Hot gay sex Twink paramours Danny and Jason know what to do to get

Hot gay sex Twink paramours Danny and Jason know what to do to get
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The Abduction and Rape of Denise. Part 2 Denise is trying to think where she is being taken, but being naked bound and with a cloth bag over her head has no real idea where, or for that matter which way, after the first of several turns?

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The drive seems forever, but for her time means little! When the van finally comes to a stop, she can hear the drivers door open and can hear someone talking? This is followed by the rear doors of the van opening and feeling the still warm evening air on her nakedness, although it is well after 2:00 am in he morning there are several yellow dim security lights around the building that give off an eerie light!

Apparently there are several people a man an woman, and the conversation is about her! The voice is of her abductor Sam and she can hear him say this is my latest victim and is she nice! Then the terrified helpless feeling of strong hands on her ankles as her bare bottom is easily dragged through the slimy puddle of cum across the cold metal floor!

Denise is pulled up into a setting position with her legs hanging over the back bumper, the place she has been taken is an abandon building in the old industrial area of the city.

Most of the buildings here are empty and in disrepair. They have been for sale or lease a long time, and this has been the case since the major manufacturing company that previously occupied this building and the smaller ones surrounding it were bought out moved off shore and closed down! Almost no one, but a few adventuring gang members even bother spending much time in and around these deteriorating old buildings. A person, especially a naked bound woman could be left in any one of these old buildings that have broken windows, holes in the roof and no doors!

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She could be tied up by her tits to any of the big overhanging beams, beaten and repeatedly raped in broad daylight by a dozen men or left for days and no one would ever hear her screams much less stumble across her naked prostrate form! This is the place where Denise's will spend the next week or so of her life!

The stairwell that leads down into the area that Sam has chosen for Denise's sexual rape and torture, is close to the van, the duct tape around her ankles is cut free and ripped off with a painful tug!

She tries to scream as the tape comes off but can utter little more than a tearful whimper! The cloth bag is removed from her head and in doing so allows the sleep mask to be pulled off with it giving her a visual glimpse of her abductor and the dirty abandon surrounding buildings!

She is helped up, can hardly stand her legs and especially her ankles are sore with the numbness receding and the tingling feeling of circulation starting to return!


A wide leather collar is placed tightly around her neck, this restricts her breathing! Thus making her ordeal and the fact that she can barely see these surroundings in the eerie yellow light that leaves her even more terrified!

A heavy chain used as a leash has been attached to one of several rings on the collar and the weight makes it difficult for her to hold her head up! She is helplessly pulled forward, is totally naked and helpless with her hands still duct taped firmly behind her back!


The rough gravel and other trash on the ground has added to the thought of what will happen to her! She "cringes" as each time she take a step, her bare unprotected feet with no shoes are so sensitive as she is led through what feels to her, like ground glass!

At first the heavy chain makes it awkward for her to stand! She almost falls after the first several steps do to the heavy chain! Several hands quickly reach out and carefully help her down the stairs.

The dry almost rotten wood and splinters of the stair steps add to the helpless sensation of her shoeless feet! OMG! She thinks what is going to happen to me and what are they going to do?

The stairwell has several turns as it descends and deeper into the dark basement Dungeon that Sam has carefully built and used in the past for his abductions! Denise is taken to one of several special rooms they have big steel doors this one had been set up specifically for whippings Sam is a master at S&M whipping along with many other forms of sadistic sexual abuse and torture of naked women!. He was so good at it, and could do it in such a way that would produce, and easily give the female victim multiple orgasms.

The very small area between severe pain and pleasure is where Sam was his best. Denise's wrists were cut free and the duct tape removed like her ankles, by ripping it free!.

She still gagged with her panties, and duct tape through her lips, was walked over to the middle of this room. made to kneel down on her knees and to then lay face down prone on the rough wooden floor! She was then told to stretch her arm and legs out as far as she could in a helpless spread position. When her arms were first released she thought about fighting and trying to run, but they were so numb and her legs were still like rubber with little strength so resigned this idea to little more than a passing thought!

The two helpers were kneeling down next to her, one at the front and the other at her ankles. Her arms were then pulled out just a little farther before they were expertly placed in heavy metal shackles that were securely bolted to the floor. Her ankles were next and her legs were pulled even farther apart and was shackled the same as her wrists.

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This left Denise unable to move at all. Her big firm breasts were now crushed between her and the rough splintered wooden floor making it difficult to breath with the gag and still tight collar! With her helplessly spread wide and her voluptuous bottom sticking up so inviting, her juices glistening in the dull light of the dungeon, Sam took a small whip and proceeded to briskly whip Denise's exposed and unprotected bottom directing some of the stinging blows on her buttocks, but most were aimed at her genitals!

In between he would stop occasionally to finger her slit, checking to see if it was responding and becoming wetter along with pinching and twisting her swollen rose bud of a clitoris in between the strokes of the stinging little whip!.

With Denise wondering and slightly whimpering, as each stroke fell, the sounds and reaction to this special whipping abuse was muffled by the gag.

Denise was helpless and the expert attention was maddening as her body was helplessly responding and her clit was wanting even more attention when he finally stopped! Sam now sitting on her back had removed the duct taped gag and had pulled her panties out with it!

This resulted in her gasping and sucking in more air and allowed her to breath much easier, She could barely see glimpses of the place as her became more accustom to her surroundings?

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She started to plead for them to let her go, but she already knew her pleading would do little good! The heavy chain had been released from her collar and this was a wonderful feeling at least for the moment as she was now easily able to hold her head up and look around? This did not last long as she heard a metal snap, as a wire cable was attached to one of the rings on the back of the wide leather collar that was still tightly attached around her neck!

Her beautiful red hair was gathered up into a pony tail and apparently attached to the same cable, but if this was not diabolical enough a small stretchy rubber cord with hooks on both ends was nose hooked into her nostrils stretched back and taped to her forehead and then to the same place where her hair was attached!

Then she could hear the noise. a hum of an electric motor running as it was switched on and off for a moment taking up the slack! Then finally this perverse attachment was switched on again. that pulled her head back and up along with the rubber cord that cut painfully into her nostrils!

This all happened at once until she started choking, and left her eyes watering leaving Denise once again painfully attached and precariously unable to move, gasping for air! A link to pictures of nose hooking is attached so the reader can visualize what nose hooking is all about!. Sam was now on his knees in front of her his big black dick was hard and fully erect as he poked his cock at her and playfully pulled on her ears as he started teasing her lips with the big head of his black precum dripping male attribute!


Denise with tear filled eyes had little choice but to open as wide as possible and try to suck on the gigantic head! Sam continued to push it into her mouth farther and farther, until she was gagging and choking almost uncontrollably! Sam then realizing she was close to passing out backed off just enough that allowed her to both breath and suck!

Denise had never been much of a head hunter as her husband thought that any woman that did something like this willingly could only be a slut and a whore and could not bring himself to ask his wife to do such a degrading and perverse sexual act!

Denise even in her painful bound and nose hooked position was somehow sinfully intrigued, by and having no idea she could actually take a good six to seven inches of such an enormous cock in and down her throat! Her tongue at first tried to lick around its head as it pushed in deeper, and deeper, until she was gagging and thought she was going pass out, but now that Sam had backed off was amazed that she could actually breath and suck although with great difficulty!

Sam had also been amazed with many of the women he had done this to even some of the youngest with small tight pursed mouth and lips after several aggressive humiliating and forceful face fucking's most seemed to endure and were able to eventually take a good portion of his gigantic cock!

His plan for Denise was to keep after her with more and more face fucking each day until his kinky pubic hair and her nose would meet, and he loved to feel his big black hard balls hit under her chin when he had forced his cock all the way in!

It did not take long as these perverted thoughts went through his head for him to ejaculate and with a fair amount of warm cum! For Denise it was another agonizing experience as Sam held her tight on his dick! She was again gagging and choking and was afraid she would choke to death but Sam was an experienced master at this and could sense just how long and how far he could prolong this kind of sadistic abuse! Pulling out as she was starting to turn blue and just moments before she would have passed out!

She had no choice but to swallow more cum as she gulped it down and coughed some up sucking in air and having cum squirt out of her nose until she was able to breath with some normal and regular breathing! OMG!

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What an incredible experience, and the warm taste of his cum was not as sickening as she first was worried it would be! Her cunt seemed after her first fucking by him earlier to want more attention but her clitoris was even more wanting just as the sensation of being face and throat fucked was starting to be tolerable and diminish she felt someone first pulling her big breasts and nipples out to each side and then squeezing and rubbing them along with the same to her her slit cunt lips/labia!

They were rubbing on some sort of cream and paying particular attention to her nipples and clit! At first the feeling was wonderful especially after her cock sucking and gagging experience! Wow! She thought to herself, who ever is doing this can keep it up and of course this wonderful feeling was slowly going away when they finally stopped?

The feeling that followed was mixed, for several minutes it was good and then changing to a deep burning feeling and a sexual itch that needed to be fulfilled and soon! Oh My! Did her vaginal tunnel need some attention badly!.She had been really horny and wanting many times in her life especially the last several years when her husband was gone for several weeks at a time.

But if this was not bad enough the cream had also been rubbed into the swollen open pours of her clit leaving it even more wanting for attention than she could ever remember! She had always been able to pleasure and relieve herself, but being helplessly manacled to the floor with her head pulled up and her nose painfully hooked the intense desire for some kind of sexual attention was heightened even more with excruciatingly desire!

Denise started at first asking for someone to fuck her followed by begging and then desperately pleading for some attention, anyone OMG anyone please, I will do anythinganything please help meeee.!

Some one of the three, had stuck a small dildo easily in her slit, that was attached to a long pole and what little she could move gave her some relief! The problem was the moment she stopped pushing or trying to squeeze her cunt muscles the incredible desire and sexual itch returned!

She heard conversation and Sam saying to the others she, will be ready for anything or any kind of sex, and will beg to be gang raped by tomorrow! Denise heard the big steel door close and the dim light turned off, and was just left there in the dark nude and manacled to the floor, to wonder?. She was scared, as to just what might happen next? All was quiet and she just laid there shackled and squirming against the dildo feeling so randy, hoping that someone or something would touch her in the place that needed the most attention!!!.

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She had been laying there for what seemed like a long time pushing against the dildo as best she could trying to get some relief, and heard what she thought was an unusual noise, was it just her imagination? Or was it something else.? As she laid there every once in a while she felt something furry brush the inside of her calf! and then a feeling like a tiny raspy tongue start to lick her inner thigh,OMG! What was doing this!

Apparently it was some sort of animal?, a rodent? Oh gawd! What could it be, a rat?. She was now terrified!, at the thought, and was trying to lay there there and be as still as possible, but both sensations were even more maddening and holding her muscles so tight and not moving in hopes that whatever it was might go away!

But it, or whatever it was had no intention of going away!, and started licking farther and farther up the inside of her thigh, closer and closer to her most sensitive and intimate place!. This little mammal or whatever it was had been drawn by the smell and now the taste of her female juices, and the cum of her earlier forced intercourse!

Apparently whatever had been rubbed on her and was left on her inner thighs was also appealing, this to had now leaked down her slit leaving leaving a small puddle on the floor directly below and only inches from her clit!. The feeling was incredibly stimulating scary and sexually provocative she was torn between not moving a muscle or trying to arch her bare wet cunt back enough so that this little gremlin could actually help her orgasm!. This thing was getting closer and closer to her clit!, as it licked away.

It had paused for a moment and was taking its time to lap up the small puddle. She had visions of beady dark eyes and razor sharp little teeth biting into her ripe and very swollen clitoris!!!.

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The pause that it took was again maddening, then she felt little rodent stand up on its hind legs and grab hold of her clit with both of its little paws digging in slightly with its claws and finally started to. "lick" at.her clit this was all it took as she experienced the most unbelievable screaming orgasm, of her life!. She shrieked, wailed squirmed and pulled so hard at her iron restraints she left hideous marks on her wrists and ankles, at the same time she passed out terrified for sure that her clit would be horribly bitten with several meaty chunks missing!.

The result of this easily explainable and very forceful orgasm along with the shrill noise she made had frightened and sent the little critter scurrying, back to where ever it came from!. When she finally woke up later that morning spent, she thought at first it was only some wild and perverse dream. But slowly started to realize that her previously unfulfilled sexual desire to be orgasmed had been satisfied past any wild degree she had ever imagined!. At least for the moment Now there was even a bigger pool of female body fluid on the floor!.and her itch for some real world pussy abuse had returned with a vengeance!

Continued in part three