Mature schoolgirl amateur gets fucked

Mature schoolgirl amateur gets fucked
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Jessica couldn't sleep with the two foreign objects in eacg of her holes. Jack who was keeping watch also made sure of this as he got up frequently thrusting both the broom handle and bottle in and out, this took place for a good 4 hours until he was spent and Jerry took over guard of the chained up slag; he did the same for the next 2 hours until all the men were awake and ready for round 2.

It was 7 AM and Jessica had been abused with at least one of her holes filled for 12 hours straight. The men ready for the new day formed two lines one behind Jessica and the other towards her mouth. Jack stepped up to the bound beauty and pulled the two protruding objects from the holes. Both were mixed with cum from the night before and blood. He then removed her gag at which time she started screaming "someone help me please, please have mercy I won't tell anyone".

As she continued the frantic pleading Jack inserted a ring gag into her mouth and fastened it from the back opening up her mouth. Her pleading became unrecognizable mphmphmph. Jack called out round two as he placed a brick beneath her stomach lifting both her ass and cunt into perfect fucking positions.

The first one in line was a tall large black dude in his 50s with a 10 inch cock.


He moves closer to Jessica who is again sobbing hysterically and jams his cock right into her ass without warning. As this happens another guy positions himself at her open mouth and slowly slides his cock in.


Both men start to fuck Jessica in unison as hard as they can. Sounds of balls slapping against her pussy and chin were drowned out by shouts of "fuck that gutter whore" and use that garbage dump cum slut" this made Jessica even cry more as they continued to use her two holes. The guy at her mouth would hold all 9 inches of his cock in her mouth occasionally holding her nostrils together so she couldn't breathe.

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This double rape took a good 20 minutes before they both came. One in her ass and the other in her mouth in which she gagged. Another man took up position at her cunt and just started to thrust in without regard for Jessica's wellbeing.


Before anyone headed towards her mouth Jack came up to her with a couple pieces of scotch tape. Altough Jessica was still sobbing and being fucked hard in the cunt she had time to "think" about what Jack was going to do.

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It didn't take time before she found out. He took one strip and positioned it to her right eye closing the lids and taping it shut, she did the same to the left side of her right eye, the scene was repeated on her left eye. Jessica was now completely blind as he thrust his cock into her mouth.

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Another man took a sawed off piece of wood from the garbage pile and slowly slid it into her cunt until all 6 inches were in. Jessica was still being fucked in the cunt and mouth with a piece of wood in her ass. The pain was excruciating and although she had heard stories of rape victims bodies "responding" hers wasn't, it was just pain. After fucking her face Jack pulled out and came all over her forhead and hair with the cum slipping down her face. The man fucking her cunt pulled out and came on her back.

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After it was done both men pulled out and one replaced the wood in her ass and placed it all in her cunt. Two more men took their positions. One placing his cock at her anal opening and the other again fucking her mouth.

The stamina of these two men were great as they pounded away at her two holes for a good 15 minutes before one blew his load on her back and the other again on her face. This continued another 23 times before all men deposited their cum either on her back or on her face. In between the rapes Jessica was heard sobbing and pleading for them to stop saying " Please your going to kill me, I don't want this, and "I don't deserve this" None of this beggin stopped them.

Once they were done another 50 loads was deposited on her body. Jessica knew it wasn't over as all 50 men again lined up in front of her face. She knew what was coming and started to scream calling them "sick bastards" and "perverted hobos" None of this changed the fact that each man pissed into her mouth shooting their urine down her throat and causing her to gag repeatedly.

Soon her stomache was filled with piss. Once they were done Jack took the belt from his jeans and started to indescriminatly whip her face, ass and back with it for at least a half hour until she was sem consciense with welts all over her.

Jack then ripped the tape off her eye lids. Hoping to open her eyes to atleast see what was happening Jessica was happy about this. However, the cum on her eyes had dried and acted as glue.

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Jack laughing said "well it looks like this little Mexican Fuck Toy can't see". This was followed with a voisterous laughter from the crowd, which apparently was growing much larger.

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Ther must have been at least 100 hobos at the run down dump site enjoying the seen. Jack removed Jessicas ring gag as another man unchained the helpless teen. They once again brought her to the garbag pile and threw her on it, all the while she was crying and yelling for help.

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This time they were near a hose outlet. Jack went over to it and attached a hose as three men held jessica down taking turns fingering her holes and biting on her tits. Jack turned the water on and told one of the men to hold her cunt lips open saying "time to clean this worthless cunt up for the real party" This shocked Jessica as she though what else could they do to her.

She had been fucked in her holes over 100 times, pissed on over 100 times and had objects rammed up in her for hours. She screamed "Just put me out of my misery".

Jack took the hose and jammed it in her cunt 4 inches with the water running full blast. He held it there for a good minute filling her up then released it with a thud immediately placing his hand over her cunt opening.

Then jammed the thin end of a wine bottle into it holding the water in place. He repeated the same thing with her asshole. Then two other men chained her to adjacent to the dump. She sat ther chained up with cum filled on her face and back, water filled in both her holes and two foreign objects inserted in them holding the water in. Jack took a box of salt that they had been using to cook food and started pooring it on her welted and abused back.

Jessica let out a blood curdling cream as he did it. Her scream might has crossed miles, bit this area of town was abandoned, no one who cared could hear her. Then Jack grabbed her face and pushed it into the garbage pile saying "your a garbage whore, so you must feel like home" he took duck tape and taped it to her head so that it couldn't be released from the digusting garbage.

Jessica was now vomating into the pile and smelling her own throw up while barely being able to breathe.

Then it came stream after stream of water from the hose hitting her back and legs cleaning the whores body. This went on for a good 20 minutes before the water stopped and both objects were removed from her holes releasing a ton more water.

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Jack unchained Jessica and with the help of two more men dragged her to a waiting Mercedes. Out stood a man of obviously wealth, but Jessica couldn't see. The man named Mr. Johnson immediately told Jack to wipe the cum of her eyes so she could see, Jack obeyed the order using a wash rag. Jessica opened her eyes to see Mr. Johnson and immediately said "thank you, you have saved me", this was met with a quick slap to the face and a lewd comment from Mr.

Johnson saying "don't address me whore, unless I say". Jessica's hopes were dashed and her heart immediately sunk and out of her mouth came sobs and more pleading.

"What the fuck did I say?" Mr Johnson repeated over and over again as he hit her in the face 4 times closed fist probably breaking the teens nose.

He then turned to jack and threw him what must have been the skimpiest alphet which consisted of red high heels, shredded nylons, a short red skirt with holes in both entrances. There was also a haulter top with the nipples exposed. Mr. Johnson told Jack to get Jessica into it while he posted the location of the dump site on an underground rape site. Jessica couldn't believe it. Could it be that her ordeal had just began? Jack saw the worried look on Jessica's face and said "I hope you have nowhere to go for the next month, cuz every hole will be filled for every second of every day" he then tod her to get this clothing on?".

She refused and was proud of herself for doing so, knowing resistence would be futile at this point"