Gay XXX He briefly detects that even youthfull guys like Timo can

Gay XXX He briefly detects that even youthfull guys like Timo can
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The Vamporient Sexpress The year was 1956, the place, Istanbul, and the time was about four in the afternoon. The scene was the most extraordinary one I could possibly imagine. I knew I was different from other people but to what extent, I had no idea.

British by birth, I'd grown up in a small village in Middlesex West London and had since travelled the world. At the age of 35 I thought I'd seen everything under the sun, from the high Masai planes of Kenya to the Niagara Falls; from the Whirling Dervishes in Turkey as well as on the Khyber Pass to the sleazy whorehouses of West Berlin; from the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland in Australia to the Inuit igloos in the far north.

I'd witnessed the strangest pigmy marriage rituals in addition to a cannibal feast in the Amazon. I'd seen high lamas strangely leave the ground while meditating but also participated in the most outrageous sweats in a tepee with Lakota Indians. I must admit that my friends in Fleet Street were often surprised by my narratives concerning my travels so drinking a few beers in Chelsea or Piccadilly with them on a Friday night was, for me quite a distraction from the journalistic existence I lead for the celebrated magazine I worked for, and although I lived in London and its editor was in New York, I always managed to get my papers in on time mainly by either wire or phone.

I generally worked with an American photographer who for the time being was on leave of absence shall we say. Nevertheless, what I was about to experience was a veritable revelation for someone who genuinely believed the world held no more surprises for him. Women, I'd met hundreds and had slept around like nobody's business.

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I knew the female anatomy inside out, maybe more inside than out as I'd discovered the 'G' Spot long before any sex magazine ever talked about it so there again, I feel I had nothing new to learn from a delicate creature, no matter how attractive, sensual or sexually appetizing she may be. Whenever I could take advantage of a situation, I didn't hesitate and the least flash of a leg or a breast favouring my observation, I took it as it came without asking permission.

Arrogant as I was, I thought all women who winked at me or accidentally lifted their skirts were incomparably amorous of my person but in most cases, they enjoyed the sport teasing through which it was easy for them to obtain their own satisfaction and whatever gain they aimed, and this at a time when restrictions and stiff upper lips were at their apogee. Men weren't as they 2 are today. They had to go through the routine if they wanted to enjoy the sweeter sex to the full unless of course they picked up a fine young prostitute in the street or in a bar; in which case, it was all negotiation and no real fun, as the sport of chasing wasn't involved.

Nevertheless, that afternoon in Istanbul, on climbing onto the Orient Express which would take me back to Paris then on to Calais and finally London, I couldn't possibly imagine that not only I would be doing my coming out in a certain way long before the expression was to become popular with homosexuals, but also I would be discovering a world that for me, only existed in Bram Stoker novels.

I only had a small suitcase with two shirts, three ties and a clean pair of trousers in it, plus of course the usual three underpants and three pairs of socks that I packed along with my toilet pouch, each time I travelled. I was wearing a light grey suit under my black mac because it had been raining for two days on this early April Friday.

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I was planning to reach London either late Sunday night or early Monday morning but whatever time I got to my Fulham flat, I'd quickly unpack and grab a cab to get to the paper as soon as possible. The incredible story I'd picked up in east Turkey would certainly put me in line for a Pulitzer Prize but it had to be in before the press started printing for next month's edition.

What I didn't yet know was that I'd soon have a choice of stories. As I entered my compartment I was alone, but it wasn't going to last. I guess I could have reserved a private cabin but not knowing for sure at what date I was going to travel on that particular train, I hadn't had time to do so and to finish there were none left, so I took a normal compartment with the usual six bunk beds, three a side.

Still there weren't going to be six people in the compartment so I could chose where I would sit and sleep. A few minutes later a rather strange but ravishingly elegant woman entered the booth. She wasn't too tall, about 5 feet 2 inches and in her mid thirties. She wore a fur coat under which she appeared to have almost nothing as she stood in her stiletto heels.

I knew this as she opened her coat slightly stepping onto the train. 'May I sit with you?' She uttered in a deep sexy voice with a slight German accent.

'Of course,' I replied as politely as I could. I'd noticed she didn't have any luggage other than her small handbag and there didn't seem to be anyone else climbing in the compartment so it didn't really bother me. She sat down took off her hat thus letting 3 loose her beautiful long blond wavy hair. She opened her coat a little more revealing a short black skirt though it did come down to her knees, (it was short for the fifties) she had a way of pulling it up so as it would only cover her mid thighs where the top of her silk stockings just appeared.

I tried hard not to look concentrating on the newspaper I'd bought just before getting on the train. Suddenly a shrieking whistle was heard outside on the platform and the train jolted forward. The movement made her slouch back a little and for a second I saw the white flesh of her thighs above the line of her stockings.

As she settled again she crossed her legs and opened her handbag taking out a cigarette pack and a silver petrol lighter. 'Do you mind if I smoke?' She uttered in her suave voice. 'Not at all.' I did really, I was desperately trying to give it up and each time I almost reached a week without smoking, someone came along with a cigarette but this chick I couldn't resist so I just listened myself say "no" without realizing why.

'Do you have any luggage?' I requested casually. 'Yes, I put it in the luggage car.' She grinned very faintly as she stared into my eyes.

At that moment I became aware of her incredibly light blue eyes. I couldn't take mine away from hers for a moment and yet I could feel an inner power gaining as she continued to stare at me. She looked down towards her cigarette as she lit it. This gave me the opportunity to turn away and I gazed out of the window searching for breath a moment. 'Do you feel ill?' She asked. 'No, no, sorry, I'm just a little tired. I've been all over Turkey in the past week and haven't slept much.' 'I see.' She picked up a magazine that was lying on the side of the seat and ignored me as she started to read it, but not before re-crossing her legs thus showing me that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

I decided that if the opportunity arose and she'd be willing to share a little bodily warmth with me, I wouldn't hesitate but we were going to travel together for two days and it was still light outside so I had plenty of time. Besides the ticket conductor hadn't come by yet so it was better to wait. Nevertheless, I couldn't help feeling a strange sensation sitting there opposite her.

There was something uncanny about this girl and I just couldn't put my finger on it. 4 We'd been gone from Istanbul several hours now, the first frontier was reached, and the ticket conductor had visited the cabin. It was time to bring down the beds but since we were alone in the compartment I didn't want to seem too keen to nod off for the night. Maybe this girl wasn't really tired and bringing my bed down meant turning out the light.

It was only 7 pm and the restaurant car was opening in a few moments. It occurred to me that she may want to eat, and what better way to begin the evening by a dinner invitation; that way we'd get to know each other a little better thus breaking the ice in a soft and accommodating manner.

We could start with a drink and then progress to a hearty dinner, so my next step wasn't difficult. 'Would you care for a drink and a meal in the restaurant car?' I inquired politely. She looked up slowly with a wide smile. I noticed the gleam of her perfect white teeth as she looked at me. 'Yes why not? I'm famished,' she replied in her husky German voice. 'Good, then shall we go?' 'Very well.' She answered closing her coat and putting her frilly hat back on.

We left the cabin and walked along the corridor. As I was walking behind her watching her sway as she moved, the mere site of the curves of her calves were literally hardening my phallus. I knew that before the night was over, I had to fuck this bitch. (I would never have expressed myself in this way back then but the thought was there.) Still I didn't want to frighten her.

If ever she refused it would terrible sitting there in front of her for the next two days without being able to do anything for my frustration. I was therefore willing to take slowly and really woo her into succumbing to my charm. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ After a couple of drinks I felt a little more relaxed for I must admit she intimidated me to a certain extent, and that in itself was anomalous.

It had never happened before. I could always handle women with ease and dexterity but this one really appeared to be quite different to ladies I usually came across.

She drank vodka like nobody's business and it just didn't seem to affect her one little bit. I stuck to my usual Balantine whisky and only two glasses at that. We talked about everything and nothing and it occurred to me that I still didn't know her name. I had to ask. 5 'My name is Helga,' she said. 'And you are?' 'Henry but my friends call me Harry.

Harry Lang actually. Do you have a surname?' ‚Von-Bletch. I am Helga Von-Bletch of the celebrated Von-Bletch family in Southern Bavaria.' 'Oh!' I exclaimed without really knowing what she was talking about. I'd never heard of the Von-Bletch family but I did know it wasn't going to be easy suggesting this Von-Bletch spending the night in my bunk bed. Still the conversation was interesting though not enthralling and the food, when it eventually came, was pretty good.

After coffee, it seemed appropriate to smoke a cigarette.


I know I was trying to give it up but I always had a packet on me just in case it became too hard to resist. I never really did stop smoking anyway. Smoking wasn't going to give me cancer; that I knew but without really knowing why.


Anyway, I offered her one but she refused preferring her own. There wasn't much left to do so I paid the bill and we stood up to go back to the cabin. I was looking at an excitingly dull weekend.

Having such a beautiful girl share my compartment and not being able to take advantage of the situation. My thoughts were clouding my brain as we walked along the corridor. We ambled past the toilet cabinet when all of a sudden she turned on me, grabbed my collar, and pulled me inside. She grabbed my face with her hands and kissed me with an open mouth penetrating mine with her tongue. Her right knee came up into my groin thus shortening the hemline of her skirt to the top of her thigh as she rubbed it slowly against my testicles.

Having got my senses back I returned her kiss putting my hands inside her coat thus caressing her wonderfully round breasts under her chemise. As I fondled her, I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra.

I placed my other hand under her skirt and up above her stocking line to stroke the warm soft flesh of her thighs.

This was it I couldn't stop. She took off her coat lifted her skirt as I unbuttoned my flies. It wasn't enough so I unstrapped my belt and slid my trousers down. My manhood was already erect as she pushed herself onto me.

I penetrated her fully and started to come and go as she followed the movement. I could feel her vagina squeeze my phallus making it more sensitive and hard at the same time. My sperm was on the move as she was more and more excited. She uttered short screechy moans when suddenly she let out a astounding scream as I was coming into her. Hell it was good and so unexpected. I looked at her face as she through her head back. She opened 6 her mouth revealing once more her beautiful row of bright white teeth but this time I particularly noticed two canines much longer and sharper than the others.

The two top ones appeared to be like wolves teeth but I was too busy enjoying the coïtus to worry too much about it. It was finally over and I pulled out of her as she looked at me in a strange and bizarre way.

She opened the door that was behind me and grinned. 'That was quite fun, we must do it again before the end of the trip,' she announced nonchalantly. It was I who was surprised. I pulled my trousers back up and followed her back to the compartment where she sat down and picked up her magazine as if what had just happened, never had.

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§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ About two hours later it was almost midnight. I was feeling very tired and watching my travelling companion just sit there reading her magazine just didn't excite me anymore. I asked her if she didn't mind if I turned in for the night and she said no.

She herself was also sleepy, so she said, but she didn't appear to be. She hadn't budged for the last couple of hours, just reading and paying no attention to me what so ever.

I pulled down my bed bunk and climbed in undressing once under the sheet and blanket provided by the Orient Express itself. I wanted to remain discrete mainly out of common decency but I really wondered why I went to all that trouble, after all she already knew my anatomy in an intimate way. What we'd been through earlier couldn't be dismissed nevertheless she was acting pretty strangely knowing it was she who'd come onto me first.

Still I'd got what I wanted out of it so I wasn't about to complain. The train had already stopped at Sophia and was now heading for Belgrade after which it would stop at Zagreb then on towards Italy. It would reach Trieste, Venice, and Milan in the morning so there was a whole nights journey with only a couple of stops.

In general, each time the train entered a station and came to a halt, I woke up if asleep at the time yet I knew that tonight I'd sleep like a baby. I quietly said goodnight to Helga who retorted in her soft husky voice then I turned over and shut my eyes. I was sleeping for about an hour when I felt someone enter my bunk bed. I slowly opened my eyes and there was Helga softly breathing in my face, completely naked. 7 'What's happening,' I yawned, out of the strange dream I was having about being chased stark naked down the road by a female vampire.

'I couldn't sleep,' she sighed. 'I need your bodily heat again, do you mind if I share with you?' 'Not at all,' I replied feeling flattered and excited. I couldn't sleep anymore anyway. I just felt this beautiful exquisite body over me and I needed to penetrate it once more as I was feeling my penis growing rapidly. I wasn't wearing any under pants but had kept my shirt on.

She ripped it open and started licking my nipples. I was beginning to heat up as I closed my eyes in order to savour this moment fully. The bunk bed was only for one person but the fact that she was wriggling on top of me made us become one. Our communion was perfect. She started to kiss me on the lips before opening her mouth wide and forcing her tongue into mine like the last time. My hands were all over her soft skin and particularly her muscular thighs. She was moving slowly and sensually rubbing them on my groin.

I could feel my rod almost bursting. I wanted this woman now badly, I could no longer hold back so I thrust myself into her. She gave out a short screech and then seemed to enjoy it thoroughly as I moved in and out at a regular pace. I was coming faster and faster as she was screeching, at first, not very loudly, and then as she squeezed my tool from inside she literally screamed. I was now coming with everything I had. At that moment I felt a sharp stab in my neck but it didn't worry me too much as I was in ecstasy.

I realised nevertheless that something wasn't right. I seemed to be bleeding from the neck as I could feel a warm sticky liquid running down onto my chest.

As I opened my eyes I saw what I'd suspected. Helga was piercing my neck with her teeth. She'd gone in quite deeply and yet I was now feeling a kind of awesome sensation throughout my body. I was aware of the sharpness when she first dug into me but now I was appeased and instead of feeling sore, it was a kind of sensual reaction I was having. It was even quite good and soothing after a few moments.

She then released and I finally noticed her blood soaked white canine fangs each side of her upper incisive teeth. She was a vampire; there was no doubt about it. But in that case, what was I? 'Don't worry,' she uttered softly. 'Did you enjoy it?' What could I answer, I had pulled out of her at the same time as she'd extracted her teeth from my neck, but I had thoroughly and emphatically enjoyed it.

8 'Yes, I did but I'm not sure about what happened there,' I paused a second and continued after reflection, 'and what happens now. Are you a vampire?' I then asked casually, not quite sure of myself. 'Yes, I am and so are you.' 'What?!!' I wasn't certain what I'd heard there. Was she kidding me or trying to reassure me? 'I said that you too are a vampire only you don't know it for the time being.

You haven't been awakened yet.' 'I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.' I was puzzled and as I casually looked at my neck in the mirror behind me, I noticed It had stopped bleeding and the customary two little holes one saw on the neck when a vampire bit you, (at least in the movies) weren't there.

It was as if all this hadn't happened at all. 'No, they've gone.' She announced calmly. 'What's gone?' 'The bite marks. They disappeared because you're one of us.

You see, when we bite an outsider, the marks remain, and we generally drink as much blood as we can. If on the other hand we want to turn someone, they have to drink our blood. However we do occasionally meet kindred who don't know it yet, so we help them make the step by biting them.

The sensation they have awakes them and when they themselves take their first bite, they become fully-fledged vampires.

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'Hey wait a minute; I don't particularly want to be a vampire. You came on the train then sexually attacked me, I went along wit it because I love sex and you really are some woman but I'm not going any further.' 'It's too late, my love,' she purred. 'You are a vampire.' 'Do you mean to say I'll never see the light of day again and not even see myself in a mirror ever again either?' She laughed and put her finger on my lips.

'Stop that. You have no idea of what you're talking about. All that is movie and literature vampirism. A vampire can go out in broad daylight as long as he's fed and you'll always feed before going out. As for mirrors, look in the one behind you can you see me?' I looked at it a second and true enough Helga's reflection was perfectly visible. 'Okay, what about the other things vampires are afraid of, like stakes in the heart for instance. 'My dear boy, anyone who gets a stake through the heart would die but we do live 9 extremely long lives and that is what you will soon discover.' I was beginning to settle down again as I watched her light two cigarettes.

She passed one over to me and I accepted it gratefully. We were still both naked and as I looked at her, I began feeling horny again only I didn't want to push it, as I had no idea what was in store for me after this escapade. I wasn't particularly frightened, just wary and on my guard. It was as if she could read my mind as she took the cigarette out of my hand and placed in the ashtray next to hers.

She leaned over to me and started to kiss me on my stomach then a little lower on my navel and finally she kissed my growing phallus. She then opened her mouth and took it between her lips and pushed her tongue on the tip. It was so good, that I could let myself go and allowed her to suck it as much as she wanted. I know it wasn't long since I last came but I was just as horny as the last time. Maybe it was because I was a vampire, I had no idea but one thing is true, I'd never made love s twice in a row in such a short time before.


I put my hands on her magnificent breasts and closed my eyes again as my mind started to wonder making me feel so cool.

As she sucked me harder and faster, I could feel the excitement grow, I was now caressing her between her legs. I moved up to her pussy stroking her softly in a clockwise rotation. It didn't take her long to start her little screeches again then suddenly she literally shrilled with pleasure as I released my load in her mouth.

We dropped back almost exhausted but still had enough stamina for what was to come next. I grabbed her wrist and bit it as hard as I could. She again shrilled with pleasure.

As I was sucking her blood, I could feel myself gain in strength. I was feeling so good sucking away at her when she suddenly pulled back. 'Not too much the first time, you'll be feeling a little sick after that but then you'll find that your sense will start to be sharper. You'll see better, hear better and feel much stronger.' I just gazed at her for a moment and then slowly, I began to observe the side effects she was talking about. Firstly, I wasn't feeling so good.

I was beginning to feel seasick, so I got up and left the cabin and ran to the toilet cabinet and shut myself in. I leant over the toilet bowl and was sick as hell. I through up like I'd never done before, but then I just sat back and started to feel my strength coming back to me.

That's when I realized I was still naked. There was a knock on the door and as I opened, on the threshold was the beautiful Helga, in her sexy silk dressing gown holding my trousers. 'I thought you might be needing these,' she announced cheerfully as she handed them to me. 10 'Thank you,' I retorted, taking the piece of clothing with a slight grin, thus meeting hers. 'Now dear boy, you are one of us and you must go and feed off others. I'll be getting off at Zagreb but I'll give you my card and when you finish you're trip, come to me and I'll introduce you to your fellow kindred.

But first, you must become a real vampire and that you will do when the next passenger gets on the train.' 'How do you know another passenger will be climbing into my compartment?' 'I know it that's all.' She kissed me on the lips and disappeared back along the corridor. When I got back to my cabin, she was gone. I sat down for a moment wondering if I hadn't dreamed all this but then the train came to a halt.

I looked out of the window and noticed we'd reached Zagreb. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ The train was once again on the move when the cabin door opened allowing a ravishing young redhead to enter.

She was carrying a rather large suitcase. She wore a grey beret and a grey open mac under which I could guess a dark blue frilly dress. Once more I could see beautiful shapely legs perched on rather high stiletto heels.

She was much younger than Helga. The German vampire never told me her age but she looked to be in her mid thirties where as this lass was more in her late twenties. Of course with vampires one can never guess their correct age unless they tell you themselves but it was obvious this girl was an ordinary person with no special powers other than seductive magnetism.

Her face was perfectly shaped and absolutely symmetrical which contributed wholly to her uncanny powers of seduction. 'Excuse me; may I take this seat please?' She inquired in perfect English though their seemed to be a slight Irish lilt to her accent. 'Oh yes of course, by all means, where are my manners?' I was deep in my thoughts about what had occur earlier, and there was this perfect stranger who just happened to be a beautiful girl. She wasn't aware that she may become a possible victim of what I intended to do before joining Helga wherever she was.

To say the least, I hadn't even bothered looking at the address on the card she'd given me. I'd just slipped it into my pocket without even reading it but I intended to later if ever I passed the test she'd set for me. Apparently she was right about one thing, I had another travelling companion and what a companion. As she sat down she took off 11 her mac revealing a low cut neckline showing glimpse of white breasts.

As for her dress, it just covered her knees though I could see she wore very fine silk stockings, and what else I wondered. I was still half dressed though I had my pants on, my chest was naked, but it didn't seem to bother her. It's true that at 3 o'clock in the morning, it would have been normal to see me asleep on my bunk bed but I was sitting there watching her get settled in.

'Do excuse me, I was sleeping, and when the train stop I woke up.' 'It's quite all right you don't have to apologize. I'm just going to lie on my bunk for the next two hours and then I'll get up for breakfast.

If you want to join me in the restaurant car, please be my guest.' She said with a salacious smile. 'Thank you very much, I'd like that but breakfast isn't until 7 am and I'm going to have to wash first anyway so you might as well dose off a little.

You'll be fine here.' 'I know I will.' She answered in a determined voice. I thought it a strange answer but put it out of my mind. I put out the cigarette I'd lit a few moments ago, (I really wasn't going to give up smoking, I knew that now), without offering her any and crawled back into my bunk. I was still very tired and I was certain nothing else out of the ordinary would happen tonight so I could at least get a few hours sleep and then test Helga's theory about vampires living in full daylight.

The only thing that bothered me was that I hadn't fed at least not in the sense Helga meant still I was determined to feed off this chick when I woke up and that, even if she was still asleep. Anyway, I was dosing off and I wasn't going to worry about that now. I'd gone back to sleep and was deep in my dreams when something strange woke me up again.

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I slowly opened my eyes and looked up. There on top of me was the beautiful redhead. She was looking down at me with soft sorry eyes. She was completely naked and I could hardly believe it, was I dreaming?

'I'm sorry I have to do this, but I must,' she announced softly. She then plunged her teeth into my neck and started sucking my blood.

"Oh no I thought, not again". However, at that moment I began to feel horny again. I knew I didn't risk much or at least I thought so but I wasn't sure if she knew I was kindred. My penis was hardening fast and I couldn't wait to get inside her.

She pushed herself onto me and I was in, coming and going. I could feel the warmth of her body on top of mine, and my manhood getting harder and harder. Her knees were pressing down on my stomach. I caressed her soft smooth calf muscles while I was licking her nipples. This was it, 12 my hot sperm was heating her cunt as I was coming even more than the last time.

It was racing along at full speed making me feel wonderful inside and yet the blood she was drinking was adding to my pleasure. She shrilled out as her orgasm was burst out. It lasted, just like mine, about twelve seconds and she pulled away from me. She slowly got her breath back and gazed at me, straight in the eyes. 'Sorry about that but I had to do it.' I'd never heard of vampires apologizing before but it did please me. I wanted to get to know this girl so the best way was maybe to start anew as if she'd just got on the train.

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'Okay, tell me one thing, do all you vampires just jump on people in trains then apologize for doing it, or is it just a certain type?' 'Well you should know, you're one of us aren't you?' 'How strange, you know I'm a vampire and yet you take the chance of waking me to suck my blood.

Shouldn't it be the other way round, me sucking yours?' 'If you want to you can, but I hadn't fed for hours and I was beginning to become queasy and so when I saw you, I thought why not. Besides, you've only just awaken and are new to this sort of life so I thought you wouldn't mind. Plus you also took advantage of the situation by fucking me so where's the harm?' 'Wait a minute, how do you know I'm a new vampire? And how do you know all this anyway?' 'Simple, I can read it all over you.

You will too one day when you come across a new vamp.' I was flabbergasted. Everything that had happened to me in the last few hours was most disconcerting even if I must admit, it was also very pleasing but I was still worried about transforming into a vampire. I was begining to wonder if all the travellers in this train were vampires.

I wasn't particularly hungry though I was looking forward to breakfast. I looked at the redhead and thought I'd get to know her a little better. 'By the way, what's your name?' 'Brianna! Brianna Murphy and yours?' 'Lang, Harry Lang. Are you Irish?' 'Yes but I was brought up in London.' 'I thought so. Tell me Brianna, how am I supposed to go about this vampire business?' 'What do you mean exactly?' 'Well my first feed, as it were. All I've done so far was suck another vampire's 13 blood but apparently it isn't enough.

I'll need to feed soon, and I really don't see myself attacking people on a train the way your lot seem to do.' 'Our lot?' 'Yes, forgive me, before you came aboard there was a female vampire called Helga and apparently she's the one who awoke me but as I said, I really don't see myself going around attacking people the way you seem to.

She's the one I fed on by the way.' 'First of all, we don't just attack people, we put them in a lethargic state so they don't remember what happened, and then we take just what we need.

You remembered because you're one of us. Now if you like, I'll show you later on at breakfast, okay?' 'Yes I'd like that; I'd like that very much.' 'Now go back to sleep,' she said softly, and I just closed my eyes and nodded off. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Breakfast went well but I felt I needed some answers.

As Brianna was drinking her coffee I bombarded her with questions about my new condition. 'So tell me a little about vampires, what are they or should I say what are we in reality? 'Vampires date back to ancient Egypt when the people who gathered more and more power and almost over threw the gods.

One day Ra asked the lion goddess Sekhmet to do something about it. So she went down into the streets and massacred as many humans as she could by tearing them to shreds then drinking their blood. Soon it got out of hand, she'd gotten used to human blood, and she just couldn't give it up. Every time she could smell blood, she went for it so the gods decided to put an end to the carnage by setting a nice sweet trap for her.

In order to bring the slaughter to an end, Ra had certain plants, belonging to the Nightshade family, mixed with the blood and put into jugs. They were then poured out on the ground in places Sekhmet was due to pass.

As she did so, she drank the blood and started rejoicing not wanting to hurt anyone anymore. Everything then came back to normal. That is how our ancestor became the first vampire. We come from the gods and aren't exactly human. Do you remember anything about your birth? 14 'Actually all I know about my birth is what my mother told me.

She was a witch I believe and my father was a traveller as she so often put it. I was born in Hillingdon hospital and never knew my old man. I was brought up in my mother's cottage in Iver and later when I asked about him, she told me to forget him and so I never mentioned him again.

'You therefore have witch's blood and your father was most probably a vampire.' 'Do you think so?' 'Yep, I'm sure of one thing, you are one of us and if it's not by your mother and an outsider hasn't turned you, then you've inherited the genes.' I was still puzzled about certain facts that didn't seem to fit though others did drop into place like my cringe for too much sunlight or the fact that garlic gives me hives.

I never really thought about it before. Another thing I tend to like in abundance is my steak very rare and I do tend to lick the blood sauce so maybe there was some truth in all this after all.' 'Thinking about it you're probably right but it never occurred to me before. There is one thing I'd like to know though.' 'Yes what's that?' She asked casually finishing her coffee.

'How come you all just assume we men, or should I say male vampires, will automatically want to have sex with you when you jump on us in the middle of the night, the way you do?' 'Actually, we don't necessarily, at least I don't. Can't talk for the others. I just assumed you wouldn't mind. You seemed to be the sort of fellow who liked sex, that's all. Now it's your turn, to take your pleasure with a human.' 'And how do I do that?' 'Just look around you.' It's true that the restaurant car was full of beautiful women.

Some alone others accompanied but I wasn't really sure it was a thing to do, just jumping on them, especially in broad daylight. 'I know what you're thinking.' She announced playfully. 'Do you now?' 'Yes, you're wondering how to go about it this morning because you don't see yourself creeping into a girl's cabin and raping her while digging your teeth into her neck.' 'Euh, yes, that's about it,' I answered a little amazed. 'Actually you don't.

You're not going to rape anyone and you don't have to wait till 15 nightfall. Just follow my advice and it will happen quite naturally. Look around you and pick out a girl you'd like to make love to right now.' I admit her request was rather odd but I'd noticed the attractive young blond breakfasting alone in far the corner.

She was dressed in a light blue V-neck blouse and white flowing dress. She wore high heels and had a soft and sweet smile on her face.

She must have been in her mid twenties. 'There is a person I noticed in fact she was there last night too.' 'You're talking about that blond over there aren't you?' She asked while nodding towards the far corner. 'How do you know?' 'I just do.' I didn't really know how to take that but I decided to trust her. She seemed to know what she was talking about as she grinned very slightly. 'Okay, so you're right. It is that blond in the corner. What do I do now?' She gazed into my eyes and I noticed for the first time how blue her's were, which was very rare for a red head.

I began to feel hazy and felt like I was nodding off but then I came too again and it was as if none of this conversation had taken place. I looked over to the far corner where the blond girl was drinking her coffee while eating a croissant and I mechanically got up and walked over to her.

She looked up at me inquiringly as I asked her for some sugar. As she handed it to me, I smiled and she just gazed into my eyes. I thanked her and walked back to my table. While sitting down, I noticed that Brianna was no longer there. It was as if I came too when I put the sugar down on the table. I looked up and there was the blond from the far corner sitting opposite me.

'Hello, my name Holly. Holly Oakland actually, what's yours.' I just gazed at her hardly believing what was happening. Was all this real or was I dreaming. I felt her cross her legs under the table as he bare legs touched my trousers. I was beginning to feel horny again. I decided to play the game and answered her question.

I took out my cigarette case and offered her one, which she took with a discrete grin. What was going to happen next? §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ The train was almost in Italy as we were sitting in Holly's compartment. She had taken a private cabin so as not to be disturbed by occasional passengers.

She 16 wanted to know everything about me but what intrigued me most was the way, she too, had come on to me in exactly the same way as the other two women, except this time, it was in full daylight and in the restaurant car. Could she be a vampire just like the others? If she was, then there was no point in wooing her as drinking her blood wasn't going to establish my vampire status.

I had to pick an innocent victim - as it were. Nevertheless, she really was very attractive and as we talked, I could feel my phallus hardening with ease as well as my blood begin to heat. Her legs were crossed while she was casually smoking a cigarette listening to my stories of far off places.

I kept glancing at her legs under her flowing dress. Her frilly slip was showing and that got me even more excited which obviously started to show since my concentration was now slightly going a stray.

I placed my hand on her lap for a second. I could feel the warmth of her thighs under the garments. As I was talking I could sense her pulse beating in her neck when she turned and looked closer at me. Her perfume was already clouding my mind and I knew it wouldn't take long before something radical happened between us. Then she looked inquiringly into my eyes and asked if I wanted to make love to her. 'Why not! It's eleven o'clock in the morning; the sun is shining through the window and right now I'm as horny as Hell.

I must say though, I'm a little surprised you wanting you make love to a perfect stranger on a train like this in the middle of the day but since the past twenty four hours, everything I've lived through has been so incredible that nothing surprises me anymore.' 'Fine then let's get undressed.' She said with a malicious grin on her face.

I had an uncanny feeling about that last phrase but I did as she said. At the same time I was thinking about what I'd just said concerning the shining sun and not worrying about it.

While I was taking off my pants, my penis was growing harder still so she took it in her mouth while undoing her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were rather small but very soft and perfectly shaped.

She started to suck me like nobody's business as I placed my left hand under her dress to feel her soft skin. Her calf muscles were hard but very smooth.

I could sense her yearn for me to enter her so I pulled her dress right up to discover she wasn't wearing any panties either. I could hardly bear the strain of waiting to come together. I finished undressing while she pulled her dress and slip off but keeping her blouse on, though completely open.

She then took my manhood back inside her mouth and placed her tongue on the tip thus making me want to come even more but I was holding back as long as I could. 17 My left hand stroked along her thighs all the way up to her pussy while my right hand was on her breasts.

I leant over to kiss and lick her hard nipple as she released my penis from her mouth and thrust herself onto me in order for me to enter her vagina.

I turned her over so that she was under me but she turned back while I was coming and going inside her. She was now kneeling over me with her legs on either side of my waist. I was still following the movement when she threw her head back.

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I could feel I was about to ejaculate and this time with a fuller than full load. As my sperm raced through my rod and into her cave she shrilled and suddenly dropped her face down onto my neck where I notice for a split second her long shimmering white teeth and in particular, those two long now habitual fangs I'd started getting used to.

I was about to shout 'Oh no not again' but it was too late, she was in my neck as my ejaculation was coming to an end. Once the initial bite was over, I enjoyed her sucking my blood as I assumed she knew already. 'You are my slave from now on, she announce coldly.

From now on you will do everything I tell you to do.' I looked into her eyes and thought about what Brianna and Helga had both told me. I stared at her and she released me. So I turned on her and bit her with my own fangs into the crux of her neck.

She looked surprised but then smiled at me and suddenly became tame. 'Well done, that's exactly what you were supposed to do, she said in a casual way. I wanted you to become aware of your condition and now you are capable of living your vampire life. Take as much blood as you need from me and then we'll go out on the prowl together.' I was more and more amazed at the way things were going. This was the third female vampire I had met on this train in the past couple of days.

'Right, what happens now?' I inquired for the third time. 'We'll be getting off the train when we get to Paris so I suggest you get some sleep while you can. We'll be arriving in Paris at about ten o'clock tonight. And then, you're new life will begin. I will introduce you to you're the other kindred.' She kissed me softly on the lips and I just passed out.

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ At almost ten pm, I was up dressed and ready for action. Somehow, I found myself back in my own compartment and although I wondered how I'd got there, I 18 wasn't too keen to find out. There was knock on the door and Holly was standing in the corridor. 'Are you ready?' 'Absolutely. I was heading for London but a stop in Paris will be most appreciated right now.

I'm not in a hurry to go home so I'm all yours.' I didn't really believe what I'd said but the experience could prove to be fruitful for my paper and after everything that had happened, how could I not go through with this. Her answer to my statement did, however surprise me somewhat.

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'But of course you are,' she said jokingly. We were quickly off the train and into a taxi heading for the north of Paris where the famous Pigalle nightspots were.

As we arrived in front of a darkly red-lit nightclub named 'Le Sanctuaire' Holly rummaged around in her handbag while opening the door. I was about to pay the cabby but she got her purse out first. We were out of the taxi and into the nightclub. It was dark and stuffy with red lights everywhere. People were dancing on the floor while others were drinking at the bar.

Some seemed to be drinking red liquor that almost looked like blood. It probably was and I wouldn't have been surprised to learn that some unsuspecting bystander had been sucked into the joint to provide this strange juice for its adepts but it didn't really matter, right now I was quite euphoric at the thought of meeting others who had my condition.

Were they all vampires or were there ordinary people in the club who didn't know what it was all about? Holly took me by the arm and walked me down towards the bar where a tall blond girl was standing with her back to us.

She was wearing an expensive dark blue backless evening gown. She was holding a glass of champagne. Did vampires drink champagne? I wondered! She turned around as we approached and I recognized that husky voice at the same time as those very faire features. 'Good evening,' said Helga in her usual down toned German voice. Behind the bar was Brianna serving a glass of that strange blood to a tall man in a dark diner jacket.

He turned and looked at us. Helga smiled and came closer to him while Brianna was grinning behind the counter serving more drinks to other customers. 'Let me introduce you to Sebastian Anton Tanarrives. He is the owner of this place. 'I'm very glad to meet you at last mister Lang,' said the man in an eerie Rumanian accent. 'Your father was a great friend of mine before he had his unfortunate 19 accident. Someone stabbed him in the heart.

Your mother also was a very dear friend of mine but she too disappeared. It is a pity it took so long to awaken you but you are now in very good hands and ready to live your real life. What will you have to drink?' I was astounded by this peculiar introduction but since I was also excited by the whole situation I was ready for anything that might come my way. I wanted to taste the crimson liquid so I asked for a glass which Brianna quickly served and handed me. As I started to drink, I was reassured; it wasn't blood but a very strong red wine.

I recognized the fact that I did need to drink some blood but I wasn't too anxious, I knew it would come sooner or later. I needed to go to the lavatory and asked politely where it was. Sebastian pointed in its direction. I put my glass on the counter and went along to the door marked 'Toilettes Hommes'. I pushed open the swing door and walked inside. There was a man washing his hands there. He had his sleeves rolled up so I looked at him a second and he instinctively turned to say hello.

I stared into his eyes, and witni a second, not realising what was happening, as if I was in a daze, I bit hard into his forearm.

I sucked his blood for a few seconds then wiped the mark over with my hand. I smiled at him and said hello while he was finishing washing his hands. I noticed the two small fang marks remained in his arm. He seemed to cringe a few moments then thought no more about it. He dried his hands with the wall towel and grinned at me not knowing what had just taken place. I smiled back and continued my businbes in the toilet bowl. It occurred to me how easy it had been. I then washed my own hands and walked out.

I strolled nonchalantly to where my friends were standing. 'Well! Enquired Sebastian. Did you do it?' I knew exactly what he was talking about. I answered quite proudly, 'Yes, of course I did.' 'Well done, said Helga.' Sebastian, Brianna and Holly, who was now holding a glass of this special wine, all jammed in together to congratulate me, as I watched my victim walk across the room.

I knew at that moment, that I had become a fully-fledged Vampire. 'Let me show you around the place Harry,' proposed Sebastian. He suggested I spend the night at the Sanctuaire.

There were plenty of rooms upstairs and I could always go back to London the following morning after a hearty breakfast and some more blood. He told me that the kindred community in London would welcome me 20 once he gave them a call and from now on my life would be a much richer one than I could possibly imagine.

§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Today, it is early December 2007 and I'm still here looking the same age and so are Sebastian, Helga, Brianna and Holly.

We often meet in Paris and our community has immensely grown since. My sex life is much richer, my powers are greater than ever, and my life in general is much more fun.

I go out in broad daylight as always and still write articles in various papers. I have money, a good life and above all many girlfriends. And all that because I once got on a train called the 'Orient Express' or should I say the Vamporient Sexpress. By the way did you get Sebastian's full name? Sebastian Anton Tanarrives. No it has nothing to do with Anton La Vey, but if you break it down as thus it becomes the following; 'S' from Sebastian; forget the rest of the first name and add 'A' from Anton,again forget the rest of the second name and just add the third name, 'Tanarrives' and put them together.) You get SATanarrives and broken up correctly it gives you SATAN Arrives.

How nice. Good night, sleep well and don't forget to look behind your bedroom door, just in case, because "We're all around you" !!! Darkest Blessings and Sweet Blood. Loki_Grondwitch !