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Delicious hottie Faina enjoys a superb rear fuck
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Chapter 1 We all know the fear of waking up somewhere other than where you were sure you slept,don't we?(No ladies and gentlemen.I am NOT talking about a one night stand.)Well then.I for one would have rather enjoyed waking up somewhere I was not familiar with than in some TIME I was not familiar with.It could had made things a WHOLE lot easier.One minute I've just come from watching Spartacus blood and Sand for the fourth time.(I usually only watch the gladiator scenes only.

and maybe just a bit of the Smut.OK a lot of the smut:-) )and next thing i know there a sharp pain in my head before I feel myself land headfirst on the cool soft grass which is a relief to my aching.Wait a minute.GRASS?


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I open my eyes and look around from where I lay on all fours,one of my hands on my now rapidly cooling head.I'm in some kind of vast estate and nearby is a field of golden wheat with some people harvesting it from the looks of it.I stand slowly and touch my nose as it feels warms only for my fingers to come back covered in blood.I had a nosebleed for some reason.I reached into my pocket to get a hanky when i found i didn't have a pocket.THE HELLS? !!?!?!.I loved down and saw what I was wearing and only had a heart attack.

A TOGA!!! A FUCKING TOGA!!! If my friends ever saw me in this I would die of embarrassment.Albeit it was a expensive looking and soft,comfortable one.It was still a TOGA.I would be called a lady man for the rest of my life if anyone saw me in this.I wiped the blood off with the back of my hand before looking around to get my bearings once more.There was a road leading to a great marble building while in the other direction was just a road going on and on.Maybe if I went to the building someone could??!.

"MASTER MAXIMUS,MASTER MAXIMUS!!!!" I saw a lithe figure running in my direction.The figure was female by the looks of it.She was dressed like a maidservant in Roman times,just a little bit better than those normal slaves I had seen in the Spartacus series.What the hell had I fallen into.A convention on roman times?


She didn't seem to slow down as she neared so I could only guess that this maximus she was calling for! Maybe all those fanfictions on self inserts were real.But was I really in the Spartacus universe or just gone back in time? And who was the fucking idiot that pulled off the sending?He was due for a sweet knuckle sandwich from yours truly.I sighed.For all my bravado on revenge though.i was a little afraid.It was one thing to read about it and the other to live it.I prayed to whatever deity(or sick fuck) that had brought me that he or she had my back.The maidservant continued to approach at a fast pace,looking familiar with each step towards me she took.As she finally reached me I had to make sure I didn't gasp when I recognised her.

Melitta.The servant in Batiatus's ludus.Or not any longer.Woman was a fine piece of ass and beauty if I could say so myself.Long dark hair,soft kissable lips and a body to die for which the blue dress she wore clung to to show the curves of her lightly tanned body and barely hid her breasts.What the hell was she doing here?

"Master maximus,we've been looking all over for you.You must come quickly.Your father is at his last breath and about to leave this world.He wants to see his son one last time.Come quickly."And with that she grabbed my arm and was literally dragging me towards the building in haste. "Hold on a min."but my words were useless at that point and I knew.I just had to believe this was a Godsend and go with it. ############################# The building was one you saw in those roman movies,the ones where only the rich lived.Long and short of it: Marble columns and floors,gleaming.

Seemingly hundreds of servants walking around doing their duties.

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An equal amount of guards standing uh.guard. More wine and food than you could eat lying about. We arrived and melitta let me go.If anybody saw a mere servant touching the son of the head of the house things could get ugly for her real quick.She was 5 paces behind me now as we neared the doors to my "father's" rooms.Before I could enter a man who looked real self important or walked with that air about him.(in my language,he was someone with a really big stick up their ass.)walked out and met me halfway.

"Lars maximus Alexander,I regret to inform you that your father has perished and already cremated as per his instructions.He has left you his whole fortune,businesses,slaves and estates as well as his fleet of ships both merchant and military.His gold assets amounted to about 20,000,000,000 gold coins (I could hear a passing slave drop a jar at his statement while melitta gasped slightly)more money in coin than even the emperor has.The papers were signed and witnessed long before this day.I am sorry for your loss.He was great man.Goodday and excuse me."He said,finally walking away.

Well.That was quick.The Romans sure were thorough. So I was apparently the son of a bloody rich dead and now bloody rich myself.Well just great.My thoughts were Interrupted by melitta's hand on my shoulder. "I will draw a bath for you.Dominus." Oh yeah.With ol papa dead I was the Dominus now.However hearing her call me that was displeasing to me much. "Lars." Melitta who had been walking away froze and turned slowly towards me,her beautiful brown eyes full of shock and disbelief.

"Did you speak domin.!!??" I smiled slightly at this making her look even more disbelieving. "Call me Lars,dear Melitta.And please hurry with that bath." She seemed to have gone numb as she nodded slightly and then walked away quickly. Well.that was interesting. ################################### I took the time before Melitta returned going around the house knowing each and every part of it.Then stopping,talking to and getting to know each and every slave and guard who looked shock as I talked to them.I found the accountant in charge of paying them and told him to raise their and his own pay.He had looked at me with the same disbelief that melitta had shown.I was firm though.As I washed myself in the huge hot bath,the rumours reached me and I finally knew why they(and melitta)were shocked.Apparently in this world,since my birth I had always been quiet and never talked.Nor smiled.Nor shown any interest in anything.Most had said I was partly brain dead.Melitta had been bought to be my companion and silent follower.Keeping me out of trouble,feeding me my meals and bathing me.

This had continued till my teenage years until now.Some now said that the death of my father had broken a curse he himself had placed on me at birth.I had to snort at that.Yeah right.

I was in the Spartacus universe no doubt.And I planned to change it to my liking.Through money,blackmail and bloodshed if need be. ################################## Night comes quickly to replace the day.I had just had supper.Or i had looked at the great big feast they had laid before me,blinked a couple of times before calling Melitta who sat at my side and asked her to go bring 50 guards and 50 slaves to the room.She had looked puzzled at my request but went to do so.As soon as they arrived I stood up from the dining chair.

"Welcome,welcome.Please come sit at the table.I find it very lonely even with the beautiful melitta here (I'm sure the blush she has are my eyes playing tricks on me.Coincidentally after discreet enquiries I found that she isn't married.There apparently isn't an Oenomaus in this world.)so please,dine with us." Some of them openly gape at me in shock.I forget this is Rome.Here your supposed to be ice cold or something like that.Ready to strike your enemy like a cobra.Well it's not like I wasn't.I was just not among enemies.And besides,Roman i was not.After seeing It wasn't a joke they sat down.They soon warmed up to my banter and questioning of their lives and needs.What I was doing was getting loyalty.

A good slave serves his master well.A loyal slave will never betray their master or mistress.I would do this repeatedly every night until I gained their loyalty.Helping the guards with their home problems,whether monetary in nature or otherwise.Keep my slaves happy and help any relatives they may have,especially those who sold themselves to the house of Alexander to pay off debts.I would also reunite any slave who still had family somewhere at my own expense.I wanted friends in my house,not sell outs.

After that was done and the happy group of slaves and guards went to gossip of their new Dominus's kindness and hospitality,me and melitta retreated to my bed chambers.Apparently no lights in the Ludus were ever put out in case of a night visit from a friend or important guests or dignitary.

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Unfortunately I had the most aching need to release some tension.There was a private man servant who dealt with discreetly bringing in prostitutes to the Ludus should I need them.As hot and breathtaking as melitta was,I would not use her as I could very well do.She was no whore. "Melitta,please send for Baccus.The night is young and I have needs.And afterwards go to your chambers and get some rest.That is all,dear one." I did not see her eyes when I mentioned Baccus.Her eyes seemed to blaze.She knew what her master wanted.Then why not.?

I was walking away when she grabbed my arm quickly yet gently. "If the domi.If you wish for some relief Lars I would." She doesn't complete the sentence but gently unclips a piece of her blue dress sending it to the floor.I take her in and see a goddess.Or a demi god.A child of Aphrodite.We close the small gap between us and look into each others eyes,brown meeting brown.I stroke a curl of her long soft silky black hair away from her beautiful face as our lips move to meet each other.

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! "Dominus.You have a visitor." Melitta looks disappointed as she begins to move back and take her dress.I don't give her the chance.My lips meet hers quickly and passionately in a loving embrace.awe kiss for what seems like hours,but is but a few minutes.I break it slowly as I look at her breathing gently,her soft lips warm and moist. "Stay in here.I want you in my arms tonight."I say as I kiss her gently on the cheek and move off to deal with the visitor.

############################## The visitor isn't someone I'm surprised to see being in the Spartacus universe.Lavish,tasteful and expensively dressed,beautiful face with soft pink lips,long blonde hair,great figure ass and tits and eyes of a sweet angel(or a manipulative bitch if you knew her well.)Though why in the hell she was here and not somewhere in Capua or going off to her husband in war for a fuck was something I wasn't sure of.

Ilithyia. She smiles upon seeing me. "Lars Alexander.I come to convey my deepest sympathies on your father's death." I'm sure she expected me to be quiet or not care as she had been told that I was an idiot or something of the sort.

"Your sympathies are appreciated and most welcome,dear ilithyia.Though I wonder what else drove you here at this hour."I said,whilst motioning a slave to bring wine,signalling for it to be the best in the house.If she was surprised at my talking she hid it well.

"I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I would pass by Rome's richest bachelor with a message from dear father."The wine was brought and the slave left along with the guards who were stationed outside for our privacy.I poured some wine for us and watched as she drank,her eyes closing in almost orgasmic pleasure on tasting the wine.

"By the gods.If such a wine exists here you may tempt me to stay forever." I chuckled lightly at that and asked about the message.Her father was wealthy.But would never reach my wealth even if he tried.

"Father requests a loan of. (she looked uncertain,wincing a bit at the figure stated)5,000 gold coins.He is building a Ludus in Capua and is short on funds.He sends me as some recompense." Phew.5,000 gold coins.Nothing to me but something to him.Albinius must be real desperate to use his own daughter.Which reminded me."Aren't you married?"I asked her.She only shrugged gently. "Nothing is set and father is still looking into others.One general,Claudius glaber has stated his intentions though things could change."She said,drinking some more wine.Changes indeed.When she reported my wealth to her father I knew exactly he'd be trying out next.

"Your father will have his funds.You will take them to him in the morning.Pass by here sometime in the mm day when you're ready to leave and they will be ready for you along with an a carriage and an armed escort of 100 guards."I told her.Her eyes widened at this generosity.Like I said,most Romans were a cold bunch.Her eyes then turned predatory.Such a wealthy man would make a perfect husband.With his wealth she could be the most sought after woman in Rome.Many would fight for her patronage and friendship.

I walked to a table with some honey in a jar."As for recompense,well."I took of my toga to reveal my 7 inch cock to her widening eyes,not believing her eyes at its length.I poured the honey on it covering it and my balls well with the sweet confection. "Let's see those soft lips and warm mouth at work,Shall we?" ######################################## I sat on a couch as she knelt before me naked as well,her mouth suckling on my two grapefruit sized cum orbs,gently nursing them with her warm mouth and soft lips and sometimes sucking and pulling on them to get the taste of honey off of them,having already cleaned my cock of any of the sweet liquid confection.Feeling the amount of backed up cum in my balls sloshing in my sack she mewled and whimpered softly like a whore knowing where her next meal was coming from.

Ilithyia released my jizz filled balls,pressing her lips in a lewdly sucking kiss on the spongy tip of my prick.She tasted the strong saltiness of my cream, and her eyes opened wide, as she imagined how much cum was stored in my balls,how much of my hot,sappy jizz could end up spewing down her throat and into her hungry belly.She was doing his slave women a favour.Any who would lay with him would have been growing large with his offspring in one go.

Gradually,the blonde let her lips part,making loud, wet, smacking sounds as she took my cock deep inside her mouth.Hungrily, she licked her tongue around the swollen length of my prick-shaft,unable to avoid the taste of my huge cock. Ilithyia shut her eyes,concentrating on nothing else in the world but the flavor and feel of lars' cock in her mouth;she wanted to taste his seed soon.With how many times her father whored her out to select people to close deals,she was somewhat a connoisseur of seed.If father was to get Alexander to marry her then she must taste his seed,it's flavour and thickness.See if it would be able to make her grow heavy with child in her womb.She started sucking,her cheeks flushing brightly and puckering with her suction around the stiffness of his dick.The blonde slut clung to his cock with her hand,holding up his wand of prick-flesh as she slurped and sucked loudly on his cock-tip.

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Up and down her head bobbed, shamelessly fucking her face with my cock Ilithyia's soft, perfectly painted pink lips closed around his long, thick cock.She felt his prick begin to enlarge as her tongue moved along the shaft.

She moved her head back and forth sucking as much of my growing shaft into her throat as possible.Her moist, watery mouth covered my cock shaft with hot saliva. My mushroom shaped cock-head grew larger and more resilient with each passing second. The rhythmic sucking and milking of her soft velvety mouth made my prick continue to enlarge.My hips moved back and forth as her cock-sucking mouth aroused me even further. "Roman gods above!! Take that cock you spoilt blonde bitch.To think you kiss your father with that mouth.If only he knew how I'm going to dump a load of my seed into his daughter's belly.Your're not going to be hungry for a while Ilithyia,that you can be sure of." Encouraged by the my eager words,Ilithyia sucked my fuck-pole even harder.My hot, salty cum-juice was oozing out of my piss-hole,she could fucking taste it.My prick was growing even stiffer, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth.

Although she was an experienced cocksucker,Ilithyia had trouble swallowing more than half of my large prick,and continually alternated between sucking near the head and kissing and licking further down from mid cock to the base where her hand was gently stroking and milking my shaft. Still jerking my cock-shaft with her hand, she moved her mouth over to my cum filled balls and licked at my nut-sack.Then, she sucked one of my aching balls into her mouth.

Her tongue and lips worked to devour my one grapefruit sized cum filled ball, and then switched to the other. Just as she thought she had sucked on my balls enough,Ilithyia kissed and licked each one gently before returning her mouth to my flaring cock-head.

She knew I was close to releasing my seed.Relentlessly,she sucked onmy aching cock,the bedroom filled by the constant slurping, gurgling sounds of the frantic blowjob in progress. Her hand jacked on my fuck-rod again,frantically beating my cock up to her cock-filled lips.

"Give me all your cum.Feed me your precious seed."She pleaded; the blonde had a rather hungry expression on her face,but to my surprise, she leant over his lap and opened her mouth,taking the end of me between her lips and sucking.

Her moist tender lips grasped tighter and tighter around my now glistening prick as her warm wet mouth took more and more of my huge shaft. After a few minutes,lars had his entire 7-inch cock in Ilithyia's mouth,her nose was buried in the base of my cock.As soon as her lips closed over the base of my cock,it pulsed and started shooting.

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At the same time,I bucked my hips up off the couch and rammed my cock into Ilithyia's mouth, grabbing the top of her head and forcing her head down.I gave a cry of pleasure as I came in the spoilt blonde bitches mouth,my cock thrusting over her tongue and squirting my thick load into her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow.She gulped rapidly as my huge load of cum filled her mouth, weeks of pent up sexual energy from my time in my normal universe shooting from my huge cock and balls.She tried to pull her head free as her mouth was filled by the sticky, hot liquid, but I held her strong, bucking my cock up between her lips and practically fucking her face as i unloaded.Her father was asking for 5,000 gold coin and that wasn't cheap.I could be making sweet love to melitta right now but was getting only a blowjob.She better swallow.

My creamy torrent of cum blew into the prick-sucking blonde bitche's mouth, splattering on the roof of her mouth,and then shooting past her tonsils down her throat, His jism tasted different than she expected,she thought to herself mentally.Certainly not awful as she imagined it to be.Quite full of flavour.It must be the wine.And his load was every bit as huge as his cock-head.

A tidal wave of cream blasted again and again out of hisdick, making his prick pulsed wildly between her lips as it vented its load of boiling sperm.

My hands grabbed her head and shoved her hungrily sucking mouth down hard onto my manically jerking cock.My cum filled balls spurted another three or four large loads of their precious fluid in her mouth,Ilithyia continued sucking as every drop emptied down her throat.

It was an incredibly big load; bigger than any Ilithyia had yet nursed from the balls of any man. My cum-blast spurted into her mouth, nearly choking her as it spewed down her throat.

She sucked my squirting cock harder than ever. The sequence was followed by spurt after spurt of rich, milky,Honey-tasting seed. Again and again,my jism streamed up from my aching balls, inundating her mouth and throat with rich cum. The sounds of the blonde's wild prick-sucking grew even louder as she swallowed the cum. She tried to swallow it all, but some slipped from her lips.I then pushed her head back and shot several spurts of cum all over her face and hair.Ilithyia watched as my cock jerked about wildly, ejaculating my hot load all over her.His cum was in her eyes and on her nose.Large globs of cum dripped down her cheeks.

I put prick back in her mouth. Her lips again tightly encircling my massive cock-shaft. She continued moving her head back and forth as she continued nibbling on my cock-head, sucking clean every last drop of life-giving sperm that she could until my cock was completely drained.I left my big cock inside of her mouth as it slowly softened and dropped out.

She was a mess with my thick seed dripping from her tits and face.Her golden hair had strings of thick seed and she was still unable to speak as she swallowed the thick fertile seed in her mouth and throat that stuck to them like glue.


"I'll make a slave draw a bath for you and send you some wine and your clothes.As agreed tomorrow you'll collect the gold and the escort will be waiting.Good night."I said,walking away after putting on my toga.

Ilithyia still knelt near the couch and finally giving up on swallowing,spat out the thick pearl white cum from her mouth and throat into her hands. "So virile."she whispered in awe,staring at the sperm before putting it in a wine cup.If the female slave was shocked at her appearance she said nothing though Ilithyia knew that many a female slave would pleasure themselves to the thought of their Dominus's virility.As she bathed in the hot waters and the slave went to bring wine she tool the cum full of lars's seed and drank deeply.

She swished the thick drink in her mouth,savouring the thick flavour before swallowing with some difficulty and licking her lips in satisfaction.Indeed,his seed was strong and fertile.Any womb,HER womb,would grow heavy with many in one night with this man as her husband.And gods help the woman who would be his mistress.They would spend most of their on their back birthing young.

"Perfect." Plans were already forming in her mind. ############################### I walked back to my chambers before sliding off my toga and entering naked into bed where melitta waited patiently.She looked at me for a long time before crawling into my arms as I held her naked body close.We spent the night in each others arms beneath the heavy sulk blankets. With this good start I was on the right track.Now I only had to wait till that bastard Claudius returned from the war.I had already decided.I was going to free Spartacus and save his wife.

To be continued.