go splash around until he brought it up, but he wasn't there.

As I walked through the house I found myself just waking into Helen and his room finding him in the shower. He must have just finished working out but I took this as an opportunity.

Stripping and walking into the bathroom I was nervous and afraid he would be mad. This being the first time being complete venerable to him.


As I step in he just looked at me not saying a word he grabbed me and spun me around. Holding his cock against my ass he finely spoke. "I knew you would want more. But how much more do you want of me?" Slowly moving my ass against his cock I simply insured him I knew what we were doing was wrong but I wanted it.

Before I knew it one leg was up on the ledge and his fingers rubbing my clit and exploring my holes. I was free to moan as loud as I wanted and I think Daddy liked it. Bending me forward he rubbed his rock hard cock back and forth before sliding into my pussy.

Grabbing my hair he fucked me harder than I imagined groaning almost as load as my moans he would slow it down and really thrust his cock in. Pulling out he picks my slippery body up and holds me against the wall with my legs wrapped around his and he slid my body up and down on his cock.

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Shoving my body down sending his cock deep into my pussy. Our tongues meeting and my hands running across his back scratching and moaning. He was fucking me like never before.

I knew I was about to cum and as I squirted all over him I felt him pull out. He set me down and asked if I wanted to move it to the bed.


He didn't even grab a towel he just carried my body onto his bed. As he slammed my body onto his bed he pushed me back and grabbed my legs in one swift move he had my legs wrapped around his head and my body halfway in the air as he sucked the juices out of my pussy. He licked and tongued my pussy until I was doing juice all over his face.

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Then he stated tongue my ass knowing what was next I nodded and he knew I was ready. He rolled me over and slowly started to prob my ass with his thumb while teasing my pussy with his cock. I could wait any longer.

I begged him. "Please Daddy fuck me again" before I could say it again he slid his cock into my ass. It never felt as good as this before. Moaning with every thrust I could feel him getting harder and ready to cum. As my body released and cam again he pulled out and flipped me over. He shot his cum all over my breast and face. After cleaning up and agreeing once more that this needed to stop we decided it was pointless to fight the urge and just keep a secret.

With in my first week home we ended up fucking 3 more times with each time being better than the last. To keep a cover I started to talk to Drews best friend Aaron.

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I remeber when Aaron and Drew became friends. They both were chunky and pimples. But now Aaron was a cross fit teacher and looking fine.

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