Brünette manga ist vollbusig und Wichse durstig

Brünette manga ist vollbusig und Wichse durstig
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Nervously, Hermione walked across the corridor, paused, spun around and walked back again. Having done this a third time, she topped and stared at the wall.

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Gradually, the aptly named Room of Requirement revealed itself. Quickly Hermione opened the door and entered the room. She giggled nervously - it was just as she had wanted it to be. There was a soft pink bed, with several cushiony pillows in the middle of the room, mounted on a raised platform. Beside the bed, on the floor, was an enormous pile of lingerie, and mind you, not your everyday PE bras, but all kinds and colours of lacy panties, push-up and padded bras, you know the type.

There were also strap-ons, fishnet stockings, dildos in every size and shape imaginable, and a host of other gags and toys. On the other side was a table, which boasted of an extravagant collection of oils and perfumes, all designed to optimize Hermione's bodily desires.

In one corner of the room was a brass statue of a handsome and muscular centaur except that at the base of his hips, he had a huge brass penis standing out. Hermione looked around, satisfied, but then she noticed. She had forgotten to close the door! She ran up to it and shut it with a giggle.

Then she turned around and walked to wards the bed. As she walked, she shed her cloak, and the rest of her school uniform, until she was completely naked. She walked up to the pile of lingerie. She sighed there were so many options, she didn't know what to choose! After a considerably amount of deliberation, she picked up a shiny silver bra, which dazzled in the light.

It was two sizes small just like she wanted.

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She somehow stuffed her big tits into that small garment, so that now they were being squeezed together. After having done the clasp at the back, she held her breasts and kneaded them together, for a better fit. Then she rummaged through the collection of panties, until she found what she was looking for. A black lacy panty with a heart-shaped cunt hole was her choice. Then she picked up the biggest purple dildo she could find and proceeded to the make-up table.

After carefully reading each bottle's label, she picked finally "TE AMO Learn to love your body like it deserves!" she went and lied down on the bed. It was so soft against her smooth skin. She moved her hair from her face and slowly opened the bottle of oil. She directly spilt some on her tummy. It felt warm and smelt so good! She sighed with happiness. Just as the oil was about to spill on to the bed, she placed her hand on it and started massaging her stomach.

The oil was truly extravagant. She then she took some oil in her palms and rubbed it on her soft, white thighs. Watching her rub lotion on her toned legs in the mirror was truly pleasurable.

Hermione pulled the front of her already tight bra out so that she could pour a decent amount of oil inside. Then she put her hand inside and massaged the oil all over her cushiony tits. She rubbed her bra; the feeling of oily tits moving inside her bra was so exciting! Then Hermione took one oily finger and stuck it inside her moist cunt. She bit her lower lip it was so satisfying! Keeping her middle finger in there, she turned it round and round, screwing herself and moaning.

Then she rubbed her swollen cunt with her oily hand, sending shivers up her spine. She spread her legs as wide as possible and began furiously rubbing her cunt with her oily hand. Her mind was swimming she hadn't experienced such superior pleasure in a very long time. Then she took the big dildo and smiled.


It was around twelve inches long and had a fat purple head. She put it in her mouth and coated it with her saliva. Then she placed its head on her quivering cunt hole and pushed it forward.

She emitted a high pitched shriek as she did so. Then she slowly pumped her gaping cunt with that mean plastic dick. "Oh yes mother fucker! God yes that's the fucking spot right there!" She crooned and swore as she undid herself. She bit her lower lip with a smile and decided to go deep.

She went on pushing the dildo till it was about seven inches in. The pushed with both her sweaty hands and achieved eight and a half inches, but there were still 3 and half inches to go.

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Moreover, her hips were quivering she was closing in on her first orgasm of the night. With renewed determination, she began punching the dildo down with the flat of her hand, whilst continually exclaiming, "Yes! Fuck oh yeah! Fuck! Yes! Oh!" Once about ten inches were in, she couldn't go on. Her hips were bucking involuntarily as she arched her back and emitted her low, guttural moan.

She shrieked hard as she came the force of her squirt fountain pushing all ten inches out and launching the dildo across the room. She went on ejaculating releasing a good glass of watery cum. When she stopped, she couldn't help laughing the image of the flying dildo! Once she had a hang on herself, she got on her fours and began slurping all her juices off the bed like a bitch.

Once she was done, she got up and looked at herself in the mirror- a sweaty, horny, oily, albeit sexy, mess. She felt so sexy in her lingerie, but decided that it was time to take it off. She took off her shiny bra, allowing her oily tits to spring out, but left her panties on. She ruffled up her hair, making it look all messy, before walking off towards the centaur. As she reached it, she mockingly spoke to the statue, "You're having fun, aren't you?" She knelt before it, and enveloped the cold metal dick in her warm, wet mouth.

she loved the taste - she began sucking it, moistening it with her mouth. she kissed the ball sack once before getting up. No one knew this, but she had a thing for centaurs, she desperately wanted to be taken by one. She kissed the brass statue's lips hard, and simultaneously lifted one of her legs, allowing the centaur's big dick to push against her pussy opening.

She broke the kiss and smiled at the statue, "Can I ride you, sir?" She giggled before she held the centaur's shoulders and pulled herself up. She rested bother her legs at the base of his spine and held his arms as she lowered herself on his dick.

She felt the cold and moist penis enter her depths.


She cooed as the brass penis entered her. Once it was fully in, and she was veritably impaled on it, she began slowly bouncing on it.


"Oh fuck yeah. this is so amazing!" She hugged the muscular brass body as she increased the pace of her humping. It was hurting a bit, but it was worth it. Soon she was furiously hopping up and down on the metal erection, and shouting swears as she did so. Accidentally, she loses balance as she falls down on the floor.

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But she doesn't care; she continues to frig herself on the floor, until her hips start bucking again. She pushes her hips up in the air as she comes for the second time spewing a fountain of watery, hot sum in the air. Once she is done, she flops down on the floor, gasping for breath.

"Ouch!" someone shouts. Hermione springs up, looking for the source of the sound. To her surprise, she sees the upper half of Harry on the floor.

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She walks up, limping slightly, to him and stands with her hands on her hips. "Seriously, Harry?" she asks sternly before pulling the rest of the invisibility cloak away.

She gasps.

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She is greeted with an image of Harry's naked butt. She also notices a swollen dick head poking out at the side. Harry had apparently fallen down while masturbating because both his legs were still in his trousers.

""You jerk face" Hermione says as she twists his ear and pulls him up. He tries to say something, but she kisses him in the mouth, shutting his mouth. Then she pokes her wand at his chest and murmurs something. Next thing Harry notices is that he is tied, eagle spread, to the wall and is completely naked. "Hermione, what are you doing?" "You sneaked in when the door was left open, didn't you?

Now you're mine. Because, this is the room of my requirement, Harry, not yours. Now shut up." She pointed her wand at his face and his mouth was instantly ball gagged. Then she walked up to him and slapped his dick. "Only six inches, what am I supposed to do with this piece of shit?" she commented as she slapped it a second time.

Then she poked her wand at it and smiled as she watched it stretch painfully, to 8 inches. "Now that's better" she said to harry, whose eyes revealed his agonizing pain. Then she knelt and began stroking him. "Don't worry, there's a prize for you too" she looked up to him. Then she engulfed his erect penis, and vigorously bobbed her head down it. She drooled as she did so, allowing saliva to drip down her chin as she blew him. She also tickled his ball sack, making his hips shiver.

She took it out and smacked her lips. Then she said, "You know, I'm going to make you cum, baby. It's going to be better than anything Ginny could have ever done." She smiled as she gave his erection long, seductive licks. She rubbed her tongue on it, coating it with saliva.

Then she began furiously jerking it in her mouth, and in no time, Harry began cumming, he shot a mouthful. Hermione then got up, still holding the cum in her mouth, and undid the ball gag.

"Hermione what are you " He barely finished his sentence before Hermione sealed her lips on his, letting his cum flow into his mouth.

He desperately tried to stop her, but she was thrusting her sum covered tongue down his throat. Then she held his mouth open and spat into it. Then she gave him soft kisses on his face, telling him how much she loved him. "What's happened to you, Hermione?" Harry asks, bewildered. "Obliviate", she says with a smile, pointing her wand at him.