Indian couples very good sex in a room suck cock and fuck her pussy

Indian couples very good sex in a room suck cock and fuck her pussy
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Hi, and thanks for reading my story. First im gonna have to say sorry about the spelling mistakes, since English is my second languane. Im altso gonna have to say that this story contains sexual relations between adults and kids, so if you not are into that, fin another story=) Im altso gonna have to say that im not a pedo, and that this story is FICTION only, and I would never do anything sexually with kid.

I altso like resposes about my story, bot positive and negative, but let be mature, and say it in a real way. Hope you enjoy the story=) My weekend babysitting Tyra. My name is Garry, and im 18 years old, and live outside a small town. In the summertime I live alone in my parents hous, their spend most of their time on our hut. I live in a road, with three other house, everybody know eachother good, and I often babysit the kids in the neighborhood, to get some cash. It was a normal Friday afternoon, and i went to get the mail.

One of the neighbors stoped me on my way back, and sayed: "Hey, are you free next weekend? Cause we are going to see my parents, but Tyra, their 10 year old daughter, is afraid of flying, and we wonder if you maby could watch her… We will pay you well of course." "I don't have any plans, so I gladly watch her" I answerd.

"When are you leaving?" "We are going leaving early on Friday, and returning Sunday eavening" When nex Friday came, Tyra arrived, she dident bring mutch stuff, since she lived nex door. Friday was a very rainfull day, so we want inside, after saying goodbye to her parents. Afeter we had eaten, and talked for a bit, she asked if she could watch a movie.

"Of course" I said "but, I don't think I have many movies you will like, so maby you should run home and find some of yours" She agreed and run away.


A few minutes she come back, with a Hannah Montana dvd, and she was soaked trough. She had fell in a pale of water on her way back. I asked her to take her clothes off, and I put them in the washing machine, while she took a bath. She come out from the bathroom, only in a towel, and said all her clothes was at home. I asked her what clothes she wanted me to bring back, and she answerd that it dident mathers, and that I just could take some.

I run over to her house, and found a top, a pair of panties, and a skirt. On my way down the stair, I looked out the window, and it had start raining eaven more, so I put the clothes in a bag, and run home. When I come inside, I heard Hannah Montana singing from the living room. I went inside, and Tyra sat in the couch, still in the towel and watched the tv. I gave her the clothes and walked to the bathroom to get myself some dry clothes on. When I had taken almost all my clothes off, I only had my boxers left, I heard Tyra come in the room.

She only had her panties on, and saied: "Hey, is it okay with you that I only wears panties inside? I always do that at home" "Sure" I answerd. "I don't mind if you too only wears your boxers… You see, my family are nudists, so we almost always are naked, or in underwear at home, and we are at nudists camp almost every summer." "Oh, I dident know that" I answerd.

"No, we haven't told so many. It had benn nice if you not telling everybody else…?" "Sure, I wont telling anybody" Even if she said I could wear only my boxes, which I love, I took a shirt and some pants on.

We went back to the living room, and watch the movie. I have been curious about the nudist thing, so I said to her: "If you not are conferrable about it, can I ask you some questions about the nudist thing?" "Sure" she said. "Ok, are you naked always? And do you do anything naked?" "Yes, we are almost always naked when we are alone" "But, don't you think it's a little awkward to bee naked with other people?" "No, I love being naked, and I don't care so mutch if the people around me are naked or not, as long they don't care that I am nude" "hmm, ok" I said.

"Don't you like being naked?" She asked "Well, sure. It's a good feeling not having any clothes on" I said.

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"There you see, that is what nudism is all about, feeling good, and don't care what other thinks about you. Why don't you try it now?" She asked?

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"What? You mean get naked now?" "Yes!" She said, and stand up, took her panties off, and all of a sudden she was completely naked. "Wow, ehh, I think maby that is a little, well…" "Ok, try first only wearing your boxers, then" "Okay, I can try that" I stood up, took my shirt and pants off.

"Do you like it?" Tyra said. "Yeah… Its not bad" I said and smile "See, I told you would like it. And I think you would like this even more" "What?" "This" she said, and pulled my boxers down, and we both stand there naked "Ohh, ehh, ok" Was all I managed to say, pretty embarrassed "What do we do now?" "Nothing, just what we did before" She answered and sat back down and continued watching the movie.

I sat down next to her. When the movie was over I told her it was time to get some clothes on, cause we were going to the store. We both got dressed and left the house. When we got back, I went into the kitchen with all the food. Tyra came in right after, and the first thing she did was taking all her clothes off, and asked me if Im gonna do the same.

"Yes, im gonna do it soon." "Ohh, come on!" She said "See, im already naked" I looked at her young naked body, and I actually started to get a little horny while looking at her. She was a little chubby, and had started to get some tits, and had no hair on her body. She did a starjump, and that was it, I was now fully erect.

"Come on, take your clothes off" she said Off course I couldent take my pants off now, then she would see my hard dick. "Ill do it later" I said. "No, take your clothes off now" right after she said it, she grabbed my pants and pull them down, and before I was able to stop it, she had done the same with my boxers too.

"Ohh, what have happened with your penis?" she said "It was mutch smaller earlier, now it mutch longer and hard" She touched the tip of my dick with her finger.

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"Wow, did you have an exrection? My friend sister told us that was what happened to guys penises when they wanted to put it inside the girls vagina" "Yes, im sorry, you shouldn't have seen it" I said and took my pants back on.

"Its ok, ive never seen a exerction before, it was cool, can I see it again?" She said. "Its called erction" I said. "Ohh, ok. But can I see it again?" "I don't think that is a good idea." "Please, Im not gonna say it to anyone" "Ok" I said "but you have to promise not to tell anyone" "I promise" She smiled, and before I had a chanse to do anything, she had pulled my pants and boxer down.

"Wow," she said "its weird how it can grow so mutch and become so hard." "Did it become hard while you watch me?" "eeh, yes." I said embarrassed "Wow, that's cool" she smiled "If you never tell it to anyone, you can touch my vagina, if I get to touch your penis" Before I had time to say anything, she grabbed my dick with both hands and said "wow, it's a good feeling to touch it, its so hard and nice" "Here" she said, and sat down and spread her legs " you can touch my vagina if you want to" I sat down I front of her and reached my hand out.

She moand a little when I touched her bald little pussy, I slowly put my finger a little inside her. "Wow, that was cool" She said and standed up. I did the same, still with a boner. "Can we do it again later today?" She asked "ehh, sure" She went into the living room, and I almost run to the bathroom and had a great orgasm smelling her pussy on my finger.

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I went back to the living room, and Tyra sat in the couch, still naked. I sat next to her, and she stared at my dick and said "What happened, your penis is small again, can you get it big again whenever you want to?" "Yes, basically" "Cool, can you make it big afterwards?" "Sure" I said.

The rest of the afternoon, we dident do mutch, we watched a movie, played a game, and ordered a pizza.


When we were done eating she asked how and why my penis got big and hard. So I told her a little about about sex. "Cool, so you mean that your should put your penis in my vagina?" "No, no!

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I mean that grown up people do it with each other" "But you said earlier that your penis got bigger while you watching me. "Well." I stammed "So, you wanna put your penis in my vagina? You can say it, I won't tell anyone" "Ok, I want to do it, but relax, im gonna do anything with you" I said "We can try if you want to, but I think maby your penis is a little big for my vagina, but lets try!" She leant back, and spread her legs and showed me her little bald pussy, and my dick got instand hard.

"I don't think…&hellip." "Yes, come on" she yelled "See, your penis got big again when you looked at my vagina" "Try put it in!" she keep saying. "Ok" I said, I know I was wrong, but I couldn't resist.

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I got infront of her, and was about to fuck her, when she said: "Its ok, that you put your penis in me, but you can never tell anyone, ok?" "ok, I promise" I pressed my dick in her little pussy, and she was very tight, and I felt like cumming as soon I got the dickhead in her, but managed to held it back.

I asked if Tyra was ok, and she said "Yes, it both good and hurting a little at the same time, but mostly good, so keep going" I pressed even more in her, now my whole dickhead in her and I didn't got longer any in, but it was enough for me.

After a few minutes Tyra asked me: "you said that the sometimes comes something out of the penis after a while, is that coming inside me?" "No, ill take it out before that happened" Right after I said that I couldent resist anymore, I pulled out, just in time to shot my cum on her stomach. "Wow, are you finish? Whats that coming out of your penis? "Its called seemens, that's how they make babys" "Cool, how dos it taste?" She said and rubbed her finger in it, and pu the finger in her mouth.

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"mmm, it good, maby you can put it right in my mouth nex time?" "Next time?" I said "yeah, I liked it a lot, so we can do it again whenever you want to" "Cool, im looking forward to that, but do you think I can taste your vagina one time now?" "Go ahead" she smiled, and spread her legs After licking her pussy for a while, I said that we needed to get cleaned up.

After taken a shower together we went to the living room and watched tv for a while. She asked if I could massage her back, because her mom used to do that on the evening. I said that I of course could do that, and asked her to lie down. I sat down by her side, and started to massaging her shoulders and moving down to the lower back, and right above her ass.

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When I started massage her cute little cheeks she moan a little, and spread her legs, so I could see down her little asscrack and got a nice wive of her little asshole.

I keep massage her ass, and got closer and closer to her little ass hole. After I had touched it several times, I asked if I could try put my finger in it. She just moan and spread her legs more.

I pressed my finger in her, and her ass was even tighter than her pussy. After fingerfuck her ass for a while, I moved down and massaged her legs. I took a look at the watch, and said that it was time for bed, so we both went to my room and lay down in my bed together. Right before I fall asleep, I was thinking what I can do with Tyra the next day, and I fall asleep with a big smile. I hope you enjoyed the story, and again im gonna have to say sorry about all the spelling mistakes.

The nex part of the story is coming soon, and if you have any ideas about what can happened in one of the next part, feel free to send me a massage me=)