Lovely girls play with strapons lesbian college

Lovely girls play with strapons lesbian college
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We had just arrived at the camping site; it was in the middle of nowhere, nobody was here, and it was raining. I, myself had never been camping before, and my friend Katie had persuaded me to go on a camping trip, since I had never been before. I was a good looking girl, I was 19 and was pretty tall, I was 5"9 and weight just over 110 pounds, I had a great ass, so I was told by friends and previous boyfriends, my tits however weren't the best, the were a 34B, not too big.

Katie was the completely opposite, she was perfect, she was 5"5, weighed about 10 pounds less than me, had a great ass and had the best tits ever! I had sometimes even fantasized about spending a night with her, and the things we would do. As soon as we got out of the car we ran to the trunk of the car and got out the tent to set it up, I guess my choice of clothing wasn't the best, I was in a tank top, no bra, really tight shorts and wore just a thong.

I guess it wasn't the best decision, but it was hot when we left from the house, and it sure did turn Katie on, as I had caught her checking me out a few times, I guess she couldn't keep her eyes off of me. I had never put up a tent before, good job that Katie had, I watched as she set it up, trying to be as "helpful" as I could, for moments I'd just sit there and stare at her ass. I got out our sleeping bags and put them on the ground next to the tent.

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I carried on trying to "help" Katie putting up the tent. Before long, with my "help" the tent was up, however there was only one sleeping bag out side the tent, the other one had rolled off down the hill, next to where the tent was situated and had rolled into the stream there.

I turned around and saw Katie, I said to her "I guess we'll have to share a sleeping bag tonight" with a massive smile on my face, "I guess we will." Katie winked ". but I'll quickly go get it so it can dry out in the car" she continued. "Don't bother Katie, there is no need for it, hunny. You'll just hurt yourself trying to get down there, in this weather." I replied quickly, but before she had fully understood she was half way down the hill, heading for the sleeping bag; I honestly don't know why.

I turned around and headed to go back into the tent, and then I heard a scream "Help!

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Help me April!" I ran to the edge of the hill and saw that she had fell over trying to get back up, it looked like she had cut her knee "Give me your hand" I shouted, she gave me her hand and I pulled her up, and she ran into the tent. I walked into the ten, she was just sat there, she had changed, now dressed in black.

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Her eyes were a deep, beautiful blue, even through the redness one could see how captivating they were. Her cheeks glistened with the tears from earlier. Her blonde hair was behind her ears, she put her fingers through them as she sat in the tent. I asked her how she felt, I got no reply.

The ran was slowing down, so I went to find some firewood which wasn't damp, I came back from the trek to get the firewood about an hour later, the tent was zipped up, I wasn't sure why; I inspected - it felt a bit weird that the tent was zipped up, especially since the weather had changed from awful rain showers to beautiful sunshine.

I unzipped the tent and my jaw just dropped.

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I saw Katie naked, she sat there just rubbing her clit and had two fingers inside of her, I looked at her for a few seconds; neither of us moved or said anything. To be honest, it felt pretty weird looking at Katie sitting there like that, yes I know I had fantasied about it in the past, but I never thought I'd ever see her naked, doing such things.

My eyes kept bouncing back and forth between her pussy and her eyes, she locked eyes with me, I froze, I felt paralyzed. I could see that she was continuing rubbing herself whilst we locked eyes, this sent a massive shiver down my spine. I broke the intense few moments where we locked eyes what felt like minutes, and left the tent to give her some privacy.

I found a dry place where I could light a fire - I never knew how to really. I just remember seeing something on Bear Gryll's about lighting a fire on some place where it was dry, luckily about four feet away from the tent there was a dry spot, I set the firewood alight, by now it was about 9 PM, as we had set off late; it was getting cold once again, I suspected it to rain, so I sat by the fire for a while.

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Then I heard the tent unzip, Katie emerged. "I'm sorry about earlier, April" Katie said, clearly lying. "Oh don't worry about it, I rather." I replied quickly. "You rather what?" Katie said whilst cutting me off. "Erm. erm.

I. I rather enjoyed it" My face became beet red as I said it.


"So did I, I didn't think you would, I thought you'd be creeped out!" Katie confessed, whilst giggling. Once again, as I predicated it started raining, we both ran into the tent, and the fire was extinguished.

I remembered that we only had one sleeping bag, I saw Katie stripping off in the corner of my eyes. "I got really wet from that rain out there, why don't you join me?" I jumped at the oppotunity, with both feet, I quickly pulled the think tank top which barely event covered me anyway, you could clearly see my nipples through them.

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I slid the tight jeans from my waist, and pulled the thong furiously off of myself. I joined Katie in the sleeping bag, we laid face to face, I had my hands my by side, in the sleeping bag whilst Katie had hers outside of the sleeping bag, our breast touched; there were hardly enough space for us in the sleeping bag as it was a single.

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I slipped my hand in front of Katie's pussy, it felt hot, I could actually feel the heat radiating from it! That make me twitch, my hand hit her pussy, I could feel that was wet, Katie let out a long gasp as I brushed my hand against it again, but this time I meant to do it, "Sorry, it was an accident!" I said, clearly telling a lie, just like she had before, when I caught her fingering herself.

Her pussy was shaven, no hair at all, it was smooth like she had just done it before we had left; thinking about it now, she probably did, just like myself. After the second time of me touching her, I noticed that her breathing had became heavier than before, I also noticed that he hands had gone into the sleeping bag, but behind her, so I didn't become suspicious.

Once again, her breathing became a lot heavier. "Do you want some help." I said, with a hint of passion in my voice; as I was clearly offering my services. "No, I'm fine." she quickly replied, trying to hold back a moan. I knew she wasn't, I took this time to do what I had fantasized before. I unzipped the sleeping bag, and unfolded it, I saw her right there, she was so wet!

I leaned in and kissed her, it wasn't just a normal kiss, it was a kiss of passion, she follow threw with the kiss, and we broke for air, she grabbed me and kissed me again, this time it wasn't passionate, it was more a kiss of desperation.

One of my hands ran down her smooth body, past her tits, and down to her pussy, I pushed hard against the opening of her pussy with one finger, it easily went in due to the wetness. With the other hand still on her face, she took this opportunity to get both of her hands and run them down on to my tit, she got my nipple and with her fore finger and her thumb rolled the nipple through her finger, this sent a electrical wave through my spine, I love the feeling. Breaking for air, I went in back to another kiss, we explored each others mouths with our tongues.

I pulled my finger out of her steaming pussy, I rubbed her clit for a few seconds. After ever second had passed she moaned every so slightly more. This time I stuck three fingers deep inside of her, by this time, she gasped and let out a huge moan. She broke from the kiss once again, and put her face in between my tits, she stuck her lips around my left nipple, she made a circular motion with her tongue around my nipple; this sent me into a huge orgasm because my nipples were so sensitive, my pussy was leaking at this stage.

I let out the biggest moan I'd ever had. "I'm CUMMMMMMMMing KATIE! I'M CUMMING" I screamed, my voice echoed through the forest. I rolled Katie on to her back and moved my face between her legs. I leaned in and tenderly kissed her clit. I could feel her twitch under my lips. It was like her pussy was gasping for air. I gently sucked her swollen bud into my mouth. I felt her thighs tighten a little as my tongue flipped over her clit a few times then made its way down into her pussy.

I licked and kissed and sucked, slowly, switching back and forth between her pussy and her clit. I even let the tip of my tongue slip down and tease her puckered asshole. An all but silent moan escaped her and she seemed to lift up the slightest bit to encourage me. I could feel Katie reacting. There was no way for her to hide it.


She laid back; her arms flat to each side of her; palms down; fingers spread wide and she began to push up into my face. I could hear her breathing had become much heavier; she was breathing out of her mouth now.

A few tiny moans escaped her lips as I got lost in my bestfriends wonderful pussy. I kissed her softly and pulled away before she had a chance to cum then I stood up. Katie opened her eyes.

Her chest was heaving as she tried to get enough air. Her gaze went to the bag which I stood over and her eyes began to plead. I pulled out a dildo I had secretly hid in my bag, just for dire emergencies. I didn't bother putting any lube on it as Katie was already wet enough, I slid back down and put my head in between her legs, and slowly put the dildo in, it slid in with ease. I could see that Katie was enjoying this, her facial expressions clearly showed that.

She let out a loud moan, she bit her bottom lip as I inserted the dildo in and out of her pussy, each time going deeper. Her back arched, I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and inserted two fingers inside of her, and licking her clit furiously. I slid the fingers in furiously, and made a circular motion with my tongue around her clit, just like she had with my nipples.

This drove her insane, I felt her muscles in her pussy gripping onto my fingers, very tight now. She let out a very loud moan, her breathing was very heavy at this time. "I. I'm. going. TO CUM! I'm goingggggggggggg TO CUM" she screamed out, just like I did, her scream echo'd through the forest. "Cum all over me, all over my face Katie! Do it now! NOW!" I screamed back.

All of her juices flowed over my fingers and my face, it was amazing. "I want to make you cum again, April" Katie giggled. She got hold of the dildo, and put it into her mouth, she licked off all of the juices from earlier, this instantly made me insane, I couldn't wait anymore for her to stick it in me, I grabbed her hands and forced it into me.

With a deep breath, she forced it into me, I let out a loud moan. She pushed the dildo in, and out, just like I did; pushing it in further every time with her free hand, she pushed my legs into the air, I held them there as she fingered my ass.

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With a shock, I gasped and clenched my ass checks. The dildo was very wet at this stage. She pulled the dildo out of my pussy, put her face down to my ass, licked around the hole and pulled her finger out. She slowly pushed the dildo into my ass, I let out a yelp, as I had never had anything in my ass before, it felt sooo good! Katie picked up speed whilst sitting there and licking my pussy, the feelings I was experiencing was too overwhelming, I could feel my ass tighten around the dildo, as Katie started to thrust the dildo more, into my ass, I could feel the beginning of an orgasm.

Just like Katie, my back arched, I grabbed onto the sleeping bag, clenched on to it with all my force, and shrieked as the full front of the orgasm hit me. I screamed something roughly like "I . IM CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ALL" and my voice just cut out, my juices smeared all over Katies face, she attempted to lick herself clean, and my pussy clean whilst I caught my breath.

"I think you might need some help with cleaning that off your face" I said whilst I smiled greatly. I licked her face clean, and then we tongued passionately mixing my juices through mine, and her mouth. "I guess we can sleep now." I giggled, we both got back into the sleeping bag, and I put my finger to her ass as we just laid there and finally got to sleep. This camping trip I will never forget.