Mama saugt an meinem hübschen kleinen Kitzler

Mama saugt an meinem hübschen kleinen Kitzler
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It was late after junior-varsity practice and the coach and varsity team just finished giving us the hardest workout to date. I was the last one off the field and needed a shower, bad.


The locker-room was now empty and quite, which was nice I could get dressed I peace and I need that I had a big date with my girl, we had decided tonight we'd finally do it. As i was toweling off I though I heard footsteps, I called out but no one answered, fine whatever. While drying my hair I felt someone came up behind me and grabbed my cock.

Startled I jumped and yelped, "Hey now" "You usually like it when I grab your cock" Sandy said giggling "You startled me, that's all. Not get back over here, as I mentioned we've never done it but she has fooled around a lot and Sandy gave the best bjs in school. She was also one of the cutest junior cheerleaders around.

Only a freshman but had a tight little body with red flowing hair and about a 34B cup that looked even larger on her body. "Ooo, I like how easily I get you going" Sandy said pointing to my now hard erection. "You know what seeing you still in your cheerleader uniform does to me" I said as I grab her and pull he too me.

Kissing her deeply then grabbing her ass. No Panties, oh yeah.

"I though you'd like that" she giggled again "Don't worry I waited until everyone left, now where were we" she starts sucking my neck while stroking my cock. Kissing me on my chest and lowering her self to my waist. "ummm, let's see now what am I supposed to do with this?

Oh yeah, She started to lick my cock head. "Oh god Sandy, suck it god just suck it" she inhales my hard cock, although not huge I was about 7 in and she though I fit her good, going balls deep was her "specialty" and I liked it too. Looking down at her with my whole cock down her throat her beautiful blue eyes looking up at me, I almost came right there.

She was working my cock hard I could tell she wanted me to cum in her mouth so I could fuck her good and long, god I couldn't wait. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my mouth and my cock was no longer being sucked.

As I tried to free myself I see two of the senior player grabbing Sandy and two or three more standing around. "Well, well, well what do we have here" said James. James was your typical varsity QB, he had a scholarship to Penn could get any girl he wanted and had a rich daddy who made his "infractions disappear." A couple of love birds making out in MY locker-room, and underclassmen at that.

What the matter Sandy my cock wasn't enough for you? You had to find some loser 5th string JV punk to fuck around with, I knew Sandy had dated a few of the senior guys, but though they were all muscle headed idiots.


"No James it's not like that, I really like him and I was about to give him my cherry" she stopped realizing she might have said too much. James eyes light up like it was Christmas. "No way." After all they guys you'd suck off, your still a virgin? Crap I'm going to have to check this out for myself. Hold her down and keep her quiet" He said to the two guys who grabbed her.

They moved her to a bench where they laid her on her back. One guy on each side had an arm and leg, she was wide open for all to see, someone else cover her mouth. I tried to wiggle free but who ever had me was not letting go. James knelt between Sandy's spread open legs. You could see Sandy was looking worried.

"Shhh, it's ok, I ain't gonna hurt you" James said, "I'm just going to find out if there is still a real live virgin around." Everyone laughed. He rubbed his finger up and down her wet slit "boy you sure do lube up nice and you shaved for me too." With one finger he began to probe her tight pussy, she was squirming, he pulled it out and tasted it. "Damn I forgot how sweet virgin pussy tasted, I'll have to get some seconds." As he lowered his face to bald pussy he began to lick her slit up and down, you could tell he knew what he was doing.

She was squirming but this time it was more out of enjoyment. His whole mouth was around her twat, you could now heard her start to moan, James looked at the guys and they all dropped there grasps. She wrapped her legs around his head.

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"Oh god James you know just the right spots to get me going" she moaned. I couldn't believe my ears she was really enjoying this. "Yeah bitch you know I know how to please a woman" "Don't stop James, Please. Don't. Stop." "Don't worry I won't" He said smirking, "but I'm still not sure if your really a virgin or not, there is one way to know for sure" with that he opened his pants and pulled out his cock. It must have been about 9 inches long, and when he place the head at the entrance to her glistening pussy Sandy gasped.

"No please James I'm not ready to give you that ple" she was cut off mid sentence by one of the guys sticking his large almost 10 inch dick in her mouth. "Thanks for that Otto, now where was I, oh yeah the virgin test" James started to inch the head of his cock deeper and deeper into her well lubed pussy.

Sandy wiggled and squirmed a bit but there was no getting away. The guy in her mouth had a hold of her hair and was basically fucking her mouth.

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James was now taking his time, enjoying it, he was about a quarters a way in. "Damn the little slut is tight, she might have been a virgin" everyone chuckled, but at first I didn't get it. He pulled out a bit a slid deeper. Sandy made a grimace but was too busy with the cock in her mouth to make a real protest. "I think that was the hymen, you're my little slut now" He started to slide in much easier now and it was long before he was almost all the way in.

By this point she was now really going to town on the cock in her mouth going balls deep on him until he came right down her throat. She gagged at first but the swallowed as much as possible. James was now pounding Sandys pussy hard and fast now. "Oh god James, Fuck me. Make me you little whore" she panted as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

You'd think he would crush her but she was riding the cock like a champ. "Oh god James your gonna make me come, fuck me harder, harder" "Yeah bitch cum on my cock, my little slut, cum for your virgin master" "YES, YES, OH Shit Yes." As she came all over his cock buried deep in her not so virgin pussy.

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Everyone laughed again and started to high-five each other, I'd guess this was the first time they'd done something like this. Before she could even catch her breath there was another large cock getting shoved in her mouth, which she started to suck with out missing a beat. "Oh crap this bitch is too tight I can't take it anymore" with that he unloaded his cum deep in her pussy. Grunting on the last few strokes. When he pulled out a river of cum, mixed with some hymen blood, seemed to follow.

Before James could even get out of the way some else had slide their cock right in to her waiting pussy. The guy in her mouth came and sprayed his cum all over her cheerleader uniform. James made his way to her head. "Someone get this shirt off" he said. "Bra too now that is a sight, lick my cock clean" "Anything, master" she panted as she devoured his semi-limp cock covered in spunk. The guy in her pussy grunted and moaned and shot another load inside her pussy.

Then someone on the sidelines blew a load all over her tits. Someone else slid into here pussy and started pounding away, at this point it looked like half the team was now here, she was in for a long night.

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With James now hard dick in her mouth she had another orgasm. James popped out of her mouth and exclaimed "change up, get Moose," everyone hooted and hollered and seemed to know what it meant. I was now freed, not that I could do anything but watch. The guy who was in her pussy was gone, she was lifted up and flipped over and now the guy who held me down, Moose I guess, was laying on the bench. She was lowered onto his massive black cock, it must have been 12 inches but since she was so wet she slid right down balls deep.

"That the biggest thing around bitch" he chuckled. "Oh Good that's sooo big" Sandy exclaimed. "Yes fuck me with that big black cock" she was riding it like one of the mechanical bulls at the cowboy bars. "OH Shit" moose exclaimed "this bitch is too tight I've gotta cum. And with that he grabbed her hips and held her down as he pumped his black cum deep into her pussy.

"Yes baby" she screamed "fill me up, oh shit yes, I am just your cum bucket" as she continued to orgasm.

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She was lifted off Moose and lowered on another large black cock, but this time James was back he came up behind her and grabbed her tits.

"Who's slut are you?" "Yours" "Who's slut are you?" he asked again "Yours master" "Good, now lean forward" he then positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass, that was covered in cum.

"I took her virgin pussy and now I'm gonna take her virgin ass!" everyone cheered, she didn't even try to fight it. As he slid his cock all the way into her ass she let out a deep moan. She then had a cock shoved in her mouth. She was full of cock and loving it. James shot his load in her ass and was rapidly replaced by another cock. This went on for what seemed to be hours. She had dozens of cocks and gallons of cum in all her holes.

We both woke up the next morning naked in the locker-room shower. Sandy now had "James" branded on her ass and I have not seen her since. Note: this is not my story I had seen it on another site and since then the site closed down and it was put up on another site but had lots of errors, I fixed it up and decided to post it here

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