Super horny indian babe working on a big

Super horny indian babe working on a big
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FAT FUCKING CLOWNS 3 fat girls, a birthday party business, and a circus of hot sex WARNING: Reading this story may cure your fear of female clowns! I have to be honest when I tell you that I never really thought about fucking a fat girl. It just wasn't my thing. Of course I don't have anything against overweight women in generalI mean my sister is overweightmy cousins are overweightand a lot of my family in general is overweight so I don't have a bias against overweight people.

I just never saw myself dating a bigger girl let alone having a cum splattered spunk fest with three of them at the same time, but, that is exactly what happened.

Leslie and her sister's step daughter were two girls who lived on my street who I never really paid much attention to. I knew Leslie pretty well from seeing her load up her van and drive off to all of her parties; it was especially hectic on the weekends. And let's face it; it was really hard to miss a heavyset woman dressed in a clown outfit with gigantic tits stuffing balloons into a van in broad daylight!

Leslie and her niece Lisa, not her blood related niece but some twice removed by someone being previously married to someone kind of bullshit. They had this small business where they did themselves up like clowns and catered and entertained at kids birthday parties. I always thought clowns were kind of creepy so that is another reason I noticed her so much I guess.

She wasn't a bad looking girlshe just had some extra pounds on her and her niece Lisa was about the same build just around ten years younger.

Leslie was 40 and I believe her niece Lisa was 29 at the time. The two things I always noticed about Leslie was that she had enormous, shapely tits, and her ass was big, but it was unusually round for an ass that size. Her niece Lisa was a bigger girl too and she caught my attention because when she would show up at Leslie's house, she wouldn't dress like most overweight women would who go out of their way to hide their extra pounds. I remember the one day I saw her she actually had a pair of those low rise jeans on and I could actually see about two inches of her ass rack hanging out the back and I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties.

And I thought to myself, "not a bad piece of ass for a heavier girl." But then I shook myself back to reality and moved on. Leslie just seemed like the type of girl who was what I would consider sexual restrained for lack of a better termshe would wavesmileand say hello from time to timeand I am pretty certain that I caught her staring at me walking out to my car a few timesbut that's as far as it went.

If somebody would have told me that she was actually an insanely horny, cum sucking bi-sexual fuck fiend who couldn't get enough cock slid into her cunt, I wouldn't have believed it. And if someone would have told me that I would be having the most smoking hotnut sack drainingpussy dripping marathon of a fuck fest with three fat girlsI would have laughed at thembut that all changed one Friday afternoon.

I remember it well, it was a gorgeous day out and I was heading out to hop in my car and go out for a nice long drive and get my head straight. As I was heading to my car I heard this annoying beeping noise and I looked to my right, and sure enough, there she was. Leslie was standing there in the bright sun, in a full clown outfit putting balloons and all of that other crap she used into her van, she was waving at me like a normal wave at first so I just waived back at her, and kept walking to my car.


Then, out of nowhere, she motioned me to come over to her with a big smile on her face. So, not really giving it much thought, even though this was completely out of character for her, I walked over and said hello.

I didn't really know what she wanted or what to say so I simply said "Off to another birthday party huh?" She smiled and said "Yes, got to go entertain the kids this afternoon, got two parties booked" I said "two in one day, that's a lot of moving around and work isn't it? She said "Yes, but its only two hours each and I'll be done by five tonight" I couldn't help it, I looked at her and said "Don't you ever feel weird running around in that costume all the time?" She looked at me and laughed and said "No, I'm actually pretty outgoing and straight forward with a slightly crazy side, so it doesn't bother me." I said "Really?

I don't really know you that well but you seem like you would be the quiet and bashful type." She laughed and said "No, that's one of the reasons I called you over here".

I said "Really, what do you mean?" She said "Well as long as I have been seeing you walk in and out of your house and with us not really ever saying much to each other, I figured this would be a good time to kill two birds with one stone".

I said "What do you mean". And then, what she said next I'll never forget. To this day I have never had anyone be so open, honest, blunt, and up front with me in my life! She said "To be honest with you, my niece Lisa and I have been checking you out for a while and it's been quite a long time since either one of us had any action and I wanted to just come right out, cut through all of the bullshit, and ask you if you would want to come over with us tonight and have one hell of a suck and fuck?" I was totally floored!

And to be honest I was in a very bizarre twilight zone moment in time because all at once I was put on the spot, I was shocked, I was curious, in disbelief, and starting to get a hard cock and it was right there in the middle of the street, in broad daylight, and right in front of a fat girl wearing a damn clown suit!

I mean really, could it get any weirder, shocking, and exciting all at the same time. I didn't know what to say, I mean this chubby chic in the clown outfit basically checkmated my ass with one move and it was tempting me where I am tempted the most, and that of course is the possibility of sticking my cock into a wet pussyand not only onebut two wet pussies! I didn't know what else to say so I looked at her and I said "Did I just hear what I think I heard?" She smiled and said well just in case you didn't hear it right I'll ask again.

She said "What I said was, I want to know if you would like to come over tonight and fuck me and my nieceeat our pussiesand get the cum sucked out of your nuts".

Now I was really in bizarre mode, All at the same time, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was starting to pitch a tent right there in broad day light right in the middle of the sidewalk, and I had a strange excited feeling running through my gut all while having visions of fucking two fat girls in clown outfits running through my mind!

And to add insult to injuryhere I wasa man who always prided himself on being outgoing and up frontbeing totally embarrassed and put on the spot by a fat girl who I thought was bashful and who I never really would have given a second glance to, yes at that moment in timeI was trulyfor lack of a better term ,mind fuckedhumbledand excitedall at the same time!

I literally couldn't talk, what with half a hard cock and those gigantic clown tits right in front of me actually asking me to come over and fuck her and her niece at the same time!

All I could was laugh and say "sure, why not?" She said "I don't think you are taking me seriously and I know I have put you on the spot but we really want to get fucked tonightso tell you whatif you want to comestop by tonight around nine o'clock big boy" and she laughed and squeaked that annoying horn of hers once again.

All I could do is chuckle and say "Okay, sure" and I walked away. I walked over to my cargot in and took off down the roadtrying not to break my gigantic rock hard dick that I know had after my encounter with the fat clown girlI really had something to think about on the road, so much forgetting my mind clear.

I was always the one to come right out and speak my mind and tell people like it is and always be up front about what I wantedbut even Iat my boldest momentwould not have walked randomly up to a girl I barely knew and flat out told her to come over and get fucked tonight! I just couldn't get the thought of what she said to me out of my head, and to be honest, even though I wasn't really into heavier chic's, I am not one to shy away from reaming two wet cunts with my rock hard cock, so my mind was made up, there was no way I was missing out on this action, my man code would simply not allow me to.

Fat or not, those pussies needed fucked and I was just the guy to ream and cream those cunts. The rest of the day and evening was a blurI just couldn't get the thought of what was supposed to happen later that night out of my headand not only thatI also couldn't get the thought of the way she asked me flat out with no holds barred and didn't give it a second thought.

To tell you the truth that was the hottest thing about it all, here is this girl who to the best of my knowledge doesn't get a whole lot of attention from men coming right out and asking me to fuck her, it got me hot and heavy to say the least. At about 8:30 I was really starting to get my anticipation up, I was looking in my mirror, sloshing on the cologne, and double checking my hair, and like I said, it didn't make any sense, here I was, a guy who could pretty much bag any piece of ass I wanted on personality alone and I was pacing back and forth like a school boy virgin about to go on his first date, and this was to go fuck to two fat chic's!

What the hell was going on? I nervously turned the lock on my front door and started walking up the street to Leslie's house around ten till nine. On the walk there I kept thinking that this was some sort of practical joke and I was setup by one of my buddies or by Leslie herself, I mean after all, this chic was a fucking clown!

I walked up on the porch rang the doorbell and waited with a nervous twist in my gut. I just couldn't stop thinking that this was some sort of practical joke and that I would look like some sort of horny, twisted, desperate fool. I mean I am showing up here knowing full well that I am supposed to be fucking Leslie and her niece at the same time, not her real blood related niece but some real kinky shit by any standards.

I heard the door knob starting to turn and it opened up. Leslie was standing there smiling, still in her clown outfit and I could see the left over remnants of the white makeup on her face, and I thought to myself, here it comes, here is where I get made a complete fool out of myself and look like a desperate freak because there was no way that this could be real.

She smiled, opened the door, and said "Looks like you made it, I knew you couldn't resist me", and then she just giggled. She said "come on in, we were just hanging out and drinking some wine".

I walk into the living room and it was dimly lit and I could see a bunch of candles all around. I thought to myself, here it comes, the most embarrassing moment of my life is about to happen. Just as I was walking past Leslie waiting for her to close the door, I saw Lisa coming out of the kitchen into the living room.

She was also still dressed in her clown costume, but I noticed right away that she had no shoes on because the blaze orange and black striped clown socks gave jumped right out at me.

She looked at me and smiled and said "You are here for the big party aren't you?" I said "Well I think so" and just laughed. Lisa came in and sat down on the couch with a glass of wine in her hand, just about that time I heard Leslie closing the front door and I heard her turn the lock. Now I was starting to think that this was legit as nothing weird happened so far, I mean I didn't see any of my buddies pop up from behind the couch and scream surprise at me up to this point.

Leslie said "Sit down and make yourself at home sexy" and then asked me if I would like a drink. I don't normally drink but I said sure, I figured I was going to need one with what was about to happen. I sat down on the chair next to the couch that Lisa was sitting on and I watched as Leslie walked over to the small bar she had and proceed to pour me a drink. I couldn't help but notice that big round juicy ass of hers bouncing back and forth in that clown outfit.


I also couldn't help but notice that her clown suit had one of those big flaps that cover the ass and was attached with two gigantic yellow buttons right below the waist, almost the same thing as those one piece long johns that has the square ass flap that unbuttons and comes down.

As she was pouring my drink I didn't know what to say so I blurted out the obvious. I said "so, do you ladies always hang out at night in your clown outfits?" Lisa just sat on the couch and chuckled, her legs spread apart with one foot up on the couch, I could see her muff and part of her camel toe ramming against the front of the crotch of her purple and white striped clown outfit. Pulling no punches as earlier in the day, Leslie said "Yes, we do, we want to be fucked in our clown outfits baby" She took a sip of her wine and looked at me and said "Not only that, but I want to see the look on your face when I lick pussy dressed in my work clothes" She took another sip and said "I hope you have enough cock in those pants and enough cum in those nuts for two big fucking nymphos like us".

My cock almost sprang to immediate full salute because I was never talked to so openly and graphically by any woman about sex let alone a fat chic dressed in a clown outfit in full view of another girl wearing the same thing!

She looked over at Lisa and said "Rub your pussy baby, get those juices flowing for me so I can get this party started" Lisa locked eyes with me and slowly slid her hand down to her crotch, spread her legs a little wider, and then began rubbing her pussy on the outside through her clown outfit.

Leslie put her knee up on the bar stool and leaned forward and said "yeah baby, do it, I want that pussy dripping wet" Lisa started to moan very slightly and I was getting hotter and fucking hornier than I have ever been in my life. Leslie looked over at me and smiled and said "get your cock out baby, I want to see what's going to be reaming my asshole a little later" I thought to myself, "fuck!

I never fucked anyone in the ass before, what if I do it wrong?" I pulled my zipper down and slid my cock through the front of my jeansit was hard as a rock and already it had about a teaspoon of pre cum all over the head of it because I was so fucking turned on and excited.

Leslie slowly walked over and knelt down in front of me and said, "Nice fucking cock baby, and look at all the spunk on that fucker already, I got to sample that!" She wrapped her left hand around the base of my cock and slowly slid it up to the head milking out another huge glob of pre cum.

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She looked me right in the eye as she slowly stuck out her tongue and started swirling it around my cock hole, slowly wrapping the tip of her tongue in my hot sticky cum, she then put the whole head of my cock into her mouth and sucked the huge spunk blob from the head of my throbbing cock, she kicked her head back, swallowed my pre cum, looked me right in the eye and said "Oh fuck yeah baby, salty fucking sweet, I love it!" She then put my cock back in her mouth and sucked what pre cum that was left in my cock and made a huge smacking noise with her lips when she was done and said "Love that fucking jizz babycan't wait to suck every drop out of your cock".

I couldn't help but notice the crack of her large round ass sticking out of her clown pants right above where the two big yellow buttons were holding the ass flap in place.

Lisa was still on the couch getting hot and heavy and she had worked her way inside her panties and was moaning in ecstasy and she slowly rubbed her clit. I could practically see the incredibly hard nipples poking through her flimsy clown top. Leslie stood up and said "Sit tight baby, I am going to show you how to eat pussy!" I had a perfect straight on view of Lisa as the couch was directly across the room from the chair I was sitting on.

Leslie stayed on her knees, turned around directly in front of me where I could get a perfect view of her big, round, and shapely ass. She slowly crawled on her hands and knees over toward Lisa and I could see her ass cheeks slowly bouncing back and forth as she made her way across the carpet in Lisa's direction.

As she reached Lisa she slowly reached for the waist band of her clown pants and slowly pulled them off and threw them at me and laughed. She started licking Lisa's inner thigh and slowly took Lisa's hand and placed it in her mouth sucking all of Lisa's pussy juices of her fingers. She slowly placed her thumbs inside the strap on Lisa's thong and peeled her panties off and turned and threw them at me also and said "Here stud, smell these pussy soaked panties, you know you love it" Who was I to argue?

I immediately grabbed her panties and spread the cotton crotch of her thong and buried my face into them savoring every drop of scent from the soaking wet crotch. The musty smell of her juicy cunt in those panties practically made me blow my load right there, but I knew I had to hold outI had two big girls who I had to fuck and I was going to savor every minute of these cunts that I could.

Leslie looked at me while my face was still buried in the crotch of Lisa's panties and she said "Yeah, I love it, smell the pussy in those panties!" She turned around to face Lisa, still down on all fours, and slowly starting sucking on Lisa's clit.

I could hear the loud, slurping, sucking, and smacking sounds of Leslie sucking down Lisa's cunt juice and it was driving me nuts! Leslie knew that I was looking at her ass of course so she did a bit of a tease slowly rocking her bigroundjuicy ass back and forth at just the right speed to make me even fucking hotter than I already was. Lisa was lying back, naked from the waist down, savoring every lick of Leslies tongue, and every smack of her lips, all the while moaning in pleasure while I slowly stroked my cock.

I saw Leslie reach into her pants and start to fondle her own clit while she lapped up as much of Lisa's pussy drippings as she possibly could. Lisa looked over at me and moaned in a barely audible voice "Yeah, look at that fucking cock".

We locked eyes and she said "Get over here behind Leslie and smack that hard cock against her ass" Leslie turned her head and said "Yeah baby, slap that fucking cock on my ass".

I got up and took my pants off and I have to be honest when I say I have never in my life had a hard on as rock as the one I had at that moment in time. I walked over; knelt behind Leslie who was still sucking all the pussy juice she could out of Lisa's cunt and began to rub my cock on her left ass cheek.

Her clown pants felt a little funny against my cock while I was rubbing. Leslie turned her head and said "No baby, slap that cock on my ass, slap it good!" So I drew my cock up as high as I could get it and slapped it down on her large round ass cheek.

After the loud slapping sound Leslie said "yeah, that's it, slap my fucking ass with that cock baby" After about 15 good slaps Lisa looks at me still enjoying her thorough cunt licking and said, "Now rub her ass baby; rub that ass with both hands". I get directly behind Leslie's big ass and place my hands on her ass cheeks and start to rub them ever so slowly, my gigantic hard on resting in the crack of her fat ass still covered with those silly clown pants, and I still had gobs of pre cum dripping from my cock, in fact, I dropped so much pre cum on them as it dried, it looked like a whole load was blown on them.

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Leslie turned her headlooked at mesmiledand slowly pulled her waist band down enough for me to see about two inches of her ass crack. She moved her ass back and forth slowly while sucking Lisa's clit and enjoying her ass massage I was giving her.

Lisa looked at me with her eyes practically rolling back in her head with pleasure and said "Look at that big sexy ass baby, you like that big fucking ass don't you?" I smiled and said "Yeah, I love it actually" Lisa smiled and said "That's good baby, because you are going to eat that fucking ass good!" Leslie turned her head with this incredibly sexy smile and said "Yeah baby, eat my fucking ass while I eat this pussy!" Leslie slowly reached around and undid the button her left side flap of her clown outfitthe she did the same on the rightshe wiggled her big round ass and the flap of her outfit fell straight down exposing her largeround shapely ass.

She was totally aroused at this point and I could see the pussy juices glistening on her pussy lips and right above it, her tight, pink, little asshole. I thought to myself, "For a bigger girl, this chic has got a nice ass and perfectly trimmed muff" Leslie turned her head, gave me the sexiest smile, placed her right hand above her ass crack and spread her ass cheeks apart with her thumb and finger, exposing her little pink asshole that was coated in her pussy juices.

She looked me right in the eye and said, "Spread my asshole and lick it good, eat my ass like your starving baby because I want to fucking cum hard!" She turned her head and continued licking Lisa's clit, I spread her ass cheeks apart and slid my tongue right into her little pink asshole, slowly swirling it around.

Leslie cocked her head back and shook her ass around and said "Ah fuck yes baby, eat my ass, I want to fucking cum so hard, I love it, eat my asshole!" I continued swirling my tongue around in her asshole, both cheeks spread wide with my hands, she continued to moan out in pleasure and wiggle her ass back and forth and up and down.

I stopped for a second to straighten my back up and get another sip of my wine and the atmosphere was incredible.

We were all soaked with sweat, the excitement in the air, and the whole room had the musty odor of sex and wet, dripping pussy, I could literally inhale the sex! Leslie was shaking her ass and said "come on baby, keep eating my ass, I want to cum". I got back down behind her and spread her ass cheeks and really planted my tongue in her asshole, I could feel her drenched pussy lips against my chin ass my tongue was buried in her ass as she moaned in pleasure.

She turned her head around and looked back at me and said "Is your chin wet baby? Cause my pussy is dripping; lick my fucking ass because I'm going to cum hard!" She stopped licking Lisa's pussy and cocked her head back and started to moan louder, and longer. As I buried my tongue deeper into her ass, she began to really ride it and she started to yell "Ah fuck yeah baby, eat my fucking ass I'm going to cum" she started to really shake and she exploded into an orgasm so intense that her juices were running down her inner thighs.

She turned her head with that big round juicy ass shaking in front of me and said "Fuck yeahthat's what I'm talking aboutnow spread my pussy and fuck it good". My cock was so hard by now I thought it was going to crack in half if I moved it!

I got right up behind her, and I spread her pussy lips with my thumb as my hand rested her on her as cheek and slid my rock hard cock into her dripping wet cunt. I placed my hand on the center of her ass and teased her asshole with my thumb as a started to slow give that pussy a slow easy, deep reaming. Lisa got up, and got on her knees and got right beside me but facing towards me and placed her hand on Leslie's other ass cheek.

She looked into my eyes and said "Fuck her! Fuck that cunt until she cums!" I reached down with my right hand and slid my middle finger into Lisa's snatch and finger fucked her while I was going slow and deep into Leslie's cunt, her pussy was so wet I could see my cock shining in the light as it went in and out, and Lisa's pussy was still dripping from the thorough eating by Leslie.

These girls were so hot and fucking horny I could literally smell the odor of sweet, musty, succulent wet pussy in the air, and it was driving me crazy. I thought for sure I was going to blow my gigantic cum load in Leslie's pussy so I had to act fast and think about something else quick or it was going to be over right there! Right then I knew what to do. I pulled my cock out of Leslie's dripping wet snatch and slapped it on her left ass cheek and watched about a teaspoon of pre cum fly off my cock and land on her ass.

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I pointed to my splotch of cum on Leslie's ass and I looked at Lisa and said "Get some of that honey". She smiled at me and bent down as I slid my cock slowly back into Leslie's dripping hot cunt and started to ream it again.

She looked up at me as she slurped up my wad of pre cum off of Leslie's sweaty ass, and she even ran her tongue down the top of her ass crack to savor every drop of jizz. She looked at me with those piercing eyes turned aroundgot right next to Lesliearched her back and started shaking her ass, her glistening pussy lips were soaked with her pussy juice and her pink little asshole was just drawing me in.

I pulled my cock out of Leslie's pussy, got behind Lisa and was just at the point of sliding my cock into her cunt when she turned her head and said "Fuck me like a fucking jackhammer, I want to feel your balls slapping against my clit" I slid my cock into her pussy which was tighter than Leslie's and began to fuck her with authority, Leslie got up on her knees and faced Lisa's ass sideways and placed her hands on Lisa's ass.

As I pounded Lisa's pussy with my throbbing cock, it was so hard her ass cheeks rippled like a wave every time my balls slapped against her muff. She turned her head and looked at me and said "Yeah, go deep and hard, fuck my pussy till it cums, go deep, go deep!" Leslie started kissing my ear and whispered to me "Fuck her hard baby, make that pussy cum, because I want fucked in my ass next". I felt like I was in the twilight zone, I already ate Leslie's ass and fucked her while she ate Lisa's pussy, and now while I was reaming Lisa's tight cunt and thinking I am going to blow my load, Leslie takes my finger and puts it in her ass crack and tells me she wants fucked in the ass, I was starting to feel like I was out of my league!

Just when I thought I had more wet pussies and tight assholes than I could handle, the phone rings, and to my amazement, Leslie goes over and answers it!

Here I was, balls deep inside her nieces wet cunt trying not to blow the biggest load of my life, knowing I was going to have to fuck Leslie in the ass next, and she was answering the telephone while I was fucking her niece who was moaning in pleasure. I thought to myself "Whoever is on the other end of that phone is going to think some really weird shit" but it didn't seem to bother Leslie or Lisa, she simply picked up the phone and said hello like it was no big deal!

Apparently it was another friend of hers named Kim. And apparently Kim asked her what she was doing and without missing a beat she said "Watching Lisa get fucked by my cute neighbor and getting ready to get fucked in the ass, aren't you jealous?" Leslie put the phone on speaker and I heard Kim say loudly "You are not, you are full of it!" Leslie responded "Listen" and then pointed the receiver towards Lisa and I and the phone picked up Lisa's moans of pleasure as I reamed her wet pussy.

Kim said over the speaker phone "what is that, sounds like you are watching porno!" Leslie said "I told you; I am having a fuck and suck with my neighbor and Lisa". Leslie boldly told her "As soon as Lisa cums, I'm getting fucked in the ass". Kim said "You suck! I want fucked in the ass too". The speaker started cracking as I sensed Lisa was about to cum so I really started going deep, my sweaty balls slapping her pussy as my cock drilled her as deep as I possibly could.

With the phone still on speaker and Kim listening on the other end, Lisa shouted "Fuck yes I'm going to cum, stick your finger in my ass and slam my pussy! I slammed Lisa's chubby, sweaty ass with everything I had while slowly sliding the tip of my thumb in her asshole. Leslie said loudly "yeah baby, fuck her, she's going to cum hard, fuck that pussy!" Lisa stared writhing in please and wiggling her ass as she exploded in gigantic, soaking wet pussy of an orgasm, I slowed down my cunt reaming to a slow grind after she came because to be honest, I was really digging the look of her ass bent over in front of me.

Leslie said to Kim over the speaker phone "believe me now bitch?" Kim just laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess so!" Leslie asked Kim "why don't you get your ass over here and get fucked with us?" Kim said "I don't even know the guy", To which Leslie responded "So whata hard dick in your ass is a hard dick in your assnow get over here with us and get fucked!" Leslie talked loudly over to me "hey baby, want another pussy?" I was in it for the long haul now and I was so into it, I simply couldn't resist.

I just put on my macho man front and said "Sure, bring it on!" I heard Kim say over the speaker "Give me 15 minutes". I have never been so excited in my lifeI was getting more ass in one night than I ever got in a week beforeand to be honestthe fact that I was going to fuck a stranger I had never even met was really turning me on big time.

I mean the expectation was insane, what if this chic was really hot, and all kinds of other questions kept running through my mind. I needed a slight breather so I pulled my cock out of Lisa's pussy and she collapsed on the floor covered in sweat and panting like a dog in 100 degree heat, and she said "one hole down baby and a little later, you have my asshole to go!" I was starting to wonder if I was going to be able to handle much more.

I mean I still hadn't blown my load and I was doing everything in my power to hold off as long as possible. But I knew with at least two more pussies and two more assholes to ream, this night was definitely going to be a multiple load night. We all took a little bit of breather and waited in anticipation for this girl "Kim" to get there. I was still kind of in awe about what was really happening and the fact that these two harmless chubby chic's who lived up the street from me were actually cock suckingcum slurping nymphos who couldn't get enough cock.

Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. While we were waiting Leslie goes to the fridge and gets herself a beer, all while her big round ass still dripping with sweat is bouncing back and forth.

My mind started to wonder which one of these chics was going to suck every drop of cum out of my nut sack. For some reason my money was on Leslie, from what I had seen so far, she really just seemed to be the nastiest, sex hungry, cum swallower of the bunch, but it still remained to be seen.

Right as I was getting visuals of Leslie sucking my nuts dry, the doorbell rings. And yes, it was Kim. I had never seen or met this girl before so was in for a total surprise. Leslie goes to answer the door butt naked with a soaking wet snatch from the previous sex that was going on, let's Kim in, and I lay eyes on her for the first time.

In walks this short girlwaist length dark curly hairand what I would define as cute to nice lookingnothing in the hot categorybut I noticed her body right awayshe wasn't over weight for her heightbut damnthis girl was thickshe had a set of killer hipsbig titsand a nice round juicy assI kept thinking to myself that this couldn't possibly get any better than it is now! She walks over to Lisa who was still sexually exhausted from the pounding I gave her a little earlier and started to give her a kiss, she then turns to me and says "So your tonight's community cock huh?" I just smiled and said "Yeah, I am the head of the community cock department for this evening" and let out a loud chuckle.

Without hesitation she stood right there in the middle of the room and started undressing, all I could do was sit there and keep my cock ready with my hand as I watched her strip. When she took of her top, I noticed she must have gotten dressed in a hurry because she had no bra holding those gigantic juicy tits underneath.

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They flopped out, with her huge nipples just starting right at me. She was wearing these sexy rhinestone low rise jeans and a black belt with silver stars on it. I also noticed that she had her belly button pierced but I couldn't make out what it was she had as the charm on it. She reached down and undid her belt, pulled down the zipper of her jeans, and slowly slid one leg out of them, then the other. I noticed right away that she had a thick, black, incredibly tight landing strip of pussy hair that was sure to get saturated with her snatch juices while my face was buried in it.

She came over to Leslie butt naked and gave her a nice tongue kiss and pulled on her nipple and said "You know what I am thinking don't you?" Leslie smiled and said "Yep!" they both just looked at me and said almost at the same time "Ass Train!" and they started giggling.

Of course I had no I idea what an ass train was, but I knew I was about to find out. Leslie and Kim held hands and walked over to the couch got down on their knees on the floor and put their elbows up on the couch cushions and started slowlyever so slightly shaking there asses back and forth.

Leslie yelled over to Lisa and said "Get over here girl, we need a caboose for our ass train!" She walks over and joins Leslie and Kim in the same position. And she too begins to slowly waddle her sexy plump ass back and forth and to be honest this was driving me fucking crazy! Right in front of me were three sexy, ripe asses and wet pussies, one of which I had just met and I was about ready to partake of them all! Talk about a ball sack draining cum drenched moment!

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Leslie turned her head to look at methere I was still slowly working my cock to keep my hard on and she said "We lined up your ass train baby, now this is the part where you start at the beginningand work your way to the caboose eating our asses" I was still kind of in pussy shock!

I mean here I was ,butt naked in what I thought was a shy girls house who never got laid and I am ready to lick all three of their pussy soaked assholesman if my cock could talk it would be going crazy right now!

I crawled over and the asses were lined up and backs were arched almost perfectly on all three of these girls.


It was Kim, Leslie, and Lisa, all in a row, and I wasn't going to hold back a thing! I took one last lance at the assholes and the pussies staring right at me before I dove in. I figured I'd be a little cute with it so what I did was starting with KimI gave each of them a little kiss on their left ass cheek and went straight down the line backwards on their right.

It was so hot in that room and you could sense the lust boiling over. And with all of the sex we had earlier ad now with Kim bent over right in front me with the rest of them, I could literally smell the sweet, tart, musty scent of all the wet pussy in the room, and it was driving me insane. I couldn't wait any longerI knelt down behind Kimspread her ass cheeks wide open and I stuck the tip of my tongue about a quarter inch into her pussy and then licked full tongue slowly straight up into her tight pink asshole and swirled it around.

She responded by taking a deep breath and moving her ass up and down causing her tight pink asshole to slide across my tingling taste buds. She moaned in pleasure and looked over at Leslie and said "Dam he eats a great ass!" Leslie responded "I know that shit girl, he's about to have a second helping of mine!" Leslie reached down and grabbed my right hand, spit on my finger, and said "Stick that in my ass baby".

So while slowly still running my tongue up and down Kim's asshole, and slowly slid my finger into Leslie's ass as she moaned with delight and shook her ass back and forth. I bought my tongue out of Kim's ass and slid over behind Leslie, Her pussy was still soaking wet and I could see the light gleaming off of her tight pink ass hole that was covered in her pussy juice. I spread her ass cheeks a little and gave her the whole tongue this time, a licked her slowly from her cunt, up her asshole, and right to the tip of her ass crack and back again.

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She wiggled, shook her ass and quivered with pleasure as my tongue probed the her soaking wet pink little ass hole. Like a cheerleader at a championship football game she cheered me on and said "Oh yeah, eat my ass, lick my asshole till I fucking cum!" I was totally into this now and went lowerdriving my tongue into her pussysavoring all of her musty coozthen up to her assholeand back againI felt the anticipation in the air as she was about ready to explode into another orgasm.

Kim and Lisa still bent over with asses and pussies in the air each reached over and placed a hand on each one of Leslie's ass cheeks and gave it a massage the occasional slap. The loud Crack of their hands slapping against Leslie's ample ass cheeks and my tongue probing the depths of her pussy and asshole was driving her further and further to the point of complete orgasmic insanity.

I began to lap up her asshole a litter faster, increasing the intensity and pressure, her moans of ecstasy growing louder and louder until she exploded into a body shaking, mind blowing orgasm that was so intense she threw her head back and her pussy exploded with juices and contractions. As I slowly brought my tongue out of her asshole as she slumped her head down onto the couch in front of her totally exhausted in the wake of her tiring and intense orgasm.

I had two assholes down and one more to go! I got behind Lisa who turned her head to look at me and smile with delight as I spread her ass cheeks and sank my tongue into her pink, tight asshole.

I went back to my full tongue form pussy hole to ass crack technique and Lisa went wild with pleasure. Leslie and Kim pulled me and forced me to lie down on the floor; Lisa pouted and said "Hey! He is not done with my asshole yet, what you are doing?" Kim said "Get your asshole over here and squat down".

Lisa came overher soaking wet pussytight asshole and huge hard nipples bouncing in the lightshe spread her legssquatted over me and slowly moved down until her ass cheeks naturally spread apart and planted her tight little asshole right on my tongue and began moving back and forth.

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I felt a hand on my cock but could not tell whose it was, I felt a moist warm mouth take in my cock and then let it go, I then felt a tongue licking the shaft of my cock right below the head and I heard Leslie say to Kim "Shake it out, shake out that pre cum and suck it off!" I felt the sucking pressure as Kim put the very tip of my cock into her mouth and sucked out my pre cum with a loud smack of her lips.

With Lisa's sweet ass rocking back and forth on my taste budsand Kim slowly sucking my cockI felt Leslie's tongue as she began licking my ballsit took everything that I had not to blow my jizz wad right then, but I wanted to savor this moment for a little while longer.

Lisa started wildly shaking her hips burying her asshole even harder against my tongue and said "Yeah baby, eat my ass, eat all of it and make me fucking cum!" Leslie took my left nut into her mouth and rolled it around on her tongue as I continued getting sucked off by Kim. Lisa's moans of pleasure continued and got louder as she reached down and began rubbing her clit. The sweet and tart scent of her soaking wet cunt was right in my face as I savored every drop of her sexy aroma and it was driving me crazy.

She began to move faster and moan louder still and I knew she was ready to cum. I reached up and grabbed a nipple in each hand and gave them a gentle little pull that sent her over the top as she exploded into orgasm and screamed "Oh fuck yeah eat my ass I'm cumming!" Her loud moans of pleasure exploded with her hot, dripping pussy into a gigantic orgasm as her ass rode my tongue until it subsided.

With her ass still slowly riding my face she must have reached around to Kim who was sucking on my cock and gave her a high five because I heard this loud "slap" and I heard Lisa say "Yeah, that's what the fuck I'm talking about!" Lisa slowly removed her sweet succulent ass cheeks from my face and got down next to Kim and Leslie who were still feasting on my cock, lapping up my pre cum and ball sweat and loving every minute of it.

Leslie let my nut fall out of her mouth and moved her tongue up to the base of my cock shaft as Lisa and Kim began running their tongues over my cock head. I placed my hands behind my head and tilted it up to enjoy the incredible view of 3 horny, cum hungry women all over my rock hard cock. As the pre cum oozed out of my cock and Kim and Lisa lapped it up, I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold back my massive load of cum for much longer.

They knew I was about to cum and they cheered me on. I was so into the moment that I wasn't paying attention to who was saying what but I heard "Yeah, come on baby, blow that load" and "Ah yeah, cum for us, cum hard baby!" I felt the incredible feeling of my cum load entering the base of my cock and there was no way I was going to miss this show!

I leaned up enough to get a great view of Kim, Lisa, and Leslie in a semi-circle gathered hungrily around my cock. Leslie took over the job of jerking my shaft as all three of these hot, sweaty, and fucking horny girls were drooling with their mouths wide open only inches from my swollen cock head.

With a loud "Oh fuck yeah!" The first spurt of my hot, sticky cum blasted out of my cock and into the air. My cum blasted across Kim's tongue and onto the side of Lisa's face and ran down to the base of her chin. Leslie hungrily grabbed my shaft and aimed it at her wide open mouth just as my second blast of sticky jizz spurted out of my cock head.

A powerful shot of jizz exploded into her mouth as she excitedly yelled "Oh yeah, give me that cum baby!" I watched as she swallowed every drop that blasted into her wide open and willing mouth and licked around her lips for globs that didn't. I could see the perfect curve of Kim's ass up in the air as she was bent over with Leslie and Lisa savoring my jizz bomb.

The next blast of my jizz was so fast it flew straight up into the air as my cock was being jerkedcame back down and landed on the head of my cock and splattered all over my lower stomach area. Lisa took my cum covered cock head into her mouth and sucked down the jizz as Leslie went to work licking cum off of my stomach. The rest of my gigantic load was a blur of pulsating jizz explosions that flew everywhere. Up the sides of their faces, onto their tongues, and landed onto the tops of my thighs.

My orgasmic pulsating cock spewed cum like a fire hose at my excitement of having three women draining my nut sack at the same time. When I couldn't blow anymore jizz, my spine stopped tingling and my toe nails uncurled (authors note: damn that was funny!), I looked down and saw all three of them feasting on my sweaty, cum covered thighs and stomach in a total jizz feeding frenzy.

The licking, smacking, sucking and moaning sounds were like a symphony to my ears. As I admired the three sweaty and naked asses in the air, I laid back in almost a state of disbelief as to what had taken place in the past few hours. They say truth is stranger than fiction and I now agree.

And as I savored the final moments of our chubby clown threesome fuck fest, I realized I'd never forget the night the sex circus "came" to town. The End……&hellip.