Slutty babe danica dillon all holes pounded by black men interracial pornstars

Slutty babe danica dillon all holes pounded by black men interracial pornstars
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(Joe is wrestling with Katrina on a bed with the intent to rape her.) Joe: You're gonna take all my cock in your hot pussy until I cum, bitch.

I'm gonna put my baby in your belly. (Katrina smacks Joe and sprays something in his face. Joe passes out.) (Joe wakes up on the bed completely naked, face down, tied down, and his ass in the air.


Katrina is stripped naked except for her panties she is still wearing, waiting for Joe to wake.) Joe: Oh&hellip.damn…what happened. Katrina: (smacking Joe's ass hard) You asshole! You're gonna fuck ME? Joe: OW! Bitch, untie these fucking ropes! Katrina: HAHAHAHA…Oh hell no. I'm not gonna get raped. YOU are!

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I got a big surprise for you, honey. (Katrina drops her panties, and shoves her cock in his face.) Joe: What the fuck? You got a … (At that moment, Katrina grabs Joe's head and shoves her cock in his mouth hard.

Slurping, choking, and gagging sounds can be heard. She holds his head down as she fucks his face roughly.) Katrina: (extremely angry and will get revenge)That's right! I got a big, thick cock! HAHAHAHAHA…Now who's getting raped?


Huh? You're gonna be MY bitch when I'm done with you! I'm gonna rip you open and fill YOUR ass with cum! Now who's the bitch, huh?

(She starts ramming hard and deep for a few strokes. Katrina takes her cock out for a moment only.) Katrina: Well, well, well&hellip.aren't you just a natural cocksucker? (she slaps her cock hard on Joe's face) Joe: No, wait…I'm sorry.

Just let me go and I wo. (As Joe tries to say 'won't', she rams her cock back in and gags him to shut him up. He is gagging again.) Katrina: (still fucking his face) Oh no&hellip.You were not going to have mercy on me.

You thought you were going to just rape me. You thought you were going to make me pregnant and ruin my life. I'm not going to have mercy on you now.

Karma, bitch! (slaps his ass hard) KARMA, MOTHERFUCKER! (slaps him two more times while still ramming his face) (Katrina takes her cock out of Joe's mouth and bends down to look him in the eyes) Katrina: Now the real fun is going to begin. You're going to be the one raped until I cum and fill YOUR ass.

YOU are gonna be the bitch taking cum today! (slaps both sides of his ass twice while laughing) (Katrina grabs lubrication and puts enough on. She quickly moves and puts her hard cock against Joe's virgin hole.) (Joe starts struggling against the ropes and moving his ass to stop Katrina.) Katrina: Keep fighting, slut. You were going to like it if I was fighting, right?

HAHAHAHA&hellip.You're getting fucked now and I'm going to enjoy this. Joe: NO! STOP! Katrina: (starts pushing slowly) Oh, you have such a tight little ass, bitch.

Do you feel it? I'm pushing in. I'm going to make it slow and painful. Joe: NO! DON'T! Katrina: Oh? You don't want it slow? Then how about THIS!!!! (Katrina suddenly rams her cock in all the way in one hard thrust as she says the last word) Joe: AAAAAAAAAAA!

IT HURTS!!!! GET IT OUT!!! Katrina: Oh, come on, slut.

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It doesn't hurt that bad, does it? Weren't you going to do this to me? Well if you don't care how I feel, I'm not going to care how you feel either, so (pulls her cock out, leaving the tip in and yells) FEEL THIS!!! (rams back in as hard as she can) (Joe is screaming as Katrina pounds him as hard, fast, and deep as she can.) Katrina: Oh, you're so tight, bitch!

I'm ripping you open good! Don't you love how it feels? I love it! You feel so good with your tight ass around my cock! You're a good slut now and I'm gonna let all of my friends fuck you, too! Joe: STOP! AAAAAA! GOD, STOP!

IT HURTS! Katrina: Shut up and take it all, slut! I'm not going to stop until I breed you like the whore you are! You're MY bitch now and you're getting fucked until you beg for more!

(sounds of Joe in pain and the slapping of bodies) (Katrina keeps laughing and insulting Joe as he begs her to stop. She keeps abusing and slapping him) (Katrina is about to cum in Joe and he can feel it) Katrina: Oh, yes. Can you feel it? Joe: NO!.OW!.AAAAAA!.GOD!.STOP!.IT'S GETTING BIGGER! GET OUT! Katrina: Yeah, it's getting bigger.

I feel my balls hurting, bitch. I'm going to empty my balls right in your boy-pussy (laughing). Joe: NO, NO, NO, NO!!!

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DON'T CUM IN ME! NOT INSIDE! Katrina: (mocking Joe) Awwww&hellip.don't cum inside me, don't cum inside me, oh pleeeease! HAHAHAHAHA&hellip.Isn't that what you expect all the girls to say? How many times have they begged you? How many times did you listen? Didn't you just cum inside them anyway?

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(between words, Katrina is angry and rams Joe harder.) DID&hellip.YOU…CUM…IN…THEM? DID…YOU?.DID…YOU?.YOU…ASS…HOLE! Joe: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA&hellip.STOOOOOOP…PLEEEEEEASE! Katrina: Shut up, whore! (slaps his ass hard) Joe: NOOOO! Katrina: Get ready, slut! I'm gonna cum! (slaps his ass twice) Joe: OH GOD!.NO!.STOP! Katrina: (starts ramming harder and faster) Gonna cum…almost there&hellip.

Joe: STOOOOOP! Katrina: Do you want me to stop? Joe: YES!

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STOP! Katrina: Tell me to cum in your ass like a good little bitch. Joe: NO&hellip.PLEASE&hellip. Katrina: SAY IT, WHORE! TELL ME TO CUM AND I WILL STOP! (slaps his ass again) Joe: NOOOOO! Katrina: YOU WANT ME TO KEEP FUCKING? I KNEW YOU WERE A SLUT! TAKE MY CUM, BITCH! Joe: PLEEEEEEEASE&hellip.DON'T CUUUUMMMM IN MEEEEEEE Katrina: I'M&hellip.I'M…GONNA&hellip.UH&hellip.GONNA&hellip.CUMMMMM&hellip. Joe: OH, GOD…NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO Katrina: (slams herself in deep and pulls Joe back into her hard as she releases) CUMMMMMINNNNG DEEEEEEEP&hellip.AAAAAAAAAAA Joe: AAAAAAA!.IT BURNS!.GOD HELP MEEEE!.IT HURTS!

(Katrina holds Joe hard to her and makes tiny little thrusts to milk more cum into him while Joe keeps crying. This lasts about 20 seconds before she pulls off.) Katrina: (shoves her cock into Joe's mouth) Clean me off, bitch! That was a fun ride!

Now that you have my cum in you, I can call my friends and they can fuck you too! Joe: (sounds of sucking and gagging) Katrina: (talking on the phone while she is holding Joe's head down) Hi! Get the girls together&hellip.Uh huh…I have a new slut as a great present for you all…