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Smail xxx full prm movie
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Robin learns how it's done In the last chapter, "Robin Loses It", Bo makes love to Robin for the first time I was back in the bathroom having just taken a shower after Bo and I had slept. I was standing there naked admiring my young freshly fucked body and feeling pretty good about myself.

Being a woman wasn't all that bad. And then I stopped and wondered if I was pregnant. He hadn't come in me so I figured I was safe.

Just then Tami came in and she was helping Tanya walk. Tanya looked like she had been in a fight or something. She had a robe around her shoulders and her body had bruises at odd places. She had been crying because her make up was all a mess. "What happened to you, Tanya?

I asked with real concern. "Oh she has just been misused a little", Tami replied for her trying to make light of it. "Misused by whom?" I asked thinking I was the one that was the one that got misused around here. "Help me put her in the Jacuzzi and I will explain," said Tami. "Don't", Tanya said but didn't seem to have the heart for much of an argument.

I helped Tami get Tanya into the tub and once she looked comfortable Tami pulled me aside. "You know while I was teaching you a life lesson back there with Antowan, Tanya was working on Bo to go easier on you. He told her that he would go easier on you if Tanya took your place. So while you were in there with Bo. Tanya was servicing Antowan. He is not the most genteel person in the world and he roughed her up a little bit.

He knocked her out and since she was not able to defend herself he fucked her pretty relentlessly. Not something I would want to have happen to me. If I had not gone to check on her he would still be on top of her. Pig!" "She did that for me? Took my place I mean?" I was in awe that anyone would volunteer for that. "Yeah she did. And I was never going to let Antowan do you anyway. I was just going to scare you and then come up with another way to antagonize you until Bo told me to stop.

In spite of what you may think, we are all on your side. Actually we are on Bo's side. He wants to make love to supple young women and we love him enough to provide that for him." I digested what Tami had just told me and I was flabbergasted.

Tanya made a sacrifice for me when she didn't have to. They both wanted to serve Bo and if that meant bringing him young women than so be it. What kind of hold did he have on them? Awe inspiring was all I could think.

But I was more concerned with what was going to happen to me. I was sure that my life was not in danger and my virginity was not going to take a lot of protecting as that was gone. I couldn't say that I missed it much. I felt rather silly about putting up such a fuss about it actually.

If sex with Bo was what replaced it I thought I had made a fair trade. I just assumed that Bo and I would live together in his big house and that everything would be just fine. As I thought about that for a second I realized that I was being naïve and that there had to be a lot more to it then that. Why would Bo be satisfied with just me when he had the likes of Tami and Tanya?

They were every bit as attractive and I am sure they were a lot more worldly than I would ever be. I couldn't help but ask, "What is going to happen to me now, Tami?" I really didn't expect a clear answer but was surprised once again. "Oh you will be spending quite a bit of time in Bo's bed and I dare say that you will be on your back for most it. Once Bo gets a new girl he likes to make love to them pretty often. Like all day.

He can do it too." "But don't worry because he is basically kind and he would not mistreat you. Besides he goes away a lot on business and that will give you some reprieve. When he is busy with other things then you are mine to train. "What are you going to train me in?" thinking that I was going to get some career going.

I was so stupid. "I will train you in how to be the consummate lover for Bo," Tami replied rather matter-of-factly. "Gosh! How much is there to know? People have been having sex forever and I think I can pick it up on my own." Tami came over to be and brush my hair out of my eyes and smiled. "Sweety, just being some common lay is not going to hack it here.

When I get done with you, and with Bo's help, you are going to be one terrific fuck. It is not a bad thing. You are going to have sex any way you should just be really good at it. Believe me. It will give you power over men in general, and even over Bo, that you cannot imagine. And the pleasure you give is always returned in duplicate. So just listen to what I have to say when we have time together and you will have Bo eating out of your hand." "Who are the rest of us?" I asked getting more confused about what lay ahead and a little concerned again about being in some odd cult or something.

"Bo has a few ladies that he sees regularly. The ones that have become exceptional in what he likes. They come and go as their schedules permit and as Bo's need vary.

There have been many others that have come and gone. But if Bo snaps his finger they are back here in a second." "But I thought you said you had been here since you were just a young woman?" I asked her trying to figure out how one got selected to stay, go or come back. "Well I have Sweety. Bo likes having me around and I am very good to him.

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If he told me to cut your throat I would do it in a heartbeat. He never would by the way. Bo would never put a permanent mark on any of his ladies. But mostly I am very good in bed. Very very good." She said this last with a Mona Lisa like knowing smile that made me believe that she probably was very good.

For the life of me I could not imagine how good one could become at sex. I mean you kept yourself looking nice, you learned a few positions, had a willing attitude and then what? It just seemed like there were just so many things you could do in that department and while I was a bit innocent I sort of had an idea what most of them were. How many orifices could one woman use for crying out loud?

"Don't worry your pretty head about it Robin. You will learn it all in due course. When Bo is not with you you will have to spend some time with me and I will teach you all you will need to know." Tami explained. "While Bo is getting some rest we are going to get started on some of the basics." With that she went off and came back with what looked like two fudgesicles.

"The first thing you need to learn is how to give a passable blow job. Bo likes his dick sucked first thing when he wakes up every morning so you need to learn this pretty quickly," Tami said taking the wrapper off of one of the fudgesicles and handing it to me. She cleared the wrapper off of the other and held it in both hands. "So when you spend the night with Bo as soon as you wake up in the morning, whether he is awake or not you have to go down on him. You take his cock in both hands like I am holding this fudgesicle and then use your tongue to swirl around the end like this." Her pink tongue snaked out and started making swirls around the end of the sicle.

"Go on practice," Tami said in a tone that I recognized as one that I should not question. I swirl my tongue around the end of it and while it tasted pretty good I could not help but bursting out laughing. "Robin!" Tami's voice was stern. "Don't ever laugh when you have a guy's dick in your hands. They are really sensitive creatures and if they think you are laughing for the wrong reason it could go badly.' I collected myself and went back to swirling the make believe dick and tried to get serious about it.

I had learned that they took some things very seriously around here. One was obeying commands and I now knew that laughing when doing make believe oral was another.

"Now lower your head onto it and engulf the entire thing like this," Tami commanded and slid the entire fudgesicle into her mouth. I did the same.

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I knew how to eat a fudgesicle. "Now draw it out but suck on it as you slowly take it out of your mouth." I did as she asked and was rewarded with a nice mouthful of ice cream. Tami took my sickle away from me and studied it. "Look. You left teeth marks! You can't do that to a guy's dick!" she admonished me. "Hmm,' I thought. "Maybe sucking a dick was a little more difficult than I had thought" Just then Bo's voice came over a speaker and said," Robin come back in here please." Tami threw the fudgesicles in the garbage and said," Here slip into something sexy." I realized that I had been standing there doing all this in the nude and was completely unselfconscious about it.

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So many strange people had seen all of my charms in the last few hours that I guess I had become comfortable with my nudity. Tami went into the closet and came out with a little negligee that looked like it was for someone half my size. "Put this on," she said and I got busy stepping into these tiny little bottoms while thinking "why bother" They didn't cover much and I am sure I wouldn't have them on long. "Now try to practice giving Bo some head if he will let you.

He will be more interested in fucking you but you need to get some practice. Just ask him to let you practice on him.


He will understand that you are at least trying. After that you are own. He will be easy on you since you are so new so don't get all tensed up and ruin a good fuck for both of you." I slid the top over my amble bosom which somehow seemed to have gotten bigger since I had been there.

My nipples poked through the material and I tried to remember the last time they had NOT been erect. I glanced at myself in the mirror and the image was not that unpleasant. The outfit was too small and left little to one's imagination but so be it. "Hurry. Go to him. It won't do to keep him waiting." I hustled past her on the way to the bedroom and she surprised me by slapping my exposed butt as I went by.

I turned to look at her in shock and she was just grinning at me. "Fuck his ears off, Baby," She said and I had to smile at that. =============================================================== I sort of stumbled into the dimly lit room and then slowed down figuring I should at least try to look sexy. Bo was lying on the bed watching me with a smile as he slowly rubbed his flaccid cock. I wondered if this man ever had on clothes But then I realized I had not been wearing clothes a lot of the time lately either.

"Hi Robin," he said in that deep sexy voice of his. I walked over to the side of the bed and stood there until he gave me further instructions. "Who put you in that outfit?" he asked.

"Tami picked it out for me. Do you like it?" I said and turned around to give him the entire exposure. "Tami thinks everyone's breasts are as small as hers and picks out clothes accordingly.

You look uncomfortable in that thing. Do you want to take it off?' "Yes!" I answered feeling how it restricted my boobs for the first time. Trying to act like I had done this a thousand times before I slowly undid the little ribbons holding the front together thinking this would look sexier than just ripping the thing off over my head. I saw Bo watching me closely as I fiddled with the bows and I started to sway my hips in a half-assed attempt to look like a stripper.

I undid all of the bows before pulling the front apart and releasing my tits from the confines of the material. Knowing he was still watching I inhaled to expand my chest and make my breasts stand up higher. I looked at myself in the mirror behind the bed and wondered when I had become such a slut.

A slut with a nice rack but a slut none the less. I couldn't believe how my nipples were still hard and my breasts seemed swollen to almost another cup size. I was a slut and one that was apparently always in heat.


Oh well. Something about 'when in Rome' went through my mine. "You like?" I asked in my best little girl voice. "Oh I like a lot Robin.

Your breasts are beautiful as is the rest of you. You should be very proud of your charms." I slid the top off and let it fall to the floor. I sat on the side of the bed and looked down to where Bo was still stroking himself. "Tami says I should ask you to let me practice blowing you. Can I?' Bob laughed. "Robin, let me answer that question for all of mankind-yes. You don't ever have to ask me or anyone other man if they want a blow job from you.

The answer will always be 'yes'. You are so cute sometimes." I smiled thinking that I had at least made him laugh. "Well Tami tried to show me how on a fudgesicle but I don't think I got it.

So maybe you could give me some pointers if I screw it up." "Give it a try, Robin. I can't imagine you being awful at it. The worse blow job I ever had was terrific." I climbed into the bed and he spread his legs so that I could kneel between them.

I moved his hand from his cock so that I could grip it the way Tami had shown me. Holding it at the base I came face to face with a man's sex for the first time and took a moment to study it. It was kind of cute in a turtle sort of way. Not wanting it to become obvious that I was studying his dick I put my head down and gave the end of it a few tentative licks with my moist tongue.

When I got no complaints about that I swirled my tongue around the head of it tracing an outline around the largest part. I got a groan of pleasure from Bo over that so I kept it up until my saliva had wet the head of it completely.

I then shoved a bit of into my mouth being careful not to drag my teeth over it. And then I applied suction and pulled it slowly from my mouth much like I had done with the fudgesicle. There were a couple of obvious differences though.

One, it didn't taste like a fudgesicle. It had a musky smell and therefore a musky taste which from that point on I always associated with how a man should taste. Two, the groan I got from Bo caused me to look up into his eyes to make sure I wasn't hurting him. He looked down at me with his dick in my mouth, shook his head from side to side and said'" You are the most beautiful thing." And third, this fudgesicle was not melting as I sucked on it. Quite the opposite.

It came to life in my hands and with just one suck it seemed to double in size and get a life of its own. I was pretty please with this. Great! A fudgsicle that gets bigger as you eat it. Having gotten positive feedback on this I lowered my head back on his cock. I had to open my mouth a lot wider, it was harder to keep my teeth off of it, and I got a lot less of its ever increasing size into my mouth. As I applied suction and slowly slid it from my wet mouth I looked up at Bo.

His eyes were half shut as he gave another slow moan. His cock got bigger again. Now I obviously had seen Bo fully erect but this was different.

I was making him come to life and it gave me a sense of power and control like I had never had. His dick was starting to pulse where I held it in both hands at the base. I was thinking 'I like this cock sucking stuff'. For the first time it seemed like I had control of the situation and I was pulling the strings. Neat. I tried to get my mouth around Bo's cock and this was becoming a challenge. I slid him back into my mouth and probably only got a third of him in there before I sucked and slid him out again.

The saliva had built up it my mouth and when I removed his cock it drooled onto my chin. I was embarrassed for being so sloppy and tried to scoop it back into my mouth but Bo saw what was gong on and I was mortified. "It's okay, Baby. Just let it drool onto my cock. A wet blow job is the best.' 'Damn' I thought. This cock sucking thing was great. At least the etiquette was relaxed. "Am I doing okay," I asked looking up at him.

He gave a little laugh and said," You are doing more than okay." "Seriously, Bo. I want you to teach me how to do it right. Help me please.

You know I am new to this." "Okay baby. I will give you a few tips. First what you are doing now is incredible. Now just try taking it deeper into your mouth and doing the same thing only a little faster." Fair enough I thought. If he liked what I was doing then more and faster seemed like the way to go. I went back to inserting him into my mouth and he was larger than the last time. I wondered when this thing would stop growing.

I looked up at him and slowly slid him in until he was at the back of my mouth and then sucked him as I took it to just the end between my lips. And I went back down on him immediately. Well if I thought he liked the other stuff, he really went wild over this.

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His hips started moving as though to help me. I kept looking up at him to make sure I wasn't hurting him and went up and own on his shaft as quickly as I could. His dick seemed to quit growing, thank God, but I was drooling like crazy around his shaft. He said it was okay so I forgot about it as my saliva slid down the rest of his shaft.

His ball sack was pull up tight against his body and I boldly reached down with one hand and tried to hold them. No one had told me to do this but I wanted to see what they felt like. The skin was all rough but soft at the same time and I could feel his balls moving around in there.

I massaged them gently as I continued to suck his cock. His hips thrusts were getting more insistent as though he wanted more of his cock in my mouth. I tried putting more of it in there but thought,' Heck my mouth is only so big." As though to help, Bo placed his hands on the top of my head and pushed down a little until his cock went past the back of my tongue and started down my throat.

I started to gag when he did this but figured he was only making me do what he liked. But I didn't want to throw up on him so I pulled him completely out of my mouth and caught my breath.

"Bo, let me do it. I know what you want and I will try to give it to you but don't push my head down on it. Please.' With a sigh of resignation he let go of my head and I went back to work to prove to him I could give him what he wanted.

By sticking my tongue out I made more room inside my mouth for his cock. I slid it to the back of my throat up to where I started to gag.

I breathe in deeply through my nose and push him into my throat passage while trying to relax. Once his cock head was past this point shoving more of him down my throat was easy as long as I didn't run out of air. I got about three quarters of his thick cock into me before I started to gag and with drew his cock as slowly as I could while sucking his length.

I was rewarded by a primal moan from Bo. I really liked what I was doing to him. Having caught my breath I went back to work sliding him in my hot wet mouth while my saliva drooled around his shaft and my free hand fondled his balls almost unmercifully now. I again took a deep breath and shoved him past the back of my throat with every intention of swallowing all of him. And I did, getting my lips right up to his closely cropped pubic hair.

Holding in for only a second I withdrew but slower and with more sucking. My reward was Bo thrashing around except now he seemed to be speaking in tongues. I went right back at it and this time I went all the way down and held it. My throat started to spasm but I held him all in my mouth and let my throat grip his cock head with my spasms. Bo was going nuts with this and I held it until I thought I would pass out from lack of air and then slid him out.

My mouth juices were now leaking down his balls and he seemed to be in another time zone. I went back at him and this time held it even longer with my throat convulsing about his head and shaft. His cock stared to swell up in my mouth and I had to remove him quickly. I had gotten to where just his head was in my mouth before the first blast of his orgasm landed in my mouth. I was at a loss as to what to do so I just held it in my mouth.

But that didn't last long as another spurt came along over filling my mouth to the point where I had to swallow it. I was surprised by how it tasted but why wouldn't I be. Just recently a virgin I had certainly never had a guy come in my mouth before. He started to spurt again and I wasn't sure how much of this stuff I was suppose to swallow so I slid him to where he spurted on my lips and chin. And then not knowing what possessed me I slid a finger from the hand that was massaging his balls up into his ass.

It was well lubricated from all of the saliva that I had drooled all over him.

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Bo gave a yelped and raised off of the bed as my finger entered him and I would have thought I had hurt him except that he released a rope of his semen onto my chest. That cock of his was going like a fire hose and I wondered when it would stop. Not wanting it in my hair I nestled his cock between my heaving breasts and then drove my finger back up his ass.

His come spurted between tits coating both of them. Then he collapsed back on the bed and I remove my finger hoping I had not done something wrong. His cock was still jumping where I held it between my tits but it seemed to have emptied itself. "Thank God," I thought. I was running out of places to put it all.

I stroked his cock with one hand and watched his face for some sort of reaction. I thought maybe I was in for a beating or something but then his eyes opened and he smiled down at me where I sat with his sperm all over my chin and my tits.

"Where in the hell did you earn to suck dick like that?" he said in what I took to be an admiring way. Once I knew he wasn't going to hit me I smiled and said," Well yours is the first I have ever sucked so I guess it was right here. Tami did give me a lesson though." I added matter-of-factly.

"Bullshit. Tami didn't teach you how to suck cock like that in the little while she had. You are a natural, Girl. I can't believe you took me down your throat on your first blow job.

And then that thing with your finger at the end. That would kill half of the guys I know. You are INCREDIBLE." I smiled.

If only he knew how much I enjoyed doing it. And how I wanted to fuck his ears off right then.