You virtually impregnate your nurse fantasy roleplay

You virtually impregnate your nurse fantasy roleplay
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Lunchtime Quickie You asked me round for coffee didn't you Dawn, day at home you said and I could come for coffee and a sandwich. I was so tired this morning after our night last night. Though I had a grin on my face all morning.

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And the ache down below told me just what we got up to. Its 11 o'clock, I look for the house and pull up outside. There goes that churning in my stomach again. I get out of the car and walk to your door. Dressed in my suit I look like someone selling insurance or kitchens, in case any neighbours are watching us. The door opens before I can knock. Once inside we hug and laugh nervously again. The familiar smell of you filling my nostrils, as I breathe in your perfume.

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I can tell you have showered; your makeup is impeccable but subtle and your hair is made up to look like you have just got up with it like that, I smile at you, already you are turning me on. Fresh coffee is brewing in the kitchen and I follow you and the aroma of the coffee envelops me.

I hold my cup, the steaming liquid smells heavenly, and you nonchalantly tidy a few things as I look at you, taking a sip from my cup.

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I watch you move as you put the breakfast things away. Your movements are very seductive, your hips, your chest pushed out, your lips shining and pouting a little, very sexy. Too sexy Dawn, you are deliberately swaying your hips, your breasts are pushing hard against the thin material of your blouse, and even through the bra and blouse I can see your nipples are erect.

Maybe you are thinking about last night, maybe it's just because you are becoming aroused, I hope so because I am. Your back is still turned to me as you continue to move round the kitchen, as I lean against the counter. We make small talk and you ask me where I've been this morning, I answer without really thinking. Still holding my cup to my lips I look at your body and my excitement increases, my heart is beating faster again as my loins begin to throb.

Still with your back turned, silhouetted against the bright light from the window I can see the outline of you through the material. That's enough, if you planned to arouse me its worked, I move to you, your hands still cleaning the work top which is already clean, my arms clasp round your waist and I kiss the back of your neck. You press back against me; I know you can feel my erection as it pushes into your back. I move my hands to your breasts squeezing them as I kiss up and down your neck, your soft blonde hair smelling like flowers, falling on my face.

Your nipples are hard Dawn; I can feel them against my fingers as I stroke you. You turn to me and we kiss. Your lips hot and wet, I can taste and feel the lipstick as it vanishes between us as our tongues meet, entwine and dart in and out of each others mouths.

I hold you tight, so tight. I can feel your heart in your chest pounding against me. I can feel you breathing, faster, like me. I reach for the buttons on your blouse and undo them all the way, your breasts exposed to me, you pull down my tie and fling it, as my shirt buttons are undone.

Your cool hands on my skin, I kiss down your throat to your breasts, feeling the harsh material of your bra, kissing you through it. I lift it up exposing your soft breasts and bury my face in your chest, breathing in the aroma, just you Dawn, your smell turns me on so much. Oh God I want you so bad.


I lick all around your nipples and suck each one into my mouth, sucking hard making them stand out, rasping my tongue against them. I look up at you your eyes closed, your hands holding my head as I fulfil my desire. I stand straight and lift you onto the worktop, moving my hands to your hipsters; I undo the button and pull down the zip.

You lift your self as I remove the garment. I can sense your shyness once more as you close your legs and your face reddens. I move to you my shirt falling off; I push your legs apart, move between them and take you in my arms again. Holding your face, kissing you, kissing your soft lips, crushing them against mine.

My hands now move to your legs and stroke them, softly from your knees to your hips. I can feel you trembling; your breathing is coming in short gasps as you become more aroused.

I move my hand to the crotch of your thong and feel for the dark valley between your legs. My God it is so hot and wet Dawn.


I feel your soaking lips through your thong, moulding your love groove. You bury your head in my neck and kiss my skin, licking me, biting me softly. You push your hips forward as my fingers search for your entrance. I move my hand down and the material gives as I push against it. You groan into my neck and hold me tight. I move my face to yours and kiss you again, again and again; I can't get enough of you Dawn. I slide my fingers under the material and plunge my fingers deep inside you, your face contorting in pleasure as I move them in and out.

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You are so wet it is easy to slide into you, first two fingers then three, I push them into you and your legs open wider to give me better access. I move my hand flat against you and rub all over your labia, making sure I centre my attentions on your clitoral area. Kissing me feverishly, your hands move to my head and pull my hair pulling my face harder against yours and kissing me roughly. Meshing our lips together, our tongues sliding over each other as I continue to stimulate you. Your breathing is ragged now, and I pull away and kneel in front of you.

I remove your wet thong, and throw it aside. Your pussy is hot and swollen, angry red from my attentions and the lips are parted and soaking. I look up at you as you lean back on the counter and push yourself to the edge.

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I look once more at your sex and move closer, the musky aroma reaches me, you have showered Dawn, my lady that's clear, I can detect a slight aroma from whichever shower gel you used.

But the overpowering smell of you, your sex, your arousal, your hot wet centre sends a red haze before my eyes and I almost lose control as I plunge my face against your pussy, pushing my tongue as deep into you as I can, searching all around deep inside you, sucking your lips into my mouth, tasting you, biting so softly, licking up and down. I look up at you as I do this and your head is thrown back, and your mouth is open silently mouthing words. I move higher and find your little bud, not hitting it yet, but circling with my tongue, round and round as I slowly zero in on it.

Lapping with the flat of my tongue, and then pushing against it with the tip, alternately swapping, stimulating you. I push my fingers deep inside and curl them back, finding the point inside you at the same time as I suck your bud into my mouth and flick my tongue against it, hard and fast, rubbing it against the rough and smooth parts of my tongue, pushing against it, sucking it harder and harder as I try to push you over the edge. The groan that escapes you, your hands clawing my hair, your legs clamping on my head, almost suffocating me and your tensed body tells me I have succeeded and I continue to stimulate your clit as the waves of orgasmic pleasure tear through your body.

I start to slow my actions and remove my fingers from you as you begin to relax. Your breathing slowing as I stand, my face sticky with your wetness, the muskiness of you all over me.

You pull me to you and kiss me, I know you can smell and taste your self on me as you lick around my lips. Your hands move to my belt and it's unbuckled quickly. My trousers fall to the floor instantly as your hands grope for my hard cock. I grab your head and hold you firmly as I kiss you hard, pushing my tongue into your mouth and searching for yours. The kiss is wet and frantic and now it's my turn to gasp and groan as your cool fingers wrap around my length and begin to stroke.

Your other hand finding my balls and gently squeezing them. My pants fall and I stand before you completely naked, both of us trembling in the cool air as our skin glistens with perspiration in the sunlight shining through your kitchen window.

I lift you down and push you over the kitchen table, the soft but firm skin of your buttocks before me. I move closer to you pushing my self against you, stroking your back and releasing your bra, feeling your neck, reaching for your breasts which now hang freely.

Oh! The warmth and softness of you against me. I guide myself to your opening and slowly push myself into you, your breath catches as I slide my length inside you, it's like warm oil. I am so deep inside you as you push back against me hard. I lie on you and feel you against me, squeezing your breasts and rolling your nipples between my fingers. I kiss down the length of your spine as I stand and begin to move slowly.

Pushing into you then withdrawing almost all the way out and then sliding back in. This is so damn good Dawn, you make me feel like I'm 20 again, the sheer brazen sexuality of knowing that I am making love to a strange woman in her house, in her kitchen. I start to thrust faster holding your hips as I try to push into you harder. My hips meeting the back of your legs as I increase the speed of my actions.

I can feel my legs becoming wet with your juices as they run from you. I will not last too long this time my sexy vixen, you are too hot, too sexy, too incredibly horny. I am conscious of where we are, but I don't care. All I care about is you and the intense feelings coursing through us both at this time.

I hold your hips tighter as I thrust harder into you, already the feelings inside me warning me that my peak is approaching. Again and again I push into you as deep as I can, I push your back down a little so I can get as deep as possible, the squeal of pain from you quickly turns to moans of pleasure as I know that I am at the limit of my penetration.

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I thrust into you and feel that I can go no deeper and my orgasm is on the edge. I plunge into you one last time as deep and as hard as I can and my head goes back as my sperm explodes from me, spurting into you again and again, my body tensed as the intense feelings surge through me. I hold onto you, instinct making sure that every drop of my life giving seed is pumped deep inside of you.

I feel the last spurts diminish as I collapse onto your back, my cock still firmly embedded inside you. As we both come down from our pleasure, the reality of where we are suddenly becomes all too apparent and we quickly part. I hand you something to stem the flow from yourself as I know that I left copious amounts of come inside you. We dress, both of us strangers once more in this strange but so exciting point in our lives. We nervously look each other in the eyes and laugh.

Short but fulfilling Dawn, lets enjoy this as much as we can. I pick up my coffee which is still warm and drain the liquid. I move to you and hold you against me. You are so hot and sexy babe, already I want to take you again, to take you to bed and make love to you all day. Passionately and hard, gently and softly. Just you and me together. Two bodies joined as they are meant to be. I don't want to go to work but I must, I don't want to let you go, I just want to stay here and hold you.

We have tonight missy, I am staying one more night. Will you invite me……?