Brazzers kimberly kendalls betrügt ihr bf

Brazzers kimberly kendalls betrügt ihr bf
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Split into Paragraphs for easier reading ( Thanks for comments in older stories, I do take them to consideration).

Enjoy When I was younger I was molested by my older cousin at a sleepover. I never went to anyone with it because he didn't hurt me and I didn't know it was wrong. As I got older into my teens I began experimenting with very small items like razor handles or toothbrush handles. Didn't know why but when I would masturbate with something in me up in me my orgasm would be so much stronger.

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This went on until I started dating and got engaged to my ex-fiancée. Then all those things stopped cause I was not about to tell her about that. Less than a year later I met the true love of my life. I felt so comfortable with her that I could share anything. The day I told her about that was one of the scariest moments in my life but she was totally cool with it and even talked about exploring it further at a later point. After our marriage she began to want to start trying things with that.

But I couldn't bring myself to do it.

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I told her I was scared that it would interfere with our sex life or would freak her out. About a week later we kissed goodnight and went to sleep.

Early the next morning it was still dark when I slightly awoke to slap the mosquito that was on my arm.

Didn't turn to look at my wife because I knew she'd still be asleep until late that morning. Not sure how much time had passed but it was just beginning to lighten outside when I heard my wife gently calling my name and stroking my hair. I opened my eyes and looked at my wife lying beside me. She told me" Ok baby now don't freak out but I wanted to experience this with you so I hope you're ready for this".

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I tried to ask her what she was talking about and realized I couldn't speak. I tried to motion that to her and I couldn't move. She saw the worried look on my face and was fast to react. She then said "Honey it took me some time to find and get ahold of it but, I found that there is this medication called succinylcholine.

It as you can see renders you unable to move or speak.

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Baby we are going to have fun this morning, And you don't have to do a thing and the medication I gave you as you slept will wear off in a couple of hours." She then leaned over kissed me on the head, rolled me over to face the wall and got up. A few minutes later she climbed back into bed with me and snuggled up next to me.


As she spooned next to me she reached around my chest and held onto me. After that she brought her hips up close to mine and I felt something slide along my ass and thru my legs. My heart sank as I realized what she had planned. She removed one of her hands and moved my hand down between my legs. She thrust forward a little bit and I felt it. It was huge.

It was a rubber dildo at least 2 inches in Diameter and about 10 inches long. "I hope you're ready for this" She whispered in my ear.

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She then pulled out from behind me and I heard her uncap the lube she kept on her bedside table. And a few moments later I felt her lay beside me again. Only this time she didn't let it go between by legs. She lined it up with my ass and slowly applied more and more pressure until it stayed in place.


She spooned next to me again and kissed me on the back of my neck. "I love you baby, I want to show you that I am comfortable with everything as long as it's with you." She held my waist and slowly moved her hips towards mine; I thought there would be a good bit of resistance like when I had used stuff on my own, but not this time.

I felt myself open a little bit and then it just slid right in. As she continued to force more of this huge thing into me she kept on sucking my neck and kissing it. She also moved her hand down to my crotch and began to jack me off as it continued to slide in.

How I got hard on the medication I couldn't tell you but I had the biggest boner in hell. Just as I was beginning to wonder as she continued on if she would hit something that would stop her from going further into me, I felt her legs and the fake balls at the end of the strap on touch my ass cheek.

I couldn't believe it… I had 10 inches of cock buried deep in my ass, and it felt wonderful. I felt so full.

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She withdrew a little more than half and thrust back in. She continued fucking me relentlessly and I enjoyed every minute of it. Right when I was about to blow my load in her hand she somehow could tell I was close to coming and said, " I can tell you are close baby, I have one more little surprise for you. She reached down in between us with her other hand and grabbed hold of the fake ballsack on the strap-on." Now you're not the only one who can give a creampie", and with that she thrust in and squeezed the balls.

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All of a sudden I felt a very hot squirting sensation deep inside me. She yelled a fake orgasm as she did it and I blew my load all over her hand, bed and floor." Just so you know that was a realistic cum substitute." She quickly pulled out of me and just as she did I felt her "cum" start to drip out of my ass. But before too much could come out I felt what I thought was the strap-on reentering me but it seemed bigger." That would be your butt plug sweetheart" she said.

"That will hold in you until you are able to get up and moving." Then she kissed me on the cheek and said "Get some sleep baby and I will see you when you get up." Having a nice big hot load in my ass and my plug to hold it in, I drifted off to sleep.

Boy was she gonna get it when I got up… Or was I?