Sexy porcelain busty brunette working out amp stretching hot

Sexy porcelain busty brunette working out amp stretching hot
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As i said in the last story, don't expect all these fancy words and such. You might spot many errors but i don't care.

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I'm not a professional writer by any means. Im just going to be straight forward and truthful. You should read my first story before this one. Im not going to give you any background info. When i got home from the family christmas party, i was crazy. I couldn't stop thinking about what happened earlier, I masturbated somewhere around 8 times that night. I couldn't stop thinking about her. The next time I would see her was 3 months later on my birthday.

Don't get to excited, nothing happened, but there was a lot of sexual tension. We had a family dinner to celebrate at a Chilis restaurant.

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It was me, my mother, uncle, aunt, 2 cousins, my dad, and my stepmom. We caught ourselves looking at eachother every 5 seconds. I knew she thought about that Christmas party as much as I did. We left the restaurant and we got into our cars, and it would be another 3 months till I saw her again. This time I visited my dad for the weekend. When I got there my dad was at work and my step mother was home. We greeted eachother and we were asking about eachothers days, casual small talk.

Then we got to the topic at hand, the Christmas party. She said stuff like she's never been fucked that good in years, that I was her biggest, that she loved my dick and that she didn't want to give it up.

Then she went on saying that her and my dad have been fighting and that their marriage was at low point and that's why she did what she did. I don't really remember half the things she said because I was sitting there hard as a rock, undressing her with my eyes. She knew I was extremely horny and I bet she was to. We didn't do anything because my dad was due to arrive shortly. Before he got home though, we were talking about fucking again. We made a set of rules.

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Rule #1: no kissing(more her rule than mine). She made it clear that the Christmas party was a one time only thing. Rule #2: If we were to fuck, it would have to be planned. So we knew for sure that there was no way of getting caught. Rule #3: She made it extremely clear that whatever we did, would be between me and here, only. Obviously I'm breaking rule number 3.

I heard my dad pull In the driveway so I grabbed her boob and smacked her ass. She rubbed her hand over my crotch and I quickly made my way upstairs to my room to make it look like I was watching tv. The weekend ended and when I got home, I noticed a box in my bag. I opened it up and I found five DVDs.

Labeled #1,#2,#3,#4, and #5. They were copies of her masturbation videos. I jerkoff to these videos daily. Now I'll lead you to the next encounter, my dad was away on business for 2 days. I got there late afternoon after the day he left. We had this whole day planned to the letter. I didn't even bring a bag with me or anything. Just the clothes on my body and my iPhone (and my wallet obviously). Here's where the good stuff begins. I unlocked the front door and stepped inside.

It was dark, no lights were turned on and the blinds were shut. I walked upstairs and I found her in my bedroom. She immediately ran to me and jumped on me.


She knocked me over and guess what, she broke rule number 1. She immediately put her tongue down my mouth. I put my tongue down hers and I put both my hands on her juicy thick ass. She got a little bigger since Christmas, but I wasn't complaining. Picture a chubbier Gianna Michael's. She started to kiss my neck and then she immediately went down to my crotch.

She was taking my belt off and she pulled off my shorts.

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This time we can be completely naked. But before she could take off my boxers, I moved to the side, sat up and I set her back on the floor. I pulled up her shirt and put my face between those large melons. Sucked every inch of her boobs. I spent about 10 minutes on those things, I went down to pull her booty shorts off, she was wearing no underwear.

I spread her legs back and dug my face in her pussy. This was my first time eating her out and she tasted so good. I was addicted to her taste. I could have done this for hours. My tongue was working on her clit and I had two fingers in deep.

She was out of control. Her whole body was shaking, she was screaming, banging her hands on the floor, scratching my back, squeezing her tits. I've never seen a girl so wild! I fucking loved it.

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I ate her pussy until she came. She got back up and pushed me down to the floor and she finally got my boxers off and she quickly put her mouth over every inch of my dick.

There was that amazing feeling again. It drove me crazy to. I was moaning so loud, and she was loving it. I was the horniest I've ever been, even more than the Christmas party. I came within two minutes but not in her mouth, all over those beautiful tits.

After I came, we wiped it all off her beautiful tits and we moved to the dining room. She sat on the table, layed her back on it and put her legs up in the air. I stood there staring at her, drooling. I ran to her and slid my dick right In that tight little pussy. I put my hands on both sides of her body and I fucked her as hard as I could. I thought she would break windows because of how loud she was! Within 3 minutes she came twice.

She got off the table and bent over it. I was drooling again because this was the most amazing view, I wanted to get my phone and snap a million photos. I proceeded to stick my dick in her wet pussy and she stopped me and said "my ass". I couldn't believe what I heard. Anal with my step mother. I knew it wasn't going to go In without lube, she was already prepared for this, it was in drawer across the room.

I sprinted to it, coated my dick and the outside of her asshole, and I inched in slowly, after a couple of minutes I sped up. The screams were crazy loud and she was screaming "fuck me" repeatedly. I only fucked her with half of my dick and that was more than enough. I came a few minutes later all over her huge cheeks. I wanted her to ride me so bad so I threw that idea out there and she pushed me on top the dining room table and she got up there with me.

She sat all the way down on my 8 inches and let out a long moan and then she started to grind. She knew what she was doing. She was so good. Just the way she moved her hips made me crazy. She leaned down to kiss me and then I started to fuck her hard. I pushed her head down to my shoulder and she started to suck my neck and bite it.

The pain felt so food. I was getting close to explode so I told her.


She hopped off the table got on her knees and I slipped down and I rammed my cock down her throat and started to fuck it. The gagging noise made me cum in seconds. We were both so tired and out of energy that we both lay on the floor next to eachother. Panting heavily and sweating she said "I've never let your father fuck me In my ass".

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I didn't say anything back but I smiled big. After 5 minutes on the floor we hopped in the shower. I finger fucked her and we cleaned eachother and we out and dried off.

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We went to my room layed on my bed naked and cuddled. We did this for 3 hours and It was time for me to go. I sucked her tits for a couple minutes and I got dressed. She put on a robe. She walked me to the door, no kiss. She said "til next time".

She put her hand over my crotch and then I grabbed her boob and smacked her ass. I got In my car and drove off.