My POV Date With Teen Porn Star Lily Jordan

My POV Date With Teen Porn Star Lily Jordan
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Baron Karl Von Treskow was always discreet.If his homosexuality was discovered.A pink triangle and a concentration camp whould be his lot.Sure,he had his lovers.Young peasant men who were paid handsomely for their silence.

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Once Karl had been informed by a close friend with similar tastes that he was being investigated by the Gestapo.Fortunately they couldn't find any evidence on him. He longed to see the young and handsome SS men naked and he now had his chance.The light in the gymnasium was exceptionally bright.Karl was already aroused by the dull smell of sweaty male bodies.The three men before him were in their late teens,tall and well built.In his eyes they were the picture of youth and masculinity.Their mateing with the young women he had picked for them.Would supply him with visual memories that he could masturbate over for years.


Dressed in white shorts and vests,emblazzoned with the SS insignia.He could see their eyes flicker with excitement when he told them what was to be done.It seemed by their reactions that it had been a long time since they had serviced pussy.If ever.Hans the dark haired youngster was already,sporting a bulge in his shorts that was plain for all to see.

The young man was clearly embarrassed about his strutting appendage.


Charlotte found the tiles cold under her barefeet.The man was hurting her arm as he led her down the dark corridor.A shy girl,she was very aware of her nakedness.She had asked the man in a worried tone what was to happen to her.He had remained silent,ignoring her.Charlotte clasped her hands over her undeveloped pubes.Her tits bounced slightly without the benefit of her bra.For fourteen she had fairly large breasts.For some reason unbeknown to her they had adorned both her ankles with silver charm bracelets.The charms rattled loudly as she walked.Around her midriff was a pretty chain with little bells.The clasp rested on her skinny hips.They reached a door and the man opened it,shoving her roughly inside.Charlotte blinked at the brightness of the lights and it took a few moments for her to become accoustomed to them.

When she made out the four men looking her up and down with devilish grins.She steeped back against the large wooden door.Charlotte squeezed her legs tighter together and turned her hips to hide her crotch.

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Karl watched the child who looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights.So petite and fragile !He imagined the SS men copulating with her and his breathing became a steady whine. Charlotte let out a cat like mew and tried to shrink away as the men hastily undressed and then came for her.The sight put her brain into overdrive and words and thoughts raced through her .Force,males,three of them!,hurt,muscles,rape,beating,white yucky stuff,bodies,on top of me,sticking things in me.She shrieked as they wrestled her to the excercise mat.

The mens hard toned bodies to Karl were so superb.Their physique's made him swoon.Karl dabbed at the droplets of sweat on his forhead as they easily got the girl to the floor.That they were so strong and she so weak made a pearl of semen seep from his enraged cock.

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Charlotte bawled as their rough hands grabbed her.She could'nt help herself from looking down at the man who had yanked her hands away from her privates and who was now holding her wrists against the mat at the sides of her body.Their faces were close to her and they had eyes like famished wolves.''Oh Lord !'' she yelled as she saw the mans grotesque and large looking phallus bearing down on her.

''No Karl !Wet her first.You want to kill her with that cannon?Look how small she is !'' One of them said in an amused tone.''OH,PLEASE.DON'T !!!''Charlotte felt like she was going insane.She wanted that thing far,far,FAR away from her fanny.They smeared her privates.She screamed as they painfully and with a sadistic streak,twisted and pinched the lips between her legs.

.''Are you menstruating yet,Whore?'' one of them asked harshly.Thinking it may save her from them she blurted.''NO,NO !!'' Hans rammed his cock against her little teardrop shaped fuckbox.The girls hysterical reaction brought whoops of encouragement from his fellow soldiers.''Yes !Fuck her but be quick.Leave some for us too !''Schmidt urged.

It took great effort to enter her.He forced himself in against fierce resistance from her tiny canal.His progress matched by her heightened groans of pain.It felt so warm and tight that Hans let out a long exultant piglike grunt.Charlotte was hurting and bleated.''Aaah,aaah,aah'' with his every stroke.The feeling of fullness was so extreme.That she thought back to Sundays at the orphange before the war.The old groundskeeper always prepared them a suckling pig on the spit.They would stand with their plates anxious to get their slice.It was a crazy thought but she felt like the speared baby piglet.

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Karl looked down at the mans humping body. How his buttocks clinched as he used the child.Hans was keeping his bodyweight up by his hands as if doing pushups while fucking the girl.It was all too much for Karl.He was barely in time to get his cock out before it erupted wildly.He aimed for the girls face as it rained down on her.Charlotte let out a strange cry as it burst across her.''Awwww,GEEEZZZ'' she screamed in disgust.She tried feverishly to spit the stuff from her lips,instead in ran into her trap.To the men watching she seemed to be having a fit as she spat it out,forming a big jism bubble.Charlotte suddenly felt her body relax and a strange calm wash over her.She drifted off on a cloud as they abused her body.

Hans knew he was close.His arms ached from holding himself up.The girls face was blank and her eyes unfocused.He liked what he had done to her and shunted harder.The room resounded with the sound of their slapping together.Hans came long and hard as he did he pulled from deep in his chest.Spitting a large green chunk of saliva into the girls face.

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Schmidt raped her with perverse viciousness.As he took her he raked her body with his nails.Leaving a trail of red welts.She groaned as he hurt her.Schmidt took his time,reaching under her he stuck two cruel searching fingers up her ass.He pushed in deep,squishing about.Withdrawing them he shoved them into her open mouth.Charlotte felt his rough unkind digits in her mouth and the bitter taste,he drew blood from her gums.She closed her eyes tightly and groaned .'Oww''.Schmidt withdrew as he orgasmed.Pushing down on her anus and letting rip against it.His seed dripped from the girl in large sticky lumps.

Klausman lifted her legs high.Watching her ankle bob near his head as he ravished her.Her small toes curled and the charms tinkled loudly.He lapped up the bitches juggling tits and moans as he screwed her drenched pussy.Charlotte was numb between the legs her pussy inflammed and tender.She just wished he would finish off like the others and leave her alone.Still he continued.PLEASE CUM she thought.

As Klausmann came he throttled her.She twisted her head in his hands.Eyes bulged and unable to get air.She kicked out her feet fearing she was going to die.Hans and schmidt pulled him off her.As he disconnected from the brunette his cock opened up.His seed missile like painted her tummy.

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The sight of the mans exploding dick drove Karl crazy.He kicked the girl onto her back with his boot.Like a wanton animal he went for her ass. The End.