Segredos de ana rebolando de calcinha

Segredos de ana rebolando de calcinha
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My Sweet Sexy Bhabhi. Hi Desipapa Fans, First of all I would like to introduce You myself.

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I m "Pagal". Due to some personnel reason I would like to hide my name so don't mind. I m a young, Handsome and Smart Boy, 20 years old, Student of Inter.

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This is the story of me and my Bhabhi (Actually she is Bhabhi of my friend so I also call her bhabhi). How I fuck her this is the main story so leave it to later, Now I introduce u with her.

She is married and she live in the house which is beside of us means she is our neighbor so she is about 27 years old with a sexiest body, she has app 44 33 44 fig and her height must be 5' feet's. She has a fair color and the main thing is that she has no kid due to her husband cause her husband has pro in his testicles so he never made kids.


So this is the reason they adopted a girl who is 6 month's old. Due to no deliveries her body is strong and hot like young girls.

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Stories started then when I reach one day at her home with out knocking door and there I see her totally nude fucked by her husband and after seeing this incident I just shocked and came back to my home and after that day I just imagining her and gave a hand job on her name. Days passed and my junoon increased in fucking her and I have no idea about that so I just agree on hand jobs.

Laiken aik din meri kismat ka sitara chamka aur main apni chaht per gaya un ka ghar hamare ghar say neecha tha so I can see there whole roof and as well as there bathroom which has no roof. Main nay Nazia ko bathroom main jaata dekha to mere andar ka shaitan jaaga and I reach near to the bath and stand there with out disturbing her. Aur phir ooper say dekhnay laga. Us nay apne poore kapre utare aur nahana shooroo kar diya and I was just in heaven to see her totally nude and taking bath.

so I just get my cock out and start rubing and just seeing her and when I was just out of control I got a idea and main thora sa upper ho kar khara ho gaya aur apni sarree mani us kay ooper gara di pehle tu woh samjhee kay kissi kawa ki sharart hai per jab us nay ooper dekha tu foran apne kaproon say apne jism ko chupa liya and I just move beside but I just seeing her reaction and from a hole I start seeing her where she never see me so she just touch my mani on her shoulder and then smelt it and after that she taste itOhh God this was the surprise for me and I was just shocked so I reach in my room and clean myself and relax.

Thore dino kay baad us nay mujh ko bulaya kay zara thora sa saman la do and I reach there and get a list from her hand and money and got all things from market and I feel that she has a naughty smile on her face at that time when she touch my hand.

so jab main wapis pohncha woh apne kamre main kapre badal rahee thee she loudly order me to sit out side and I obeyed her then she came back and check all things and after that she brought some cold drinks from kitchen and after sitting she ask me about that day I just feel shy so I just ignore her question and drinking juice but she again ask me about that day so I just nervous and thrush and say that I love ur body so I reach there to see u nude.

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After saying this I was just relax and taking her reaction, but she unfortunattely laugh and say Tum mujh say kehte tu main khud hi tum ko apna jism dikha daitee and this was my turn for surprise and I was shocked and little bold. Tub main nay kaha kay tu ab dikha do.

After hearing this she just unbotten her two upper bottons and turn down and show me her big milky juggs. Main tu waisay hi beqabu ho raha thaitna haseen manzar daikh kar mere pant per tant ban gaya jis ko us nay bhi mahsoos kar liya and came near to me and touch my cock and unzip my pant and start kissing my whole body and I start also and loose her all clothes and she loose my whole clothes too and I just start kissing her pussy and she moaning and we became in 69position and she gave me a fantastic blow job.

Phir main nay us ko dogy style main khara kar kay peechay say us ki phudee main apna lun dala jo woh aram say lay gayee and I was just surprise that this soft phuddi is too much wide then I ask about her Ass. Tu uss nay kaha kay us nay pehle kabhi nahin kya peechay say tu main nay kaha aaj kar kay dekho phir roz kiya karo gi. After saying this I just apply oil on my cock top and her ass hole too.

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Phir main nay apne lund ka topa us ki gand key hole per rakha aur aik halka sa jhatka diya jis say merra lund ka toppa andar chala gaya aur woh chilla utthheee then I stop and sorry to her and relax her and after a few second I just apply more oil and spit on her back and gave a hard push. Jis say mera baqi ka pura lund us ki gand ko pharta cheerta huwa andar tak chala gaya and she start weeping but I just insist to fuck her and I just lay down on her back. Aur jab us ka dard kam howa tu main nay aram aram say hilna shooro kar diya aur us ko bhi maza anay laga aur woh awazain nikalnay lagee ohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhha fuck me aur maro meri plz zor say marooooooooo ahhhhhhhhh phat gai mar gai main ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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