Hardcore gay Cute emo chap Angel starts his solo video by wanking on

Hardcore gay Cute emo chap Angel starts his solo video by wanking on
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Her heart felt like it was going to explode in her chest as she ran. Her breathing was labored and sweat poured from her skin like water. The blades from the wild grass stung her flesh as they slapped against her bare shins and snapped off the backs of her calves. But she couldn't stop.

If she did they'd be on her like a pack of rabid dogs, and in the back of her mind she kept repeating over and over it's not real, it's not real - it had become her mantra. But it was real. These creatures these demons were all too real. Three feet tall, their flesh was opalescent white with a myriad of colors delicately marbling through it.

They were ethereally beautiful in face and form; lean, muscular and terrifying because of their relentlessness. Once they had their prey in sight, they ran that prey to ground without stopping. Their stamina could not be exhausted, but hers could. She'd already watched her two roommates be consumed by her pursuers, their bodies unable to survive the assault, and now they wanted her so despite the futility of it, she ran.

She could see brief glimpses of the road just through the copse of trees at the end of the field through which she ran. If she could reach it, maybe she could flag a passing car - the demons were fast but not that fast. Her foot caught on an extruding root and she went flying face first to the ground. No! They were on top of her in seconds, their clawed hands shredding her clothes as they turned her to face them and pinned her spread eagle to the dirt.

She screamed now, the tendons in her neck straining as she tried to raise her voice enough to reach one of those passing saviors on the road beyond, but it was to no avail.


One of the creatures slid between her legs and thrust his long pulsing member into her unwilling pussy. Another slid its thick tongue against her clit.

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Two more took up position at each breast, laving and biting at her hardening nipples. The lead demon stood just off to the side of her head, jerking on its rigid cock while it focused intently on her rape. She heaved and bucked her hips trying in vain to throw them off her. All it served to do was encourage them more. She thrashed her head back and forth and her vocal chords were becoming raw from screaming.

Because she had her eyes squeezed shut she didn't see that the leader had moved to stand right above her face. She felt something warm and sticky hit the back of her throat causing her eyes to fly open. Reflexively she swallowed it, realizing too late what it must be. She only had a moment to register shocked revulsion before she started to convulse violently. Her body shook and quaked while a lava like burning rushed through her blood.

Now the only sound coming from her was a strangled grunt.

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The burning in her blood began to subside, the convulsing easing to light tremors and her grunts melted into moans of pleasure.

She turned her head toward her new master and opened her mouth in hungry welcome for his dribbling member. He slid it between her willing lips and she opened her throat to it, swallowing it as deeply as she could. She slid her tongue against his smooth shaft while she swallowed against his tip, milking him with hungry desperation.

He gripped her head and vigorously fucked her mouth and throat. The creature thrusting inside her cunt began to grow a second cock that it pushed inside her virgin ass which was now liberally lubricated from her dripping wet cunt.

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She cried out at the surprise intrusion. But as he thickened in her smooth canal, it relaxed and allowed him to stretch her further. In response, her moist snatch flooded with her juices that flowed and dripped down her taint to her ass coating the demon's hot members as it pounded away at her.


Her anal tunnel pulled him inside deeper and deeper as his fat meat stretched her ass and pussy almost beyond capacity. She opened wider for him, willing him deeper inside her and her sopping wet cunt spasmed and contracted around his main shaft as he pounded her. With each thrust she spread her legs wider in invitation and he grew longer, thicker and he pounded her even harder in answer to her unspoken request. Indeed, she couldn't speak with her mouth wrapped hungrily around her master's hot meat.

She wanted his seed on her tongue, craved it in fact, so she worked her mouth around him with abandon, stroking him with her tongue and throat, and her master didn't disappoint. As she tongued his ball-sac she felt it tighten against him before his cock began to throb its release in her mouth.

She eased off him only enough to catch the thick ropes of his jizz on her lips and tongue, savoring the unique taste.

When the last spasm subsided and the last pearly drop of cum seeped through the tip of his fleshy shaft, she licked and suckled it clean before she turned to take the cock of the next demon in the pack into her mouth. Her nipples peaked harder than they'd ever been as two of the demons continued to nip and scrape them with their teeth.

Each contact sent electrified jolts of pleasure through her body making her mound throb and ache. The creature fucking her increased his pace as her pulsing tunnels gripped his dual shafts, clinging to them in desperation trying to satisfy the empty aching of her arousal.

She bucked her hips again, only this time it was to enhance the rhythm of deep fucking she was receiving.

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She was wild and wanton immersed in the pleasure of this violation. She was grunting like an animal in heat as she slammed her hips against the creature, impaling herself on the cocks buried deep in her holes. Her clit was on fire.

The demons licking her had something secreted in their saliva that was intensifying the sensations making her scream, this time in wild pleasure, around the thick cock now buried in the back of her all too willing throat. She was stuffed tight as a drum with cock, her ass, her cunt, her mouth, there was no part of her left un-violated. She wanted it - no - she needed it with a desperation bordering on obsession.

As she started to sense the demons' impending orgasms she upped the tempo on her thrusts and sucking, encouraging them both to fill her with their cum. Needing to feel their climax she worked herself into a frenzy as she pumped their swollen rods, the muscles of her mouth, ass and pussy constricting around them furiously.

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Finally, with a final hard, penetrating pounding from each beast, they unloaded inside her, wringing a last and devastating orgasm from her that coursed through every nerve in her body. They howled their release and she squealed hers, milking them completely dry. As they pulled out of her she took each of them in turn into her mouth to thoroughly clean each last drop of cum from their shafts.

Exhausted, and sated for now, she finally lay limp. The creatures, only just beginning with her, picked her up and carried her off, fully intending to use her again.

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She couldn't wait…