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Gurke Dildo einfügen
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-From the beast within- (This story is pure fiction. none of it is nor ever will take place) Humm, where to begin. Well I guess I'll start with me. My name is Sean. I'll be 16 in a few weeks. Or at least I hope I will. So long as things go smoothly, my parents won't have killed me beforehand. But that's getting a little ahead of myself.

I live the "average white middle class family living in a average town" life. I play basketball, B-team. Never had the ambition, dedication, or coordination to make the A-team. Age and raging hormones mean any two legged female gets a glance. A few get a bit more. A few of the few will leave me walking with three legs for a few hours. Like I said, average 15 year old. I guess that's what's led me to my current predicament.

I'm the oldest of three kids. We are all about 5 years apart, and the only boy. My two sisters are Shawna and Sierra. Ya, the parents got stuck on "S" names. Leaves Mom tongue tied a times. She can get herself so worked up she ends up hissing like a snake with a bad lisp. Well anyway, I've always been a leg man. A girl walking by with nice legs and showing em off with a short skirt will definitely get my blood flowing. Wrap those legs in pantyhose or tights and I'll start drooling like Pavlov's dog.

I've never taken any interest in my sisters. They've always just been my kid sisters. Nothing more. At least till two weeks ago. It was Easter Sunday, and we're all getting dressed up for a church function. It had been awhile since any of us had been to church. Dad used to work in the oil fields and we moved around a bit. But he landed a job with an engineering firm and we kinda settled in.

This would make the first real holiday we attended church, so mom wanted us all dressed up nice. I had to get fitted for a new suit the week before, it matched Dad's. The girls and mom got matching dresses, shoes and tights.

White and flowery. My eyes wandered on autopilot till Shawna elbowed me in the ribs and whispered "Earth to Sean! Anybody home? You ready to go or what?" All I could manage to spit out was "um, ya I suppose". If I hadn't been so numb I might noticed the evil twinkle in Shawna's eyes that she gets when she has something devious on her mind. As it was all I could focus on was Shawna's and Sierra's knee length dresses, white strappy shoes and those beautiful white nylon covered legs.

I spent the next few hours hiding the tent in my trousers.


This was something new. I had never felt this way towards my own sisters. I knew it was wrong in so many ways. They were both way younger than me, jailbait as the popular term goes.

Then there was the taboo of siblings. I guess if I had left it at that, you wouldn't be here reading what I've written. I couldn't get home fast enough. I had to manually alleviate the pressure or I'm sure I would have exploded. Nothing much came of the rest of the day. I spent the afternoon avoiding my sisters while hiding in the garage tinkering on my old pickup.

It was a gift from dad last year when I turned 15. We had spent the last year fixing it up so I could drive it when I turned 16 (if I live that long!). I worked till supper time and cleaned up, had dinner and spent the rest of the evening hanging out in my "dungeon" as the rest of the family calls it. The house we live in is one of those ones you buy with a completed upstairs and a unfinished basement.

We bought it from the original owners who had started finishing out the basement.


One of the basement rooms was very large. As mom and dad and the sisters got the upstairs rooms, they thought I might like a little privacy. It was nice. I had my own bathroom, and the door to the garage was right outside my door. Plus I could crank up my music and it wouldn't bother anyone as it was one the opposite end of the house.

This had other advantages too.

I could leave the walk in door to the garage unlocked at night, and my girlfriend, Tina, could sneak over for an evening. She lived two blocks over. It was kind of an open ended relationship. More like friends with benefits. I helped keep her car running (she had been 16 for half the year now), and she paid me orally.

She never let me go any farther than returning oral favors. But that kept me from exploding, and she was creative. She's kind of a car chick. She liked fast cars.


More a tomboy than a girly girl. So when she showed up to go to the movie, last Friday, in a miniskirt, thigh highs and an almost non-existent tee shirt, I know something, other than my trouser snake, was up. She wanted to go see a chick flick, which was totally not her style. But she insisted, saying that some of her friends had forced her to go, and thought I would enjoy it. I felt her hands snaking past my belt line about the time Hillary Swank was prancing around in nothing but a bra and black tights.

I was at full attention and Tina knew it. She spent the rest of the movie on her knees in front of me in the theatre making sure I was properly enjoying the movie. I lost count how many times I blew my load, and only once had a chance to wonder if this girl was ever going to come up for air.

Gotta love teenage resiliency.

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So when I made it back home and stumble into the shower, I was fairly spent. I toweled off and headed to bed as it was past 10 and I had school in the morning. Just before I drifted off to sleep I felt a small warm body slip into the covers with me.

"Couldn't get enough at the movies, huh?" "What?" replied the feminine form in front of me. I flicked on the reading light on my headboard and saw a 10 year old blonde, not a 16 year old brunette. "oh! Hi kiddo, can't sleep again?" "Ya something like that, bet you thought I was Tina didn't you, and quit calling me a kid!" Shawna said after jabbing me in the ribs with her elbow.

She had caught Tina in my bed before, and had promised to keep it a secret on threat of sibling violence. So far she had kept her word. She reached up and killed the light, but not before I noticed what she was wearing. She had on one of her silky night shirts that was all pink with yellow flowers and those white tights from before. Rather odd ensemble to sleep in I mused. She snuggled down into the bed in front of me with me spooning her from behind. She had been doing this since she could walk.

She would get cold or scared and come sleep in my arms. Tonight seemed different though. The tights threw me off a bit. She had never done that before. The night shirt I had seen before, nothing new there, but she seemed to be snuggling into my crotch this time, instead of my chest as normal.

I was tired enough, I didn't much care, and Tina had almost drained all of my sexual interest for the day. I had started drifting off again when I felt Shawna wiggle her butt up against my semi hard dick. This had the effect of reinvigorating it while I was trying to get some sleep. I pretended not to notice and to be sleeping. She did this a few more times, then I felt her hand slip down the front of my boxers and lightly touch my dick.

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Holy Crap! Was this really happening! I whispered in her ear "what are you doing?" "Um, well I, um, ……Well I thought since you were looking at me this morning just like you do when Tina dresses up pretty, and I've seen what you and Tina do in your bed, maybe you wanted to do that with me&hellip." Whoa, that was a bunch to take it. My 10yr old sister made all those connections and led to her laying in my bed with her butt snuggled up to my groin and her little hand still wrapped around my prick.

"Well do you? Or did I&hellip." Before she could stammer out much more I flipped her over and kissed her. I kissed her on the mouth. Then on both checks.

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Then started kissing down her petite neck. God, this girl was beautiful, and smelled like flowers. She was a late bloomer, as mom called her. She was still flat chested with a pair of sensitive little nubs that made her moan softly when I kissed them thru her night shirt. I started sliding my hands down her sides, and over her back. Gently caressing this little porcelain doll.

She had always been fair skinned and would sunburn rather than tan. As I caressed her, I realized her skin was more than just fair colored, it was smooth, enticing, addicting. I worked my way down her body and slide her night shirt up and off of her shoulders.

I crept back down her flat belly and kissed her belly button. That made her giggle a bit, but my hands wandering back down her shoulders and chest and sides, had her back to the soft moans of pleasure I was orchestrating from her.

My hands started sliding down to the top of her tights. I wanted to play for awhile, see how far she was willing to go without scaring her.

Tina had satisfied my animal urges earlier that day, so I was easily able to focus on creating pure pleasure in Shawna. My hands slid over her tights down over her tight little butt. She was in her 5th year of ballet classes, and her body showed and felt it. Not a single bulge or pudgy spot on this lithe little form anywhere. And as strong and well toned as she was, she was limber and flexible too. I started kissing her belly button again and then started working my way south over those beautiful white tights.

My hands were caressing her butt and thighs. I worked my mouth down one thigh to her knee and back up the other one. By this time, her moaning had evolved into a barely discernable word, "yesssss".

Two or three more times she hissed "yesssss", and I started working towards her inner thighs with my kisses. I slid my hands back up her sides as she arched her back. I slid my hands under her slightly and back down her back. She raised her knees up, and lifted her legs up over my shoulders. As I kissed my way back down her left thigh, she started lightly wrapping her legs around my back, drawing me into that white nylon covered flower in the middle.

That's when it dawned on me that she wasn't wearing anything under her tights. She always wore panties under her tights. She must have been planning this for awhile. I breathed heavily into her smooth bald little mound and she shuddered uncontrollably. She drew me in tighter with her legs. I kissed her mound, then wrapped my whole mouth around it thru her tights. She shuddered again, hissing "yessssss".

I started caressing her nipples with my hands as I mouthed her fleshly little mound. I kept this up until she shuddered again, then went rigid. Her back arched up off of the bed, and I slid my hands back down her sides and around to her back. She finally relaxed and drew a shuddering breathe. I noticed her crotch was wet, and not just from my mouth. She was honestly very much aroused! I never thought of my own sister as a sexual being till today, and now here I am laying with her in my bed.

"Oh wow" she sighed "I never thought it would feel so good, or I might have done this along time ago." I worked my way back up the bed behind her again, while sliding out of my boxers. She took the hint and snuggled up to me again, but I slid my dick up between those nylon clad butt cheeks. She kinda jumped at the feeling of that hot member sliding between her thighs, but she immediately relaxed and worked wriggled her butt some more to get more of my manhood between her thighs, and up against her mound.

She instinctively slid forward and back a couple of times. Her breathing had started to calm back down, but she was starting to breathe deeper once again. I started kissing her neck and shoulders and caressing her nipples one at a time. My hand worked its way down her front to the waistband of her tights. This time I slid my hand inside as I kept going south.

I worked her tights down her beautiful body as she was sliding my dick in and out of her crotch with nothing but the thin tights between us. It was an amazing feeling. The friction of the smooth nylon plus her fluids was threatening to send me over the edge for the 10th time today (15th, 20th, I don't know, I lost count in the movie theatre).

But this time I was closer to hitting a home run than I had ever gotten. That's when it dawned on me. This was my 10 year virgin little sister.

If my parents ever found out, I'm sure dad would make sure I vanished from the planet in some excruciating manner. "How far do you want to take this, Sis?" I whispered in her ear.

"I don't know, what do you mean how far?" she breathed back. "What do you know of sex" "Just what they teach us in school, and from watch you and Tina" I felt her ears and neck flush. I imagine she just blushed. "When did you see me and Tina" "Last week, I was sneaking down here to sleep with you because I got cold, and I heard Tina coming in the garage door.

She wasn't as quiet about it as she thought she was being. I snuck around to your bathroom and opened the other door into your room, while she was undressing and getting into your bed. I was kinda stuck because I didn't want you guys to know I was there. So I was waiting for you guys to go to sleep, when I heard you moaning.

When I looked again, I could see your penis in her mouth. She was sucking on it like a popsicle. You kinda stiffened up right before she quit… well I guess kinda like I just did" she giggled.

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She still giggled like a little girl. "It's called having an orgasm, and she was giving me a blow job." I informed her. "Oh, that's a funny name for sucking on something" "I didn't invent it" "Can I try it on you?" "Absolutely" I replied. That at least kept me from going any further with the direction I was heading before.

She slid off my dick and worked her way down the bed till she was eye level with my manhood. She kissed the tip, and it jumped. She giggled like a girl with a new doll. Her hands wrapped around my dick and she kissed it again. Then she licked the tip. That got a moan out of me. She asked "am I doing it right?" "Just don't squeeze too hard, and you can play with my balls too if you want" I replied.

"Oh, ok, you mean like this" as she slid one of her hands down under my nut sack. All I could get out was "yyyyaaaaaa" before she started sucking on the tip. She started sliding her hands up and down while taking more and more of me into her mouth. This girl was a natural!

I managed to eek out "I'm about to cum!" "What's cum?" she asked. "Semen" I hissed back. "Oh! Is it ok to taste it?" "Ya you can swallow it if you want.

Tina does" All I got for a response was her lips sliding back down my prick. It wasn't long before I erupted into her mouth. This 10 year old child was absolutely adorable. She actually managed to swallow everything without even so much as a drop escaping.

We curled back up together after putting our respective clothing back on. I woke up with her still in my arms. I reluctantly woke her up. "Hey sleepy head, gotta get up and get ready for school" "Ok" she replied, "thank you for last night, can we do that again, maybe you can show me some different stuff too?" "On one condition, you never tell anyone, not even your best friend, or your diary, deal" "Deal" she said as she bounced out of bed and glided up the stairs still having those white tights on.

I swear nothing but her toes ever touched the ground all the way to her room. I shook my head in amazement, got up and showered and ready for school.

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I had a very early class on Mondays, so I was usually the only one up at this hour. As I was making out the front door, Shawna ran up to me and hugged me tight, kissed me on the cheek, and whispered "I love you, big brother". She had also showered and dressed for school, blue denim knee length skirt, pink frilly shirt with flowers on it, blue sneakers and pink tights.

I shook my head clear and headed out to Tina's car. She was waiting for me. When I got in, I noticed what she was wearing. Black tee shirt, bib overall's type skirt, as short as her dad would allow (which I think was longer than she actually got away with), knee high boots, and black pantyhose. She kissed me after I got my seatbelt snapped. Her hand lingering in my crotch, she had that devious twinkle in her eyes that usually meant she was going to have me one way or another.

"What took you so long, handsome?" This was going to be a long day…………………