Alle amerikanischen Schlampen unzensiert 1 Szene 3

Alle amerikanischen Schlampen unzensiert 1 Szene 3
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That night I slept a lot better than the week before. I still woke up a few times with my cock so hard I felt it would explode. But instead of being worried I just wrapped one leg around dad and pressed my cock tightly against his body and I would fall asleep again. I woke up in the morning again with a strange feeling on my butt. My dirty spot throbbed a little and I realized dad was touching it. A lot more intensely than last night. He really rubbed and poked it.

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Too tired to talk I just wiggled my bum so he would stop. He made a morning grunt but the moved his hand away to my cheek and squeezed and rubbed that instead. Feeling better I fell asleep again.

I slept for a few more hours and then woke up again to a weird feeling on my butt. This time it was all warm and a bit wet. Dads thing was squeezed between my cheeks and poking my dirty spot. I broke out in laughter for it felt really funny.

Dads hand squeezed my crotch. He was holding my stiffy tightly. "Morning" I heard him whisper behind me. I wanted to reply but he pressed his cock against my dirty spot and at the same time made a tight stroke over my stiffy. I let out a long 'ah' and shivered.

Dad chuckled lightly and kept poking me and jerking me. When I trusted my voice again I softly asked what he was doing. "Your butt just feels amazing." He softly replied. "Is it ok if I do this?" he asked and kept poking my dirty spot over and over with the hard tip of his cock. I didn't really know. "Isn't it dirty?" I asked him. Dad chuckled again. "Nothing about you is dirty, don't worry I won't enter you." He said. Enter me?

I had no idea what he meant with that. But he said he wouldn't so I didn't ask about it. I just relaxed a little and enjoyed the poking a bit more. Actually it felt kind of good. His thing was warm and felt so big. My entire butt was warm and felt slick.

His slow massage of my stiffy felt great and since I was still sleepy it was easy to relax. I did keep telling myself it wasn't dirty. Somehow it still felt dirty, with his cock against my dirty spot. But dad said it wasn't so I ignored that feeling the best I could. Dad kissed the top of my head several times and rubbed me all over with his hands. It got warmer and warmer and he pulled the blankets off us. I heard the weird squishy noises his cock on my butt were making and I held my breath so I wouldn't laugh.

Dad started moving faster and applied more force on my butt. "Is it ok if I finish like this?" he asked. I shrugged. I guess it was ok. Dad moved even faster now. Over and over I felt his cock slide between my cheeks and hit my butt. Then at last he hugged me tightly and made a long grunt. I felt his cock exploded between my cheeks. Within seconds everything felt wet and slick. His cock sprayed his white stuff right on my butt. I couldn't help but laugh now and tried to dodge the last of his stuff.

Dad held me closely so instead of my butt the last two sprays hit my balls. Making my back and crotch all covered in his stuff. I yelled and laughed. Finally dad let go and I scrambled away from him. I got off from the bed and tried to look at my butt and the mess he made. I could feel and hear his stuff drip from my body. Dad looked at me with the biggest smile.

"There is a towel in the corner." He told me. I looked at the towel for a second but then turned to dad. As fast as I could I jumped on the bed and sat down on dads belly. I rubbed my bum over his tummy and chest laughing the whole time.

I could feel I covered his body in his stuff in revenge. Dad only struggled a little but didn't really stop me. He was laughing and smiling at my wrestling.

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When I had had my revenge I sat down on his crotch and relaxed while looking at dad. I was waiting for him to play with me again. My stiffy was bouncing a little, asking for attention. When dad softly grabbed my cock and started his beautiful massage I couldn't help but wonder why we started doing this now. I mean why not before?

I wasn't sure how to ask the question so eventually I asked him "Do all boys do this with their dads?" I could see the question caught my dad by surprise.

He kept his hard on my cock but stopped his massage. He thought about the question for a while and frowned. "Well, no not all boys do this. Actually only some boys do this." "Why?" I responded right away. Again dad frowned. "Well… It's just that not all boys enjoy this. Especially with their dads. That's why I'm so glad to have you." He added and patted my butt softly.

"So not all boys enjoy having their… thing touched?" I asked. Dad chuckled now. "No actually every boy and man likes to have their thing touched. But just… well some boys only like it when they are older. And only a few boys like to have it touched by another boy or man. And even fewer boys like it with their dad." Somehow that made me feel kind of proud of myself.

Being one of the very few. Yet it was also kind of worrying. "so… it isn't wrong?" I slowly asked him. Dad immediately removed his hands from my crotch and held my sides instead. "Do you sometimes feel wrong?" he asked me.

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He looked really worried suddenly. Somehow this made me feel flushed.


"No… well yes. I dunno sometimes it kind of does." I admitted. Dad looked at me intensely. "If it really feels wrong you should say it right away and we'll stop.

I don't want you to feel bad in any way." He said. Now I really got flushed. "No no it's ok really. I like it." I quickly said. Dad sighed relieved. I felt his hands creep back to my bouncing stiffy but then he stopped. He pinched his lips and frowned for a seconds. "Go get a shower." He gently said to me. Now I frowned.

"No, you do my thing first." I told him. He shook his head and smiled. "That's not fair!" I told him angrily. He had just finished so it was my turn. But dad didn't listen. "I'll do it later today." He told me. "Why?" I asked still angry. "I got an idea." He said to me. I was curious right away. "What?" I asked him. Dad smiled greatly and shook his head again. "It'll be an surprise. Trust me. Just go and get a shower and later today we'll have some fun again ok?" I felt kind of cheated, but my curiosity got the better of me.

I got off from dad and went to the shower to wash all his stuff off me. After I had dried off I discarded the towel and went to the kitchen nude. I found a box of cereals with milk waiting for me while dad went into the shower to wash himself. I quickly ate my breakfast and when I heard dad walk back to the kitchen I quickly grabbed my own thing. As fast as I could I made it stand up for dad. Hoping that it would trick dad into revealing his idea. Dad walked into the kitchen, to my surprise he was already dressed.

I jumped up and made my cock bounce a little. It did work. Dad saw it and smiled. With two big steps he was in front of me and he crouched. One hand slipped between my legs and he took a soft but warming grip on my hard package. I shivered a little and closed my eyes while I waited for his massage. Again he denied me. He massaged me only for a few seconds and he kissed my neck and cheek. "Not yet." He said and stood up again. "Go and get dressed.

We are leaving in 30 minutes." He told me. "Where are we going?" I quickly asked. Dad gave me a nice smile. "shopping." He said. Awesome. I was dressed and had combed my hair within 5 minutes. Shopping with dad was always fun, with mom it was usually pretty boring. By the time we got to the car I had all forgotten about his idea. Shopping with dad never took long.

Since summer was near he bought me two new shorts. One really cool one with a dragon on the side. And another that was shorter than any shorts I've ever had. But it was made from a shiny super soft material that felt great.

And since they were on discount dad also bought me some new underwear. 5 pairs all with different comic hero's on them in bright colors.

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Before we left the mall we made one last stop at a huge electronic store. When we entered it dad nudged me towards the video game section. "Pick out a game." He told me. That I couldn't believe. Mom was really strict when it came to games. "Really?" I asked.

Dad nodded. "I won't tell mom.


Go." He nudged me again. I was at the game section before he finished his sentence. It took me a while to find one I wanted. But there was a game some of my friends had been talking about for the last couple of weeks. It was one of the more expensive ones but dad didn't seem to mind at all. Dad bought himself a really fancy looking video camera with some other stuff.

Afterwards I wanted to get home as soon as we could. I couldn't wait to try the game out. Dad had barely stopped the car or I was already in my own room starting up my console. The game was everything I had expected. Brightly coloured with a lot of fun music and little jokes. It was nearing dinner time when dad joined me in my room. I was sitting on my knees on the carpet slightly too close to my tv. Dad sat down next to me and asked me if I liked the game.

I told him precisely why I liked it. What the game was about and what was so awesome. Dad listened patiently to me. When the game slowly got harder I stopped talking cause I had to focus. Dad quietly moved himself behind me and wrapped one arm around me. His hand slipped under my shirt and he started caressing me. While I kept on playing he played with my belly button and nipples. I could hardly believe how much fun had been having lately.

I was playing a brand new game while dad didn't complain about me sitting too close but instead was making me feel good. After a while I got annoyed by the tugging on my shirt.

So I paused the game and raised my arms above me. Dad helped me out of my shirt in one quick motion. I got back to the game while his caressing got more fun. I leaned back onto dad and he used both his hands on my tummy now. It didn't take long before dad grabbed the top of my pants and undid the button with a soft plop. The zipper went down and I felt his warm hand slide over my underwear, tickling my cock.

He trailed the little bulge in my white underwear with one finger until it got bigger and bigger. I started to lose focus on the game. Dad grabbed the edge of my underwear and tugged it down. My stiffy sprung out of its prison and slapped against my tummy. It was hard and throbbing. It made me chuckle softly. Dad grabbed it with three fingers.

Really gentle. He trailed the length of my cock. His grip was so soft the skin didn't move down but I just felt the tickling of his fingers. It was teasing but felt good. I played for 5 more minutes until I really couldn't focus anymore.

I paused the game and dropped the controller.

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I really leaned into dad and closed my eyes, feeling his fingers on my cock. My body shivered and jolted under his touch. "Aren't you going to play anymore?" he teased me. I laughed softly and shook my head. "Not while you are doing this." I answered. Dad chuckled and I felt his chest vibrate under me. "How about I finish it for you so you can get back to your game?" he offered.

I smiled and nodded. I slowly stood up and kicked my shoes off. Dad grabbed my sides to steady me and made me laugh really hard when I felt him kiss both of my butt cheeks. Once I was out of all my clothes dad got up and took me to the living room.

To my surprise his new camera was on a tri-pod aimed to the couch. Dad motioned me to the spot it was aiming at. I didn't ask about the camera but plopped myself down on the cold couch. Dad first walked to the camera and turned it on with a beep.

Making the red light on the front light up. Then he moved to me and crouched right in front of me. He softly grabbed both of my feet and placed them against my butt, making my knees high up. Then he grabbed my knees and pulled them to the sides of me, making me spread as far as I could offering up my crotch for him. He caressed and played with my thighs for a short time and then he looked at me with a smile. "Just close your eyes and think of something exciting." He told me again. I knew what was going to happen.

So I took a deep breath, relaxed, and closed my eyes. Within seconds something really warm and wet engulfed my cock. I was shocked and open my eyes in a jolt. My entire thing was inside dads mouth.

All the way so his lips were even touching my balls. "Dad" I breathed loudly. Slowly his head went up and my cock was out of his mouth. He smiled to me. "Just close your eyes." He said once more. I was scared but listened to him. I closed my eyes. Even though I was prepared my entire body jolted when I felt his tongue.

It felt amazing. I have no idea what he did with his mouth but I couldn't think. He moved his mouth and tongue. His hands were everywhere and all I could do was make weird sounds. I tried to keep my eyes closed but through the slits I could see my thing, my hard throbbing thing, disappear completely inside his mouth. His stubbles tickled my thighs and tummy. Everytime my thing was all the way in and his lips bumped against my skin all kind of stuff happened. I felt myself scream loudly, my legs kicked and twitched.

I heard the rasp of my nails over the couch, trying to grip something that wasn't there. Over and over again. I could barely breathe. The ball in my tummy was on fire again, and bouncing all throughout my body. A part of me wanted dad to stop, but there was no way I could talk. I just let it happen. His fingers spread like spiders over my thigh and pressed on them.

Spreading my legs as far as they could and at the same time holding me down. Keeping my legs from kicking all over the place.


He started to move faster. Up down up down. The ball in my tummy got even hotter and bigger. I knew it was going to explode like before. I knew if dad kept going I would explode in his mouth. I wanted to stop him. Or at least warn him, but my body refused to listen.

All I could do was watch and moan. It happened. I felt the ball explode. I reached out to dads head as fast as I could, I wanted to jerk him away from my cock so my stuff wouldn't come in his mouth.

But the moment my hand touched his head my body took over. I arched over and grabbed dads head with two hands and shoved it down. I didn't want to but my body kept my dads head down so my thing would explode inside of him. I yelled dad over and over. Without stopping for air. The feeling of explosion lasted longer than before. I should have felt bad about it but it felt too good to stop, my thing exploding in his mouth.

When it was finally over I fell back onto the couch again and stared in horror to my dad, still with his mouth over my thing. I felt like crying, feeling horrible about what I had just done to my dad. Slowly he withdrew his face. I had expected him to jerk it back now my stuff had come out, but instead he took his time.

I even felt him suck a little and then heard him swallow. I winced. Then he looked at me while my cock slapped back onto my body, still twitching and leaking. He had that happy face again. A broad smile and twinkling eyes. "You taste wonderful" he whispered. His words caused a wave of relief over my body. It was hard to believe him, but at least he wasn't mad. I took a gasping breath and relaxed. Still staring at him not knowing what to think. Dad arched towards me and kissed me on my lips.

He tasted salty. "I love you." He whispered. "I… I love you too." I answered, choking on the words. I quickly got a new surprise. When dad got up to turn off the camera I saw his cock. It had never been like this before. I had seen it soft and hard, but now it looking bigger and stronger than ever.

It was all red and veins everywhere. It was so hard it didn't move at all when he walked. I couldn't help but giggle softly and stare amazed. Once the camera was turned off dad returned to me. I reached out to his hard thing, wanting to make him even more happy but dad stopped me. He slowly shook his head. "Let's leave that for today. Lay down on your back." He gently said to me. I listened. Dad settled down at my feet and without talking he started his magical massage.

Starting and my feet and slowly working his way up. Within seconds I was in that happy place again. Hardly with any thought I just lay there naked for my dad, feeling his hands move all over me in a slow massage. I fell asleep at some point. Dad woke me up later for dinner. I first sat down on a chair but then changed my mind. Without speaking I walked over to dad and sat down on his lap. I wanted to keep touching him. My bare butt was on his naked crotch, but it was ok like this. We ate in silence except for the occasional "I love you"s.

After dinner we watched another fun movie. I leaned on dad again but for the rest of the night nothing funny happened. His sucking on my thing had exhausted the both of us it seemed. I did want to ask him about the video camera, but I was fast asleep before the end of the movie. The next morning dad proved once more he was the best dad in the world. I woke up really early in his arms. We were both naked and I couldn't help but rub against him for a while.

He refused to wake up though. After a while I got bored and got up. With a pleasant jolt I remembered my new game. I ran as quietly as I could to my room and picked up where I had left the game the day before. I was so into it I hadn't noticed dad waking up until he walked into my room carrying our breakfast. Instead of dragging me from my video game he sat down next to me and watched me play.

He used one hand to eat, and the other to softly caress my naked back. I really loved him. After a while I secretly stared at the spot between his legs. He was small down there now. I wondered if I should make him happy before mom would pick me up. Before I could make up my mind dad told me to get a shower and get ready for mom. Somehow I felt a bit disappointed by it.

The thought of not being with him for a week, and not be with my new game for a week was really saddening. I didn't know how to say this so I settled on telling him I really really loved him, and then went to the bathroom.