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Curvy brazilian playgirl loves oral sex hardcore blowjob
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Teresa Chapter 4 I looked at my bedside clock. It was 5 o'clock. Damn it I don't have to get up till 7. Oh shit. Just remembered what happened last night. It had happened again. I hadn't intended it at all. I'd come to bed so ashamed at the outcome of going to kiss Ian goodnight, yet had fallen asleep almost immediately. Too much whisky probably, yet I haven't a headache or hangover.

I feel strangely awake and alive. What Teresa had intimated to me must be true. Ian is sexually attracted to me. It's awful that it should be so but why am I not alarmed by it. Fucking Alec has much to do with it, neglecting me like he is. I always wondered about him and his bloody possessive mother. Now she is back in his clutches and god knows what their up to.

And now I've got my son onto the same thing. At least I haven't encouraged him. At least I don't think so.


I had worn just my t-shirt and skirt last night, albeit with my stockings and garters. Shit what am I up to?

He was so warm and loving too. I did love him stroking my leg and thigh. Jesus what am I playing at? I was appalled and astonished when Teresa suggested he might be sexually attracted to me but I just dismissed it. The only other man who's showed the slightest interest in me recently is Tom, Ian's informal Uncle and closest friend of Alec's. He gave me a very warm and sexy kiss and squeeze at New Year at his place and gave me to believe that he would like to give me a seeing to anytime.

Thank god I didn't breathe a word to Teresa. She would be setting me up no doubt. More immediately what do I do about Ian? I don't want to be aloof with him and I do like his cuddles. But his cock is rampant and uncontrollable. If I am really honest I like him cuming on me like that. Christ he's even reading that porn book Teresa leant me. Goodness knows what ideas he's getting from that. Oh fuck I'm feeling horny now, just a light touch to help me go to sleep again maybe.

Oh it's wet to. It was wet when I came to bed, now it's soaking. Oh that's great around my clitty in the cleft around it, oh good. Just a quickie, yes that's good oh so good oh fuck you Alec you've brought this on yourself you bastard.

I'll just go cool with my darling Ian. Yes no surprises just let him cum over my t-shirt it's so nice, so nice and he is so overwhelmed with excitement and hopeless anticipation I can't let him down and reject him.

What's the harm?

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As long as I encourage him to go for girls his own age he'll be fine. Oh yes fuck this is good. Yes Ian I'll look after you. I just need a good seeing to but Ian will help me get over this. Oh fuck Ian bless you my son, I love you I'll look after you.

Yes, yes, yesssss. Oh god fuck that's better. I woke with a raging erection and then suddenly a load of guilt.


Mum had gone off and her last words were: "I'm so ashamed." How am I to look her in the eye when I feel it's all my fault again? And I've got a hardon even though it was such a wonderful cum last night. At least she must have left for work by now.

I crept out to the bathroom for a pee and was reassured that she'd gone to work. I glanced at the laundry basket and yes her panties were on top waiting to go in the wash. Picking them up to my nose my prick regained hard as I whiffed her cunt smell and her anal aroma at the rear of the panty. I couldn't help myself and started to wank over the bowl as I smelt and licked her panty.

This was so horny plus the thought of her rubbing herself against me last night. I couldn't delay it.

Going over the top and spilling it into the pee water. She had not flushed either before she left and that made my cum even better. At least I hadn't stooped down in to it. But the dirty thought was there. I got washed and dressed and rummaged up some breakfast. I decided to ring my friends to try to divert my continuous thoughts about Mum.

However I got diverted by yet another phone call from Teresa. Would I call round for some important information? "Teresa I'd love to come round but I've agreed to meet some friends this morning.

Could you tell me over the phone?" "Very well Ian. It's just that Jean rang me from work to say that she definitely knows your reading that book I leant her and she is concerned you might get ideas." What can I say Teresa? It's a great read but what's happening with Mum is very different from the book." "What is happening Ian cos she ain't telling me." I decided to regale her with what happened last night on condition she did not tell Mum.

She was utterly enthralled and I thought she was playing with herself as I unfolded the events. I told her about the shame Mum had voiced. She said that was natural. But she thought that would not impede developments. I was reassured by her. I spent the day with my friends making an outdoor fire near the river by our flats. I did not realise then how lucky we were in London to be able to do this.

We cooked potatoes in the ashes and sausages on the top of the embers and talked about what we knew about sex which wasn't much. I had the sense not to open up what I had experienced with Mum even though she had not said anything about talking to anyone about it.

The others did talk about their mothers and incidents they had experienced like peeping through key holes and seeing them naked or in states of action with their fathers or even lovers. They also compared the desirable qualities of each other's mothers. Mine came out near the top mainly because she went to work and they thought that exciting. Plus she looked after herself with nice clothing and dressed well.

I got home about five in the evening to find a note from mum. Could I start the dinner as she would not be home till about 7 as the surgery nearby had a late session and they would pick up the prescriptions by staying open. She worked in a pharmacy. She arrived dead on time and gave me a kiss on my cheek in the kitchen. She had taught me well I had prepared spaghetti bolognese and she said she just wanted to get more comfortable before we ate. Mum came back in her usual t-shirt (a clean one) braless, short skirt, stockings and low heels.

She knew what I liked. She opened a glass of wine and offered me a half a glass. This was very naughty. She made no reference to last night and asked me about my day.

I relayed the fire and food which pleased her and then I told her how much my friends appreciated her compared to the other mums. She beamed in the flattery my friends bestowed upon her but said some of the other mothers were gorgeous as well. After supper we tucked in on the sofa as before and I took my place in and on her lap. She stroked my thigh.

I took that as a signal to stroke hers and proceeded to do so, running my hand over her stockings between her calves and her thighs, moving slowly toward her stocking tops. "Ian that's so soothing, I love it." With my head in the cleft of her hips and tummy I had a magnificent view of her legs and thighs as they revealed themselves to me.

She did not demur. "Would you like me to come to kiss you goodnight again Ian?" "I would love that Mum." We said no more. Mum got up and left for her bedroom. I took that as signal to switch off the TV and go to bed too. I got into bed naked and waited. She seemed ages and I thought she may have changed her mind. A knock on my door. She came in. I told her she didn't need to knock. She told me she respected my space. She was once again in her t-shirt and stockings and heels.

She must have felt and certainly was provocative in that outfit. I told her I liked it. "Ian thank you I like to be nicely dressed for you." "Do you sleep in that?" "Oh no this is just for you Ian." She sat on the bed facing me. I looked at her breasts with her nipples piercing the material. She saw what I was doing and commented, "You're a naughty young man Ian aren't you?

"Why?" "Looking at me like that at my breasts." "I think their beautiful Mum." "Here Ian let me cuddle you again. Then you can't stare at me." She got me to lie down in my bed. I turned the dimmer switch to low and pushed my sheet down below to my thighs.

She did not see me do that or at least didn't acknowledge it. She lifted herself onto the bed and lay astride me with just her t-shirt between us. We cuddled like that for, it must have been, about ten minutes not speaking and just our bodies close and tactile with each other. Slowly she began to move up and down my body, kissing my neck and cheeks. I waited for more signals. Surely something more would happen. Then she moved her mouth toward mine and slid her lips across mine so deftly I hardly noticed initially.

Then when she returned I felt more pressure on my mouth. I opened my lips. Mum entered me and worked her tongue against mine, teasing me with her movements whilst beginning to rub her lower body against my hips and of course my prick which was totally hard. She knew it. Suddenly she withdrew and sat up facing me again at the side of the bed.

"Ian we have to speak about what is happening. I know this is totally wrong and we shouldn't be doing this at all. I had not realised what was happening till last night and I was totally surprised. God I want to see my son's cock, I just feel so dirty and deprived. I'll just take a look and stroke it to see what he's like. I'll look after myself later.

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Mum pulled back my sheet covering my prick. I looked slightly scared into her eyes for a sign.

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She wasn't being hostile, which is what I could have expected. "What were you surprised about Mum?" "That I excited you so, I hadn't realised really until last night. I have decided there is no harm in just looking after you.

My it's very hard isn't it?" Fuck to think I can have that effect upon him. Oh it's really lovely for his age. I want it badly. I will have to make do wanking him. I'm sure that'll do the trick. Mum took her hand round my prick and squeezed it gently. She leant forward whilst sitting beside me as I lay back entranced by what she was doing.

Her movement emphasised the pressure of her breasts against her t-shirt with those hardened nipples pressed tight against the material. I couldn't take my eyes from them. But she didn't offer them to me and I was too cautious to suggest touching them in case she refused. She just teased me excruciatingly. "Let me just rub you a little my love.

I think you'd like that wouldn't you?" "Yea Mum it's wonderful." "I'll just rub it up and down. It is so pretty, I'm glad you were circumcised it looks so neat.


Oh that's good, my hand moves so easily along your beautiful cock." I wasn't used to the word cock but I liked it when she used it. She stopped talking and concentrated on the job in hand. I looked at her thighs covered in her stockings. The t-shirt had ridden up revealing her suspender belt and white flesh. I don't think she was wearing any panties but wasn't totally sure. She took her time, stopping to view the effect she was having on me. I wanted it to go on and on.

She didn't hurry and stopped occasionally to look at my reaction. I was still shy with her but was completely in her thrall. Oh I love this. I will remember all this when I get into bed. Ian is loving it bless him. But I think it's time now. Mum moved nearer to me so that her nipples were within an inch of my mouth and she just hovered there. I felt her speed up suddenly pulling her hand from my balls to the tip and back again very fast.

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Oh shit I can't stop it. "Oh Mum don't stop please don't stop now oh Mum." He went right over the top and I watched his cum shooting out of his cock and landing on my t-shirt and thighs just as I wanted. He clenched his body as he came. It seemed to last forever but was actually over in seconds. He collapsed on his bed. I carefully wiped the remaining spunk from his cock and on to my t-shirt. I had it all. "Ian that was lovely. I hope you liked it cos I did." "Mum I could not have dreamed you would do that to me.

Thank you." I leaned forward and kissed him lightly on his lips. I wanted more but didn't dare. Bidding him goodnight I put his sheet back over him and left his room for mine.

I pulled my sheets back and lay on the bed on my back carefully wiping the spunk from my t-shirt onto my fingers and lubed myself with it on my clit. I was ecstatic I had made him cum just by wanking him. It was the best sex I'd had in ages, though him coming against me the two previous times was pretty good. I found another bit of his lovely slime near my nipple and carefully fingered it, this time to my mouth.

What a lovely taste. Oh I'm so high with it all. How I enjoyed the sheer pleasure of it despite the taboo nature of it. I recalled my parents being disgusted about another family who were prosecuted for it and a slight shiver went over me but not for long. I felt I could really trust Ian not to tell anyone.

But I felt I had to confess to someone. The only person I could trust was Teresa. I would phone her. But my clit calls.

Oh fuck Ian I loved your hard cock so wanky and delicious. One day I shall suck you and make you come in my mouth you're so lovely. Ian's spunk is making a lovely wetness though in truth I don't really need it fuck I need this my darling. I love you and want to enjoy you much more. I will too.

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Yes that's it so good I'm near so near yes oh fuck yes, yes, yesssss. Oh what a lovely cum. I needed that. It's been so long since I enjoyed being sexy. I feel so alive at last. I woke in the morning.

I remembered what Mum had done and wanked myself to a morning cum pretty sure that she will have gone to work by now. I called my friends and we all went out for the day. I rang Teresa in the morning from work. Said I should like to see her on my afternoon off from lunchtime today. She was very curious and asked how I was. I replied I've never felt better. Great she said she we would celebrate with lunch at her place. I arrived shortly after 1pm to a welcoming kiss at Teresa's door. She was very warm with me and immediately asked me what the good news was.

She was dressed in a light thin blouse that showed of her lovely bosoms in clear cleavage. I could not match her having my usual work clothes on. We went into to her living room and sat on her sofa together having plied us both with a stiff glass of wine. She took my hand. "Now tell me all Jean. I'm very eager to hear what has so obviously transformed you." I told her that Alec had departed to his Mother and gave no indication of when he might return and how I had gone down on it in a complete trough.

"So what's happened to turn you?" "Ian, bless him." I told her everything that had happened over the last three nights since Alec had left culminating with last night in Ian's bedroom.

"And what happened there Jean?" "I wanked him Teresa. I made him cum. I masturbated his cock until he spewed his spunk all over me." "Wow Jean you obviously enjoyed doing that. How was Ian? Did he do anything to you?" "No I didn't invite him to." "Teresa I had his cum all over my t-shirt and went to bed with it and looked after myself." "Jesus Jean that's a lovely dirty story.

You've got me high just listening to you. How do you feel now?" Before I could respond Teresa moved forward and kissed me again smack on my lips. I did not respond initially but I realised it was sexual in intent and let her continue without rebuffing her. She moved a hand to my breasts and warmed her hands against my yielding body. She pressed her fingers against a nipple as she leaned back to look at me to see my reaction.

I just smiled unlike recently when I had pushed her away. I had changed and was more amenable to all sorts of advances now. This woman wants it and wants it now. I moved back to tongue her moving it between her open lips as well as continuing to squeeze that stiffening nipple. No hurry this can last all afternoon. "Darling Jean let me give you some tlc, you deserve it my dear. Here lean against me and let me cuddle you and hold you. This way I can hold you and stroke you and look after you.

Let's loosen your blouse a little. That's better. What a lovely neck and shoulder to kiss. Oh Jean you're so soft and warm and cuddly. I'll just lift your strap off your shoulder. That's better. Let me touch your nipple. Oh my god its swelling so nice, so hard. Let me kiss it now." "Oh Teresa that's so lovely, you're mouth on my nipple. I need it so much. You can bite me if you wish. Yes like that, just like that so good, good. Here let me give you my other one.

Yes, that's it. Suck them hard Teresa. I knew I wanted you today. You and Ian have awakened me so. I just want more and more. I can't get enough. What are you doing now Teresa? On your knees in front of me like that. Yes my zipper's at the side here. Let me do it. Let me help you." Oh such beautiful panties. They look a bit wet at the front Jean. Wonder how that happened? You're just like me in wearing stockings and suspenders. The men always love it. Pantyhose isn't just the same.

Not nearly so hot. Heh let me take of your sopping panties. Oh gorgeous. Does Ian get his nose into these? I bet he does.

Let me lick them Jean. Fuck wonderful smell and taste. Open your thighs for me darling I want to explore you. What a lovely bush, so hairy. I need to get in there my darling. Let me. Open up. That's it." "Oh Teresa I want you. No one's been there in years, mostly my fingers.

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Yes open me up. You do it my darling. Oh I love that, what you're doing now, unfolding my lips, thank you, thank you. Oh god your tongue is beautiful on me, just there on my folds. Yes up and down like that on both sides. Am I wet enough Teresa?

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Yes good. Am I really soaking and dribbling on your sofa. Sorry. Oh bless you for not being concerned. Oh Teresa you're licking my opening. Fuck that's just fantastic. Oh jesus what have I been missing? Never again will I live in useless hope ever." "What a naughty tongue and so long in my cunt hole you dirty girl I love it.

More. More. Where are you going now? Oh fuck on my clit, my totally neglected clit. It is all yours my dearest Teresa.

All you ever want whenever you want. So delicate around it and around it. Oh this is so wonderful. I could never have dreamed it would be so good and you're such a fucking beauty at it. That's it, just there. Exactly there. Just slipping and sliding around it and just touching it gently there.

Where is your hand going Teresa? Oh no not there surely. I'm not sure I'm clean my love. Ok I shan't worry then. Fuck your finger is right on my shit hole. Are you trying to get in for god's sake?

You are you dirty bugger. Oh it's lovely and fuck that's my clit you're tonguing even more. Damn you Teresa I can't keep this up much longer.

I'm near my darling, don't take away your finger I love it. Yes Teresa my love you've got me going I can't stop. Oh fuck yes I'm there my darliiiiing. Yessss.