Riss Schönheit Brandi Liebe reitet die sexy sybian

Riss Schönheit Brandi Liebe reitet die sexy sybian
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It was a warm Saturday night, my girlfriend and I was heading to a concert at a local festival. We were going to meet a friend of hers from school.

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The two had been talking for some time about hooking up and even including me in their antics. Haley looked great that night. Her red hair shined and she wore an incredible dress, cowgirl boots and one of my old hats. I couldn't wait to get that dress off of her later. Haley was about 5'4" or 5'5" she had a decent build and a great ass. Nice c cup tits with perky pink nipples. I couldn't wait to meet her friend, hoping that she was half as hot as my girlfriend.

Later that night Haley wandered off to find her friend while I stayed back to save our spots. She returned about ten minutes later and introduced us. "Michael!" She yelled in her cute voice. "This is Katie". I turned around to see a beautiful blonde girl smiling at me. She reached out her hand to greet me, but I was lost in a trance. She had beautiful long blonde hair, the cutest freckles and a mesmerizing smile. And her body was just as good!

She was about and inch shorter than Haley and her boobs were about the same but her curves were more defined and way sexier than Haley's. "Nice to finally meet you." I said as I shook her hand.

We all three made small talk and flirted a bit. We enjoyed the concert then after we walked her a few blocks away to her boyfriends car.


As soon as she left Haley asked me what I thought of her new friend. "Not bad" I said trying to hide the fact that I was head over heels for this new girl. After a few weeks of them talking and flirting Katie finally agreed to come over. I lived with Haley and her family. I had recently graduated from high school but Haley was still only a junior. So I drove to Katie's house, the entire time Haley and I avoided talking about sex, but we were both thinking about it.

We picked up Katie and she somehow looked even more amazing than she did the night we met. She wore short jean shorts, and a cute tank top with a bra that really made her breasts that more noticeable. She was so cute. After a day filled with volleyball and swimming with Katie, Haley and her little sister Jordan, Haley's parents and sister left for church leaving the three of us home alone.

It didn't take long for things to turn towards sex, we locked ourselves in Haley's room and began to play spin the bottle. I went first and it landed on Haley. She bent over to kiss me and I could tell she was trying to impress Katie. Next it was Haley's turn.


The bottle landed on me. Again she had to kiss me. Making this one even better than the last. I knew she couldn't wait to kiss Katie. I couldn't wait to see it. Katie spun the bottle, and again it landed on me. "Today's my lucky day!" I said jokingly.

Haley was not amused. Katie leaned over to me and our lips met. I felt my cock get instantly hard. Our kid didn't last near as long as Haley and mine did or have any tongue but it turned me on way more. Maybe it was because it was strange, maybe it was because I was more attracted to her but Haley took notice. I spun the bottle and it landed on Katie. She smiled at me as we kissed again. This time was even better. "You're a great kisser" Katie said to me and I could feel myself blush.

"Thanks so are you" Haley immediately spun and it finally landed on Katie. The two girls looked at each other. And as they bent in to kiss Haley opened her mouth just enough to bump teeth. They backed away fast and Haley was clearly embarrassed. They leaned in again and their first kiss was just a simple peck. Katie smile but Haley was still clearly embarrassed. Katie spun again and it landed on me. I told her to spin again to avoid getting into trouble.

She did and this time it landed on Haley. The girls kissed. It was a long passionate kiss and then they began to make out.

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Katie put her hand on Haley's face to hold her in place. Haley laid down and Katie climbed on top. They continued to kiss and their hands began to explore each other. I sat there enjoying the scene with I felt Haley's hand grab my wrist.

As I leaned in to join the kissing Katie began to take off Haley's shirt and kiss down her body all the way to her shorts.

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Haley and I kissed as Katie undone Haley's shorts and pulled them off. I sat back and watched and Katie teased my girlfriend and kissed her through her panties. Then Katie turned her attention to me. She crawled to me and took off my shirt.

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And we stood on our knees face to face Haley crawled behind her and removed her shirt. God hurt tits looked so good in that bra. I laid down and the two girls continued to make out and they both used on hand to undo my pants while rubbing each other with their free hand. Katie turned to me and I took off my pants.

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My cock was as hard as a rock underneath my boxers. When she pulled it out she looked at it as if she had never seen a dick before. "That thing goes inside of you?" She asked Haley in shock. "Every chance we get" Haley said back. "But it's. it's huge!" She replied. And then as if not even thinking twice she bent over and put it in her mouth. Taking as much as she could.

I never thought I was big until that day.

But Katie was a trooper as she sucked and licked my hard cock. She held it in her hand and directed it into Haley's mouth. I was in heaven as the two girls shared my cock. Finally Haley began to kiss Katie. We switched positions and Haley removed Katie's shorts and her cute pink panties exposing her freshly shaved pussy.

Haley began to eat her out so I climbed behind Haley who was already in doggy style position. Her pussy was dripping wet. I spread her lips and stuck a finger in. It slid in so easy and I heard her moan. I didn't waste anymore time. I shoved my cock as deep as it would go inside my girlfriends pussy.

She burst out in ecstasy. This wasn't our first threesome but this was definitely the hottest yet. As I fucked Haley she ate Katie's pussy like she was a pro.

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Katie moaned so loud and I could see her body shake with each orgasm. I pumped my cock into Haley and slapped her ass feeling her girl cum flow from her young pussy.

The girls changed positions and I was directly behind Katie. He perfect ass pointed up in the air as she ate my girlfriends pussy. I just had to know what she tasted like so I bent down and ate her out from behind. She tasted so good and she was so wet. I could hear her moan.

And she was making Haley moan and scream. I lapped up her juices and swirled my tongue around her puffy clit. Her juices were all over my face and her moans were getting louder. I knew I was close to making her cum. I kept on liking and sucking and slurping. She grew louder and louder until finally she climaxed. She bucked and jerked and she came so hard she completely abandoned Haley. I stood up and slid my cok inside of her while she was still cumming.

She screamed and bucked. The juices flowing from her young pussy. For a moment we forgot all about Haley who was laying in front of us watching her boyfriend make another girl cum harder than he ever made her. Katie's pussy was so tight and wet. I knew I wouldn't last long inside of her so I pumped a few more times then pulled out.

As soon as my cock was free from the grip of her tight cunt even more fluid flowed out. After a moment of orgasm Katie continued on Haley. I watched as Katie ate my girlfriends pussy and I slid around to Haley and she took my member into her mouth.

After a few minutes of sucking and licking my shaft she let out a squeak and when I looked down Katie was making her squirt. I had always been able to make her cum and make her really really wet. But never squirt. I was amazed. Haley sprayed her juices all over Katie's face and tits. I was blown away by the scene. After Haley's intense moment was over I laid in my back and the girls shared my dick again.

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Taking turns sucking and licking and stroking my cock until I finally came. Katie immediately took my cock into her mouth and took all of my cum. But she didn't swallow. She held it in her mouth trying to share it with her new lover but Haley refused. She never liked the taste of cum very much. Katie looked at me and smiled. She opened her mouth to show me the load that I gave her then she swallowed and opened her mouth again.

She turned to Haley to make out all the while still slowly stroking my cock. The girls giggled and kissed and Katie finally let go of my cock. The both fell simultaneously on either side of me cuddling up and rubbing my chest.

I had never felt like such a man, but this was nothing compared to what was to come. No pun intended