Horny midget rides full size dick

Horny midget rides full size dick
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This is the sequel series to the "Playing Dare with Sis" series, which tells the story of how a brother coerced his sexy teen sister Kayleigh into becoming his and his friends' sex slave. Now that the game is over, this series explores the further humiliation and abuse of Kayleigh as she becomes introduced to her new life. DISCLAIMER #1: All sexual acts in this story occur between adults over the age of 18.

In some chapters, Kayleigh is forced to role act that she is underage, however she is 18 years old.

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DISCLAIMER #2: Themes of this story revolve largely around humiliation, sex slavery, and voyeurism. If you are not interested in these themes, please do not read. Of course, in real life much of what is portrayed in this story is despicable, and should not be tolerated under any circumstance. Hence, why this is a story of fantasy, and should not be taken seriously.

DISCLAIMER #3: While themes of the story certainly can be dark, I do try to keep things light with a certain "comic book" style. Again keep in mind that this is a work of fantasy and not everything will be fully realistic. Enjoy! Please leave comments on what you want to see next as much of the following chapter is a work in progress. Cheers .

As we got to the door, we had to be buzzed in by the store owner.


We walked inside, I looked around, there was all different types of "spy equipment" on display. This mainly consisted of cameras of various sizes, microphones, computers. Some of it seemed pretty high tech, and expensive. I realized why he needed the added security in a location like this.

Then, my eyes turned to the store owner. He was an old man, in his sixties at least. He was tall and wiry. His build was rail thin, he had a thick beard, but an almost emaciated face. He had a tight fitted camouflage cap, and a military style jacket and pants.

He looked anxious, twitchy almost. I later found out from Mr. Dudley that he was an old army vet with a few screws loose. He was very paranoid and eccentric, but apparently used his military knowledge to build the best surveillance equipment store in the city, for whatever that was worth. "Old Johnny boy, just the guy we needed to see." Mr. Dudley exclaimed "Good to see you buddy." He said before nervously looking at me and Vlad "And who are these guys." As Vlad's fat body moved out of the way, Kayleigh, who was trailing behind us came into his view.

His eyes widened, and his tone changed. From one of anxiety to one of arousal and a bit of confusion. He couldn't help but wonder what this sexy teen girl was doing with a group of guys like us.

"Mm, and who is this little beauty." He almost whispered. His eyes fixated on her, looking her up and down before settling on her deep exposed cleavage. "This is my son, and that's his friend, they're cool. And that babe that you see is the reason that we're here." he paused before continuing to explain the whole story which got Kayleigh into this predicament.

Johnny's eyes widened. He walked past Kayleigh and locked the store door. He switched the sign to "closed" and shut the window covers.

He then made his way back towards Kayleigh before stopping inches in front of her. "So you guys are telling me that this hot young piece of ass is your personal sex toy for the next two weeks." "slave, doll, toy, whatever you wanna call her buddy." Mr. Dudley laughed "Which is where you come in.

You see, we want to document every single second with this slut. We want your highest quality stuff." He said as he eyed some of the technology around the place. You could see Johnny's bulge start to tent through his military type trousers.

Obviously he liked the predicament that was unfolding. "I'm just the man to help you boys out. But of course, to give you the absolute best camera for your situation, I'm gonna need to see the merchandise." He smiled an almost toothless grin. "Well of course you will you dirty bastard." Mr.

Dudley laughed as he walked to Kayleigh. In one swift pull he yanked her thin robe off, leaving her completely nude." "Oh my my my." Johnny moaned as he circled around the nude teen. "I've never seen a girl like this in my life." "Neither had we my man, and now we get to use her in every way imaginable." Mr.

Dudley said as he grabbed a handful of Kayleigh's ass cheek. "Go ahead and have a feel bud.

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Full disclosure though, she's only sixteen." Vlad and I purposely left out her real age when telling Mr. Dudley the entire story. I knew Mr. Dudley had a thing for jailbait babes so I wanted him to be able to live out his fantasy.

Johnny paused before smiling and grabbing a handful of her tits with each hand. "I almost figured bud. Tits these perky could only belong to a young teen." He smiled as he groped Kayleigh breasts, empowered by the fact that he felt no resistance. Kayleigh stiffened, her face was beet red. A part of her had almost gotten used to the boys and Mr. Dudley's constant groping. But this man was different. His fingers were so bony and cold. Just looking at him made her scared.

Something didn't seem right about him. Mr.

Dudley gave her ass a smack before letting his friend enjoy her completely. "Between you and me her age is actually a turn on." Johnny cooed as he brought Kayleigh's naked body in towards him. "I'm glad we understand each other." Mr. Dudley chuckled His hand reached around and grabbed her ass cheek and squeezed. "Wow, what an ass." Kayleigh was stiff as a board as this old man molested her.

She was more uncomfortable then I've ever seen her over the past two days. Watching her squirm while being groped by a grotesque man was turning me on as usual. "You can tell she's new to this, she still gets embarrassed." Johnny said.

"I got just the thing for you babe." He took her hand and walked her behind the counter. He reached into the counter and opened his safe after a seemingly endless series of codes.

Inside we saw a seemingly endless variety of pills and powders in various bags. He looked back at us. "I was a medic for the military you see.

I've been around the world and I've collected quite an array of legal and illegal pharmaceuticals here boys." He went on to explain "After the war, conventional medicine couldn't handle my unique way of practicing, so I was forced out." He said coldy "but that doesn't mean that I still can't be useful to people in need." He searched through his arsenal systematically, before taking out a couple different bottles, as well as a few liquid vials.

"You see boys, you aren't the first to come to me with this kind of situation. Every now and then an old geezer like you will bring in some young chick in a similar predicament. And that's where I come in. Let's just say I have some special expertise that can help them make the most of their situation." He was now oozing confidence.

I realized that the nervous anxious wreck that he was portraying previously was just a cover before he realized that he could trust us. Now the true creep that Kayleigh sensed from the beginning was coming out. "Old pal I didn't know you were such an intellect!

Let's see what you got." Mr. Dudley said excitedly. Johnny pretty much looked like a kid in a candy story as he started explaining his merchandise. He took the first bottle in his hands, he pulled Kayleigh by her ass cheeks.

He fingered her asshole, Kayleigh almost pushed away. His cold bony fingers, and creepy aura were causing her to be too uncomfortable. "You see how she pushed away? You see how tense she is? She's thinking too much. A true slut should think with her pussy and not her brain. This one is too stressed all the time. It's gonna ruin her looks over time.

It's no good, no good at all." He let Kayleigh go before opening the first pill bottle. "Well this is the solution. This is pharmacy grade. I call it 'RelaXXXall'. It's not exactly legal in this country, but It's like an extra-long acting Ativan, it'll kick in within minutes. You'll need to give her 1 pill every day" He stuck the pill out in front Kayleigh's mouth "Put it under your tongue girl, let it dissolve." Kayleigh looked at Mr.

Dudley and I nervously "Go ahead Kayls let's give it a try." I encouraged. He put it in her mouth under her tongue. Within a minute I saw Kayleigh's body posture relax. She definitely didn't seem tense anymore. She didn't seem obviously drugged out or anything, but just calm. I hadn't seen her like this since before our game of dare started. Johnny grabbed her ass cheeks, and split them apart.

He circled around her ass hole. Kayleigh definitely noticed, but she didn't tense up at all, she let her molester do as he wanted. She almost even let out a soft moan as he circles her anus. "You see, now she's free from her inhibitions. This is going to make it much more fun for you guys." Next he drew up a syringe full of a liquid medication from a small vial. "What's that man, let's not get too carried away." Mr. Dudley said almost anxiously. "It's birth control you dummy." He laughed "I know you three idiots have been cumming raw inside this babe.

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And let me tell you, nothing ruins a young babe's body like getting pregnant." I can't believe how dumb we were! We were so busy enthralled in our fantasy we completely forgot about the fact that Kayleigh could get pregnant. "Uhh you got us there bud." Mr. Dudley chuckled embarrassingly "good call, we weren't thinking about that." "No one ever does." He sighed In the same syringe he drew medications from a second and third vial.

He started flicking his finger against the vial to allow them to mix. "And whats that sir?" I asked "This my boy is my special addition for sex slaves such as your sister.

I add in twice the normal amount of Estrogen and Progesterone then the FDA allows. Of course it's not entirely safe, but these hormones are gonna make her horny like a bitch in heat going through puberty.

Perfect for your situation." He continued flicking the vial before continuing to explain. "The results are a bit variable but the hormones also tend to have a nice way of making girls' tits bigger and asses rounder.

Not that she really needs that." He said as he groped her breasts, to no resistance "but an extra cup size never hurt anyone." He grinned "If you really want her breasts bigger later on you let me know and I can give you something stronger. Riskier, but stronger." He continued "Lastly, the hormones and birth control have a nasty habit of causing weight gain.

We can't have that now can we. So I add in a metabolism booster. This was banned in the 80's, but still is quite effective.

It's a pharmaceutical methamphetamine." He laughed "It's gonna keep her energy up for fucking, boost her metabolism, and suppress her appetite. This will keep her nice and slender. The estrogen and progesterone will make sure that she doesn't lose any of her breast or ass meat though, like you see sometimes with women that lose weight. I call this combination the 'Sex Slave Cocktail'. "Damn you've really thought this through, it all sounds perfect." Mr.

Dudley replied, liking what he was hearing." "Like I said, I know my stuff. I've seen a lot of men bring in girls in this situation, and I know how to get them what they want, and avoid common pit falls." He played with Kayleigh's ass "That being said their girls are usually worn down, street types, you know what I mean?

I've never seen a specimen like this. I want to make sure you boys have the time of your life." I couldn't help but wonder what this guy was talking about. How many guys exactly come to him with a girl that they're coercing like we were with Kayleigh?

This guy was talking like there were hundreds of men lining up in need of his services. He motioned Kayleigh to bend over the counter and got her to stick her ass up. She did so without reluctance. She was fully lucid, she knew that this strange man was going to put a cocktail of chemicals and hormones into her, but she still had a calmness about her.

She grimaced as he stuck the needle in her ass cheek and injected the concoction. "This is slower acting, but the effects will be steady." He said as he injected it all into the meat of her ass "It's good for 3 months, bring her in then for a top up." "Haha I wish, we only have her for 2 weeks bud remember!" Mr.

Dudley exclaimed. "We'll see about that boys." He grinned devilishly. He reached for a band-aid that ironically had a yellow smiley face on it. He stuck it on her ass where he had injected her. I couldn't help but chuckle. "Next, your slut will need to eat at some time.

You want to make sure you give her the most optimum feed possible, to keep her looking her best." He bent down and pulled a heavy bag up from a cabinet under the counted. On it was the label 'Whore chow' with an animated pin up style picture of a busty babe on a leash eating out of a dog bowl. I couldn't help but laugh.

Did this psycho really brand this stuff? He must be selling it to a large client base somewhere. "This gents, is the optimum nutrition in the form of a liquid feast to keep sluts looking their best." He opened the bag.

It looked like liquid poop and smelled awful. "This is protein rich, fiber rich and high in unsaturated fats. It tastes like shit of course, but who cares, this will keep your girl looking her best. Give her a bowl full of this a day for minimum calorie requirements" he said as he put the bag on the counter and pulled out a steel dogbowl and put it beside it.

Vlad and I looked at eachother. Did this guy pull out a dogbowl? I couldn't help but get a bit turned on by the thought of Kayleigh, once my ruthless tormentor, being reduced to eating this food that looked like shit out of a doggie bowl. "What I've given her so far is a good starter pack. It'll keep her relaxed and horny for you guys. It'll also keep her body looking perfect, and probably even improve it." "Now we need to make sure she knows she's your property." He continued to reach into his seemingly never ending supply of goodies.

He pulled out a black leather strap with steel struts designed in to it. "This is your standard slut collar, of course." He snapped the strap "Only the best quality.

She should wear this at all times. It's a reminder to her that she belongs to you, and just in case she's out and about alone, this lets everyone in the community know that she is owned." Did he say community? I thought to myself "There's a special feature included as well. There is a GPS tracker embedded into the collar. It will track to your phone or computer at all times. If the collar is broken or cut you will be alarmed immediately." He smiled "Just in case your slut decides to be cute and run away." "Well you can never be too safe." Mr.

Dudley gleamed. With that Johnny clipped the leather strap together around Kayleigh's slender neck, and tightened it. He gave Mr. Dudley the only key that was able to open it, as well as a code that we could use to track her location at all times. He took out another pill bottle "This is the last pill I'll recommend at this time, is what I call "Slut Candy"." He grinned "You give this to your slut when she deserves a treat. Use it to condition her to be a good slut." "What is it?" Vlad said curiously "It's a synthetic version of MDMA, with a twist of course.

The effect is exponentially higher where her nerve endings are most concentrated. Her lips, her nipples, her ass hole, and oh don't even get me started on her clitoris." He continued "She'll get the same high with physical stimulation in those areas that a crack addict does with the strongest dope in the world. It's a very popular drug at my store. Even your run of the mill middle age couple uses this to spice up their sex life.

It's very addictive though, so use with caution. or don't" he laughed He slid the bottle towards us. "Relaxing pills, hormones, slut food, sex candy!? I appreciate all of this bud but it must cost a fortune, you know I'm not made of money." Mr. Dudley exclaimed. Johnny brought Kayleigh in towards him. His bulge pressed against her naked ass, his hands reached around to grope her D cup breasts. "With a girl like this bud, I'm sure we can arrange alternative payments." He smiled.

Mr Dudley smiled "Now we're talking. How about we treat both you and Kayleigh today then? After all, she's been a good slut today." He took a pill of the "Slut Candy" out and put it in Kayleigh's mouth. It dissolved instantly. "Johnny for everything that you've done, I want you to be the first to have your way with Kayleigh while she's on this "Slut Candy"." "I thought you'd never ask." He said before starting to kiss her neck while groping her breasts.

He looked to me and Vlad. "Boys why don't you set up that camera over there, I want this video recorded in the highest quality possible." He pointed to the glass case and tossed Vlad the keys. We eagerly assembled a professional grade looking video camera and set it up on the tripod. While we were busy assembling it we started to hear loud moans behind us.

He was circling his fingers around her nipples and this alone was causing Kayleigh to moan out loud. "Oh my goddd!" she cried "Uhh-uhh It feels so good." She looked flushed and was breathing heavily We watched in awe as the pill took effect. Mr. Dudley laid down a cloth in the center of the store and Johnny led the moaning Kayleigh to it.

There was a pole nearby. I didn't notice previously but there was a heavy chain attached to it. Johnny dragged the chain over, it was about 5 feet in length. He linked it to Kayleigh's collar, binding her to the pole. Kayleigh didn't seem to care in the slightest. She was eagerly awaiting the next touch. Seeing my sexy teen sister completely nude, chained to a pole by her doggie collar was such a sexy sight.

She really did look like a bitch in heat. He started to kiss her and she kissed back vigorously, moaning at the stimulation his lips were providing hers.

He reached down and split her luscious ass cheeks and found her asshole. She momentarily broke her kiss as she gasped out loud at the anal stimulation.

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"OH my god don't stop!" the young teen begged "AHH I've never felt like this before." Vlad and I were dumb founded. We had never see Kayleigh this enthusiastic about anything, much less about having sex with a creepy old man like Johnny.

She was completely disinhibited and she was in pure ecstasy. Kayleigh almost looked disappointed when Johnny pulled away momentarily. He laid her down doggy style. Kayleigh instinctively stuck her ass up and started wiggling it up like the bitch in heat she had become. "Pleasssee." She begged "I could never say no to a young asshole like that." He said as he licked his lips. He split her ass cheeks apart and started licking her asshole. Kayleigh moaned out load, her body was flushed and beads of sweat were starting to drop down her breasts and body.

She continued gasping out loud. The old man had his tongue deep within her anal cavity. "Oh my god keep licking my asshole don't you dare stop!" she screamed "Oh that feels so fucking good!!" "We might need to gag her, or else those vagrants from outside might be drawn in." Mr.

Dudley laughed. It was true. I'm sure that the whole neighborhood could hear what was going on in this small shop. As she continued getting her ass eaten out, I could see her pussy juices dripping from her pussy forming a puddle on the floor. Johnny stood up. She looked up at him urging him to hurry up as he dropped his pants. He revealed a modestly thin but long dick; seeming to match his body type in general.

He bent over and without warning slid it into her tight and wet pussy. Kayleigh started shrieking in pleasure. "Oh my god I can't, I cant take it!! It feels SO GOOD!" she practically whined She was smiling as she moaned aloud while getting fucked from a man thrice her age.

Soon she started to moan louder and her body almost had a seizure. Just then she started squirting pussy fluid onto the sheet. Her body rhythmically jerked with each squirt as she moaned. The metal chain produced a clinking sound with each one of her convulsions.

"Whoa I've never seen a girl squirt in real life before. Awesome!" Vlad exclaimed The site of this was too much, even for the army veteran. He took a handful of each big tit and slid his shaft in as deep as it could go, causing Kayleigh to squeal intensely.

He came inside her. Kayleigh moaned "Oh my god I feel each drop inside me, it feels so good." The old man almost collapsed, before collecting himself and standing up. He looked down at the puddle of fluid from Kayleigh's pussy on the ground.

"I'm glad you boys put that sheet down otherwise my floor would be a mess!" Kayleigh looked up at the three of us. We were all rock hard. No matter how good it felt, she didn't quite have the nerve, even yet, to ask for our cocks.

She looked at us and then down at our hard dicks in our pants. Her beautiful eyes looked ravenous. She truly was the embodiment of a sexy nymph. In her chain and collar, she looked like a hungry dog waiting for a meal.

"Haha, I know what you want babe." Mr. Dudley stepped up to her and whipped his big hard cock out. Vlad and I followed suit, forming a circle around Kayleigh. She paused for just a moment before licking her lips and engulfing Mr.

Dudley's big thick cock around her mouth. She moaned as she sucked him off. Her eyes rolled back. The mere sensation of his cock on her lips was driving her wild. She hungrily alternated between Me, Vlad and Mr. Dudley. "Oh my." Johnny said as he admired the girl's skills. While we progressed to a full on gangbang with Kayleigh, Johnny started to bring out boxes of equipment for us. For seemingly an hour we fucked the naked and leashed Kayleigh in various positions.

As impossible as it was to fathom, she was enjoying it even more then we were. She was sight to behold. She was drenched in sweat, her body and face were flushed.

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She had jizz all over her face and breasts. She had orgasmed countless times, each time occurring with seemingly less stimulus then the previous. Each time her body would jerk and she would squirt out of her vagina.


It was so hot. Finally, when neither of us could go any longer, we took one final jizz on Kayleigh's body and then collapsed to the ground. Kayleigh looked over at us. I could tell that while she was exhausted, she was disappointed in us that we were done. She scanned each of our cocks before realizing that no one could go again.

She gave into her fatigue and collapsed. She lied in a puddle of her own cum and sweat. She was breathing heavily. Her face and tits were almost covered in a mix of dry and wet jizz. She was seemingly comfortable in her new collar and metal leash. Johnny smiled as he walked over. "Well this isn't something you see every day." He said as he took several snaps of Kayleigh's essentially unconscious body.

She opened her eyes periodically dreamily, she was still in ecstasy. Once we recovered our strength, our attention drew to the pile of equipment that Johnny had arranged.

There were several high quality cameras, and several other smaller cameras that could be mounted to walls and other items. There were also wearable cameras, and microphones. "What's this all about bud." Mr. Dudley exclaimed "This must be worth a small fortune!" "It is." He grinned "but I have an idea. Follow me gentlemen, let's talk business." He led us into the back room. We left the naked Kayleigh in her dream like state napping on the floor of the store. "I will have all of this equipment installed in your home.

So that we can document every second of what goes on, for your viewing pleasure of course. I have high definition cameras for each room and bathroom, microphones that you and Kayleigh can wear, and higher definition recorders that can be installed in every corner of the house." He grinned "Well that's fantastic bud, but we can't afford all this. I mean we're happy to let you come and go any time and have your fun with Kayleigh, if that's what you want." "Well that's to be assumed." He laughed "but this is more than pleasure, its business.

After all, this is tens of thousands of dollars of equipment, I need to make my money back." "How do you plan to do that from installing videos in our house?" Vlad asked He again flashed a devilish grin before turning on the largest computer monitor. He brought up an encrypted browser and typed in a long link by memory.

It led us to an elaborate and well-designed web site. There were several live streams. We looked at them, there were several streams grouped into categories. He led us through the website. "Now boys, you understand that not a word of this to anyone outside this room." Mr. Dudley looked in awe and curiousity at the screen "Of course not bud.

You know our deepest secret, let's see yours." He led us through this site that he created. I saw several categories: "Honey how does this look?", this was a group of live streams set up in women's change rooms, stratified by various shopping centers, colleges and high schools. "Live with her" where a variety of live streams were set up in girl's bedrooms without them knowing. "I'm a dirty girl." where the same thing was set up in women's showers, both public and private.

There were several categories similar to this, all with the same theme. He even showed us one called "Watch her poop!" where toilet cameras were set up in ladies washrooms and private bathrooms. He laughed "that one is particularly popular, there are some sicko's out there." I looked at him in awe. My voyeur fetish was beginning to take over. "You mean you're spying on all of these different women without them knowing." "Of course, that's what makes it fun." He laughed.

"and not just me, but anyone that pays for the site. And trust me, men out there pay big money for this shit. How do you think I make a living? It sure isn't by selling spy equipment." He laughed "I may not look it but this site has made me a well-off man." "How have the cops not stepped in?" Mr.

Dudley asked incredulously "Please, this is not your run of the mill internet. It is highly encrypted. No average person is going to stumble across this. I know each person who signs up and pays to watch, I meet them over web cam to make sure they're not a narc." He then went to a different section. This was full of live screens in people's houses. The streams were accompanied by stories.

"These are our premium feeds. Think of it like reality TV. Here I publish stories of how a girl became forced into her predicament, which invariably is having sex with a man, or a bunch of men against her will." This is where you boys, and of course the star of the show, Kayleigh step in." He scrolled through stories, each accompanied by plenty of pictures and clips of the girl featured in "the story".

"As you can see, these girls are nothing special. Sure they're not ugly, but they're plain, worn down. They're either too flat, or chubby, or too skinny, what have you. You see, a girl like Kayleigh. well she would be the star of the whole site." He raved I was getting incredibly turned on. The thought of strangers across the world getting off at the sight of my sister's pics and sex clips was too much for me to handle. I was already imagining what pictures and clips from our arsenal that we could use.

The thought of men everywhere being able to watch Kayleigh's every move was sending me over the edge. He continued "From the story, the client gets an extra sense of arousal.

He feels like he knows the girl, and if drawn in enough will pay anything to be able to watch every depraved act that she's forced to do in live action.

Once users scroll through the story and clips, they can pay another premium price to watch the live stream. It gives them a certain sense of power and control to be able to watch her at any time. And the users that bid the highest, can even pay to request that Kayleigh do an sexual act for them or play out a scenario. Of course we have also had men pay to have sex with the girl they desire most.

I suspect Kayleigh would garner a small fortune for that honor. But of course, I'm getting a head of myself, as you are her owner, It's your decision." He said before waiting I jumped in "WE'LL DO IT" I exclaimed Mr. Dudley looked at me "Boy this all sounds very. exciting. But aren't you forgetting, us not publishing the footage of her online is the only reason she has to continue doing what we want!" "Don't worry at all bud.

Like I said, this is not going to be published on your run of the mill internet. You see, even coming on to a site like mine is a criminal offense. The only people that see will see this are my clients. My clients are all a bunch of sick fucks, but they are very discrete. No one that Kayleigh knows will see this footage. And if they do, that means they're involved in some shady shit so they won't say or do anything." "I guess that is reassuring." Mr Dudley said "OK bud you got a deal, this is gonna be fun." "Fantastic!

Great News! Alright boys I'll have this set up at your house tonight. I'm gonna stay up all night making Kayleigh's web page" He said gleefully Mr. Dudley got up and shook his hand. Johnny continued "Now how about instead of shaking on it we fuck on it." He smiled as he walked out. Kayleigh was still collapsed in the center of the store, breathing heavily.

Her sweat and jizz had dried up by now. Mr. Dudley picked her body up and put it on his. Even though she was half conscious, the chained slut that was my sister instinctively started riding his thick cock, moaning out loud instantly.

Johnny again was drawn to her young ass hole. He split her ass cheeks, and inserted his finger in her ass hole causing her to squeal in pleasure. He replaced his finger with his thin cock, Kayleigh accepted his cock in her ass hole with pleasure. The stimulus of the cocks in her anus and vagina causing friction as they rubbed against each other was too much.

She was not fully awake and soon had another thunderous orgasm. Vlad muffled her moaning by sticking his cock in her mouth. I stood back. Here was my hot young sister, completely naked and leashed like a junkyard dog. She had a dick in her tight asshole, gushing pussy and accepting mouth and was moaning like a whore.

I was rock hard watching this scene. I unpackaged one of the studio quality cameras and started snapping pictures of the scene from various angles.

I smiled as I imagined which ones I would feature on Kayleigh's new website. The End Please leave suggestions of what you want to read about next!