Pic gay boy porn star teen full length A Huge Cum Load From Kale

Pic gay boy porn star teen full length A Huge Cum Load From Kale
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She woke up feeling alive. Her body felt like it had been touched by a magician who knew every part of her body. She thought back to the day before. She wondered how they met, and then she remembered, it was in the railway station coffee bar, she bumped into him by accident and they both laughed. His laugh was like a breath of fresh air, and he smelled divine.

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She found a seat and he stood looking around like a small lost boy even though he is over 5 -10. She called him over and asked him to join her, something she would not usually do.

They talked for a little while about the usual things, the weather, what was happening in the world, and while they were talking she was thinking of her ex husband who was now not in her life anymore thank goodness. How he used to be a control freak and stop her from doing anything even go out anywhere.

And here she was talking to this nice man who made her feel so relaxed. She looked at him and her mind started to wander. He looked normal a bit overweight with a bit of a paunch, but a nice smile and an easy way about him.

"Pardon" she said when she missed something he said. "Would you like to go for a proper drink?" he asked her with the hint of a smile. That smile, it gives the hint of everything so why did she want to say no?


she thought to herself, "I don't have anything to do today but wander the local shops and get bored. "OK" she found herself saying. With that they both got up and left the coffee bar. "I am not usually in the habit of chatting up women in coffee bars" but you looked so nice and you smell lovely.

They went to the local hotel and went into the bar, he asked what she wanted and she asked for a glass of wine, he suggested she found a seat for them both. She looked around and found that as it was early afternoon she had the whole room to themselves. She looked and saw a small booth and without thinking she found herself walking towards it. What am I doing?

She thought. Why am I going into a bar with a stranger I don't even know? And even worse I am going into a booth with him. Oh well he can sit on the other side opposite me.

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The stranger approached and without asking sat next to her. He gave her the drink she asked for which she immediately took a sip of white wine, cool and medium just like she preferred. He turned to her and she looked at him.

She knew she wanted him to kiss her, and he leaned towards her and his lips brushed hers. Her heart began to race. He kissed her lips gently and slowly. She felt herself melting into his kiss. She had never felt this way for a very long time, and his hands were holding her firmly moving up and down her back massaging her spine making her feel wonderful. The feelings she was feeling was something she had missed for a very long time.

She was beginning to have a lovely feeling in between her legs and she knew she was getting wet because she could feel the moistness in between her vaginal lips. She was starting to feel very hot when she felt his hand move to the hem of her skirt. She knew she should stop him but she felt she was in a trance and unable to stop him. He moved his hand so very slowly upwards so slow she wanted to scream to him to move it quicker. He held her close to him and then with his other hand cupped her breast and squeezed it she felt a soft moan leave her lips.

He opened her blouse and she felt him put his fingers into her half cup bra, he found her nipple and he pinched it between his fingers. She loved the way he played with her tit. She felt on fire her clit begged for release, but he knew what he was doing, and just flicked his fingers over her womanhood. She had never before felt so wanton. He asked her if they should get a room in the hotel. She answered saying if they don't she doesn't know what will happen there and then.

The next thing she remembers is them walking through the door and her being pushed against the wall and his hands holding her tits firmly.

He opened her blouse so slowly so slow she wanted him to just rip it off, but he continued to play her like a violin. He found the clasp of her bra and undid it allowing her tits to fall free, to which he fastened his mouth to her right one.

How did he know that was her most sensitive tit, and the way he was nibbling on her nipple was enough to send her over the top, and while he was doing that, his other hand was fondling her other tit and nipple so they were both being played with so gently but insistently, and making her feel as though she was so alive.

She couldn't take it too much more so she pushed him away and pulled him to her kissing him in such a way she thought she was going to faint. She turned him to the wall and she fell to her knees. She looked at his eyes and she felt his manhood through his slacks, and then she moved the zipper downwards, and felt inside and his manhood. He was not as big as she hoped but it felt so nice to be holding a mans cock in her hands again. She pulled it out and she looked at it, 6 inches of mans cock.

She knew she wanted it so she put her red lipsticked lips onto the tip and he moaned, she opened her lips a little and gently sucked him into her mouth and licked the tip and circled it and then lifted off and licked all the way down to the base. He squirmed as she slowly moved back up to the top again when she got there she pulled the cock into her mouth again and he held her head and pulled her onto him, she felt him reach the back of her throat and she knew she could take all of him without gagging.

She pulled his slacks and his underwear to the floor and she gently pushed her finger into his anus and she felt him try to stop her but she wasn't going to let him get away, and she moved her lips from his cock and licked her finger and then moved her finger into his rectum slowly. He tried to move away again but she had him in her mouth so he couldn't move.

She moved her lips up and down his shaft and he held her head again beginning to face fuck her mouth. She felt him tense and knew he was going to cum, and she wanted him so much to cum in her mouth she held onto him with her finger in his anus and held him that way so he had to do her bidding.

She felt him tense again and then she knew he was about to cum, so she moved her mouth down onto him and felt the warm liquid flood into her mouth, so she swallowed the jism and moved her finger up and down in his ass as he came into her mouth.

When he had subsided she took her finger out of his ass and they fell to the floor. She looked and saw that she had left a red circle around the base of his cock. She snuggled up to him and he held her tightly. When they had rested for a few minutes they got up and went to the mini bar and they had a drink, watching each other, him with no slacks she with her blouse opened and her tits sticking out her nipples standing proud.

Without another word they moved towards the bed where he removed the rest of his clothes and then he threw her onto the bed and removed her clothes almost ripping her panties off, she wished he had! He found her mound and almost cried with delight when he saw that she was hairless (she had removed it that morning why she did that she didn't know because that was the first time she had ever done anything like that).

He fell to his knees and she felt his mouth licking and his lips caressing her nether region, and then she begged him to suck her clitty. He did as she asked and she almost died when he found her love bud and played with it with his tongue. She was in sexual heaven. He licked and sucked her and she felt her orgasm beginning to build when he then did something she didn't expect, he pushed his finger into her ass like she did, he stopped for a moment to say "your turn now, take it!" She screamed at him to suck her as he went back to her clit and bit gently and licked and sucked and fingered her ass.

She felt the orgasm beginning again and then she screamed again but this time with her orgasm so hard she had never felt an orgasm quite like this before.

When the orgasm had subsided she went limp and lay there wondering what had happened that this was happening to her right now. A morning shopping had gone very differently to what she was expecting. After another drink he turned to her and said what do you want next? She said shyly I have always wanted to be fucked in every hole, but had never had the courage to ask her ex, who was so rough she didn't want to try with him. He turned her onto her back and sat on her chest and put his lovely cock in between her tits and she held them together and he started to tit fuck her as she was holding her tits together she felt his cock moving in between them and up to her head she stopped him and got a pillow and then started again and this time every time his cock went to her mouth she sucked it into her mouth.

He started to move a bit quicker and she knew he was close again so she opened her mouth so he could fill it with his cum, he moaned out loud and then he started o cum in small streams both into and onto her mouth and face.

She had never felt so used but she knew that was what she wanted. When he finished and then turned her over onto her front, she knew she loved to be fucked doggy fashion and with no waiting she felt him fill her cunt with his cock. He let her feel it in her and she wanted him so badly but he just stayed there without moving.


It was torture that he didn't move so she started to move herself forward and back fucking him with her cunt which she used clasping him inside her. He let her move like this for a few minutes and she felt yet another orgasm building and he was still not moving inside her.

She continued to move and then the orgasm began. He held onto her not letting her go until she had finished then he began to move inside her, she was so high she couldn't do anything but let him fuck her. Another orgasm started again so soon after her last one she didn't expect it so soon. Once she had stopped again he slowly removed his cock from her cunt and she was about to collapse when he placed it against her anal rim.


She said NO please not there, but he pushed slowly into her ass, but as she was so tight he was unable to get very far, so he then got down onto his front and licked and sucked her cunt and then licked the rim of the anal ring when she was wet he then kneeled again and again tried to push gently into her tight anus.

She felt him stretch her ass so much she thought she was going to split in two. He waited for what seemed a long time with her saying no no no please its too big. He took no notice and then pushed a little more, when all of a sudden she felt him pop and then he was past he sphincter, and then he pushed gently until she could feel his balls against her ass.

He stopped for a few minutes so she could get used to having her ass being invaded, he then began to move slowly in and out of her ass, slowly at first then as she got used to it she started to feel another orgasm building up inside her.

Fuck me you bastard she found herself saying fuck me harder, harder, fill may ass with your cum, make me cum. She came again and again so hard she thought she was going to faint and then she felt him stiffen and begin to empty his cum into her ass. When they had both relaxed he plopped out of her ass, and she was so excited she turned around and grabbed his cock and filled her mouth with it, and made him lay down again and she then attacked his ass pushing her finger into his ass without any lubrication.

She worked her finger in and out making him wriggle and she wanted to feel him cum in her mouth again, but he said he was spent and he was unable to cum again so soon.

She cleaned his cock with her tongue tasting his cum and herself on him. They lay there spent for a while then he said he was going to have a shower, she said ok. He went into the shower and when she heard him showering she decide to go and join him. Once there she climbed into the shower and he washed her back and front and she returned the favour, and purposely dropped the soap.

She bent down and as she picked the soap up she turned and grabbed him again and suck his cock into her inviting mouth and sucked him hard again, she turned around and shoved her ass towards him, he shoved his cock into her cunt and she came almost straight away. They got dried and left the room and she staggered home went to bed and she woke up feeling alive, wondering if she would meet him again today, and as such she started to plan what she was going to do with him this time.

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