Teen Mum Swallows Tasty Cum

Teen Mum Swallows Tasty Cum
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I was on my way to my younger half-sister's apartment. She had called in tears, explaining how her boyfriend had left her, and that he had taken all their money and ran. He had apparently not paid the rent on their apartment for a couple months, and her and my niece were getting kicked out.

She was going to go stay with her mother's parents until she could find a place, but she needed help moving some of the furniture out of the apartment and into storage. Her 2 year old daughter was with my sister's grandparents while we finished moving. I pulled up to the apartment, and was thankful that it was a ground floor apartment. She came out and gave me a big hug and thanked me for helping.

Everyone else was either busy, or not willing to come help her. I hadn't really seen her much over the last few years, as there had been a falling out with my father and step-mother. At twenty years old, she had become and amazingly beautiful young lady.

It didn't help that she was wearing a pair of very short shorts and a tight fitting tank top. I had backed my truck up as close as I could get it, and she took me into the apartment to show me what she needed help moving. We quickly got to work and started filling the truck. It didn't take us long to get a full load in the truck, and we hopped in and she directed me to her grandparents house, where all the furniture was going to be stored in their garage for the time being.

We said our hellos to everyone, and unloaded the first truckload. We headed back to the apartment to get some more.


We filled the truck up one more time, and made another trip to the garage. After getting back the second time, there were only a few things left, and I knew it would all fit in one load.

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We decided to take a break and have something to eat and drink a couple of beers. We sat on the bed and ate, and talked, catching up on the last couple of years.

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She started to get upset again, and was crying as she told me the story about how her boyfriend, Mark, had left her. They had been together since she was 16. Apparently he had met a girl online and was moving in with her.

As we talked, I held her as she cried. She looked up at me and told me how much it meant that I had come to help her. She talked about how she hadn't had anyone to really rely on since her parents had split up. Even though she was obviously upset, I was overly aware of her fantastic young body up against me. I'm still not sure who made the first move, but it wasn't long until we were kissing each other deeply.

As we laid back on the bed, in between kissing, she told me that Mark had not had sex with her in several months, and how much she needed someone to hold her like he had. Part of me knew I should stop, but she had become so sexy and beautiful, and my cock was getting hard. I moved slightly over her and started to kiss her neck. I pulled her tank top from her, and she quickly undid her bra, setting looser her magnificent tits. I immediately moved down and began licking and biting her lovely nipples.

She moaned in pleasure, which only spurred me on more. I moved down her body, kissing and nibbling as I went. I grabbed each side of her shorts and her panties and pulled both off together. I spread her legs apart and moved down between her legs, running my tongue along her clit once, before sliding a finger into her and beginning to lap hungrily at her clit.

I licked and fingered my dear little sister until she had orgasmed twice. Then I moved back up her body until I was positioned between her legs, my cock brushing against her dripping wet pussy.

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She looked up at me and said something about how we shouldn't do this, and I slowly pushed the tip of my cock into her pussy. I asked her if she really wanted me to stop, and her response was to push her hips up, allowing my cock to slide further into her.

I leaned down and kissed her deeply as I slid my cock even deeper into her. Here I was, at 36, having sex with my 20 year old sister.


After a bit, we flipped around. I laid on my back as she straddled me. She moved up and down on my cock, while I fondled, licked, and sucked on her fantastic tits. After a bit she sat up straight and rode me a bit harder. I reached down and began to rub her clit. It was at this point that she decided to tell me that Mark, while amazing, was not her daughter's actual father. I was a little shocked.

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As far as I knew, Mark was the only man she had ever been with. But, I was about to be told a revelation that would be just the first one that day. Being curious, and knowing she was at a point where she wanted to tell, I asked who the father really was then. She paused for a moment, and then said that she wouldn't have said anything, but what I was doing to her pussy felt just like her daughter's father did.

Then she hit me with it…Mark was not the father, but MY father was the actual father! She proceeded to tell me about how it all started with the way dad used to sit around the house in his bathrobe. It was a very short bathrobe anyway, but he would sit on the couch or his chair with it on, and many times he would fall asleep. When he would do this, his robe would often slip up or open a bit, leaving his cock in perfect view.

It was one of these times, when she was about 14, that she decided she wanted to touch it. It was just the two of them at home at the time. Our younger sister was at a friend's house, and their mother was working late.

She kneeled in front of him and lightly touched his cock. She watched as it got hard from her touching. By the time dad had awaken, he was fully hard and she was fully stroking his cock.

After a moment of shock, his hard cock took over, and he told her to put it in her mouth. He taught her how to suck his cock, and soon he was filling her mouth with cum. She explained that, after that, whenever they were alone, her and dad would start 'playing'.

It started with only blow jobs and dad fingering her, but it wasn't long until he took her virginity one night when they were left alone. He went into her room late that night and slipped into her bed. He told her they were going to do something new, and that it might hurt at first, but it would feel amazing within a few minutes. She talked about how it had gone on for another two years, even after she started having sex with Mark. But then, one night, things were different.

Our little sister was at a friends this night, and dad and her mom ended up getting in a huge fight. At one point, my step-mom stormed out of the house and drove off.

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My sister tried comforting our dad, but nothing seemed to work. She took him into her bedroom to see if that would help.

She said it was a very different night. Dad was angry and hurt, and ended up taking her very hard from behind. He fucked her so hard and rough, not paying any attention to her pleasure, as he had often done. And finally, while he had been very careful every other time, this night he wasn't, and when he reached his climax, he buried his cock deep in her young pussy, filling her with cum.

It wasn't long after that when she found out she was pregnant. Of course, she couldn't tell anyone the truth, so she had tricked everyone into believing it was Marks, even our father. After that, things had quickly began to slow down between her and dad, until finally, he was not coming to see her at all. After she was done telling her story, I had her get on her hands and knees, and I moved in behind her.

I pushed deep into her, and grabbed her hips, pulling her back onto my cock very hard. Soon, I grabbed her hair, pulling her back forcefully. As I got close to cumming she asked me if I was going to cum in her tight little pussy just like dad did. As I got ready to cum, I told her I was going to fill her little pussy just like he did…and just as I came, I told her that he was not her father&hellip.but I was.

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She came hard at that point, and as she recovered she looked like she was in shock.