Dogging gangbang in forest lesbian fist and strapon in field

Dogging gangbang in forest lesbian fist and strapon in field
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"You liked that, didn't you?" he asked. "Yeah," I replied. "I'm not done with you yet, but you know that, don't you?" "Yeah" "First, drink this." He handed me a cup and I drank some more Jack Daniel's. "That good?" "Mm-hm." "Good, now drink this." He handed me another cup and I swallowed a load of cum. "That came out of your pussy.

You seemed to be enjoying swallowing all that cum, so I thought I would make sure you got everything you could.

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Go ahead and finish it up." There was about a cup full of cum in that cup, and I drank it all down. I moaned involuntarily as I swallowed the last of it. My ex took the cup from me, going to the kitchen to put it in the sink. He came back and commented about how good I looked on my hands and knees.

"You look like you're ready to be my bitch now. Are you?" "Yes." He moved behind me. "Back up." I began crawling backward until I felt something penetrate my pussy lips.

"Keep backing up." I backed up a little more and gasped as I felt something very large penetrating me. About 4 inches were inside me now. "Stop." I held still.

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A clicking noise and then the item inside my pussy began moving in and out of me. It was a machine of some sort with a large dildo on it. "There's a 15-inch dildo on this thing and it's about 5 inches around.

I figure you can hadndle this after all the fucking you've had so far.

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I'm gonna sit here and watch until you ask for a dick to suck on again." I remained on all fours, being fucked by this machine with a monster size dildo attached to it that I couldn't even see because I was blind-folded. A few more minutes and another clicking noise. The dildo penetrated me further. About 10 inches was all at once inside me. I gasped and began fucking back against the dildo. My pussy was loving all this attention, and I was secretly hating my ex for making me enjoy this.

A few minutes later I came gasped as the machine continued to fuck me. "I want to suck your dick now," I half gasped, half wishpered. I hated him for making me say that, but it was going to happen so I might as well get it over with. He came over to me. I heard him and opened my mouth.

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What was put in my mouth was not his penis, but it was wet and a little hard like a penis, and it seemed to grow a little like a penis. "Suck this," my ex told me. I began sucking on whatever this was in my mouth. It had a bit of a pointy tip, but not sharp, and seemed to be rounding out as it grew.

With my tongue I explored it and found it had a hole in the tip. It was a penis. But it wasn't any penis I had experienced today. The dildo continued to fuck me and I was feeling another orgasm coming. All I knew was that I had a warm dick in my mouth and I wanted to swallow the cum from it at this point. I moaned as the machine was unrelenting.

A clicking noise and it penetrated me further. "You have 12 inches in you right now. I'm sure you can't take any more without getting hurt, but you like it this deep don't you?" I nodded my head with the dick in my mouth. I began sucking more of the dick into my throat. I figured out what I had in my mouth about 8 inches later. As I sucked the dick in to the base I felt soft hair brush against my forehead and fuzzy testicles bounced off my chin.

My ex had put his dog's dick in my mouth and I was sucking on it and enjoying it.


I was disgusted at first and tried to pull off, but the machine was fucking me and I couldn't back up any further. Then I realized I had enjoyed it up to this point and resigned myself to continue the experience.

Now I knew what my ex meant when he asked if I was ready to be his bitch. An orgasm flooded me again as the dog's dick dribbled pre-cum in my mouth. It tasted rather sweet and I immediately sucked him down my throat. It seemed his width had leveled out, but his length was still growing. I moaned through my orgasm and hungrily sucked on the dog's cock. I found rhythm with the machine fucking me and began deep-throating the dog. A few minutes later I was no longer feeling his testicles hitting my chin.

A part of his cock had gotten so large I couldn't suck past it.

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My ex removed the blindfold and I opened my eyes to see what I had already known. More of the dog's cum trickled into my mouth and I sucked it down. Then the dog started to cum. A small quirt at first. I took a deep breath and swallowed the 10 inches down my throat. There the dog came with more force and in larger quantity than any man I had ever done.

Again, the sensation of having cum shot down my throat was wonderful. It was warm as it ran down my throat to my stomach, and all I could taste was the cock in my mouth. I felt it pulse in my mouth as it emptied and moaned as it was pulled from my mouth. The Weimeraner promptly pranced away, laid down and began licking himself.

His cock was still large and he occassionally looked up at me as if he wanted more. My ex replaced the dog in my mouth and a few minutes later was shooting his own load down my throat.

I drank it all down and began fucking the dildo when he pulled out. My ex and his dog sat there watching me for a few more minutes. Then the dog got up and came back to present his cock to my mouth of his own volition. I opened my mouth and began sucking it again. Then he pulled out of my mouth and went around behind me. I could feel his nose as he sniffed my pussy and licked it while the machine fucked me.

It felt so good that I came again before I knew I was going to. The dog must have taken that as a cue. He jumped up on me and had his paws on my ass. Now I was grateful I still had my leather mini-skirt on.

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I felt the dog's cock searching for entry and got a little worried when his cock began probing the hole to my anus. My ex obviously noticed this and went behind me to assist the dog. Then I began to think and got worried again.

The dildo was 5 inches in girth and the dog was about 3 or 4 when he got hard. That was more than my pussy had been stretched and I just knew it was gonna hurt.

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The dog's cock had gotten softer from his failed attempts to enter me. I was wet enough, though, that when my ex guided his cock into me with the dildo it popped right in.

I gasped involuntarily and closed my eyes as the dog adjusted himself on top of me and got his ground to begin thrusting. He wasn't full length or width yet, but I knew he soon would be. My ex went and sat on the coutch to watch - it was humiliating. But I was enjoying this too much right now to be very mad at him. The dog thrust in me hard and fast and was quickly full length and girth.

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I began moaning, then screaming as he fucked me hard with that machine. There was no rhythm to the dog's fucking, just plain animal sex. All he cared about was fucking me until he got his cum inside me.

It was rough and was feeling great. A clicking noise and the machine began fucking me faster. My ex placed a pillow under me and I promptly leaned forward and placed my face and breasts on it.

My arms were weakening and I began to have orgasm after orgasm. I was panting and moaning now, giving in to animal lust. My body was betraying me, and I was loving it. I lay there with my face in the pillow, my ass up in the air while a dog and a machine fucked my pussy.

My ex was watching and when I opened my eyes to look at him I saw his dick was hard again and he had a stupid grin on his face.

I closed my eyes again and just pretended he wasn't there. I enjoyed the fucking I was getting as more orgasms overtook my body.


Then the dog stopped and just hung onto me for about a minute with his cock deep in my pussy. I was about to see what was going on when all of a sudden I felt a warm flood begin to fill any remaining space in my pussy. I felt liquid begin to run down my leg.

It felt so good. Then the dog pulled out of me. My ex came back over to me and lifted me up on my arms again. The machine continued to fuck me as he offered his dick to me for another obligatory oral session. I swallowed more of his cum about 10 minutes later. Then he got up and and turned the machine off.

He helped me up off the floor and asked if I need to use the bathroom. I relieved myself and when I came back out he blindfolded me again and led me to another part of the house.