Bdsm xxx U Boote sind gebunden und vor dem Zauberstab ausgesetzt

Bdsm xxx U Boote sind gebunden und vor dem Zauberstab ausgesetzt
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What I did to him wasn't really fair. Such a gentle tender man. There was no way for him to beware. I've thought over my actions. And I am not very proud. Of all of the distractions. And everything I voiced aloud.


I had his best interest always at heart. But my lust got in the way. And tore my intentions apart. I thought it would be so fun. Just a sexy little affair. I'm so perfectly matched with this one.


And he seems like he really cares. I don't think he wanted it. Or did not have the time.

But in my heart he will always be mine. How can I make it up to him. I guess there is no need. My chances are so very slim. I think I must concede. My hormones are driving me crazy. Frustration is my bane.

I think this was the source that created all the pain. Knowledge is what I really want to grow. Questions unanswered trapped inside my brain. Things that I will never know. Like did he feel the same? Did I take advantage. I think maybe I did. But I always kept my deepest feelings hid. I will always accept him. No matter how long he stays away.

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Because he fills me to the brim. With feelings that are deeper than I can say. He thinks all he ever does is take.

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But that simply is not true. That is a great big mistake. I can not figure out. Why he does not see. That any little thing he does. Means so much to me. Every bit of contact. Even if so very small. Is so exciting to me I am always enthralled.

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Now don't you even worry. You always take care.

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I will not bother you. But I will still be here.

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You can come back to play. Anytime you might like.

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You know all our fantasies are the same we are so alike. Even if you stay away for months or years at a time. I will never forget you baby. You are my submissive man. You will always be mine

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