Nasty chicks have indecent ideas on their minds all the time

Nasty chicks have indecent ideas on their minds  all the time
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Power Failure A big storm was headed our way. It was nothing new and I was prepared. However I gassed up the generator and ran it just to make sure that it worked properly. Over the years I had wired the house with special outlets so that all I had to do was throw a couple of switches and I would have my refrigerator, furnace, television, and a few lights still working.

It wasn't really necessary but I had also installed shutters that really worked. They weren't just a decoration on my house. So I went around and buttoned down the hatches as they say. I checked my flashlights, filled some jugs with water, and even filled the bathtub incase I had to flush the toilet a few times too. The phones were no problem because I still had the kind that you plug into the wall. The Phone Company always has fifty volts DC running through the line even when there is no power.

Then I made a quick trip to the store for essentials. Sure enough right after it got dark we lost our electricity as usual. It never happens in the daytime. I started up the generator and threw my switches. Then I settled in to watch a nice horror movie. I even lit some nice fragrant candles. I even wished that I had a girl to snuggle into. Watch what you wish for!

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Soon there was a frantic banging on my front door. When I opened it up there was a very scared and very cute looking teenage girl with the two kids from next door. Marjorie said that she was scared to death of thunder and lightning, that the power was out at the kid's house, and that she wanted to stay with me. I let her in and closed the door behind her.

I took their coats and got them some towels to dry off with. That was a very cold rain and they were shivering. Marjorie followed me into the living room. She told the kids to sit in the chairs and then she snuggled into me on the couch. Now I'm sixty-two years old and I lost my wife a few years ago so this was new and exciting.

It had been a long time since my daughter was seventeen and had cuddled into me like that. Marjorie found a blanket that my wife had always kept over the back of the couch and wrapped us both in it. She asked me to take her mind off the storm and then she put my hand between her legs.

Wow! That was just about the last thing that I had expected. Marjorie had been wearing a tiny mini skirt and a loose sweater when she had come in.

She had kicked off her shoes and sat on her feet when she got on the couch with me. My hand was on her crotch and her pussy was very warm. I couldn't pass up an invitation like that.

I slid my hand under her crotch and cupped her pussy fully in my hand very nicely. Marjorie cooperated by moving slightly and allowing me even better access. She thanked me and asked me to do more to her. I slipped my hand down inside her panties and cupped her pussy again but this time I bent my middle finger and slipped it right into her opening. I always liked to do that to my wife. Lightning lit up the sky and some of the bright light came through the shutters. A few seconds later the thunder shook the entire house.

Marjorie jumped and then peed her pants or more precisely she pissed in my hand. She quickly apologized and put the towel that I had given her earlier between her legs to save the couch from getting drenched.

Marjorie apologized profusely. For some reason I found it to be very erotic. The feel of the warm liquid pouring into my hand and knowing where it had just come from was exciting as hell.

I had never been into golden showers before but I think that I would enjoy one now. I could have wiped my hand off but I kind of enjoyed rubbing her wet fur and poking my finger into her hole. As I finger fucked her I saw another flash of light and Marjorie threw her arms around me.

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I knew what to expect next and reached up to fondle a breast. Just as soon as the thunder clapped she let out some more pee. Just prior to that I had squeezed her tit as hard as I could. Marjorie thanked me for the distraction and I thanked her for the pee. Again she apologized profusely and promised to make it up to me. I told the kids to pick out a DVD movie and put it in the machine while I helped Marjorie.

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Then I took her hand and led her to the kitchen. I put a pot of water on the stove to heat up.


When it was warm I poured some into a pan so that Marjorie could wash herself. I watched! She removed her wet panties and put them in my sink. Then using a dishtowel she wet it and washed her inner thighs and pussy with the wet end and dried herself with the dry end of the towel.

Her mini skirt had gotten a little bit wet but not enough to matter.

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However she took it off to inspect it becoming bottomless in my kitchen. She was a pretty good looking girl. I got a hard-on that wouldn't quit and Marjorie noticed it. She offered to take care of it. Really! Yes! So I walked over to her, lifted her up onto the edge of the counter, and slipped my cock into her pussy.

As I was fucking her I was reaching up under her loose sweater and unhooked her bra in the back. Marjorie then took her sweater off for me and removed her bra. This little seventeen-year-old beauty was impaled on a sixty-two-year-old cock. It was the best sex I had had in years. I filled her with cum and pulled out.

Marjorie washed up again with the cold wet towel and put just her mini skirt and her loose sweater back on.

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Her wet panties were still in my sink and her bra was on my counter. By then the water was hot so I made four cups of hot chocolate and put some of those tiny marshmallows on top. I opened a bag of chocolate chip cookies and then Marjorie and I took them back into the kids. The kids were tired but drank their hot chocolate and ate a couple of the cookies. Marjorie made them go to the bathroom and then had them lay on the rug in the living room wrapped in some blankets.

It didn't take them long to go to sleep. Marjorie called the kid's parents and told them what had happened. Their mother asked to talk to me. Betty Sue had been my neighbor for about six years but we were not all that close. She checked with me to make sure that everything was okay and that I really didn't mind. I reassured her that everything was just fine.

She asked if they could stay with me until she and her husband returned the following evening. I assured her that they were more than welcome. Before we cuddled under the blanket again Marjorie removed her mini skirt and just wore her loose sweater that almost covered her ass and pussy.


She found one of my X-rated movies and asked if she could put it in. Since the kids were already asleep I said yes and she put it in. Marjorie got under the blanket with me as the movie started. I recognized the movie and knew that it was a good one. It was about a little teenybopper seducing her grandfather. They were just about the same ages as Marjorie and I were. For an old guy he sure fucks the shit out of that little thing. Marjorie was impressed by everything that she saw. The old guy fucked that little babe on her back, on her belly, and on her knees.

He fucked her with her on the bottom, her on top, and her on her side. He fucked her pussy, her mouth, and her asshole. He fucked her in the house, in the great outdoors, and in the bottom of a rowboat.


He fucked her every which way but loose. Marjorie wouldn't believe me when I told her that it probably took a month to make that film. Apparently her boyfriend could fuck her six times a night but I assured her that I couldn't do that. I told her that I could probable give it to her three times a day but that it would have to be morning, noon, and night with plenty of rest in between.

Marjorie asked me if I could get it up again. I told that if she helped me a little that I was sure that I could. Then to my surprise she asked me if we could do it out in my yard in the pouring rain. It was so dark that no one would see us and the idea struck me as being fun so I said yes.

As we walked out into the cold rain I mentally checked that I had recently gotten my flu shot and that my pneumonia shot was still current. Holding my hand she took me around to the side of my house and stopped. Marjorie lay in the cold wet grass and quickly changed her mind.

She put me on my back and climbed on top. I could not believe that my cock was still hard it never liked cold showers before. Apparently Marjorie had been in that position before and rode me like a champion.

It was a very good feeling and being outdoors with the chance of getting caught was very exciting too. After a few minutes I started to get excited enough to cum again. I rubbed the palm of my hands along Marjorie's diamond hard nipples. As the sky lit up around us from three different bolts of lightening I realized that the storm had centered itself over our community and that I was lifting my ass up off of the ground and driving my cock up into Marjorie with a tremendous force sending her up into the air.

Her arms were up over her head and she was screaming with joy, not panic. Moments later I heard the three thunder claps all around us. Marjorie's pussy clamped down tightly onto my cock all three times forcing three jets of cum to flow up into her and I felt three warm showers on my cold balls as she peed each time the thunder sounded. Then there was one last bolt of lightening that made all the others sound muffled. It struck that two-hundred-year-old oak tree on the back corner of my property splitting it right down the middle and setting it on fire.

I didn't hear any thunder only the loud explosion as if dynamite had been set off. At that very moment Marjorie clamped down on my cock for the last time taking all of the cum that I had to offer. In exchange she gave me the last of her warm pee, kissed me, thanked me, and collapsed on my chest unconscious.


I got out from under Marjorie, scooped her up into my arms, and carried her to my front door. As I was closing my door I saw some of my neighbors come out with flashlights to look at my flaming tree. I put Marjorie down on a blanket and covered her. I called the fire department and returned to Marjorie. I put some blankets on the couch, cuddled her back into my chest, and covered us both up.

Throughout the night I would wake up whenever it thundered. Neither Marjorie nor the two kids seemed disturbed by it, only me. In the morning I was treated to a bowl of cold cereal on the couch. Breakfast in bed! The kids had woken Marjorie up and that was about all she could cook for breakfast.

Marjorie said that she had slept like a baby for the first time in her life during an electrical storm. She was sure that it had been our lovemaking out in the rain that had cure her.

Once again she said that she loved me and this time I said it back to her. After that storm Marjorie came by every day after school and spent every weekend with me. The day that she turned eighteen we were married. Her parents did not approve and refused to attend our wedding. My children and grandchildren did not approve either but at least they showed up. My son was my best man and one of my granddaughters was her bride's maid.

Right after I kissed my bride her bride's maid kissed her and called her grandma. She was welcomed into the family. The End Power Failure 115