Sweetheart is drilled so nicely homemade hardcore

Sweetheart is drilled so nicely homemade hardcore
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This is about an affair I have been having a man. I was married to my husband Dan and our marriage had been fine for the most part. For the longest time I was simply a housewife, but eventually I took the steps to be something more, and so I became a realtor and a successful one at that. Eventually I started making more money than Dan, and began to look down on his lack of ambition. I drive a Mercedes, wear stylish clothes, have lots of friends, and I know all of these are just materialistic things, but it makes me feel like the dominant one in the relationship, and Dan knows this, and it's translated into our sex life consisting of him eating me all out usually or me giving him a pity handjob.

Not that I regret anything, but I do feel jealous sometimes of my single lady friends, and married ones where their husbands demand a lot of respect. I'm only 34 years old, and have a big round ass any girl could be proud of, and little perky breasts, on a small, thin frame. Anyways I got a call from someone asking when I'd be available to show him a few houses.

We reached an agreement on the date and time and that was that. The day came, and I met him in person. His name is Chris. He was tall, with a moderately athletic body, and he was black, which was not common for my type of clients. He had an innocent, constant smile on his face that I liked. I found out he was going to be the manager running a new department store in the area. After touring the first house for twenty minutes seemed a little unimpressed, and asked, "mind if we go to Starbucks or something for a bite to eat before heading on?" "Sure," I responded.

I usually hate when clients try to drag the day out like this, but maybe I wanted a coffee anyway. There was a Starbucks around the corner so it was convenient at least. We went into the Starbucks and ordered the drinks. I offered to pay for his but he politely refused.

We sat down at an open bench, waiting for our drinks. We sat next to each other, and I could smell a very pleasant cologne on him. They called out my name, and we both got up at the same time, and I put my hand on his groin area accidentally. I don't know if I touched his penis or his abdomen because it felt so large, and I was pretty embarrassed.

Then he said, "sorry," and added, "let me get it," and he put his hands on my shoulders, to comfort me and make me sit down. He returned with the coffee. Normally I'd get up and go to the next place with the coffee, but I remained seated, and he went back to sitting next to me.

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I told him, "thanks," and accidentally realized I put my hand on his leg when I said that. I realized I was actually getting kind of wet, and rather enjoyed just taking my time with my coffee sitting next to him.

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He made me laugh a bit, and it was a nice way to take my mind off business for a moment. He said, "some of these people are wondering if we're a couple, you notice?" I did notice that, and felt kind of like we were in that moment.

We eventually left for the next house. When we got out of our cars, I joked around saying, "you should buy this one, so you can have me in your pool all the time." He responded, "I'll get it just for that reason alone," and laughed.

Then he added, "I bet you fill a bikini really well," while moving his eyes up and down my body. My body tingled at this. He seemed happy with this house, and we ended it on that. That night, while Dan was not yet in bed, I plugged in my vibrator, and started rubbing it in gentle mode around my vagina. I thought about the way Chris's body felt, and the way he smelled.

I pictured what his body on top of me and his penis in me would feel like, and I erupted into an intense orgasm, with my toes flinching and everything. I'm sure by the time Dan came to bed I was probably long fast asleep, having very pleasant dreams. The next day Chris called to discuss putting an offer on the house.

Everything was set and put into place to happen. Everything was arranged for the closing to be done without him being present, which kind of disappointed me.


But a week after he moved in, he sent me a text saying, "come over, bring your husband and something to swim in, or don't ;)." I responded, "sure, now?" He confirmed, "yes." I told Dan, "a recent client wants me to visit his new house, offering for us to swim in the pool, wanna go?" "Sure," he answered. I grabbed a bikini and he grabbed a bathing suit and some towels. He headed over to his house. I wasn't sure if I was comfortable with Dan being there, but even though I haven't done anything sexual with Chris, I had definitely fantasized about it.

We arrived, and Chris opened the front door, apparently already having begun swimming. I introduced the both of them to each other. At first I'm pretty sure Dan was intimidated by Chris's body, having seen his set of abs right away and everything, but his amiability relieved him of that in time. I went a bathroom to change into the bikini and went straight to the pool, while Dan went in to change after me. Chris urged me, "water's not bad, stick your feet in." I giggled, and started walking in.

Then Dan came rushing out, having not changed. "Sorry, have to go home and get on the computer for work." I could tell he wanted me to come too, so I asked, "will it be long? Can you just do what you have to do and come right back?" I knew Dan got the idea I wasn't going to simply go home now. "Yeah, I guess, just have to send some files. Won't be long." "That sucks. Hurry back, we'll be here," Chris added. I didn't anticipate being alone with Chris, but the thought made me very hot. Once we were alone, Chris asked, "how often do you swim?" "Not as often as I like.

I burn easily though, so I can't too much." "The place came stocked with sun lotion, you could use if you'd like," he answered. "Sure, if you don't mind." "No problem, let me find it." He got out of the pool, and went into the house with his towel wrapped around him, and came back out a minute later. "Here," he opened the bottle, and held it at the edge of the pool. I turned my back towards him, and got closer so he could reach me, sitting down on the edge of the pool with his legs in the water.

I heard his hands rubbing it together, and then felt his big hands on my back. I developed butterflies in my stomach. The next part I couldn't believe I did, it seemed like my arms just moved by themselves to pull off my bikini top.

Then I grabbed his hands while they were on each side of me, and pulled them over my breasts. He felt them gently, continuing to rub lotion on me. I turned around, and lifting myself out of the water just enough to start kissing him, and he deeply kissed me back.

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He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me out of the water so that I could sit on his lap, and make out with him. I felt warmth radiating from his abdomen. I whispered, "we have at least 15 minutes until he gets back." He answered, "okay, let's go." We stood up together, wrapped our towels around ourselves, and went into the sunroom. "Let's get out of these wet clothes," he said. He pulled off his bathing suit, and I saw his nice, firm ass.

I took off my bottom.

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He then said, "follow me." We went to the master bedroom. I followed as ordered, and when he turned a corner on entering the room I saw a glimpse of how enormous his penis is, which just made me so much more eager to have him. Even just out of a pool, his is much larger than Dan's is in the best circumstances. He laid a couple towels on his bed, he kept things so neat and tidy.

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He guided me onto the bed, and I laid down. He held one of my hands, while using the other one to help him get on top of me. I grabbed his penis with my free hand, and told him, "I've never seen someone so large," and we both smiled. I felt the head, and moved my hand towards the base, I've never felt a penis big enough to have so much to explore. I grabbed it lightly and stroked it a few times, noticing him getting harder, and yet even larger.

He pushed his mouth against mine, and we started to deeply kiss each other again. And then he moved his mouth to my neck, and started kissing me there, and then my clavicle area, and then onto my breasts. He grunted a little, and put his mouth right over my left nipple, and bit it with his mouth ever so gently.

He let go of my hand, and moved his fingers towards my vagina, and I was mostly dry from the pool, yet so intensely wet in that area, he was able to slide two fingers in me, causing me to moan more vocally. With my hand I pulled his head into my breasts, and he continued to suck on them both, back and forth. I was anxiously craving his cock, and started guiding it into me. I spread my legs, and felt the initial penetration, and his gentle thrusting.

It slowly got deeper and deeper, and I couldn't help but moan with a little bit of pain from having something so large in me, but very intensely stimulating. I started to feel the muscles on his chest and stomach. I was moaning louder, and started to feel my toes twitching, and knew an orgasm was coming. He started pounding me harder. My body felt electricity like it never has before, and apparently he wasn't done.

Chris put a hand around me, and lifted me up so that I was now riding him, with his penis still in me. He was still pounding me hard though, thrusting his body upwards into me repeatedly. I started crying from the intensity, and yelled, "oh myyyyyy god." "You like that?" Chris asked.

I couldn't move my mouth in a way to answer the question. I leaned back and supported myself by putting my hands on his thighs, and he put his hands on my ass and squeezed hard. I orgasmed a couple more times, with even more intensity. Chris was grunting louder now, and then I felt a surge of warmth erupt deep in me.

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I was so tingly with this. We both came to a pause, and I was able to control myself again. I got off of him and laid beside him, the sensation of his penis leaving my body hurt a little, and felt so empty now, but I was glowing. "Had no idea you were such a dirty girl," he said. I giggled, "that's the first time I've done anything other than missionary honestly," I replied.


We started walking back to the sunroom. I put my bottom on to catch all the cum starting to slide down my legs, while getting one more look of the cock. After getting back into our cold swim suits, we got quickly got into the pool and swam around, kissing each other occasionally, until Dan arrived back.

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Later that night I had the best orgasm from Dan's tongue ever.