Dotado batendo uma pra gata e gozando muito

Dotado batendo uma pra gata e gozando muito
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My cousin's coming over this summer.I wasn't happy with his vist.He was a year older than me.Making him 19.He is my most hated person in the world.The reason I hate him is because he still tries to fuck me even though I'm his cousin.Last night almost turned my life around.Almost.I went to go get water and I see him in the kitchen drinking juice.He said we needed to talk and when I sat down, he took a long drink and stared at me.I was wearing a short silk robe.I didn't know someone would be down here, okay?


I stared at him raising one eyebrow."Whattaya want, kid?" I asked.He laughed at me."In case you didn't notice, I'm a year older than you." He chuckled. I smirked at his stupidity."In case YOU hadn't noticed, this is my house." I smiled as he did a spit take."Your house?

I thought he was just sleeping over or something." He looked confused."No.This is MY house.My boyfriend's parents got it for us." I mused.

"Your boyfriend, eh? Wouldn't you rather go fuck a man, rather than a boy?" He said crossing over to my side and putting his arm around my waist. I sneered at him. "Look Chris," I said grabbing his arm and twisting it."I would NEVER fuck you.I love Ryan.NOT.YOU. Got it, douche bag?" I twisted his arm tighter.

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His face looked bored. "Little feisty, huh princess?

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Luckily, I like feisty."He winked. I wanted to slap that smirk right off of his face.Seeing the scar above his eyebrow, I let go.The milisecond I let go, he grabbed the back of my head and covered my mouth with his other hand.He lowered his head until it was level with my neck."You little slut.You've always wanted me.I know it." He said to my neck.I gulped and I heard him growl.I realized I did.I wanted him.But that was before.After a few moments of him kissing my neck, I made it look like I was enjoying it.The usual mian, my hand ruffling through his hair.I had to admit.The guy was good.But I was better.Quickly, I punched his stomach.It was as hard as a brick wall.He didn't even flinch.

"Nice try, princess.We both know that I'm stronger." He said in my ear, licking it when he was done."Fuck.You're right.You're good." I felt him smile against my neck."But I'm better!" Right that moment, I aimed for his balls.We were standing by then and I kicked as hard as I could.He doubled over on the floor.I put my foot on his chest, leaning down."Never fuck with me.I'm a bitch and you know it, Christopher."He hated when I called him that.I stood up, grabbed the water, and walked around him."Good night, Christopher," I said in a sing-song voice."I hope you have a nightmare of me." I winked and climbed up the stairs.

I walked into mine and Ryan's room.I glanced at the clock.6 a.m.

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I think it's time to wake him up before I start on breakfast.I woke him up by sucking on his neck.Leaving a nice hickey.Still not awake.I lay on top of him and gave him another hickey."Mmm.Well good morning, Gaby.

This is a nice way to wake me up." Ryan moaned.He put his hands on my back.I continued scking on his neck.More gentle now.I worked my way up to his jaw, then to his lips.I gave him a small peck on the corner of his lip.I got up and started to change from my underwear. He put his hands behind his head and watched me."Why are you staring at me with that goofy smile on your face?" I asked raising an eyebrow. I heard him chuckle while I turned around.I was trying to look for a top when I felt hands on my hips.I spun around.My eyes immediately meeting his.I put my hands behind bhis neck.I kissed him passionately.He pulled me tighter to him.I felt his tongue make its way into my mouth.After a few minutes of this, we backed off.He started to get dressed, too while I kept searching for a top.I turned around."Hey Ry, do you kno-" I was silenced by a tank top hitting my face."Thanks." I put on my old dance crew top.It had the word "Blackouts" on it.Unfortunately, the crew broke up.Why did Courtney have to date a fellow dance member?

I waited on the bed for Ryan to get dressed. When he finally finished, we went down to the kitchen to find Chris drinking his juice."Christopher." I said passing him."Bitch." He sneered at me.I ignored the comment as I sat on the counter.Ryan put his hands on either side of me.I put my hands on the back of his neck.My right one creeping up to his hair.Ryan attacked my lips with his."Get a room, you guys!" Chris said.I broke the kiss as we both sneered at Chris."Fuck off." We said in unison."Gladly" he replied.Afyer he got out of the kitchen, Ry and I started to try eating each other's faces again.

After a few minutes, I started on breakfast.I was cooking the omelet when I heard a voice from the kitchen door. "Well, well, well.The princess can cook too, huh?" He said with a smirk.I ignored him and resumed cooking. "Come on, princess. Say a word to me.Come on!" I heard his voice get closer.

"Fuck.You." I said through clenched teeth."Is that an offer?" He said sitting on the counter."Get off my counter.I don't want your filthy ass on it." I said kicking him off.I used to take karate and gymnastics.Kicking him off was a peice of cake."Why? Your ass was on it." That stupid smirk appearing on his face again."At least mine is pleasant."I really felt like slapping him right now."I can't argue with that." I felt his eyes on my ass.

He grabbed an apple from the table, laughing."Haha. You look so hot when you're mad." He spanked my ass and left.I finished breakfast and called the boys over.They were playing Tekken on MY PS3.They kept playing."Ryan," I said in a sweet voice. "If you come here right now you'll get a surprise tonight." His head immediately spun looking at me.I snirked at him.He ran over to me fast.He stopped running and walked to me.We started a really wild make-out session.I put his hands on my ass not breaking off.My right hand was behind his neck and my left hand was pulling his hair.It got spikier than usual.He spanked my ass hard.Causing me to come closer.I heard the T.V.

shut off and footsteps coming over to the kitchen. I broke the kiss and pulled Ryan down."Later, baby.Later." I licked his ear and trailed down his neck.I pulled away to find him looking sad.I put my hand under his chin and brought him up to look at me.I winked and gave him a small peck."Oh, come on!

Is it going to be like this everyday?" Asked Chris. Ry and I both sat down."Fuck yeah so get used to it, asshole." I replied.He groaned and took a seat."I live with sex crazed maniacs.

Why do I have to come here every summer?" He asked."Because Aunt Amelia still gives you money to come here, moron." I said expressionless. "Shut up and eat.I'm taking you somewhere later." I said to Chris.

Ry and Chris raised an eyebrow."Where?"They said in unison."Relax baby.I'm not fucking him." I said looking at Ry. I whispered in his ear while looking at Chris.When I finished, I continued eating as I saw Ryan smirk at Chris.

I rubbed his thigh. Getting awfully close to his dick.Ry continued eating.Chris still had a brow up.I winked."Do you trust me, Chris?" I asked putting my fork down."No." He growled."Smart boy." I said getting up.I put my plate in the sink."Come see me in the pool when you're done, Chris." I said licking his ear.

I went to go change into my swimsuit.The doors to the back yard was see through.I dressed in my skimpiest swimsuit and went through the pool doors in the kitchen.I made sure to add an extra sway to my hips as I passed him.He did a spit take when he saw me."Bye, boys."I said wiggling my fingers.They just stared at me with their mouths open. I went out to the pool. I peeked my head back inside."Oh and Chris.Don't forget to wear your swim trunks.I'll take you to that place later.Ryan, baby, just leave the dishes in the sink.I'll do them later."I said sweetly.

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"Sure thing, hun." He replied.Chris was still gawking at me. I winked at him and blew a kiss.I went to go swim in the pool.A few minutes later, Chris came out in his black swimtrunks.The guy loved to be called a bad boy.He sat at the edge of the pool.I went under the water and I pulled him in.I went up for air when I suddenly felt him pull me back under.We were both under the water as he stared into my eyes.He pulled me up.Before I knew it, I was against the pool wall with my legs around him.He started licking my neck.I let him.I wanted to see how much of a bad boy he really was.I grabbed his hair and pulled him up.His eyes were filled with lust.I pulled his head further back.He was facing the sky, but his eyes were on me.

His mouth was open and twitching.His breathing becoming heavy.It was my turn now.I started licking, bitung, and suckingbhis neck.I left a hickey.His eyes were closed now.I started to work my way up.I stopped at his ear.I nibbled on his ear lobe."Who's the bitch now, huh? You're my bitch.You are and forever will be.From now on, your name is Hunter." I growled into his ear."You will get a tattoo later.You will get a tattoo that resembles me.Understood?" I pulled on his hair more.I looked up at him.His eyes looked of a caged animal.A lust crazed animal, that is."Yes." He said."After you get the tattoo, you will go through a test." I said releasing his hair."A test?" He asked."Yes, a test.I wanna see how long you last in bed." I said as if it couldn't be more obvious."Y-y-you're actually goung to f-f-fuck me?" He was so cute when he looked confused."No shit, Sherlock."I said releasing my legs from him and swimming back.Everything went smooth.I thought.This couldn't have gotten any easier.

I got out and found him right were I left him.I rolled my eyes and sighed."You can come out now, Hunter.It's tattoo time." I went in with him following me.Ryan was playing COD."Hey Ry.Hunter and I are going shopping, okay?" I said.

"Yeah.Sure.How'd it go?" He asked.Too involved in the game.I looked at Hinter before answering.He looked shocked."Oh, fine.Hunter's my bitch now." I said casually."Come on, Hunter!" I started dragging him to our room."You're gonna see me naked, now." I said when the door was shut."I want to see how long your dick is when it's hard." I pushed him down on the bed and gave him a long kiss.He rose up onto his elbows.I backed up and started stripping without a care in the world.

I kept my eye on his crotch.Once I was naked, he was fully hard."Eleven inches.You'll do.Go get cleaned up.I don't care how long you last in bed.With a dick like that, you're fine.It's tattoo time! For me, too." I tossed him some clothes I got for him.I liked him as a bad boy.He ended up with faded blue ripped jeans, a white v-neck shirt, and a leather jacket."What size shoes do you wear?" I asked rummaging through the closet."Uhh.10 1/2" he replied."11 it is! Black or black?" I asked bending down."Black, I guess." I came out with a shoe box.I tossed it to him."Put them on.Don't lace them, let me do that." I said.


I was dressed in a ripped jean mini skirt, my blackouts tank, and ripped black leggings.He finally got the Doc. Martens combat boots on.I tucked in his jeans, and laced them up.I stopped by the top.I didn't tie them.

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I put on my shoes.Dark red combat boots up to my knees.I tied them nice and tight."Get over here, asshole." I walked over to the mirror.I took Ry's hair gel, rubbed my hands together, and just ruffled them through his hair to give him that I-just-woke-up-and-I-don't-give-a-fuck hairstyle."Don't touch it.It's perfect." I said smiling.

I just brushed my hair and left it down.The jet black and neon blue looked good together. I turned to Hunter."Okay.We're going to a tattoo shop two hours away.No one knows us there.Bwcause if what happened this morning, you're driving.I'll put the address on the GPS.Don't worry about the tattoo.They won't hurt.See?" I turned and lifted my shirt up.

I showed him a tattoo I got a few years back.It was at the bottom of my back.In black handwriting, it said "I like it rough." I turned and saw his eyes filled with lust again.He put his hands on my hips and pulled me toward him.My hands were on his shoulders.My right hand grabbed the back of his head and I pulled his face down towards mine."Later." I gave him a long, hard kiss.My tongue snaked into his mouth.After a few minutes, I pulled back licking my lips."Mmm.You're yummy, Hunter.I like it." I smirked and led the way down the stairs."What took you so long?" Ry asked.He was watching T.V.

now.I sat on his lap and kissed him."We gotta go.It's tattoo time." I said giving him a quick peck.I got up from his lap and he spanked my ass.I grabbed Hunter's hand and led him to his car"Black pick-up, huh?" I said walking over to the passenger side. I put the address in the GPS and put my hand on his thigh.After about 45 minutes of driving, I finally said, "Why are you so quiet?Just go back to how you treat me before you were my bitch.You know, like this morning?

I kinda liked you then.Just be yourself.It'll be like you're not my bitch at all.It will be exactly the same.Except, I fuck you now.And your name is Hunter" He looked at me. "In that case.Why the hell is your hand on my fucking thigh, you bitch?" He asked.I smirked."So I could do this whenever I want, dumbass" I said moving my hand onto his dick.I lightly started stroking it.His lips were twitching.A sign of his that resembles pure lust.He took a hand off the steering wheel and put his hand on my thigh.Slowly creeping near my pussy.He put his hand on my pussy and started rubbing my clit."Mmm.Stop the car.Stop the fuckin" car!" The car went to the side of the road and stopped."What do you need, princess?" He asked sneering."You, baby." I took off my seatbelt and he took off his.He put his hands on my waist as I straddled him.

I leaned down and started to suck on his neck."Mmm.Come on, princess." He said pulling me by my hair.I was in the same position as he was in the pool earlier.My lips started twitching.He took of my tank top.Leaving mt tits bare."Nice tits, babe." He started sucking and nibbling on my nipples.I squirmed on his lap.Causing him an erection.He moaned into my tits as he closed his eyes. I was about to cum and I wasn't wearing underwear so I got off his lap."We'll have the rest later." I said grabbing my top.He groaned and continued driving.We sat in silence the rest of the trip there.Once we went into the mall, I grabbed his hand and ran into a bathroom.Ladies, of course.Luckily, no one was there.I shoved him into a stall and locked the door.Before he could say anything, my lips crushed against his.His hands went straight to my ass.He pulled me down so I was straddling him.We kissed for a long time.I checked my phone after and figured out that we were kissing for almost an hour.Our lips were slightly swollen because if all the biting and sucking.I fixed us up and led him to the tattoo shop.The guys were currently busy."Hey Brutus!

Hey Riku!" I said."Hey Gaby." They said."You know these guys?" Hunter asked sitting on the bench "Of course.They gave me my tattoo.And all of Ryan's." I said matter of factly."Ry has tattoos?" He blinked."I haven't seen them." "Well, no duh! That'd be weird if you have seen them.He has it under his shirt.It's huge.It's like tribal art.It's so cool.He has another one on his ankle, and another one on his shoulder." I rambled."Oh.So, what tattoo should I get?" I looked at him as if he was crazy."What?" He asked."Wow.Did you forget who you are already?"I asked.No emotion on my face.He raised his eyebrows at me.I growled in his ear as I sat on his lap.I put my mouth right next to his ear."You are my bitch.I decide for you.You will rarely ever get to make your own choice.You agreed to all that this morning in the pool.You can NOT forget that.I will pick your tattoo.Do not forget that.I am your Mistress.Your godess.Your whole world.Your everything, now.You will do as I wish without complaint.Understood?" I said before licking his earlobe and pulled back.I looked at his goddamn cute face."Yeah.You could be so vicious sometimes.So.What tattoo am I getting, princess?" He asked."Since you call me princess a lot, I decided that you would get a silver tiara" I pointed at the bottom of his collar bone.Where it would be hidden under his shirt."What?!

I am NOT getting a silve-" He looked at me."Ugh.Fine.What are you getting?" He asked."Actually, since I picked your tattoo and I told you that it symbolizes me.You get to pick my tattoo that symbolizes you." I said.

"Really? Heh.Okay.I pick a bow and arrow. Riiiiiiight.Here." His hand slid down my leg and onto my ankle."A bow and arrow?

Where'd that come from?" I asked confused."Well, my name IS Hunter now.Don't hunters use a bow and arrows?" I rolled my eyes."Whatever." I leaned down and started kissing him again.Brutus came down to us and said, "If you're done eating each other's faces, it's tattoo time.What would you like?" Before Hinter could say anything, I said "Hunter over here, will take a silver tiara.Right here." I said gesturing to under his collarbone.Brutus burst out laughing."Haha.Okay.I see you've picked for each other, huh Gaby?" I smiled at him."You know me too well, big guy." I said patting his chest."Oh, I know.What've you picked for little G Hunter?" He asked."A golden bow with silver arrows on her left outer ankle." Wow.Details.

"Okay.Little G's is gonna turn out bad-ass.Yours, Hunter, will look gay." He said leading us to the chairs, laughing. I took my spot and relaxed.Hunter looked scared."Hunter, baby.You alright?Here, give me your hand."He gave me his hand and the guys started.After two hours, we were home.

"Ry! I'm home, babe!" I said running to him."What tattoo did you get, baby?" He asked."A golden bow with silver arrows."I said."Wanna see?" I offered."Yeah.I wanna know what you picked for Hunter, first." He asked curiously. "A silver tiara since he always calls me 'princess'." I said laughing.He burst out laughing right when Hunter came through the door."You told him didn't you?" He asked looking at me."Yup!" I said proudly.He groaned."I'm going swimming.You coming?" He asked both at Ry and me."Sure." I ran upstairs quickly changing.When I got down to the pool, I yelled "Cannonball!" And jumped in."Where's Ry?" I asked when I surfaced.

"He said he didn't like swimming." I noticed Hunter just floating around the pool."Oh.K!" I said before I went under.I popped up to where Hunter was and I yelled "BOO!" In his face.He did nothing.He just layed there.He opened one eye.I swam over to the side of the pool.I leaned back against the wall.I closed my eyes.After a few minutes, I heard Hunter splashing.Then silence.After a few seconds, I heard another splash.I felt a hand at my waist and lips on my neck.I let out a soft moan.The lupa were just kissing gently.Up until I threw my legs around him.The feeling shocked him.Causing him to jerk forward.My eyes were still closed.He went a little bit more rough.

I opened my eyes and gasped.It wasn't Ry or Hunter.This guy had blonde hair.Ry and Hunter had brown.Who was he?