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Böse Polizei trany ariel everitts zuckt
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Pregnant Sex I was not at all thrilled when my teenage daughter Amelia told me that she thought that she might be pregnant. My wife would kill me! No it's not my baby! I had a vasectomy after Amelia was born at my wife's insistence. It's just that my wife and I divorced a few years ago and this summer Amelia was mine to take care of. Shit! I had to laugh about it to myself. It was either that or I would cry out loud. With the vasectomy my wife took my power to reproduce.

In my divorce she got my balls, the house, half of everything I had, and seventeen percent of my earnings for child support until Amelia becomes twenty-one. Now if Amelia is pregnant she'll have my ass too.

That fucking bitch! Obviously the first thing we had to do was to get one of those home pregnancy kits and have her pee on the damn stick. Then comes that excruciating wait before you know. Finally the moment of truth. The fucking little whore was pregnant. Now I had to take her to a doctor to verify it. I was told to wait while Amelia was taken in to an examining room. I was there for two freaking hours before I was finally escorted to a room.

Amelia was already in there with a very attractive lady doctor. The results were positive. Amelia was definitely pregnant and she did not want an abortion! Her tentative due date was the fifth of March.

The fifth of March! The fifth of March! That means that she got knocked up on the fifth of June! Hooray! Amelia wasn't in my possession on the fifth of June! It's not my fault!

I smiled! Then I realized that the fifth of June had been her fourteenth birthday. As soon as we got out of the doctor's office I called my lawyer. I gave him the facts and told him to take my ex-wife to the cleaners. Amelia's pregnancy might be a good thing after all, a very good thing. For me anyway!

Once I got Amelia home I sat her down and told her that I wanted details, all of the details.

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Amelia started to cry and then said, "Daddy on my fourteenth birthday mommy's boyfriend raped me! I told mommy about it but she slapped me across the face and told me to stop lying about him! He has been coming into the bathroom when I was in the tub or sitting on the toilet and he feels me up whenever mommy is out of the room!

Every time I told mommy about him she always thought that I was making it up! She wouldn't believe me!" I said, "Well honey I believe you!

My lawyer is on the job! You won't have to go back to him again!" Amelia thanked me and relaxed for the evening. The next morning I took her directly to the police station and had her give a statement about the rape.


A couple of days later my ex-wife called me. I gave her my lawyer's name and hung up on her. God that felt good! On July fifth we celebrated Amelia's one month of pregnancy. She complained about her boobs being tender. I thought it was just her imagination but at her monthly appointment her doctor said that it was a normal part of her pregnancy.

On August fifth we celebrated Amelia's second month of pregnancy and the fact that her mother had signed the document that gave me full custody of her.

The bitch even has to pay me child support. How fitting! She may not have an income to pay me with though. Her boyfriend was arrested on several counts including rape while my ex was arrested for three counts including contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

On September fifth we not only celebrated her third month of pregnancy but her first day of school too. She liked her new school and just entered the ninth grade. At her obstetrician appointment that month Amelia told her lady doctor that she was going out of her ever-loving mind with the constant desire for sex. Amelia wasn't even concerned that I was sitting right there in the room with her at the time.

Doctor Delilah looked at me, smiled sweetly, and then suggested that Amelia start masturbating. Amelia replied that she had been masturbating all of the time and that it hadn't helped at all. Doctor Delilah then suggested that Amelia use a dildo. Amelia said that she had been using a carrot and a cucumber but that they didn't help any either. Doctor Delilah then said that she might need to find herself a boyfriend or a girlfriend to help her out sexually.

Amelia told Doctor Delilah that she had only been in that school for three days now and that she didn't know anybody in her school at all yet.

Then she asked how she could expect a boy to want to have sex with her when she was three months pregnant! Then she said that all of her pants too tight too! Doctor Delilah just laughed, stood a little closer, and then gave Amelia a big hug. Then her lady obstetrician said, "Honey, your hormones are all out of whack! You're experiencing feelings that a girl your age isn't supposed to feel yet! Now this may come as a bit of a shock to you but I assure you that it really will help!

How about letting your father have sex with you?" The room was dead silent. She let that soak in for just a moment before continuing, "From what I know your father truly loves you, he doesn't get much sex either, and you two could take care of each other's problem!

I know that incest is taboo and looked down on by society but in this case I really think it will work!" I said, "Well I don't know!" Amelia said, "I'm willing to try anything at this point! How soon can we get started?" Doctor Delilah said, "Amelia discard that paper gown and lie back!" Then she grabbed my belt and pulled me closer to the end of the table.

She unfastened my belt, my pants, and pushed them to my knees. She then lowered my underwear as well. Doctor Delilah then said, "Here let me help! Call it a prescription if you wish!" Then she knelt down and sucked my cock. Why, I didn't know because it was already hard.

Then she leaned into Amelia's pussy and started licking her. Immediately Amelia started to moan. She liked that very much. Soon Doctor Delilah was aiming my cock at my daughter's opening and pushing on my ass. I took the hint and slipped my cock into her.

Amelia was thrilled as I penetrated her. I looked down at her slightly rounded belly. I looked up at her swollen breasts and then at her beautiful face.

Her face was content for the first time since she had come to live with me. As I stroked into her Amelia said, "Oh daddy that is exactly what I have needed!

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Don't stop! Don't ever stop!" Doctor Delilah leaned over Amelia and kissed her fully on the lips. I could see her tongue enter Amelia's mouth. Then suddenly Amelia grabbed the back of Doctor Delilah's head and kissed her very deeply. Soon Doctor Delilah pulled away and went after Amelia's breasts. She very gently rubbed them and sucked her nipples into her mouth one at a time. Amelia constantly rubbed the back of her doctor's head.

Then she moved closer to my cock. As I would slowly pull out of Amelia's pussy the doctor would get in there and lick along the top of my cock up to Amelia's clit giving her a thrill and me too. Soon Doctor Delilah was just using her fingers to massage Amelia's clit while I fucked my daughter. Doctor Delilah went back to Amelia's lips and started kissing while the two of us worked on Amelia's pussy.

I saw Amelia's hand holding the doctor's tit that was closest to her head. That left her other tit for me to hold. It was a better threesome than I had ever imagined.

Both Doctor Delilah and I were helping Amelia out sexually. After a while I decided to go from the doctor's tit to her pussy with my hand. As I slid my hand up under her shirt she parted her legs for me and placed the foot closest to me up on one of the table's casters giving me even better access. I took full advantage of it too. I had my fingers inside her panty leg and up inside her moist pussy. I was finger fucking the lady doctor and really fucking my daughter. Finally after an incredible length of time I started to cum.

Amelia could feel it shooting up inside her. Then Doctor Delilah humped my hand and had an orgasm of her own. After things calmed down the doctor sucked my cock clean and licked Amelia's pussy clean too. Finally Doctor Delilah said, "Now was that as good as I said it would be?

I am already looking forward to your next visit! I'm sorry that it will be in four weeks! However I suppose that I could make a house call sooner if you would like me too!" Amelia smiled and said, "I would like that very much and I'm pretty sure my dad would like it too!" I said, "Yes!

I would!" As she left Doctor Delilah handed me a prescription. It read, "Sex! Three times a day! More if you can take it!" I watched Amelia get dressed so that we could go home.

She really did need some new pants, maybe the stretchy kind. She might even need some of those silly maternity tops too that have sayings on them. "Baby on board" "Look I'm pregnant" "Bun in the oven" "Mother to be" On the way home we stopped by a maternity shop that one of the women in the waiting room had mentioned.

Amelia picked out a couple pair of elastic pants and several tops. She fell in love with a pretty pink top that said, "I'm not fat, I'm knocked up!" The shop owner asked Amelia her age.

Then she asked her if she really had the nerve to wear that pink top to school. When the answer was yes she gave Amelia the top for free and wished her luck. The next morning Amelia came right in to my bed for her sex. Later I dropped Amelia off at school on my way to work. She had on her new tan stretch pants and that pretty pink top that said, "I'm not fat, I'm knocked up!" She kissed me goodbye and walked proudly into the school. I watched her enter before driving away. She sure drew some attention.

I had arranged for Amelia to take a taxi to where I work and do her homework in an office just off from the lobby. There are several small conference rooms available for talking to salesmen and the like. The receptionist would assign one to Amelia and then give me a quick call to let me know that she had arrived safely. I had dated the receptionist on several occasions. She liked red wine with her dinner, cuddling in a movie theater, and getting fucked doggy style from behind afterwards and it didn't have to be in a bed either.

She seemed to like getting fucked in public, like bent over the hood of my car in the parking lot after the movie. When I finished work I went down to the lobby and found Amelia and the receptionist laughing and talking.

Apparently Amelia's pink top had drawn a lot of attention, both in school and in the lobby of my office building. Amelia was glowing! She hadn't been this happy since before she had gotten pregnant but now she was advertising it and even happy about it. She was also very horny and wanted me to fuck her right then in the small conference room. I suggested that we go home first.

She begged me to so I let her lead me to the small conference room that she had been using. She just dropped her pants and panties to her knees in one swift motion and bent over the conference table.

I locked the door first then I dropped my pants and underwear too. I held my cock in one hand, parted her pussy lips slightly with the other hand, and inserted my cock into my fourteen-year-old daughter right there in my office building. It was absolutely thrilling to say the least. Amelia supported herself on her elbows and rested her small belly on the table.

I started out slow and gently but quickly realized just how much I had been looking forward to this myself. As I picked up speed and got more forceful Amelia said, "That's it Daddy! That's it! Oh yeah!


Oh God! I'm cumming now!" She managed to cum again before I did. As she pulled her panties up I saw that she had a thin pad stuck to the crotch of her panties. She smiled at me and told me that it was a 'just incase' sort of thing. She said that it would keep her pants from getting wet and possibly causing a scene. I was proud of her for that. On the ride home Amelia told me about her day in school.

She was the center of attention wearing that pink shirt. Lots of girls had asked her about how, when, and why. They were truly interested and especially glad that they weren't the one pregnant. Her teachers were more concerned about her comfort. The boys were just being ignorant as usual and smiled and whispered about her behind their back. At home Amelia just wanted to get naked and have sex again.

That was fine with me but I needed a little more time to recover. That wasn't good enough for Amelia. She got naked quickly and pulled out my cock to suck. I relaxed and tried to enjoy it. Sure enough it didn't take Amelia very long at all to get me hard again. She really surprised me when she wanted to be on top this time.

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She had learned about it from a couple of the girls in her new school. Their older sisters had told them about that sex position. Amelia liked it because she was in control. She knew exactly where she wanted the head of my cock to press. Before long she had her knees up high and her ass down low. I was pretty sure that I was hitting her cervix. She had one orgasm after the other. That was the spot that I should shoot for too. When she finished she was satisfied for the moment anyway.

We managed to get through dinner before Amelia wanted to have sex again. Fortunately Doctor Delilah called to see if we needed any of her help. I told her to rush over before Amelia drained me of all of my bodily fluids. She laughed but said that she would be over soon. Doctor Delilah arrived in about an hour. Amelia was naked when she rushed right into her arms and started kissing her.

Amelia told Doctor Delilah all about school, her new clothes, and our great sex life. Doctor Delilah had stopped by an Adult Store and purchased a couple of special dildos for Amelia. I watched as she started probing Amelia with the new vibrators.

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A nice bright green vibrator had a bend in the end that was designed to stimulate Amelia's G-spot up behind her pelvic bone. That gave Amelia a whole series of orgasms. Next Amelia was introduced to a big yellow banana vibrator with a monkey riding on it. The banana slipped into Amelia's pussy while the monkey tickled her clit. Amelia really liked that one too.

The last vibrator looked like an ear of Indian corn. Naturally it was shaped like an ear of corn and had a variety of colored kernels on it.

It was also bigger than the other vibrators were and it had more of a point on the end too. Doctor Delilah worked it into Amelia's pussy carefully so that the point entered Amelia's cervix just a little bit to really excite her.

Doctor Delilah was very good at stimulating women. It must be a side benefit to knowing exactly what is going on in there. Amelia was totally and completely satisfied. When Amelia went to bed I thanked Delilah for saving my life. I told her that I had envisioned myself as a dried out mummy from lack of bodily fluids.

Delilah asked me if I had a teaspoon full of semen left to give her. She was asking me to make love to her, how could I refuse? I very much enjoyed watching Delilah undress in a very sexy way, the likes of which I had not seen in a very long time.

She was perfection herself. Delilah said that her entire eight years of college had been paid for by winning beauty contests. She was Miss Erie County, Miss Pennsylvania, and then Miss America about thirteen years ago.

She had come in as the third runner up in the Miss World contest too. She sure was pretty enough even at thirty-six years old.

I was forty years old and had never even seen a Miss America in real life before and here was one asking for a teaspoon of sperm. Hell yes!

Making love to Delilah was an experience that I will never forget. Not only was her body perfect but her mind was too. She could stimulate me with words alone.

She had the softest lips to kiss, the firmest breasts, the hardest nipples, and the best pussy that I had ever tasted. The whole time I was seducing her with my foreplay Delilah was telling me how good it felt, ways to rock her world, and how to give her an ever-lasting orgasm.

She was teaching me how to be a better lover. That was the point! She was training me to be her lover. I really paid attention and did everything that she suggested. It paid off when I was cumming and she was having the most incredible orgasm of her life. At least that's what she told me and I believed her. She was under me at the time and I could feel her whole body trembling and her vagina muscles clamping down on my swollen cock as I gave her that teaspoon of cum and probable a lot more too.

Delilah spent the night with me. Amelia came in the next morning for her sex and found us together. Delilah and I both took of her needs.

I had gone from basically no sex at all to having two very needy women in my life. As much as I enjoyed sex with my daughter I loved sex with Delilah. On December fifth Delilah and I helped celebrate Amelia's sixth month of pregnancy and I asked Delilah to marry me. Amelia was more excited than we were. She even peed her pants which was happening a lot lately. Delilah thought that it was funny. Delilah decided that we should get married three months after our grandchild is born so that Amelia can be her bride's maid.

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