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Big titted masseuse pounded real deep
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One Dark Wintry Night 2 - Port of Call By Jax_Teller Characters in this story are the same as the story "One Dark Wintry Night" A few weeks after my encounter at the Adult theater & book store on River road in Buffalo NY, I was once again headed out to town in search of a good time. My first stop would be diner where I would call the number on the card Johnson gave me.

I found a dive called George's Red Hots near the port. I had been there before and if it were not for the great taste of the food I would never go back. The place was sticky and grimy, but if you are in the mood for Texas Red Hots, it's the place to be.

I called the number after placing my order with George. Katrina answered the phone and I identified myself as the guy from the theater a couple weeks back. She said Oh yea with a happy glitter to her voice. She asked if I was available later this evening, and I said yes. I expected to meet somewhere neutral like the theater where we met or some place public.

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She told me that Johnson would be home around 5:30 and if I would like to come by at 7 pm he'd be cleaned up and ready for action. I asked come by? and she said their home.

I said I could do that and she gave me the address. Katrina sounded so pleased that I had called that I was really looking forward to tonight. I went to the motel the company put us up in, just up the block, and took a shower. It was still early so I took a nap, setting my alarm for 6 pm. At six my alarm went off right on time even though I was all ready awake.

I called for a taxi and got going to the lobby to wait for the taxi. The taxi took me to the address Katrina had gave me. As we pulled up I could see it was a ranch style house on a 10 acre lot. The house was lit up as it was just getting dark, and there was a porch light on outside the door. I had butterflies in my stomach as I paid the driver and started walking up to the door. Katrina looked through the glass next tot e door pulling the curtain aside.

A second later the door opened, Katrina waving me inside. As I stepped inside I noticed that she was completely naked. She closed the door and asked if I would like something to drink. I said sure, and she asked if beer was OK.

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I said sure and she said follow me please as she turned. I was fascinated by her beauty and the way her cute little ass wiggled as she walked. We entered a large room near to the back of the house that was very warm. Johnson walked over and shook my hand, greeting me. I shook his hand noticing that I was the only one with clothes on. Johnson's' dick wasn't very visible as he turned, but I remember feeling it inside Katrina.

The room was a dungeon complete with a cross, spanking bench, and several other items I didn't know the name of. The large bed on one wall was magnificent, four posts secured to the ceiling, with D-rings every where around the bed framing. Katrina asked if I was into bondage or D/s.

I told them that I had been around a club in chi town that had events I'd been to as a swinger. It was interesting to me but I had never participated. Johnson asked if it would be a problem if they played some to start with. I said no problem and Katrina took Johnson's cock and led him to the St.Andrews' cross. She secured him to it by wrist cuffs I had not noticed when I shook his hand. Katrine secured his legs and smacked his ass playfully with her hand. She went over to a rack and pulled a flogger with long black leather lashes from it's place.

She flung it about in figure eights in front of her. She walked closer to Johnson and began lightly at first striking his back and butt. As she continued the strikes became slower but with more force, more focused.


I undressed as I watched them play. Katrina paused and pulled another flogger exactly like the first from the rack. As she started at him again twirling them in unison, striking him in direct swift blows. Katrina stopped and went up to him and ran her finger nails lightly over the redness of her markings.

She let his restraints loose, and held him as he stepped back. As Johnson turned around I could see his cock was now hard, which Katrina grabbed hold of stroking him for a second. Katrine led him by his cock to the edge of the bed where she sat down pulling him to his knees in front of her.

She spread her legs and led his mouth to her sex. Katrina asked me if I was satisfied with our last encounter. I told her I was very pleased and open for more. Katrina asked if I would like to fuck his ass motioning to Johnson as he ate her pussy.

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I said sure, and she tossed me a tube of lubricant. I walked behind him as he raised his ass up giving me access. I squirted some lube on his ass crack spreading it around with my cock. I pushed my cock into him with little resistance until I was balls deep in him.

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Johnson groaned and Katrina said take it slut. I began a steady pace head to balls deep every time. Johnson began pushing back against my thrusts and Katrina slid off the edge of the bed,letting go of his head. Katrina took a deep plate from the table next to the bed, getting down on her knees next to Johnson and I. Katrina took hold of his cock under him jerking his cock. Johnson gasped please mam? Louder he asked again, please mam?

Katrina slid the plate under him and jerked his cock faster and harder. Johnson cried please, but before he could finish, Katrina barked come you fucking little slut. I could feel Johnson asshole milking my cock as he came, his body jerking and thrusting into Katrinas' fist. I slid back onto my heals with a look from Katrina as she lay him on his back. She pulled the plate from the floor as she laid him down.

Katrina stroked his hair and said good boy, treating him tenderly as she laid the bowl next to him on the floor.

Katrina took hold of my cock and asked me to the bed. I sat on the edge and she sat next to me. Then she ordered Johnson to all fours. He quickly got on his hands and knees be cautious not to spill the plate. Katrina said now lick up your mess good boy. Johnson obediently lowered his head to the plate and became licking his come off the plate. Katrina watched for a minute and then got up guiding me onto my back. Katrina took my cock and guided my cock into her pussy, just as she had in our first meeting.

She was wonderfully tight compared to Johnsons' asshole, and the view of her tits in the light of the room was so much better than in the small booth. Katrina said now good boy lick my asshole. I could feel his weight on the edge of the bed between my legs as he went to licking her asshole.


Katrina rocked on my cock slamming up and down on it hard. As she moved I played with her tits and the bars in her nipples. Just as Katrina shuddered, my cock popped out of her slamming into Johnsons' mouth She barked at him to put it back in her.

Before the words came out of her mouth my cock was back in her. Katrina jerked and spasmed coming loudly,she told Johnson to lick it up. I could feel him licking her come as it dripped from her pussy onto my cock. While He licked and sucked her come from my cock I was nearing my orgasm but decided I wanted to see him lick my come from her asshole, so I stopped moving.

I told Katrina that I would like to come in her asshole. With a look I knew that she knew exactly what I had in mind. Katrina turned over and took my cock in her asshole with ease. She told Johnson to fuck her pussy which he did without question. Katrina was very skilled at servicing a cock and I was quickly back to my orgasm. I told her I was close and she barked at Johnson to come in her which I could feel his pulsating cock blasting her insides.

I could take it no more grabbing her by the hips and forcing her onto my cock as I came deep in her bowels. As I came I released her hips reaching for her tits grabbing a handful on either side of her and squeezing. As I finished coming I cold feel her coming, and squirting. She yelled for Johnson to lick. He knew what she expected and licked her as she finished squirting. I pulled her up slightly allowing my cock to slip from her asshole.

Good boy took the hint and sucked my cock clean and licking my come from her asshole as it dripped from her. We all switched to simply laying on the bed, me in the middle with them on either side.

An hour or so later I woke to Johnson getting out of bed. Katrina told him to hurry back. I told her I was next to go urinate, she requested that I hold it for a good boy. I said really? And she said, it's a test of his obedience. A short time later Johnson returned to the bed side and Katrina told him that I needed relief too. He looked confused for a second and dropped his head saying yes mam. Katrina took my cock in her hand as it was starting to stiffen and Johnson lowered his mouth over the head.

She looked to me and said now?

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I said yeah and a few seconds later I let go of my bladder draining it into his mouth. Johnson sucked and slurped all my urine down his throat. Katrina stroked his hair as he swallowed and gulped and swallowed more. When there was no more, I looked to Katrina and she lifted his mouth from my cock. He immediately said thank you mam, and she said good boy to him, kissing him softly on the mouth. I had the misconception that there was more of a sexually kinky focus to their relationship until I watched them kissing.

I felt like the odd man out at that point, but then they both said thank you Sir~. We spent the next two days in and out of beds and devices I still don't remember the names to. On sunday evening Katrina offered me a ride, and she took me to the pier where the ship was. We agreed that we'd both had a great time and that the next time I was in the area to reach out to them.

I watched as she pulled away and noticed a couple of deck hands watching until they saw I noticed them. A week later I got an email from Katrina that said they were going to be in Chi town doing a performance at a club called The Cell Block in two weeks on Friday and Saturday evenings. Katrina asked about a nice Hotel near by and invited me to join them as their guest. I was eager to go with them and offered to put them up at my place.

I got a reply two hours later that their accommodations were included in their remuneration for the performance and I was welcome to join them. I agreed to meet their train and provide shuttle service for them. It was all setup and now I just had to wait for the weeks to pass. A couple hours later I received an email from Katrina with a video attached.

I opened it and watched as Katrina abused Johnson throat with a very real loooking strap on cock. I jerked off on the screen of my laptop with her stuffing his mouth full of cock on the screen, took a picture of it and sent it to her. The next two weeks went quickly, sending videos and e-mails back and forth. Thank Mother nature for freezing lake Erie over so I would be off for a few months. Unemployment was usually a down side of the business, but I think this year it will be a real benefit.

The End